2020 Life In The Philippines – My Thoughts & Review

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    In this video I discuss, “2020 Life In The Philippines – My Thoughts & Review”

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  2. The greatest hardship is, my wife cannot come to the US because Manila still has the embassy shut down for processing immigrant visa interviews. She should have been here in spring. Subsequently, I cannot take off of work to go see her while enduring a 14-day quarantine. Pure absurdity.

  3. Those sound like very difficult restrictions to live under. Vietnam closed some businesses and required masks which was painful enough for a retired tourist.

  4. Hi ,I’m ” stranded ” in Palawan since March when my flight was cancelled , was due to go back to Australia to work after 2 months holiday . I have a house on the beach here north of PPC so I’m not paying for accommodation and have a nice vegetable garden . I didn’t see or talk to another foreigner for over 2 months during lockdown as it was very strict here and I live alone . . I went swimming and snorkeling everyday and read heaps of books did lots of gardening and made driftwood furniture . . I am enjoying good health and think it’s one of the best years of my life .

  5. The Face shield’s seems to be counterproductive way with the Covid-19. I think that if the Expats could come back would be a huge help for the small-economie. Thailand lowered their restriction partly and ask the travelers to come back but under the mandatory ASQ-Quarantine is ok but not in a hotel fine of min. 3.000,00 € plus 3 Covid-19 tests with 150,00 € each. For a year-staying maybe but the STV (Special Tourist Visa) will only extended up to 270 days.
    So, stay safe use the mask over mouth AND nose and be patiently.

  6. For us started with the Taal volcano. I live in Lipa City Batangas we got hit by ash from the volcano. My wife got so scare we decided to stay with relatives in Dagupan until everything was back to normal. So i hope 2021 brings good things. Anyway happy holiday to everyone.

  7. If the Government wants to do something productive, send back all those overstay Chinese. They can start there. Oh yea, make the CCP pay all there fees they owe.

  8. Coming up Jan 10 on her Birthday i have known my Lady for 2 years. And i want to say, “I LOVE YOU CHAI”❣️

  9. Stuck in Thailand since covid, after moving from pi. No covid, but so many places shut down….. Very slow.

  10. the rules change from day to day & place to place. There is no uniformity. CQ doesn’t matter it can be the exact same in one province and more restrictive in another. You can’t buy a can of beer in Davao to take home but in other provinces, you can hang out at bars. 2020 has not been a good year.

  11. After 3 yrs on Panay, life is good as someone else always has it worse than you. The lack of uniformity & consistency from place to place is frustrating but I’m still much more happy & content here than there …

  12. Yeh, 2020 has been a nightmare… Being over 60, and imprisoned at home was a hardship.. If I didn’t have Cignal TV, and Internet, I would have gone nuts… I have to leave as my 3 years fell during the lockdown.. I have been waiting for my letter of reconsideration from Manila for almost 6 months, as Cebu, and not other district offices could perform this according to BI with no reason.. As a last slap in the face, part of the 25,000php that I will be fined is a 10,000php express fee.. For 6 months, are you kidding me.. I love the everyday citizens of the PI, figures of authority that have you between a rock, and a hard spot will always take advantage of you if you are a foreigner.. I would be willing to bet my last dollar, when the Cop stopped you in the cab, and was going to fine you 10,000php, he would have issued you a ticket that could not be paid at City Hall, but would have insisted you pay right then, and there.. It is sad to say, but I have had enough here, and can’t wait to get back to Texas.. I have always had plan B, and will have to rely on it now.. Who knows what will come up next here, maybe another change in visa requirements.. Enough is enough.. Take care my Friend…

  13. You are right 2020 was a surprise from A to Z. Now how can we move into 2021 from A to Z to back to a normal way of life

  14. It’s called making it up as you go along, without using anything scientific to actually learn from.
    One of my Filipino neighbors plans to stand at his gate at New Year drinking liquor from the bottle while singing videoke in between blowing his trumpet. One of the things I still love about Filipinos – the ‘tactical ignore’ of pure nonsense.
    He’s a dangerous rebel of course, because he doesn’t see liquor, videoke or trumpets as major causes of covid-19.
    Well done for mentioning the sufferings of Filipinos. It’s been horrendous.

  15. The security door guard at Save-More tells me I have to have the full face shield on. I look inside the store and all the cashiers have their full face shield pulled up on their head. 🙄

  16. Tough year. I felt like i was in jail for 2 1/2 months… March 15 to say June 1st. Now it is ok.. lets hope this vaccine rolls out quicker! Philippines is great.. if you can move around and do things.. Go out listen to live music.. eat out… Most everything here in San Juan (Surfing capital of the North) has been closed down.. and still closed down. No domestic tourism here at all..
    so livelihood here is down… but well.. I’m safe.. so there is that plus. beaches to myself! so not so bad i guess!

  17. How it went down in the US was the stores hired a bunch of security guards who stood at the front door so you had to squeeze by them to get in about 6″ face to face. When your face was right in their face they sprayed each person with “Welcome to…”. This was to make sure each guard got infected and would be certain to infect as many people as possible.

    In the store they made sure to tell everyone to stay 6′ apart and then filled the aisles with displays to make sure shoppers were forced into bottle necks.

    And of course lots of people refusing to wear masks or even believe covid is real. Yeah, even when being put onto a ventilator people were saying they had lung cancer or whatever popped into the heads.

    And now we’re finishing up the year with a bunch of people trying to overthrow the government.

    So same old same old.

    Here’s the deal why it’s pretty messed up…people really aren’t very bright. We as humans like to think we’re intelligent, but human intelligence is only a potential. We could be bright, figure things out, research, read, but all that, kind of a lot of work. So we just make up crap.

    Oh, and if I have a heart attack, yeah, probably no ICU bed will be available so I’d probably die while being transported hours away to some hospital that might have a bed. So medical care in the Philippines is currently way better than in the US.

  18. It’s never been about an invisible virus that’s never been scientifically isolated to prove it exists. When will people wake up and see what’s really going on.

  19. A true hardship is the company I worked for clised their doors and put 400 people out of work. Now I am 61 and have to start looking for a job again, especially now with the China virus in full swing. Short answer it sucks.

  20. I vote all references to the bulk of 2020 be erased and we get a do over 😁
    It’s been one to remember for all the wrong reasons.
    Cheers and good health to yourself and Vi 👍✌️

  21. Sounds like the checkpoint wanted to put some cash in their pockets, when you did not pay the fines.Here in Canada,Toronto specific, we are locked down, except for food and pharmacy. They closed all buisnesses except for the big box stores,like Walmart, Cosco..etc…allegations have been made that the provincial premier is taking cash from said store’s. Video has surfaced showing no controls are in place like social distancing and restricting numbers in stores.

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