6-Month Update in the Philippines & Troll Allegations Exposed

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About Me.. Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat. (Mactan, Bohol, Panglao, Moalboal, Dumaguete, Bacong, Boracay, Cebu) I recently spent the year living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Share with me here my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Dating, vlogging, cooking, traveling, expenses, visas and the information you need to make your own plans for living as a full-time expat in Southeast Asia. Subscribe for my upcoming videos and Click the Bell for notifications.
— Reekay

In this video I discuss, “6-Month Update in the Philippines & Troll Allegations Exposed”.
*** What you can do: REPORT Hate Channels for Bullying on Youtube.

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  1. *** What you can do: REPORT Hate Channels for Bullying on Youtube.
    My video comment to help Mike’s widow.

    — Be sure to check out my Bachelor Course at Patreon. Save yourself money and heartache. — Don’t learn the hard way! More info here.. http://www.phbachelor.com

    Join my Youtube Membership area and get access to my 3-series;
    The Bachelor Course
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    1. Congratulations for the 6-month happy relationship Reekay and Vi. Thanks for sharing. Very informative.
      On the lighter side, Vi reminds me of Gio in the Philippines’ girlfriend. Both of them are lovely and cute. Have a great day you both!

  2. This is the reason why I say Filipinos should be barred from social media

    1. sadly, all the worst trolls for PH and Thailand are foreigners with nothing going on in their life. only once in a blue-moon do i get just an angry comment from a filipino who believed this or that gossip. gossip which came from a hate-channel run by an expat.

  3. Reekay, stay strong sir. Sadly there will always be people that try to pull down what they themselves cannot have. Glad life is good for you. I am like you and have a wonderful Filipino partner and my life has never been as good as it has for the last 7 wonderful years.

  4. I’m sorry you have to deal with idiots. However, when you put yourself and your opinions out there you also have to be ready for some negative treatment. I lived in Dumaguete and came home right before the virus hit to take care of some cancer I had. Thankfully the VA took care of me and I’m fine, but now can’t get back probably until next year. I considered doing the VLOG thing, but because of exactly what you go through I changed my mind. Social Media is great and its also horrible all at the same time. I say if you can’t take the abuse from the idiots its time to get off the train. Not worth the aggravation and not worth having to always answer for every little action. Good luck to you and your GF, but when you choose to date such young Filipinas you gotta expect a lot of flack. IMO. Take care.

    1. these trolls are so vile that they even toss out hate-comments on expats who have died from cancer. even while alive they would make claims that he “deserved it”. these online trolls are truly the low end of the gene pool.

  5. Good video I can’t agree with you enough as in meeting the woman your going to be with all your life is easier said than done thanks for sharing.

    1. yes. only a moron would hold it against someone for having a dating history. just goes to show how desperate trolls are to come up with an accusation to talk about. meanwhile, these same hypocrites are bouncing from one rental girl to another.

    1. yes. all my videos for 2019 are in vietnam. mostly saigon but also various other places i visited while there.

  6. Sorry to hear you have had to endure the Negativity. They say the best way to get even is to Live Well and I believe you are doing that. Which explains why the Trolls are so jealous !!!

  7. Reekay great success, health and happiness is best revenge… I have not followed what happened to you…. I have no idea what happened, sorry. In principle I agree with you there are mean spirited, jealous people out there with dark hearts and poisonous attitudes. Take care of yourself and your gf but also teach these people a lesson (if you can), let them mire deeper in their misery by reporting their evil deeds to the appropriate authorities, maybe it’s worth hiring or talking to a lawyer about people who in your view have legally crossed the line and may face a big fine or other forms of social retribution as a result. Do what you can to continue living the life that you are living now (which to all appearances is great, your advice is reasonable and informative, you seem like a well spoken and caring guy). By having a channel you are also helping people on both sides of the Pacific, what’s wrong with that? You may also want to write to whoever (Youtube?) you think may have a slander department to protect you and your gf’s reputation by blocking the haters…, but avoid as much as possible giving the haters a forum for their vitriolic malfeasance to surface (or God forbid destroy your life, your gf’s or your channel). No need to put yourself in a situation where you may feel you have to publicly justify yourself against the haters: let them wallow in their own misery.

    1. i’ve shared the evidence i have at this point and was told by legal counsel that each count of criminal-libel can bring up to a year in prison. they said i have at least 10-counts on one person in particular. others may only face 3-years incarceration.

  8. It is great that you made this post explaining clearly all the ugly allegations against you Reekay! A lot of sick people in this world! Who has a brain can judge for him/herself the real facts! Cheers!

    1. these losers were practically begging to have their lies put to shame.

  9. The upstanding content of your character shows in your videos that false information is just stupid keep up the good work and I will continue to enjoy your videos my friend

    1. thanks for the encouraging words. i will continue to do what i do. 🙂👍

  10. I do not listen to the Trolls Reekay – I would always ask you privately if I was concerned about something. You are a personality now and an easy target for these mudslingers. Keep up your good work. An unexpected upside of all this is an opportunity to teach others how to handle these issues. There is a silver lining. I recall you saying what you say here about Mike. You are right on. This is an issue of Cain jealous of Able – right out of the Bible.

  11. It pisses me off that you have to spend all this time and energy on these useless, no-life idiots.

  12. Hey Reekay, I’ve seen those trolls, but I followed you long enough to know IMMEDIATELY that is was fake news. I’m pretty sure your subscribers that followed you long enough were well aware of those false allegations as well.

  13. I haven’t got to meet you personally but you’ve always seemed to me to be a very good guy. I’ been following you now for 3 years watching your videos. I know you don’t like giving trolls unnecessary attention but I think you did the right thing as far as standing up for yourself.

    1. thanks. i don’t plan to dwell on it. but there was a need to set the record straight.

  14. Reekay I’m sorry man, this BS is horrible. I can’t believe you’re getting trolled like that. I didn’t know anything about this stuff. What the fuck is wrong with people? You seem like a really, decent, bright, articulate guy.

  15. Damn, these trolls are looking for anything to attack your character, and one variable seems like its all about MONEY !! Even trying to link you to a atrocious act like murder, My god, !! and with no true evidence. how did they find out about your connection as friends with them the family ? Sorry to hear your going through all these issues with these idiots who have no life,,,,,,,,,, Peace ,,,,,

    1. if they had a happy life, they’d be focused on enjoying it. but they don’t and look to shift their blame and anger on others who have succeeded where they have failed.

  16. thanks for clearing up the trolls. I commented on one of your trolls and i told him he was a jealous ass that couldn’t come up with his own content so he goes and bashes you. He is an angry jealous person who I feel sadness and pity for.

    1. thanks for that. although they are beyond repair. not interested in truth or they wouldn’t be trolling to begin with.

  17. The only way to deal with those kind of people is to ignore. Go n walk straight as you are a hard working person helping understand about the Philippines and other things in life. You are 4 meters higher or taller than them . they are jealous with you. You are intelligent and sensitive person. Wish you success in all your endeavors .

  18. I’m sad to hear that you are exposed to all these toxic people, but you just wait and see, karma will catch up on them

  19. Live with her 24-7 several months not weeks. Children are a settled matter . Filipina seem to not trust easily baby dad left her with a 2 yr old to feed. Some expats i have unscribe from critical of age gaps who are with a much younger girl them selves we all know arrogant people. Stay happy

  20. I’ve followed your adventures for almost 6 years now. And although we haven’t shaken hands yet. I consider you a man of integrity and good character. Now that I’m living my life in the Philippines, your advice and information has come in handy numerous times. Thanks for what you do Henry. I wish you and Vi the best.
    I did take the pleasure of trolling your troll a few months back. Hey, it was lockdown and I was bored one night. Lol
    Keep up the good work and living your life my friend.

  21. Rose is disingenuous anyway. She gave out her bank account details from the Bank of China for donations. She said Mike died without leaving any money except $200 in his Philippine bank account, and that his US bank account she cannot access. Mike made a video stating he’s leaving everything to her. Including his bank account and he was going to a lawyer to make it legal. Then she said she had to borrow money to pay to get his body from the hospital for the doctors’ bills, and for the funeral. That’s over $2,000. Lucky if someone in the Philippines would loan you that amount of money. Then not long after she made a video she is building her dream house. And she shut down the comments so people can’t comment. lol

    In this video he details his plans to leave everything to her..

    My Philippine Journey Update ~ Another HEART ATTACK ~ Bacolod City Negros Island, Philippines

  22. I’ve always been a good judge of character, and though we have never met, I know you’re a good guy with good character and a good heart. All of this rubbish goes over my head, and I can’t even be bothered to give the trolls a minute of my time. I’m sorry that you even feel you need to address this, as I doubt any of your subscribers believe any of this nonsense. Do what you need to do, I’m sure it won’t cause you problems, as you have a great relationship. Stay strong Reekay, karma will deal with it. Best wishes as always to you and Vi.

  23. You didn’t expose anyone Henry, please address the allegations of you being arrested at least four times

    1. i’ll address it again. i have NEVER been arrested for anything. EVER. in any country for anything. is that clear enough for you?
      go ahead, do a background check on me and maybe then you’ll look at facts rather than gossip.
      and work on your english comprehension. it states clearly in the title, “allegations exposed”. and that’s what i did. but you are confused to think that means the ‘people’ involved. you don’t seem to grasp the difference between an accuser and an allegation. do us all a favor and get yourself a dictionary.

  24. The first few months and years of any relationship is just about always exciting and satisfying. The true test comes several years down the road. Wish you the best of luck, but at some point, you might have to “commit” Ha Ha.

  25. Good on you Reekay, keep going your way and as you know these roaches will just drop by the wayside over time, but sorry to hear of your troubles. I just hope I’m not subscribed to any of them or come across them in the future. Oh by the way I only found out a week or so later that we crossed paths in Samal, I was in Gensan for 6 weeks – you with your girl and me with mine. After I found out, I was really upset I missed you, but I hope to move there soon after the borders open, and maybe we can catch up then. However, I’m in AU and we seem to be closing down again. Take care

    1. looking forward to when we can all travel more freely again. be glad to meet up with you when we can. 🙂

  26. Good Video. On older Filipinas, my GF has daughters & they are adults. No problem. One calls me daddy Ron & they all like me. Her family likes me because she is happy. She is 44 & left her Provence when she was 19. She is not overly influenced by family. She is the first Filipina I ever met online or in-person she picked me up at the Cebu AP & we have been together night & day for the last year & a half. I don’t pay any attention to trolls. We all have them in life, you don’t have to be a blogger.

  27. I want to publicly say I appreciate your time and everything you have shared all of these years with us ❤️

    I’m actually happy to see you in a healthy and wonderful relationship. I wish the two of you all the best for your future.

    From the post-lyn trolls till now. You are handling this far beyond reasonable tolerance. I enjoyed all your experiences. Thanks for all you do. Hang in there and remember tacos are the best 😎✌️

  28. Boy, that’s a whole lot of BS your going through. Sorry to hear this. Why can’t people just get a life and be happy for someone else. You got the correct attitude though. Keep it up and don’t allow the trolls to cause you any grief. Stay strong and healthy!

  29. Ive been watching Reekay on and off for a few years now. Pedo’s are part of a religion of Moloch which is in the bible. He is also referred to as Baal. By Fathers law as well as Moloch’s, these people Must display certain symbols on their bodies and their homes. I watch for these things as they are end time issues. I have NEVER seen one of these symbols once displayed by Reekay. I very much doubt this accusation is true. I am an amateur symbologist and I follow end time events. These accusations are going to become common and unfortunately true in many cases. I strongly believe Reekay is Not one of them. All the women I saw were 18 or older. This is just my opinion. I don’t know this guy and never been out of my country. Some people are going to accuse innocent people because they are being overwhelmed from this truth. So some are acting like dark age villagers of the west. (One would point and the rest came with torches and burned down their homes with their family in it. They weren’t always guilty) A lot of prayer is needed for the world at this time, especially for the children.

  30. Thank you for responding to these allegations. It’s sad that you have to go through all of this.

  31. Lots of fake news and trolls everywhere, some of these people thrive on what we used to call hate and discontent back in the 70’s when we used to talk on the CB radio: nothing has changed, just the medium in which they choose to distribute it.

  32. It is truly a shame that there are people who chooses to be unhappy or to blame the world for their misfortune.

  33. FYI: The FBI has a separate unit which deals with internet fraud and/or scams. My guess is, YouTube has a complaint department also. IF he persists, I’d report him if I was you. Could be the guys trying to shake you down …or maybe has mental issues. I’m a 75 yr old retired profession guy….. and “DISABLED” all my adult life, yet came to Thailand to get away from the stress AND do volunteer work when healthy enough. A wonderful “man of God” (so he claims) back in the states said he’d handle my Soc. Sec. Benefits for me, pay a bill with my funds every month and store my property ….while laying on a gurney in an ER, this guy stole funds, stole property, we don’t have any idea where the money I sent him to pay my bills went, plus chased this guy around Portland Oregon for the past 5 yrs only for him to bad mouth me while we have independent documented proof of 5+ felonies …I’ve lost over $30,000 due to this wonderful “BROTHER IN CHRIST.” Persons with legal background in Elder Financial Fraud intervened reading him the riot act, scolding & warned him only for his scams to persist. These people are lower than the belly of a snake. ONLY a suggestion Reekay, rather than having sleepless nights …..report the guy to both the FBI & YouTube, then he has to justify is conduct. I strongly believe in your integrity & I read here, others he do also. Hang in there guy!

  34. what i found with Filipina’s , most , not all are very set in their ways by 35 .the jealousy is
    paramount to a point of being EVIL . I hope to move there when i am allowed and i will go there to live out the remainder of my life i love it there .

  35. You are a good man. I enjoy your videos. Many haters out there, you’re doing a great job keep up the good work.

  36. Emotional vampires. They try to suck anything good from someone else’s existence.

  37. Reekay, I discovered your Vlog in early December of 2019. From your Vlog I was able to discover other good Vloggers like The Old Dog, Gio and others. You have been a great source of valuable SE Asia information. I feel you are a good man and I appreciate the time and effort you put into your presentations for us. I’m glad that you will take legal action against that Andy troll guy at some future time. You are very good at collecting facts and are a good presenter so I know it would be a no brainier for the judge. I accidentally came across that troll when I did a search for you on YouTube because I was looking for some of your presentations that I missed. I didn’t know I was clicking on someone else and, a troll on top of it. He really pissed me off. Than, because I had viewed one of his Vlogs, he started popping up on the view menu. I did a quick look at one of his other Vlogs and confirmed it was the same trash so I reported it as “Hateful or Abusive Content”. I had been thinking of going into each of his Vlogs and reporting them as “Hateful or Abusive Content” in the hopes that You Tube would block him but maybe he could just come back under a different name anyway. I would have to watch each Vlog for a while to prove he was being defaming. That would be quite upsetting, but I may still do it even though you will be taking legal action. It’s a shame that you have to spend time on the situation he has been creating. Old Dog and Gio are also upstanding Vloggers. As far as childish references to animals goes, he looks like a weasel to me.

  38. There are some miserable people out there who just are plain Nasty. All the best to you guys Reekay 🙂👍

  39. Thats disgusting. Feel sorry for that poor mother. I’d love to give this guy a knuckle sandwich. Thank you for all the information you share Reekay, I have learned so much.

  40. Reeky it is a sad World and a super sweet man like you has to deal with this nightmare.. no worries my friend I am a USA lawyer and I totally get your point ! move on brother enjoy Ve and keep up the videos from Cebu.. I will be in Cebu at some time soon.. I love the IT Park .. go for it brother I am always a resource for you find me at facebook ChevasIrons or private message me God Bless

  41. You have helped me tremendously over the 6 years with the beginning of your travels to the Phils-let trolls burn themselves out no need to defend yourself-its all on youtube-the trolls are hoping to sabotage the relationship-no different in any other part of the world-USA is the biggest example of hypocrites-enjoy life and do the right thing at ALL times-respect and promises must be kept-if not we all sink to the bottom-stay safe-

    1. try to move forward and I know you will-your a survivor plus you do your homework

    2. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea your not alone Reekay some of us have had that lovely experience 10 fold-when your in the public eye promoting a legitimate useful business you cant expect 100% positivity regarding feedback-your a smart guy you know what you signed up for-your channel has been successful and of course there’s going to be bumps in the road-I admired your courage when you first landed in Mactan-trying to get a grasp on what was about to happen regarding the reality-you used your brain and instincts to survive and prosper-those days of when your first came here were invaluable to many of his-you were like the first explorer from USA in a country you never set foot on before -again with MANY challenges and learning to come-also you are always looking, reading and vigorously digging for more and better ways to meet all those challenges-Transferwise was one show you did and that was a HUGE help versus the other money transfer options-pennies make dollars-especially when it comes to feeding children in need-everyday cant always be Christmas as they use to say-it seems to be that way here during the holidays here though-heheh-in short you helped me when I needed it most and was not asking anything in return-someday God willing we will meet and would love to treat you and your partner to great diner-I am not a fair weather friend Reekay and I always do not agree with my friends all the time-thats what makes a good friendship last not always telling me what I want to hear-I never wanted that in my circle-we need to discuss situations from ALL angles-stay safe-you do a excellent job and should be compensated for it-

    3. yes, life goes on. in the troll world i am the central focus of their daily existence. but in my world, they are just a repulsive nuisance. i have many other items on my task list which are a better use of my day.

  42. Ive never put any effort thinking about a dude. Those trolls have a crush on you lol

  43. I am sorry you have to make a video, defending yourself. You have always been a gentleman
    and a cornucopia of information through your videos. I think most of your subs know that these
    trolls, ( one in particular I know of) are just trying to get watch hours for their pathetic little channel. We have all come across people in life that when given a chance, might take advantage of others, or be dis-honest in some way, what gets me is the fact that someone like this will go out of their way to try to cause you, and others grief. Real P.O.S.
    I hope to meet you one day, when this is all over, and the Philippines opens back up.
    Also, I might want a consultation, when the time is right. Best wishes

  44. I treat the new troll the same way I did the old troll, the hobo. I don’t watch their videos. If people watch their videos to see what they say next, they win. What upsets me is how willing people are to believe something bad about someone without any proof other than “some guy” said so. It doesn’t surprise me though.

    1. i’ve seen other trolls come and go. always the same ending. a person can’t go slinging rocks in every direction without making a lot of enemies and burning a lot of bridges. eventually, they self-implode from their hateful outlook on life.

  45. Hey, Reekay, I love the info you give us. One of my other favorite travel vlogger “Gabriel Traveler” had to close his comment section due to trolls and people with bad intentions constantly criticizing him for one thing or another. At least for me, it’s travelers like you and Gabriel that helps me get through this virus crap until I can return to the Philippines to be with my loved ones. I can only say to keep up the good work.

    1. hopefully, you will be reunited with your family before much longer.

  46. Thanks for sharing that with us Reekay about the trolls. CONGRATULATIONS on 6 months with Vi. We are all with you and Vi

    1. Hopefully I’ll meet you both when we are allowed back into the country. Take care my friend

  47. Sorry to hear all this bullshit your going through. But some people don’t have nothing better to do than start BS and mettle in other people’s lives definitely some ex pats are not kosher

  48. We are with you 100%, I have known you long enough to know you and trust you. Another great video.

  49. My asawa died. Now I’m a single dad with 2 toddlers. I’m learning first hand how friends and family can backstab you when your vulnerable. Fortunately I was able to HTFU to protect our kids. Wish I could find someone I can trust, but it’s a new world now.

    1. so sorry to hear that. 🙁 it’s shameful how some people can kick a person when they are down. a vlogger in thailand passed away from cancer and trolls were practically dancing on his grave with glee. that is how low these people are.

  50. Very good video Reekay and thanks for telling us the real deal. I saw all the crap the Andy Omar
    put out and you just killed it all with proof. Andy Omar is a troll and has nothing at all on his channel so he goes after others Expats. I have seen him attack six other vloggers with all about the same unfounded accusations. The little guy is a joke. If you get down towards GenSan area, look me up and the drinks are on me.

  51. You’ve help me a lot been following you hermano for 5 years you’ve helped me and I appreciate you,, you be you later for those trolls and garbage keep doing what you doing, here for you brother, arriba hermano

  52. Good for you friend, They are so hateful
    I hope you can move on, and those losers get what they deserve. I wish you the best!

  53. Sounds like it’s better to not be famous. And that’s probably true wherever you live.

  54. Reekay, please list these tools’ channels so that we your subs can unsubscribe to their channels.

    1. trolls want attention for their channel. it’s part of the reason they only attack other vloggers bigger than themselves. they won’t get that satisfaction from me.



  57. I saw that video of A. omar. he is such a POS. I laughed my ass off when i saw it. What a loser


  59. It’s jealousy from haters that dislike seeing you being happy with your girlfriend. For sure they have a sad life and feel like they have to hurt others so that they can feel better about their pitiful lives. That’s the way I see it anyways. I’m sorry you have to go through that. Keep up the good informative vids. Take care

    1. when he criticizes me for being articulate and having intelligence, he showed everyone just how insecure he is.

  60. In 2012 I found Reekay. I liked his entrepreneurial mind. I emailed him a business project I had and asked his opinion. Not only did he reply, he replied with about 3 paragraphs of analysis. I was shocked and I’ve been a fan and supporter of Reekay ever since.

    1. thanks for remaining with the channel all this time. always glad to see you pop in every now and then. 🙂

  61. Its not what number the woman is that you meet, its what that guy is looking for an the kind of woman he chooses to have a relationship with. You could date 20 woman and the 21st could be the one you choose and its a disaster or the 1st, its all about knowing what you want, are looking for, and knowing what boundaries to set for respecting her and yourself.

  62. Reekay,,, if you put yourself in the spotlight being ( YOUTUBE ) for the world to see you will always have people that disagree or the Haters so to speak,, I have no idea what YouTube pays but no amount would be enough for me to do this,,, Drama is something so people seem to thrive on,, as for me I hate drama and would never consider putting myself out there for the world to judge me,,, so take the good with the bad and enjoy your YouTube Criticism.

  63. I don’t know why people would do that? What are they gaining if anything?

    1. some people just want the satisfaction of destroying something, hurting other people. the only way they want to elevate themselves is by stepping on someone else’s neck. they fail at bettering themselves. it’s not what they ‘gain’.. for them it’s what they can take away from others that motivates them. but eventually, they poke the wrong bear and suffer for it.

  64. Great video – is this not what life is about – finding happiness?? Best wishes for your future.

  65. You are a good guy Reekay from whom I have learnt a lot not only about the Philippines but life in general. I saw a channel by one of the trolls I think he is based in Cebu. Never in my life have I seen so much hatred and vitriol compressed into a single video. These trolls are like snakes- you can never do any good to them. No matter what you do, they will bite you. I hope you get a good lawyer and sue them senseless. Good luck with Vee. You two are a marvel to watch.

  66. Reekay always remember God takes everything into account,so don’t worry about the trolls.

  67. This whole thing reminds of that book Gulliver’s Travels, and you are Gulliver and the trolls are the lilliputians trying to bring you down, I could tell you were ligitimitly pissed Reekay, dont let them bring you down. Your real fans are behind you….

  68. Reekay, the trolls just hate. Hate that you’re happy hate that Vi is happy. Hate that you have a good life. It’s all about jealousy and envy.

    1. they don’t realize it yet, but their hatred will eventually rot them from the inside.

  69. I have watched other men lose their dignity and respectful demeanor when being attacked. You are professional, matured and focused. Don’t bring yourself down to their level, Reekay. I know it is tempting to do so. Keep your standards and preserve your public image and the professionalism your channel portrays. We are behind you.

  70. Hey Reekay, in my opinion some of these expats deserve to be punched on the face several times, if this ever happened to me they better hide from me cos I’d find them, stupid pricks, these things enfuriate me.

  71. Reekay, This is the first time I have been informed of the unfounded allegations. My hope is to retire in the Philippines myself. I am happy for your sucess in finding a strong relationship. My only advice is to try and detach from drama and destructive people. I would likely fail in taking my own advice and in such, hesitant to build my own YouTube channel. How might I employ your consultation services?

  72. The Troll keeps showing up on my suggested videos. UGH I like watching all the good Vloggers and somehow he gets his videos tied to you guys. I hope he goes away.

  73. Really happy with how things are between you and Vi. Awesome you two found each other mate.

    Sorry to hear about the crazy trolls. These 2 are incredibly repulsive.

  74. You’re the man Reekay. Maybe I’ll start a channel in 10 years when I retire. Your videos have a nice flow of relaxation, info, and life. I always watch them while I’m stuck at my computer doing work. Can’t wait to get away!

    1. looking forward to your big escape. there’s a whole other world out here. take it slow and enjoy it one day at a time when you get here.

  75. Reekay I’ve watched your videos since 2015. You have never steered me wrong with your experiences and opinions there. I’ve personally seen things you have warned travelers about come true in my personal experiences there. You’ve saved me from a lot of bs . You are pretty much the only philippine vlogger I have continually followed since 2016. Not to knock any of the other vloggers but I think your channel is the best for continually learning and getting updates about everything Philippines. I’m looking forward to you getting back to Viet Nam and doing more videos there. Only recently these trolls have been coming up in my recommend videos. I’ve watched a few of their videos and came to the simple conclusion that they are mentally ill. I want nothing to do with these trouble makers, I regret even watching their videos and they got a few more views from me. Blocked and forgot. Thanks again for your channel and all you do.

    1. in time, i hope to enjoy vietnam with vi at my side. just have to be patient for now. i’m glad to hear the videos have been helpful.

  76. Reekay , I don’t know how you do it . My hats off . I been with you from the beginning and I know your a good person . You deal with a lot of BS that you don’t deserve. Love the way you look at life . Stay safe ….

    1. thanks. yes, i’ve seen your comments over the years ever now and then. glad you find the channel enjoyable. 🙂

  77. Hey Reekay, I am sorry you had to put out this video, at least the second half of it anyway. I remember when you put out the videos to help the person who needed help due their medical situation. You were very clear on how to help him and how to send HIM the donation. I actually made a donation myself. I remember at the time thinking that it was pretty cool of you to rally your YouTube community to help someone in need. It is too bad that there are people in this world that will take advantage of good people. Hopefully this “Social Media Cancer” won’t be too much of a distraction to the good content you create. It is great to hear that you are happy inspire of this and everything else going on. Keep up the good work

    1. liars may win the moment, but they get discovered eventually. live and learn who to trust, it’s a process. but meanwhile, life is good and worth enjoying day by day.

  78. Congratz on 6 months! As you know we have been watching you for a long time back when you where Henry. We even made some videos long ago and you made comments on our channel. That video was taken down and actually made us take a second look at making videos because of all the haters. The video was about age gaps relationships and featured Margie stating that she saw no attraction to old men and especially fat old men. As you imagine it was controversial and you even stated in your comments that Filipina’s think fit and muscular men are assumed gay, lol. It really doesn’t matter anymore but my point is when you have a public displayed life on social media, you attract a lot of drama.
    If your utilizing social media as a source of revenue, that simple fact alone lessons the credibility of anything you see published.
    We think it’s great that you’re helping your GF build her “brand” and we actually have seen many Filipinas that have started great channels, like the Filipina Pea. Probably people doing travel vlogs are going to struggle but one girl that has had a struggle after being dumped by the Kano that helped her start her channel is Filipina Life. As we all know the Philippines has very little opportunity and for many, social media is something that they see as a potential income resource. One channel that has found her own thing is Demi Bernice she talks about Freelance graphic design. As for many of those other channels that are trying to ride off the coat tails of other successful vloggers, at least that’s how we see it.
    Good luck Reekay or actually you don’t need luck, your a successful vlogger and have a very nice GF and we wish you both the best.

    1. Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea agreed and hopefully they learn and build up some support using Patreon,SuperChat,PayPal and all the other resources available. Personally we have never paid or supported any vloggers and you just demonstrated how people hustle subscribers. But I’m sure if it’s out there, people will buy it.

    2. yes, ever since mobile phones and data plans beyond facebook promos have become more available in the PH, more and more filipinas are entering the youtube arena. lots of competition, to be sure. but in the ph, if they can earn even $100 or more a month it makes a big difference for them.

  79. Reekay, you are such a straight up, decent and honest guy, I don’t understand why you even pay these depraved trolls any attention whatsoever. Keep on with your great work and just ignore them completely. Jordan Barak, Israel

  80. Crazy idiot trolls. Reekay I have been a subscriber for years now. I have gotten to know you and your good character as well as a wealth of information. These no life low life individuals are so unhappy in there lives they tried to pull down those whom are happy and enjoying life. Take care always. Don’t feed the trolls everyone!

  81. Reekay, I hope you have your day in court against these drama causers. However, I would like to ask you an unrelated video-request. I know you recommend renting in the Phils, rather than buying, but I would really like to own a condo (not land in somebody else’s name, but a condo, with the title in my name, paid outright) in the Phils at some point in the near future. I would like to ask you to walk through this process with your viewers, along with prehaps a realtor and real estate lawyer plus a reputable bank manager for example, maybe in sort of a conference video? I mean with legitimate qualified people who work for reputable businesses and who can be trusted with a large sum of TransferWise money. Things like buying a pre-owned condo, buying a new condo directly from a builder, how does the title work, what legal protections are there, are there caviats and fine print that the government could take it away from an expat, or that other people could take it away from an expat, even if you own it outright, that sort of thing. I don’t want to step on anybody’s toes but in the Phils as an expat, it’s not easy to know whom you can trust with your money, and there is a bunch of paranoia that comes with wanting to make a substantial purchase. But at some point in the next year, I would like to actually pull the trigger and buy a place.

    You know I love those videos that you do, where you just talk common sense, and they provide a ton of value to me and a lot of other people, but remember when you used to do videos about the cost of living in the Phils, you’d go to the grocery store and you would compare prices and so forth, I found that super helpful at a time when I was just beginning my Philippine adventures. I miss those videos, I think maybe other viewers would like to see a video about purchasing real estate as well. Maybe would you want to do a poll to see how much interest there would be out there for a video like that? Thank you, it’s just an idea for a topic. Thank you for considering the subject.

    1. Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Right. No pressure, it’s just an idea for a topic. Wasn’t there a realtor in QC you knew? I can’t remember her name. Maybe I’m confusing it with Vietnam. Anyway, keep fighting the good fight. Take care.

    2. given what has happened, i’d have to really know a real estate agent i’d interview was trustworthy first.

  82. So, I’ve watched your vids for 5 years. If you are a con man, you aren’t very good at it. I can count on 1 hand the times I remember you talked about donating to people. Even if you got 10% (and I know that’s BS), maybe that’s a few hundred bucks. That’s the definition of a non profiting slow con🤪. My only problem is I gave this jackass $5.

    1. Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Yes, I’ve seen. Nasty individual, I’ve followed his “non” surgery journey. Hates his kids, hates African nurses, hates his doctors… Complains about the hotels and restos…Dude literally complained about not getting enough donations to cover costs. I’m sorry I’ve seen any of these three guys.

    2. one other interesting thing to note is that this same person, claiming he’s low on funds and of ill-health, does his vlogs from nice hotels, nice restos and seems to be healthy enough to be enjoying the pool. a lot there doesn’t add up.

  83. 2020: What a year so far… and it’s only half over! It’s truly saddening to have you relate these horror stories, while all you’re trying to do is be a good human being. My wife is Chinese-Filipina, and we’ve been married for more than 40 years (amazing how she puts up with me!) and are enjoying life in Oregon, USA. We’re very familiar with the Riverside County area, having lived there for several years in the 1990’s, BTW. Take care and best wishes for a better second half of this weird year. Keep your power dry! 🤨

    1. I like going to philippines for long stretches but live their? For me it important she visit states if she willing to follow you in marriage U.S citizenship in 3 years if she work at it. Don’t bring her to states she will be westernize leave you i don’t buy that statement you did know her well enough that your fault Trust don’t care where you live.

  84. Some people are just lonely and they don’t want anyone else to be happy. Usually fat, rejected, old men who have spent their years destroying their own and possibly their family’s lives. So sad. Sounds like you and V have handled things very well. Good for you, V, and her family. How nice to have her family’s backing.

    1. yes, her parents aren’t the type to fall for gossip. they’ve been a victim of it themselves in their own community from jealous neighbors, so they know what it’s like.

  85. Reekay, sorry to hear that there are such mean people out there. Prosecuting them is the only right thing to do. People need to learn that they can’t get away with this kind of thing. I know, law suits are a hassle and a headache, but it’s the right path. I hope you take these people to court.

  86. Wasted my year, never give money , only need black and white paper and signed.

  87. Reekay, live your life how you want. The trolls are gonna troll. If you both are happy with your relationship, nothing else matters.

    1. in the grand scheme of things, for us it’s like swatting a gnat out of the way. we spend the much greater majority of our time enjoying life.

  88. theirs no such thing as coincidences. I wouldn’t take this siting down . Reekay slandering is illegal

  89. Jealous and immoral is all you can say about someone like that that’s got nothing better to do than try to destroy other people’s life they sent us them God bless you and Ve, Reekay

  90. Reekay any idiot knows you don’t get a passport if you have a record also if you committed a crime that’s why they have computers at the airports they would arrest you right there. All kinds of HOLES in these lies. You’re a good man and 99% of us support you!

  91. Hi Rebekah….I have been watching your channel and enjoy your information that expats need to know… trolls live under a bridge with nothing to do but try to destroy other people’s lives…they have no life….they are the scum of the earth…I am hoping to come there and meet my Filipina after international travel opens up…hope to meet you when I get there….be safe and stay healthy

    1. Sorry about spelling your name wrong….need to check spelling before adding comment

  92. Man thats some serious allegations hope it works out be more vigilant toward other vlogers

  93. Keep doing what you’re doing you’re very informative and by far I can tell you have a high integrity level and would never have stolen any money from anyone.

  94. Good luck with them trolls. What they accuse you of is pretty big. Where im from i could easily sue them for internet crimes which is equal to 5 years in prison and $200k

  95. Good on you Reekay – been there got the tee-shirt!! You’re handling a stressful situation wonderfully – kudos!!

  96. I’m very sorry that you had to make this video. I’m very sorry that the trolls are doing this to you. So evil and wrong. You and Vie deserve better. Very sad that there’s so many “A-holes” in this world! Difficult to get rid of them. Best of luck

  97. Ignoring evil doesnt make it go away unfortunately..We need to strengthen up..face it head on..take ALL necessary steps to expose and combat it..and only then will it wilt and go away…Great battles and wars where not won by retreating..good will ALWAYS conquer over evil..especially in the long run.

  98. Convicted felons, not to mention murderers, are not issued US passports. That alone is proof that his allegations are bs.

  99. I’m sorry that you’re going through this the troll thing I only subscribe to less than a handful of YouTubers and they all have edifying things to say I will not give my time to people that have nothing but negative things to say and share keep the good work up I love you show and I hope you finally met your forever

  100. Your a great and very honest guy Reekay with a heart of pure Gold..With the jealous satanic trolls and enemies that we all have..just laugh at them all the time..show them that your life blossoms while theirs sucks and stinks..and never forget to show even more respect by putting up the rude finger..I’m sure that with time and half a brain..they might actually get it.

  101. It’s too bad that the trolls evist but there are 1000’s of subscribers like me that you help or even save from ominous pitfalls or foolish endeavors. Unfortunately, at times I can be very good at both forays. 😂😂😂

  102. I know the troll you are talking about. We all can see what’s going on here and it’s despicable. I will just leave you with a few quotes, one from my father and one from Marcus Aurelius.

    Whatever anyone does or says, I must be emerald and keep my colour.
    Marcus Aurelius

    If you get mad every time you meet an idiot you will be mad all the time.

    Keep up the great content Reekay. We appreciate you, peace.

  103. Good 6 months for you..Sweet girl. Trollers, almost unbelievably dumb and childish for their apparent age; fundamentally these are ALL little boys, some with no real genuine audience and nothing else to do to generate attention or content. If they have a fantasy, they want to be a sort of half assed Sherlock Holmes, then why didn’t they go that route at home – that’s what i don’t get. These guys not normal…lol.

  104. I love your helpful videos, people in my opinion are jealous and want to make drama, Good Luck my friend. 😀😷

  105. This looks like the work of jealous ex-girlfriends that still carry a torch for you. Unfortunately, it’s an all too frequent element in the dating culture. I can’t believe anybody outside of this profile would be so petty, miserable, have the time for, and just overall be such an empty life to obsess over someone else’s romantic business.

    Your too much of a public figure. This testimony reinforces my behavior in keeping a social circle small. There’s aIways at least one that got to hate just to hate. Is this the normal behavior of vlogger rivals?

  106. Being a high profile figure comes with allegations, lots of trolls and a very complicated life. You have developed a very smooth persona over the thousand plus videos you have made (I have seen a lot them). That will work great for you, in your pending litigation. My wife says, “it is just a lot of hot air and a bunch of hooey, but she will tune in to your courtroom testimony video

  107. Take them to court man, I don’t understand why the 1 guy has to talk about all the YouTube people.

  108. Unfortunately the internet has created a great forum for Psychopaths to carry out their Machiavellian evil without consequence. The only way is to track them down and sue them for everything they own.

  109. Damn this video was a crazy downer by the end… jeepers. I remember in some Angeles City bars there were “special forces” guys that heard me talk about 9/11 and oh my God what a mistake it was for me to tell my life story to some of these individuals. I hear you. You are helping others by this … meaning it is best to Never loan money or reveal your family life to others who are “un stable.”

  110. Reekay I have followed you growing on 3 years and I think of you as my very smart younger brother as I am 65.Anyway I am so sorry that you’re being attacked by these screwball assholes! I don’t like swearing but it makes me angry 😡 that these lies are being told! I trust you 1,0000 percent and I have your back my friend. Please keep up the great work you’re doing and I know you take good care of you’re girlfriend V Reekay. Like I told you I am 65 in great shape non smoker drink once a year and I have a beautiful 26 year old Filipina in Dumaguete. I get pushback only from those who are jealous so I don’t care it’s my life and like you I just want to be happy 😊. 99% of your follows won’t believe this garbage because we know you’re character just like we know Gio and Paul’s character. Anyway enough said I only hope someday me and my girlfriend Merlyn can meetup someday.

  111. Wow, who would have imagined all the crap you have been putting up with. On the trolls trying to stir up problems with the girlfriend…given all of the videos you have out I would say there are few people who are more of an open book than you. If fact during the period from when you met Vie until you actually returned to the Phils to be with her I was imagining that she was studying every one of your old videos…and you were projecting in your current videos at the time exactly what you were looking for in a relationship. And as for you ripping people off, no way I would believe that, it’s pretty obvious that you have the money to do what you want to do.

    1. Vi had from september through january to review so much about me before i arrived. few women get that opportunity. and since our first day together, it’s been great. 🙂

      as for the others, there is a saying, “never exhaust the patience of a patient man.”

  112. Reekay, I have been a subscriber of yours for about 5-6 years (I think).

    I don’t comment to much at all but wanted to say you have always come across to me as a man with the utmost integrity, honesty and compassion.
    I’ve learned an awful lot from you so when my (full) time in The Philippines commences (in a few years) I feel prepared more than I ever anticipated…..

    You are an interesting and good human being and I admire the way you handle yourself and others……

    1. thanks. i’m glad that the videos i’ve shared have been of some help over the years.

  113. I’m really surprised that you would put that girl’s account information online so everyone could see it. You’re better than that. Hopefully Bud gave you permission to include his information as well. I enjoy watching your videos but if I were you, I wouldn’t be include those. It’s also too bad you’re having these problems continue with a few bad apples out there. Keep up the good videos though. Enjoy your wonderful relationship.

    1. Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea oh ok, that makes sense. Keep making the informative videos, enjoy watching them.

    2. when my friend Mike passed away, his widow (Rose) let everyone know that she didn’t have the password to Mike’s Paypal account. so she was the one who gave out her banking routing/account numbers so that anyone willing to make a donation to her (for funeral expenses, etc.) could do so.

      she was glad that bud brown and i helped her get donations by sharing the banking info with our audiences, which she herself provided.

  114. Can you give us names of the trolls? Or at least initials? You have 9,000 vloggers in the Phillipines.
    You need to let everyone know at least something we can go to and figure out who it is.

    1. i refuse to give these trolls any mention or traffic at all. they are not hard to spot as they are the only few out there trying to spread around what i already laid out in this video.

  115. Reekay, seems like alot of your acquaintances are trying to set you up. Can you tell me who the vloggers are so l won’t get scammed?

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Fair enough. I follow alot of vloggers in the Philippines that mention your name now and then. I was just curious because they all seem like stand up people and not back stabbers.

    2. i refuse to give these trolls any mention or traffic at all. they are not hard to spot as they are the only few out there trying to spread around what i already laid out in this video.

  116. 37:58 Yes, I unsubscribed to two YouTube channels and I blocked a few accounts. I been learning from you not only about the Philippines but about many other things!!!! 👍

    1. Acr 931 I prefer to not mention the names but if you see videos about bashing other Philippines vloggers that’s them.

    2. Daniel, can you give me a “hint” as to whom you are referring to in case I am already subscribed to these ratbags or accidentally come across them as I too have no time for d**kheads. cheers

  117. Let the trolls troll…they move on to the next, trying to get someone to take the bait. That’s the challenge, don’t take the bait! Trolls have nothing else to do with their time and do not understand the concept “blowing out the another’s candle does not make yours shine any brighter.”

  118. Well, drama is not my stuff! If i manage get to Cebu and you’re around i sure like tell hello. I have no clue/idea about Philippines, but Cebu seems like a nice start. Keep it up😘

    1. @Easter Bunny don’t expect anything good to come from mango square. 🙂

    2. Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea i heard. Need get an hour’s or more away i was told. It seems i would start Mango Square and explore from there. Sadly seems i need go alone 1 trip

    3. i like cebu. nice sized city. i just wish the beaches were closer.

  119. Congrats and best of wishes Reekay….I’ve followed many of your videos over the past few years and you have done a great job and service for those who would venture in the Philippines and find some sort of happiness….You seem to care about what you are doing and having a quality life experience as an Ex-pat… You deserve all the simple joy and contentment from all the positive energy you’ve invested….. Thanks my friend…. Maybe one day we will meet and the beer or Calimansi drink will be on me….

    1. thanks. i want the same for other men, to find their own peaceful, enjoyable life in whatever country their path takes them.

  120. I have been going to or living in the Philippines since 2009, and found your information to be like my own experience. Some things I didn’t notice until I saw them in you videos.
    Great videos.

    1. thanks. that means a lot to me coming from someone with your experience. 👍

  121. The inherent problem with the type of content that you have ventured into exposes you to this type of harassment even though it is unwarranted. Sharing as much of your life on YT as you do has it’s downsides…this being one of them and is even more magnified when offering single advice, Bachelor courses, info on past relationships, ect. Seems like this has been an issue for you for a while and will continue to be a cost of doing business for you unless you decide to avoid the drama by adjusting what you decide to share and offer as part of your channel

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Yep..i understand that but let me give you a good analogy…remember Arnold in the movie Commando…at the start of the movie he had a nice house isolated in the mountains but also had a trove of weapons ready as he knew good chance was a target from his job as a bad ass in the Special Forces…of course in the end he smoked everyone and saved his daughter from being kidnapped…but if in real life was it worth it to have to deal with it all the bad guys in the first place..maybe it is, but in your case has certainly seems to have been a pain in the ass to deal with, and as you said has affected more people than just yourself. Going forward life might be more pleasant for you and others if instead of being a Commando you instead chose Kindergarden Cop 🙂

    2. i see it this way.. if a person chooses to have a nice home, with a nice yard and nice things in his home, it doesn’t give a vandal any right to commit vandalism or theft on that person.

      i won’t cater to trolls. if they don’t like what i do they can always watch some other channel and get on with their own life.

  122. Are you sure its not the Democratic party?…sure sounds like them…trying to cancel your relationship

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Thanks Reekay! I wish you and Vi the best! Also when I met my wife this was before Philippines vloggers were giving advice and did everything wrong including agreeing to marry before I even met her in person. I just got really lucky to find a wonderful wife with a great family and integrity.

    2. that is excellent. you two are a rarity. wishing the best to both of you in your continued journey together.

  123. One of those trolls appeared in my suggested videos. It’s obvious he’s a “fan(atic)” who watches every one of your videos. He must have your pictures on his bedroom wall.

    1. with all the other things there are to do in Life, you really have to wonder about a person who becomes so obsessed they would go stalking them, their friends, the parents of their g/f… all just to create some gossip and trouble. a person who does that has some kind of problem going on inside themselves.

  124. I watch Reekay’s hands flashing in and out of the video and I realize the mushrooms have kicked in…..

  125. Been watching you for a good while and Just want to say that I really like your videos you present yourself as honest and coming from the heart and that something that your viewers should appreciate, I do ! And you are so lucky to have found V ! And I’m sure she feels the same way.

  126. I have a question why you gave up on dating women in the Vietnam ? Are the women there too Conservative?

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea that what I heard from others who had experience with Vietnamese women and dating. So that is why I don’t see many women there who have kids out of wedlock there or on dating sites. But they are some very attractive women. The result of French Bloodline.

    2. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea ok thanks for the respond back and much luck in your new relationship.

    3. p.s. yes.. the viet-women are for the most part very conservative and private. and parents traditionally have a big say in who they are allowed to date even as the women get into their 30’s. but in all of that there is, i believe, someone for everyone. but it takes more searching and more patience than the PH.

    4. i didn’t give up. more like i got re-directed when i met Vi during my visa-run from vietnam last september. had we not met, my plan was to remain in vietnam another year and find a long-term relationship there.

  127. It’s a shame that toxic individuals would take the time to try and ruin someone’s happiness.
    I’ve been watching your videos since 2013, and have learned so much about the Phillipines, and life in general.

    1. some people suck at life. they are miserable and want others to be just as miserable.

  128. Brilliant! Absolutely communication is the bedrock in the long term.
    Excluding “Tampo” etc overall it is being able to communicate at ground level will make or break a PH relationship in my opinion. Took me ages to find one and then she past away after a few years. When the world opens up the search will begin again. Thanks for all your work in educating expats Henry. As for the trolls, people are are easily manipulated when under stress. You want ever get any proof of wrongdoings, they have no ba#ls to back any of it up.

  129. Yeah, my HS buddy and I moved in together after I graduated from college and moved back. It was fun at first but after a couple of years, we started growing apart.

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