Announcement: “I Am So ‘Done’ With Facebook” – Onward with Youtube, MeWe and Instagram

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  1. when i found out that people you had not seen in decades could find you through facebook. i deleted my facebook account. i didn’t want ex friends or ex girlfriends who i had cut off, stalking my page or contacting me. when i cut someone off, they are enemies of mine.

  2. I’ve deleted facebook and twitter.
    Parler has blown up in place of twitter. Love it! Hopefully MeWe takes off soon as well.

  3. Facebook’s BS oversight board has a bunch of loser academic Leftists on it, including the “almighty” troublemaker rich bag, George Soros.

  4. Same for many people the issue is its free so you have zero input its facebooks platform they will do whatever they like. Its the downside of free, you always pay one way or another

  5. Your early prediction of LONG TERM travel restrictions from the US to the Philippines was spot on. I hate you for being right. Long time subscriber, Curt from our HCM Vietnam lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings.

  6. Quite FB a few years ago. Leftist interference, sextortions, everyone has fake accounts, stocking…. craziness in the RP with FB . I just use messenger now. Mewe is unknown to me …

  7. Weird that they singled out your main page. Not much controversial content. Maybe they don’t like you have that many pages. One thing for sure they need us more than we need them.

  8. Yup, after the election I’m throwing fb out, mostly use it for official Philippines government news and power outage news

  9. With this new Tax deal in the Philippines a lot may be leaving you tube as well….

    1. yes sir, 25 percent tax on all profit made off of social media. Philippines is hurting financially and are going for the expats.

  10. Yeah, they are like a dictatorship now, not really social or any thing like it. No respect for our God given rights. You are doing the right thing Reekay. Congratulations, there many other ways to go around.
    Enjoy good body!!

  11. Last year Facebook disabled 4 accounts that I had created. My main account was 10 years old and then I had one for my business that was 6 years old. And then I had a stealth account. After they disabled my stealth account I created another one. A couple months later that disabled both of my main accounts and there wasn’t anyway for me to contact them or get them back. I created a new account but then 4 months later they disabled that one also. I never really posted anything on my page I just used it for friends and messaging. Needless to say I was livid. I have since made a new account with a fake name and that’s all I’m using currently. I’ve read many incidents of other people losing their account also.

  12. I have never belonged to facebook as I don’t need to know what everyone is doing and I knew in the beginning that their whole agenda would be to promote the far left agenda. I mean look at the clown that started it!!

  13. Zuckerberg is a traitor to American democracy and it citizens. He’ll trade his democracy, and freedoms for a buck.

  14. I don’t understand why grown men have such an addiction to FB. It doesn’t take much cranial analysis to see that FB is a bastion of subversive Communist propaganda operatives who strictly censor conservative viewpoints and allow any radical posting that fits their progressive agenda. FB is intrusive on citizens’ privacy and freedom of expression. Many lives have been negatively affected, jobs lost, relationships ended and families destroyed by the outrage mobs who dominate FB. Just walk away and don’t look back. FB is so revered by so many who complain about it but fail to detach themselves from the addiction. I wonder how many adults who use FB are still using “My Space” too?

  15. I feel your pain! I did a post last day on Facebook about:- Co V 19… i called a Hoax … so, yeah! So, we ( a couple of us, not me now…). Some post bad about it, some good ( no negative). What you think happened 😂😂😂

  16. Geez, u were shutdown 5x in 5 mo.? That’s crazy! You’re about the last person I would think of as a “political activist“! But, I guess that anyone who disagrees with the “PC police” is “ not of Landrieu” (spelling may be off, but that’s reference to the original Star Trek series). Keep up the good work, and one day, “Lord willing and the creek don’t rise“ I’ll see you in the Philippines!

  17. Reekay, I haven’t used Facebook since April of 2016… I saw the writing on the wall way back then, all the stuff right before Trump was elected… And the early aftermath. Goodbye and good riddance!

  18. Sorry to see you go but understand. I lost your e-mail address to contact you.

  19. Liked the B Roll animation Reekay! When a picture slides down with a wiggle. You’re always leveling up!

  20. Any controlling page like Facebook that wants you to conform to their particular mold and doesn’t honor freedom of speech can kiss my ass.

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  22. Sorry to hear of your issues with Facebook Reekay. Wishing you all the best, Onward and upwards. 🙂👍

  23. i think most people are tired and sick of the insane political correctness and anti-free speech on Facebook They want to control everyone’s life we their own political and bias agenda

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