Answering Critics: “Age-Gap Relationships Are Wrong!”

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In this video I discuss

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    1. Reekay is there some sort of law or rule in the Philippines against a 20 year or more age gap? I thought i heard that before but i dont really remember it. Its problably not true but i thought maybe i heard that before.Thanks

    2. Let’s imagine for a moment that men meeting women in the Philippines always dated/married women their own age, or even older yet. Do you think the perspective of the western feminists would change? Not at all! Not when the men are the ones benefiting from the preferential side of things.

      Men enjoying the same attention that women get will never be acceptable by feminists. Men preferring younger women who are more fun as well as more beautiful than them just provides the feminists with a self-righteous viewpoint that enables them to believe their harassment of men is justified,

      Western women are self-centered, accustomed to always being the center of attention and always getting their way. When men become the center of attention they blow a gasket and do whatever they can to destroy the men’s happiness.

  1. another point to keep in mind is that for most of us, our own grandmothers were often married by age 16 to a man in his late 20’s, early 30’s. society had no problem with this. and through history across europe, asia and the latin countries, for centuries an older man having a relationship with or marrying a much younger woman was not only legal, it was not frowned upon at all.

    this idea of “age appropriate” nonsense is not only just a recent blip on the radar of history, it is the acceptable bigotry of those seeking to feel superior by condemning others without any justifiable reason. no different than the bigotry that existed previously against inter-racial marriage or gay/lesbian relationships. equally unfounded and purely based on nothing more than personal opinion, jealousy and hatred.

    1. I am filipina 22 year old my foreigner bf is american he’s 40 year old he don’t like me to met hes parents??
      But he single dad any advice??

    2. @Wayne Ballintine im against it cos ive lived it you g ladies want to go out alot n live life older guys like to reat at home

    3. +Chuck Conover Im not saying the thing you say are not important but are you saying having something common is not a positive for a strong relationship? Otherwise I understand your sensitivity on this issue.

    4. There’s the “nothing in common” argument from Roger Roger. To me, that’s a silly argument. First, how about letting me make my own choices? But to deal directly with your criticism, having nothing in common is only important if you let it be important. So, maybe you have something in common like the music industry. Doesn’t mean he’s not an asshole and she isn’t a bitch. THAT’S what’s important. How understanding are you to each others needs? How kind are you? How much patience do you have? My young wife and I had NOTHING in common when we met. But we built a life together. Now our life, our business and our kids are what we have in common. But even that isn’t remotely important in keeping us together. What’s important is how we treat each other.

  2. I actually lost a job in the US four years ago when my boss found out that I had married a filipina almost half my age.

    1. Rocketranger1000…if you are 30 yo 4years ago and you marry someone half your age; a 15 yo child bride may be frowned upon.

    2. Thats crazy. What a miserable boss. Maybe he has an old , obese , nagging , American wife and he knows he can’t have what you have.

    3. I hope you sue the shit out of that company, that’s discrimination & none of the company’s business

  3. Awesome 🙂 Great Video 🙂 Thank’s,One response I have had is where is such a culture gap, well you have nothing in common, Oh like what. well you like older music and that age likes Rap, and I say Ya In Canada that might be true But in the Philippines, I find a Lot of people that Love the Platters or The Righteous Brothers or new Rock as well. I Don’t find a Culture Gap at all. I have had younger women tell me they want an older guy because they will not cheat because they are more mature and faithful. I tell the girls older guy might not cheat because they know how lucky they are to have such a Hot young Girlfriend. I agree and I can go on forever on this as well. and I Have said so many times OMG your to young and the girl would start telling me a Lot of what you have been saying.

  4. Good job.I think most of it is based on the critics insecurity or their jealousy. No older waman wants to see prospects taken off the table by a young woman and the men are jealous due to the bitter old woman they are stuck with.

  5. Isn’t it hypocritical of the American culture (aka feminist culture) to proudly present and championing older women dating younger men on television reality shows “The Cougar”. But have it the other way as Henry said, someone is getting a visit from the police, or at least a public chastising. American Culture is Jacked.

    Whats worse hear in America, every week there is a new story of a female teacher in her late 20’s or 30’s sleeping with junior high school boys (14 or 15 years old)

  6. In the West, it has been normal for a woman to marry a man who was older than she herself was. In the Danish peasant community, the old farmer married a significant younger woman. When he died, she married quickly with a significant younger man. When she died, he inherited the farm. There was not necessarily relationship based on love but common sense and be able to run the farm.
    That a relationship must be based on love and on with a partner who is +/- 5 years with the man who is the oldest is historically something new.

  7. Another biblical reference to illustrate how the bible supports the idea of an older man with a much younger woman:
    Joseph and Mary.
    In the apocryphal “History of Joseph”, it pegs Joseph’s age at 90, and Mary’s at 14 1/2 years.
    Recall how Joseph had something like 4 sons and at least 2 daughters from a previous marriage, but some sources state he was so aged when he was with Mary as to be impotent, explaining her virginity. That, and he was so righteous as to not have sex with his wife, though I don’t understand that part. I would think that a righteous husband would consummate the marriage, but whatever …

    1. How come we never hear about Joseph and Mary but about the Prophet Muhammad marrying a 9-year old girl?

  8. In some states in America the age of consent is 16 and 17, but most states its 18. If a man wants children he has a far better chance with a younger woman.

  9. i don’t buy any argument other than the one i’d be having with myself…lol mostly about 3 things if there was say a 20 year age gap..i’m 45…so make her 25……1. can i, or am i willing to keep up with her..2. will I, or can I handle a young woman’s Bullshit…..because undoubtedly she will have and 3. can we or will we be able to relate to each other in the now….no me trying to live like i was 25….after that debate with myself….weather i choose to date that woman is no one’s business but ours…and i could care less what other’s opinion’s are

  10. I know it’s a double standard plus they’re looking at ur life & gf or young wife ..then looking at their other half wishing they had what you are having. It’s pure jealousy

  11. Thank you, your logic, reasoning, and historical facts are very conclusive to support that the age gap issue western culture raises is discrimination, a prejudice against older men, the reason for so many unhappy individuals. Also, it is fact that women are very different biologically, as early as their mid thirties they can menopause, as opposed to men who can create offspring until death.

  12. Many folks come up with the idea “what are you going to have in common”.. in terms of dating/marrying with the age gap.
    Ive found the young gals have the open mind to adhere to a positive influence making life more fun. More times than not in the western culture,
    the women have boat loads of luggage, a closed mind and a massive chip on the shoulder making relationships with them..
    not so delightful lol

  13. The Western feminists don’t want any competition from a traditional feminine woman. They expect us to take them with their baggage and attitude and don’t like it when men reject them.

    1. @olddude07 Well most people don’t genuinely want you to be happy. Conforming to their or societys standards trumps your own happiness and needs. Most of the time.

      Isn’t odd that man who transition to woman. Are told how brave they are. And they should do what makes them happy.

      But a man taking a young wife something normal in the western world of old. And still normal in large parts of the world. Is nowadays frowned upon in the west.

      This is something that should be discussed about with close family members/friends. When the time comes. And could be with as few as 2 people. (I would keep college’s at work in the dark.)

      And the future wife to be should also be made aware. She will be getting the ‘stink eye’ from bitter woman who are past their prime in your own country. It could be that you will complety miss these looks. Because they are likely aimed at your future wife.

    2. @kidagave1 Feminist is a political term it means Democrat that who i am screw you

    3. But the reality is that ‘western feminists’ aren’t the only ones giving stink eyes at much older men dating much younger women. Many western guys as well think it distasteful to see much older guys with younger women, so we can’t blame all women for this. Western society in general finds it distasteful to see such relationships.

      Reekay is right on the money on the double standards that exist in western society. The same people that think nothing wrong of either gay or interracial relationships, are the same people that would treat you, an older male, like a criminal for daring to date a very young woman. I can assure people here, if I were to reveal to everyone back home (work, family, etc.) that the lady I am chatting with online and hoping to meet one day, is almost 20 years younger than me, they would suddenly treat me as if I was a leper. Think me a dirty pervert and disassociate themselves from me.

    4. I agree with you. Feminists want the men to adapt to their beliefs. When I told someone that my wife takes care of the house, cooks, cleans, and is a wondeful wife. A feminist jumped in saying how wrong that was and acted like I just killed someone. That is why she was single and I was married to a wonderful Filippina. It’s what I was looking for and she was the opposite.

    5. @Fred . Meet and spend time with some tradition feminine women and you will change your mind. Sounds like you just haven’t met any yet. You test them by telling them your not ever planning on taking them to the US or moving back and see how they react.

  14. As usual another great video. I just wanted to say that I was married to woman older than me and everyone I knew accepted this. We eventually divorced and I remarried to another woman 10 years younger than me and I have been told many things from family and close friends from she must be desperate, to you only wanted to marry a subservient slave. I even had someone from work say that this is some form of abuse? I don’t get how I am somehow taking advantage of my new wife?

  15. My father was 12 years older than my mother (same culture). That was fine.
    57 year old man and 28 year old woman….that’s unnatural…not fair on either.

  16. Very interesting topic this one Reekay. I think it all depends on the two people and if they are happy with their choice and what they get out of it. Others will always be judgmental. The one reservation I would have is an older man in his 50’s or above being in a relationship with a 20 year old is that she is still immature and hasn’t lived a life yet to know what she wants in life. She is bound to change dramatically through her 20’s and that means there is a bigger chance the relationship wont go the distance.

    You did a video some time back about dating a woman over 35 and that is where the Filipina will of lived life a little, maybe had kids and know what they want in life more so. But at the end of the day it is no one else’s business and good luck to all those in age gap relationships. It is only wrong in one persons mind and that doesn’t make it so for everyone.

  17. Can you honestly say that If you had a 19 year old daughter you would feel comfortable her dating a man on social security.

  18. These people simply REFUSE to look outside the box. Main ingredients are ZERO knowledge of the Asian culture, ignorance &. jealousy,

  19. Great video my love is twenty years younger we’re very happy heard lots of remarks from back in the US I’m here to stay.

  20. Narrated Aisha: “That the Prophet married her when she was six years old
    and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old, and then she
    remained with him for nine years (i.e., till his death).” — Sahih al-Bukhari,

  21. But Reekay putting a shrimp on your hamburger is a bit odd. I spoke to Mr McDonald about your likes and he said its just wrong.

    1. BIG 10-4 Dude. “What other people think about me is none of my business or concern”. One big plus about getting older is the silly peer pressure we bought into when we were young, dumb and full of cum should be in the very distant past!

  22. 10 out of 10 on this video. Totally, totally correct in all respects. This anti large age gap scenario it seems from my global observations, that being observations on multicultural realationships from many countries, including my own parents 15 year age gap relationship, over the past 43 years, is an American new society export. In so many countries 20 to 40 age gaps are a norm and not an exception. Your Bibical references also reinforce the fact that large age gap relationships dating back that far are the accepted norm really shoots down these myopic minded self imposed moralists. Yes Cambodia’s age of consent is 16 for both male & female. Cambodia has a law that prohibits foreign men over age 50 from marrying Cambodian woman of any age in Cambodia. That is in Cambodia. This law came about in the late 1990’s when Cambodia opened to a free enterprise market. Single middle aged Korean men would come to Cambodia and pay off a poor provincial Cambodian family for one of their beautuful daughters, who would readily go with these men thinking they were going to go to a better quality of life. However in so many cases these young women became sex slaves and brutally abused. Many were hospitalised and some died. Korean women would fight back, Cambodian women in general wouldn’t. Provincial Cambodian girls are taught an unwritten hand me down law from mother to daughter known as the “Chabab Serai” or womens law. There are many components to that law which determines how a woman should behave towards her husband, her childen and her home. One component of that law states that if her husband comes home drunk and belts the crap out of his wife its her fault and she deserves the bashing because she wasn’t a good wife. Pretty soon word got back to the families who cmplained to the NGO’S about the abuse being meted to their daughter’s. In the 1990s NGO’S basically ran Cambodia in those early days of Cambodia’s post Pol Pot development as no one had any faith in government. So the NGO’S took to the news media with these abuse stories and dismal plights of these young abused women. The new Cambodian government got wind of these bashing situations and in a knee jerk reaction introduced a law that banned all foreign men over age 50 from marrying a Cambodian woman in Cambodia. Of course all foreign men over age 50 abuse their Cambodian wives and 49 year old’s don’t, and all foreign men follow drunken middle aged Korean men’s decrepit domestic violence habits.

  23. I’d say most people who frown upon the type of relationship being discussed do so for deeper moral reasons. More so for relationships where the female is young enough to be the male’s grand daughter or his daughter. From my observations there seems to a lot of pinay/western man relationships like that. That’s an observation, not a judgement. I guess the way it is looked upon by those with a disapproving attitude is the male is taking advantage of the far younger female who is possibly in desperate circumstances for satisfying his carnal needs.

    1. Yes, that’s true, but relationships are based on satisfying mutual needs. It’s nobody else’s business what 2 people agree to.

    2. waitaminute 2017, Why? Are you suggesting that only people that are in a relationship with someone young enough to be their grand daughter have those attitudes?

    3. Roger Roger Maybe those people should look in the mirror first before assuming the worst about others morals.

  24. By coincidence read this in today’s The Daily Telegraph (Sydney Australia):

    ” School staff member blamed increased sex drive from weight loss drug for grooming boy

    A SCHOOL staff member who spent more than a year grooming a teenage boy for sex said she did it because a weight loss drug had increased her sex drive.
    Jackie Mary Hays said she began taking the drug Duromine four months before she targeted the 15-year-old student between April 2015 and June 2016, when she was working as a support staff member at the Hunter Valley school.
    She said the drug had increased her sex drive.
    Defence lawyer Gillian Jewison told Newcastle Local Court yesterday the 51-year-old would be making an application suggesting the drug had caused her client to suffer mental health issues.
    Hays was initially charged in mid-2017 with five offences alleging she had been sending explicit text messages and phoning two students, but four of the charges were dropped after she agreed to plead guilty to one count of grooming a child for unlawful sexual activity.
    The hearing resumes today. Hays is facing up to 10 years’ jail.”

  25. Good job Henry………… can’t say I am always a hater when I compliment you on a good video and analysis of a topic such as this……………..but I will give my opinion either way for better or worse cause as you point out in this video..what difference does it make what other people think………………………..a more difficult topic is why do relationships fail?????………..and is the length of a relationship really what matters…………….I’ve met and dated many different women and learned and experienced things I never would have experienced had I been with just one partner for 40 yrs…………….perhaps the same could be said had I been married to one woman for 40 yrs……………….you can’t have it both ways……………to each his own………but I never entered a relationship hoping it would end or just taking advantage of the girl………….and if it was just for sex ( like back when I was 20 and the hormones were flowing)……… least then I felt she wanted it too…………..I didn’t make her fill out a questionnaire about how serious she was about a one night stand…..

  26. Love your logic.  Logic and gravity are both constant forces and if you fight them you will always end up on the ground.  Thanks for a nice dinner and conversation last week I have a good time.

  27. Nothing wrong with age gap relationships if both are serious . Many Ex pats come to the Philippines and see how many much younger girls they can bed. I think its wrong if the man is just trying to re-live his younger years. An 18 or 19 y o girl from the Provence is usually less experienced and a lot more gullible. The girl and her family put all of their trust and accept this much older man. Then the older man decides to move on to his next conquest. He does not know how much he has hurt and dishonored her and her family. Most Relationships with a 30 to 40 year age gap do not end well. Many times the man is just taking advantage of a less experienced girl. If they both love each other and intend to or get Married, Nothing wrong with that. Except they will really piss off the Feminist , and that is a good thing, Just prove them wrong.

    1. Jeff Lamb I love being married with an older man I’m from Philippines ….. younger man have many dreams and drama and garbage ahead of them 🤮 now I’m just having fun

  28. Nice video I agree with everything you said except the shrimp on hamburgers part. My wife is younger than me and we have now been married for as long as our age gap and are very happy.

  29. Great topic, so true . Age should have nothing to do with , love , chemistry , companionship . The only requirement , is a legal one , the woman must be of legal age, 18 yrs old . After the age 18 yrs old , the woman is free and legal to choose anyone she wishes to marry , including any race , any religion , any age , etc etc . However, it would be best if the relationship is real , sincere , one . Too many are not , I.e. Sugar daddy , or opportunity seeker woman , etc . These type relationships give a bad name or negative stereotype to age gap relationships . Unfortunately , There’s way too many fake relationships , or sexual motivated relationships in age gap deals. So best to not stereotype .

    1. @Aurora Lakatos haha true i like old too young foreigner never i heard thy hurting😂

    2. why? there is no basis. and it should not be inappropriate. Most people married in the 30’s 40’s had a large age gap.

    3. I’m pilipina and my husband is way older than me and I pay for everything when we’re out he won’t even tip the waitress so I even tip my waitress…. I love older man younger man they are all idiots 🤮

    4. . . . we are in Thailand, but my dream is to move to the Philippines some day, just because she is from there. Home is where your love is.

    5. well, he should act as a responsible man, and not just act as some moron who just wants to get his dipstick wet (i’ve known that type too unfortunately). .but .. with that said, i can absolutely promise you that the relationship i have with my Filipina is 100% genuine and real, despite that i’m 70 and she is only 45 . . . after almost 2 years on-going and counting . . . . * and * (this should go under the next video . . but . . .) i can hardly ever pay for our dinner, grab ride, or whatever the bill is for, because she is so quick to pull out her own money to use to pay . . . in other words she is NOT exploiting me for my USD SS income. So there. ps she doesn’t get that much money from her work!

  30. You don’t see many older women with young men because women are not hung up on looks like men are. I don’t know any young men who are interested In much older women. However young women date older men because older men provide security, as opposed to good looks.

    1. I disagree on one point: looks do matter greatly, for men, now, in the States, because of the Swipe Reality of online dating. As a man, you have seconds to grab a woman’s attention, so you MUST increase your sexual market value through looks. However, in addition to this, an overweight, middle-aged woman will still expect you to be above her or at the same level in status and money, unless she’s looking for a sport fuck. I know this firsthand. If you are not cute at all, you can’t even get your foot in the door. The reality is that in the US, 80 percent of women are screwing, regularly, about 20 percent of the men–this data is straight from tinder. Men are simple: we want to be physically attracted, and we’re actually more varied than women in the things we like (look at all the different categories of porn), women, however, are very uniform in what they find physically attractive (height, classical build, broad shoulders, markers of high testosterone), but add the demand of wealth and status. A man’s burden of performance is much higher in the west–he must be in shape, even if he has money, to maintain his alpha status. I get the feeling that in the Phil, security is far more valued, though women are still going to be more sexually arroused by a handsome, tall young man. But would she risk losing her security to cheat? An American woman loses far less–she gets everything anyway. You must work out and have good genes in the US if you want even an average woman. The poorest woman in the States can always be supported by the government, supplying that part of her hyper gamy, but a good-looking becomes even more prized in such a scenario, that’s today’s western reality.

  31. I wouldn’t waste any breath or thought on those who criticize. Or shut ’em up quickly- “You know, I’m so glad you brought that up, because there are some things about you that I find disgusting, such as the way you criticize other people. Are you absolutely certain you want to continue this conversation?” Something like that.

  32. Videos and attitudes like this are anathema only to feminists. I think Marriage is always a legal and community agreement and sees for the security of wife and children. Shacking up can leave a woman alone and penniless with a child if the wrong man decides to upsticks, and there may be no legal comeback.
    Marriage is good. I was wrong, God was right, and it’s really the best thing when you find your own loving wife.

  33. I’ve dated here in America a 23 yr old and I was 47 so how is it wrong to date a Young Adult Woman. If she does a major crime she will do the major time. So an adult is simply an adult. Bottom line 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫

  34. Lol, everything goes in the West, men on men, woman on woman, woman on dogs etc, but a older guy younger girl all hell breaks loose! It’s the women that freak out even tho the man will most likely cherish her, I went through it couple years ago, was dating this younger girl everything was great but her family (mother) and a few friends had a problem with it, eventually it broke us up. “Old enough too be your daughter” is a programmed response from women, women are easily influenced from the media and friends. I think older man younger woman is a great mix. Actually women are meant to give birth in late teens, if you notice after a girl in late teens has a baby they bounce back into shape right away and they have very few complications, compared too a girl in her late twenties, thirties,forties. The only time I saw no one had a problem with age gap, was I guy I knew of, he was 60’s and she was 30’s, he was very rich. I analysed the relationship, he provided security financially and she put in 100% raising the kids, the kids were very well rounded and every one seemed happy as could be. Life is short, I’ve spent my whole life taking care and worrying about what others think, now its my time too be happy and if I want a 21 year old woman then so be it!!

    1. The Philippine Cowboy , Next year I’ll be free to go where I want for as long as I want, Im hoping too be there next year and find a loyal nice girl.

    2. MeatRocket99, I agree with you also. I’ve dated women older and younger than me here in the states and almost all of these women were a damn mess from day one………..some were controlling/abusive/mean, self-esteem issues while others wanted $$$ everyday to do this and that with girlfriends but my ass had to be at the house and not out with my friends………..I won’t ever be in a relationship like that again! I never married or had kids so I worked hard all my life for what I have and that’s why I chose to retire in the Philippines because the western women in the states are No Good. The one I’m with now doesn’t even ask me for money which I find so damn refreshing because she told me she wanted to work and help provide. I lucked out because she’s a college graduate that comes from a good family, we even talked about having a kid and I said I’m here for retirement and relaxation for the rest of my days and she said you can still do that while she raises the baby……….if we decided to do this of course I would help out here and there but mostly on the finance side of it. Bottom line Life’s to damn short to care what others think of you. There are a lot of good young women here with real family values and I hope every good guy that moves here finds one!

  35. I don’t judge, and I don’t accept anyone judging me. Also, I don’t need to explain my happiness to anyone. #justsaying

    1. Paul Griffin, You might not accept anyone judging you but you can’t prevent it.

  36. I hear you – I’m 62 and my girl friend is 24. Usually get the comment – well that wont last more than a few months. Then I say we have been together 2 years – the age gap freaks out people in the USA – that’s why I’m thinking of retirement in philippines were the people are much nicer to live with.

    1. I am 22 nd my bf is 40 he don’t like me to met he’s family and friends🙂🤷
      We getting storng 1/3 years
      And i love him sooo much 😊🙏
      young foreigner is suck😒

    2. Ray Philippine Newbie I’m pilipina I know I love older man they don’t have a lot of drama and garbage I used to date couple younger man they always try to barrow money from me🤮🤮🤮 wtf😄 now I’m married with an older man now I try to barrow money from him😂Now I have super comfortable life that I can call it super apir!

    3. +Rick White in the Philippines What do we have here…another man who is happy as larry since no one has provided “proof” that what he is about do is wrong? I would have thought having a conscience may help but not for some men who have little self awareness.
      And I can’t stop thinking about all the wisdom and wealth that you have accumulated over the many many years, that you will be imparting on your intended. Your intended knows that when others around her age hook up with someone closer to their own age neither has any clues as to what they are doing; they are both winging it and making mistakes and learning as they go. But by her good fortune your intended gets blessed with plenty of clues as soon as you come into her life. You’ll be the first male mentor she has had in her life (hmmm…maybe she is an orphan or is the child of a single mother who doesn’t have any clues). You’ll be able to teach her how to save money…that is a great privilege for any Filipino. That will more than compensate her for any negatives in being hooked up with her “very loving” graybeard partner, like being disturbed in bed by frequent visits to the loo because of his enlarged prostate gland (if he still has one). Feel free to call me jealous since I appear not to be going along with the flow in this discussion though the number of thumbs down on this video might suggest that my thoughts are not too far out of align with a significant many. Signed Just Another Old Fart Who Likes to Think He Has Something of a Conscience.

    4. @ Ray .. good for you ,,hope all goes well ! il be retired in phil also ..looking for a nice girl…salamat …..

    5. That’s why I live in the Philippines. People here don’t judge you as they do back in the states. I’m 62 and my fiancée is 22. Been together for a year and a half now and getting married soon. Couldn’t be any happier.

  37. You make alot of sense a young Philapina told me once that girls there mature at a younger age then guys, i always heard that growing up.Also I firmly believe that its really your level of conciousness you were born with when you came in this world.Ocasionally you hear the judges on the talent shows like the Voice say “your an old soul” with out getting into believes about astrology,reincarnation and the like that gives you a clue as to where im coming from…great video keep up the good works!

  38. I understand and agree with you 100%. But in your opinion. Why do you think the Western culture is so against it? Is it jealousy is it just people trying to ruin other people’s lives? I agree but I don’t see anything wrong with it. As a matter fact I’m talking to a Filipina lady that’s quite a bit younger than I am. I’m getting ready to go over in October. I just don’t understand the taboo of it

  39. I only have an 8 year age gap and it hasn’t been an issue at all. I will say it looks a bit weird when I see a 60+ with a 20 something. I am not saying wrong, just weird. Mainly there is an imbalance in wealth, as women put a big emphasis on safety and security.

  40. That was very very good. You hit it out of the park. Keep up the great work. You’re very good at bringing light to the subject at hand

  41. I think the older woman-younger man is also taboo. In the news now they are making a fuss about the Italian actress (Asia Argento) who allegedly had sex with a 17-year old boy when she was 37. I understand it’s a bit complicated because she accused Harvey Weinstein of raping her. But people are still aghast that she supposedly had sex with the young guy. Now in the case of the older woman -younger man the older woman is most unlikely to leave the younger man with kids to rear when she is dead and long gone. But this is a problem in the Philippines where older men die and leave kids with much younger women condemning them into a perpetual life of poverty. Many of these men are pensioners so not like they are loaded with assets and property to pass down to their kids.

    Even me there is a young lady in the Philippines I’ve helped over the years who, from time to have, has asked me to be her boyfriend. There is a big age difference. Her mother chat with her earlier in the year and told me her daughter wants me to be her life partner. I told her mother we have a big age difference. Her mother said her daughter does not care about my age. Currently the daughter is working on the high seas so she has been away for a long time. The money she earns now she told me is like that of a professional in the Philippines like a doctor or lawyer. So that helps. But her mother said she wants to surprise me and come visit me here in the states. If she really shows up here then I would have to consider that she means serious business. But dying and leaving hungry children in the Philippines is unfair. I saw a 101 East video about that. There is a stigma. And some of those kids are made fun of.

    You might have to recheck the rules about collecting on social security. It’s different when the woman is stateside. But dying and leaving a very young widow in the Philippines is frowned upon by Social Security. They don’t want to pay a woman survivor’s benefits for maybe another 50 years. Even if you have a child in the Philippines you can’t claim that child on your tax returns yet if you earn income outside the country you have to report it to the IRS. To claim your child (or children) and wife they must have social security numbers. The only way to get those is to be physically in the country. The U.S. government does not like paying out money to anyone even to veterans who are suffering from the effects of Agent Orange. And they sure would grudge giving a young twenty-something Filipina money every month so she can live like a princess.

  42. Great topic. My wife and i have an age Gap. Age does not matter. I have learned from her as she has learned from my. When the time comes, she will be secure in life just as she is secure now. Just make sure you have all your ducks in order. Pension payouts and life insurance.

  43. You hit this one out of the ball park. The only other argument I have heard, she is only with you for the money / lifestyle…..

    1. Paul Zee I never like younger man they have a lot of drama and garbage in them I’m married to much older man and I love it coz I know he is mine he retired and I have two jobs so I can always take him out to dinner and going vacation anytime we want. I love being married with an older man

    2. Reekay questions whether there is anywhere in the world where couples have to be within 3 to 5 years age difference. You talk about about the ball park. Matey I think the type of relationship where most people would look askance at are where the ages of the concerned aren’t anywhere near being in the same ball park.

  44. Tell them like it is straight up, Reekay! And yeah my grandmother was married at 15 to my grandfather who was over 20 at the time.

  45. Bingo Reekay! You hit all the points and slammed all the hypocritical critics. Astounding to me just how obtuse the critics are regarding the history of the world and especially disdainful to me are the hypocrital “ Christians” who know absolutely nothing at all about this subject from the very Bible they cling to and upon which they base their Salvation. I’ll be back in Duma the first of Oct. with my young Filipina Wife (30 yr gap) and our two children, one still in the oven due next March… Hope to see you around again! Well done on this video, you hit a home run!!!!

    1. Turquoise Sunsets Congratulations on your happy marriage and family. It’s helpful for me to hear of your 30-year age gap. I’m considering marrying a Filipina 28 years younger.

    2. Jesus replaced the rules in Leviticus and Deuteronomy with a new commandment — “Love your neighbor as yourself.” The scriptures about putting people to death that some of you are quoting do not apply anymore. So you can relax.

    3. LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines If you know you have sinned and ask for forgiveness you will be forgiven. But if you don’t turn from the sin and continue to do the same sin repeatedly then you weren’t sincere with God and have played him for a fool and lied to him (another sin).

  46. Older woman/younger man generally cannot breed. Her fertility window has usually passed.
    Males of any age can sire progeny.

  47. Very valid points. I agree as long as it’s legal and both party agree, it shouldn’t be a problem. Haters going to hate, mainly because of jealousy

  48. Age doesn’t equal maturity. I see holes in your arguments, but, if you have two mature individuals who are HONEST with each other, age, race, color doesn’t matter. As long as both parties are aware of the pros and cons…….it’s their decision no one else. That’s my thoughts, and I stick to women around my own age, but that’s me.

    1. i completely agree with you that “age does not equal maturity”. but the topic here is whether or not age-gap relationships can be proven as “wrong”. the maturity issue has more to do with the success or failure of any relationship, whether age-gap is involved or not. i dated a 35-year-old in california when i was 36, and she was about as mature as a spoiled 10-year-old. yet.. we were both within a year’s age of each other.

  49. We all know there is bias against age gap relationships. Right is on your side, but it’s uphill battle not really worth engaging.

  50. hello, reekay. i have watched many of your videos and i think this one is my favorite. i appreciate your thorough analysis on this topic as well as the many other subject matters you discuss regarding life in the philippines. im a disabled 50 year old with muscular dystrophy, so i dont know if i will ever get there, but if i do i will certainly keep your videos within reach. take care and keep up the good work, my friend.

    1. thanks. i have several other issues i will be addressing in this series. more on the way. 🙂

  51. Their just jealous , because they hate to see a older guy have a young beautiful woman . The women hate it because their not young anymore.
    The men hate it because they wish they had a young beautiful women.

    1. what life brings with Iron Mike …I think that definitely has a lot to do with it. It’s a shallow reaction but I do think it is the case for a lot of Westerners.

  52. Great insight Reekay, no one should bring these younger women to the USA, somehow they get diseased or injected by the women in the USA. And they screw up your program . I have said it a million times, women want to be men in the USA, they want to show they can do anything, and thats ok, nothing wrong with that as long as it doesn’t interfere with gender role identification and i am not talking about washing dishes or cooking. Remember the best chefs in the world are men,etc. Women dont need men in the USA, the birth rates speak for themselves. This is a no win situation going on in the western culture, its totally screwed….

    1. That’s why I’m living in the Philippines with my lady.

  53. Man, I am so happy to hear an older man talking about this. There is absolutely nothing wrong with men having a loving relationship with a younger woman!

  54. If the relationship works for both people, age really doesn’t matter. There is a cultural stigma attached to large age gap differences in the USA, and other countries. Those differences are not really a big deal in Asian countries.

  55. Be happy my man! Hell wish I was there with you. If anybody give you any grief throw a coconut at their ass…….

  56. I think part of the belief that there is some legal objection to an age gap comes from the way age of consent is defined in some jurisdictions. While 18 is pretty much universally accepted as “adult”, some places have decided that 16 or even 14 isn’t a crime as long as the other party to the relationship is no more than 2-3 years older. It isn’t to make life fun for creeps. It’s to prevent kids from being prosecuted as sex offenders for being kids.

  57. The argument for why western women think large age gap relationships are wrong:
    If the man did not have money/resources, she would not be with him, and instead pick someone close to her age range. Having to select a man based on money/resources put the woman in the “victim” category, as she cannot only select a partner based on physical appearance. Women in the west get around this issue by having the large welfare state taxing and redistributing wealth from high income individuals. They therefore do not have the same need for money/resources from a partner, and feel more independent. They feel threatened by the prospect of having to consider money/resources in a husband, if they could not extract resources from men through the welfare state and taxation.

    1. it’s hypocritical on the part of feminists to say that filipinas are only marrying for the sake of money. when feminists themselves have colluded like a mafia to rape men financially for decades. the ultimate pot calling the kettle black.

  58. #shrimpOnMyHamburger! another thing that people used to think was “not right”, Divorce! but now, its >51%. to me, that’s the majority. not good, not bad, different… note: I’ve never met a guy who gave me crap about dating a young woman who had an attractive wife. My response is usually, “Soooo you are saying I should do what YOU do and date an ugly, old lady!!??” “Yes… we are clearly going to get along well. Go home to your buggy whips and walkie talkies, I’m going to LINE with my gorgeous girlfriend who could Google her ass around you blindfolded.” It’s a great opportunity for a crotch chop. 😛

    1. you are truly living the dream. you’ve got a wonderful, loving soulmate (yah, i said it). the jam to your peanut butter.. and a bag of chips. 🙂

  59. Excellent video Reekay. You hit it on the nose. I also get a lot of slack because I happen to attract guys younger then me. I guess because I don’t look my age. But I do get the same response even from the LGBT Community. It makes no sense but I’ve learned to just ignore it. Thanks for sharing.

  60. Shes not your daughter but she’s sombodys and what if she was your daughter dating a friend of yours the same age that’s what goes threw my mind

    1. and you are someone’s brother, son or neighbor. that has no bearing on the woman who picks you for a husband. nothing. zero. ANY woman a man picks is someone’s daughter.

  61. Well said as always Henry. Until the Western Feminist movement (19th century) began twisting political and religious systems and ideology to align with their self serving agenda, age difference wasn’t the huge issue it is today. It’s still not a big deal in Eastern cultures where Feminism hasn’t taken a foothold yet. Let’s hope it stays that way for a while longer.

  62. All the logic is there but most people come from an emotional level and ignore logic. They feel bad about it somehow. Usually it has a lot do with how they feel about them selves and that they think people feel different due to aging. They have their own issues that come. Also you may have wisdom from life but often a young or older women has trouble receiving that. They think they know more. Or some friends told them something that might no be very accurate and they go by that. You do cover all the right points

  63. I always thought a 3yr age gap was about right as I figured that you would have more in common with your partner and grow together a deal with problems as they came. I never found such a relationship as life threw me a curve ball in my early 20’s and I wasted/lost 20 yrs to bad health.

    Just over 5 years ago I moved out to the Philippines from the UK to be with Jenny a woman I had been talking to online for 2 years. There is a 17 year age gap between us and I have never been happier. While she may not always get my joke or cultural references we laugh all the time. I have also noticed while she did not lack confidence when I met her she has even more now since being together. We talk about lots of things and I like as Reekay said to share my experience and give her another way to look at things to add to her own. In the five years we have been together she has moved out of working in an office on the usual bad pay for long hours that goes with that and is now earning sometimes more in one deal than she would have before in a year doing Real Estate Agent. All through her own hard work and the freedom this gives her just makes me even more happy.

    She is 33 and I am 50 and both never been married and no kids but maybe in a year or two we will change that. Great subject and well dealt with.

  64. Just understand that the lust element from the woman is very different than it would be in a relationship between people within 10-15 years of age. If you’re 65 and she’s in her twenties she isn’t attracted to your body, just accept and understand that.

    1. it is Men who are visually motivated when choosing a mate, not women. haven’t you noticed so many couples where the woman is beautiful and the guy is just, visually, average or even below average in appearance? 

      worldwide, physical appearance is not at the top of a woman’s list in choosing a mate. it’s men who are wired that way. women have the future of their children in mind. they want a man who will provide. a man with a plan. and frankly, it makes more sense than the criteria us men use, which is.. “which woman looks the hottest”.

  65. Awesome Reekay Hit the nail on the head I’m from Australia and unfortunately even my closest family & friends could not find it in their hearts to see just how happy we both were they could not and did not support our relationship in any way I’m 65 and she is 26 and a wonderful young woman, thanks for sharing

  66. Most of the people who have a problem with older man/younger woman relationships are usually women who have hit the wall. They hate it because they realize that they have a snowball’s chance in hell of having a young man commit to them. Honestly, it makes MORE sense for a young healthy, attractive woman to be with a well established man. Bottom line, they can kiss your ass and mine. I will be with whomever I please and at this point in my life, I’m only interested in in women under 25. I’ve dated enough older women to know that with the older ones you are often getting all of the same bullshit only the package is that of a banged out old hag. These people need to just SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!

  67. I’ve been called some terrible things by faceless people online after I let it be known that there’s a 28 year age gap between my wife and I. Apparently, I’m taking advantage and I’m unf*ckable so I had to leave the US to find someone. My goodness, such hate!

    But I’d like to comment on your “mentor” comment because that’s how I see myself. My wife grew up on dirt floors as a kid, although she was living in a cement house with tile when I met her, but she’d never been more than 200KM from home. Since we’ve met, she’s seen the US, Hong Kong and Thailand. She understands what the West is like, how you can get anything at any time, how driving 85MPH is normal on the highways, how immense the US is as we took a road trip from AZ to Washington State and camped in Redwoods State Park, where we almost froze (not literally). How you pay all your bills in 5 minutes online in the US, but it’s so expensive there that you can’t afford much else. She’s learned about income vs expenses and savings. She’s learned how to start a business. She’s learned how to navigate the US visa system and deal with the US embassy. She’s learned how to buy a vehicle (and manage keeping our 4 vehicles on the road and legal). She’s learned how to deflect constant requests for money, while having compassion to comply when the charity is merited, and how to tell the difference. She’s learned about the US Social Security system and what that might mean for her as my wife. She’s learned how to care for a house and long-term things like appliances and computers, and not just use everything you have. Our children are going to good, English speaking schools and have a pretty bright future. Her parents are managing 3 new businesses for me that, at least for now, they keep the profits, and while I can bail them out if I need to, they are managing all of them very well for themselves. I help her aging grandmother every week, even though I certainly don’t have to, but I enjoy giving an old woman a little peace of mind after feeding her grandchildren when times were rough. It’s not all fun. She’s also learned that it’s a huge responsibility and she’s responsible to a lot of people.

    I’ve been able to give my very young wife more of an education than most people have in the US. And she’s given me a deeper love and more unbridled passion in bed than I’ve ever experienced before. I’m no saint. There are hardships, stress and an occasional argument. And she’s reminded me that living with a foreigner is not always easy. But, who’s being taken advantage of?

  68. My girl is 23 and I like it, I don’t give a damn what other people think 😜

  69. I complied with the standard of acceptability in the US 5 times with women who always viewed me as potentially recyclable for any particular reason acceptable to themselves and a legal judgement in their behalf against me. Ive been married for almost five years now to a younger Filipina who had a fatherless daughter and now is my legal daughter who has never suggested in any way that our marriage could be terminated for any reason. If one asks me, when it comes to marriage, I would suggest something is going very wrong in the US.

    1. + RC Carter “Ive been married … to a younger Filipina …who has never suggested in any way that our marriage could be terminated for any reason.” Be careful! Some are more furtive than others.

  70. 21:15 Henry, you mean the 10 year age gap law (i know it is antiquated and rarely enforced) in the Philippines is just a myth?

    1. I knew there was something to it but didnt know where to look it up (reliably). Thanks for the info! Keep the vids coming!

    2. the other half of requirement for the 10-year difference is that the filipina is also a minor. it is written with the structure, “if any minor… who is (a) or (b)… “. but in either case must still be a minor. a 10-year difference alone is not illegal. if it were, the PH government would not be issuing marriage licenses to anyone with a 10-year age gap. so basically, the ‘myth’ is a misinterpretation of the family law description.

  71. To each there own. The age gap does not bother me. It’s both sides taking advantage of each other. But I feel that for more than half of the guys, it’s an ego trip. You can’t always be using the jealousy theory. Must be something wrong with the guys too. There must be something wrong if they can’t get a younger woman or their own age back home. Is it because they are not easily gullible and see thru your bull? Unlike in the PI, they can get an impoverished young gullible woman. I’ve never seen a well to do woman in the PI with a much, much older guy. Living in the P.I. when we had the bases. I saw military families ruined because of the guys cheating on their wives with the young maids. The maids didn’t care if it affected the families, especially with children that they took care of., as long as they can get the guys to marry them, get a green card then dump the guy when they get to the states when they become financially stable. Or if they settled in the P.I., kick the guy out after he purchased a house and lot for them. And have the Filipino boyfriend and her relatives move in. I’ve met several homeless old vets who said they lost everything from their young ex-wives/ girlfriends back in Asia. I mean come on. You must know their intentions. But for the few that really worked out, I’m happy for you and wish you nothing but the best. I am happily married but in my own opinion, I would rather stay with my own age group. But that’s just me.

    1. AmberAugust , I met a few expats that lost their house, not all but most of them were drinking, cheating fools, the girl friend or wife wasn’t any better.
      People need too be smarter and not put yourself in a position were she can take your house or life savings.

  72. My brother recently married a Filipina exactly half his age and they are now living in the Midwest. So far nobody has ever hated on them to my knowledge, even though she could pass for a teenager despite being in her late 20’s. Ok, maybe a little disbelief from some… but so far everyone, male or female, have been readily accepting of it provided it’s the real deal.

  73. You made a lot of good points, my Filipina wife and I have been married for 15 years and we both love each other more now as when we first met. By the way she was 19 and I was 52. She was more mature at 19 than most of the women I had dated in the US who were twice or more of her age. Yes there are differences because of the age gap like in music for instance, but still in more ways than I could have imagined she has been my soul mate.

  74. lol!!!!!!!! “That means; You should not have pork and that means; You should not have shrimp!…..but I going to have shrimp on my hamburger!!!!” lol…..hahahaha!!! Love it man!

  75. You should not have started out with the “Age Gap” because I don’t think you can top what I just heard. Very well done.

  76. In my personal experience, 21 year old girls are still a bit idealistic and don’t yet know what they want in a relationship. Not saying that dating them is wrong as an older man, just saying be careful and guard your heart because tomorrow morning she might wake up and be a different person.

  77. Very well said. I’ve never heard any credible reason why a large age difference is unacceptable. The people who say it’s wrong are actually insulting both the older man and the younger woman. They are insulting the woman because they are basically saying she isn’t smart enough to make her own decisions or must be a gold-digger. They are insulting the man because they are basically saying he has nothing to offer in a relationship except money and that he must be some kind of perv. I guess they forget that it wasn’t too many years ago that a man who would be “a good husband and provider” was the ultimate goal for a woman.

    1. Correct, it is insulting to the naive young woman from the provinces who has in all probability previously been let down by a man who helped her produced a kid or two. And its insulting to the old codger (her mentor) who has in all probability had a failed marriage or two or three… and now has all the answers to life.

    1. DL Lee , Good point, it’s because he’s a billionaire.
      I new a really nice guy in his late 60’s, very wealthy, his wife was about 30, everyone excepted it because he was wealthy.

    2. Out of 320 million US citizens nobody would dare say a word. In their case it goes without saying. Ditto Rupert Murdoch/Jerry Hall.

  78. Mr. Henry, would you PLEASE read The Rational Male by Rollo Tomassi, and give us your feedback on the book, and how it applies to the Philippines? I think the Western woman is reacting to the perceived threat of the younger women to her own hypergamy. I.e., all woman gradually loses their sexual market value after about 24/25, and then go in panic mode when they hit around 30 to lock down a male, but they have already decreased their SMV by their notch count, haven’t really added value beyond their ability to offer sex (they don’t want to be wives), and their looks plummet. As a man, in PI, your value skyrockets compared to the States, because ALL women want provision and protection . Yes, looks are important, but women, who love conditionally, take into account the conditions of status and wealth. Men want to mate, but in addition to wanting a mate, women are biologically driven to seek out security and make babies. Western women waste their best years riding the cock carousel–best, because she is most fertile and beautiful. These are cold hard evolutionary truths that “feminism” wants to suppress and make anathema. Check out The Red Man Group on YT, too. Everything you say is pretty much red pill truth. (And, no, the Red Pill Group isn’t MGTOW.)

    1. The truth you speak here (which is anathema now in Western societ) is rooted in biological reality. I think it would be awesome to see you on the Red Man Group; these are men who are “red piled,” not MGTOW. Sorry for my language, but pussy in the U.S. is now hyper inflated beyond belief, so much so that a man who is a solid 7 in terms of looks, status and wealth is forced to cater slavishly to fives and below, or become someone who just pumps and dumps. The nature of women will never change; but marriage law can and must in States. It’s brutally unbalanced. At least in the Philippines you have a chance for a more balanced relationship, for now. Thanks for responding to my comment. I enjoyed the video.

    2. a friend of mine (carl lambert) said it best; “the first half of life belongs to women. the second half of life belongs to men.”

      women call the shots during the early part of their life when they are at their most attractive physically. but time chips away at that asset as time goes on. by middle-age, her ‘flower’ is past it’s bloom. whereas men, as time goes on they have the opportunity to increase in knowledge, experience and wealth until, at middle-age they now possess what women want.. financial security.

      feminism hates this fact of life and tries desperately to prolong the control over men by stealing his finances, reduce him to poverty if necessary. but men who realize their worth are well within their rights to choose the cream of the crop among women. and he will likely choose the younger, pretty ones over the older, demanding ones.

  79. In the Bible (Acts 13:22), King David was described as a man after “God’s (own) heart.” When David was 70 years old, he “took” Abishag (who was between 12 and 12.5 yr old) to be either his wife or concubine. Scholars have debated which, but the meaning was clear. (I Kings 1: 1-3)

  80. You make some excellent points, however, I wonder if you take it to the logical conclusion. Just an example—do you believe a so-called “government” has the right to steal your labor and goods in what is called “taxes” to distribute it to someone else? Is that a form of theft…and who gives them the right to do that? If you say it is for the “common good” you would be hard pressed to prove that with any empirical statistics. If you say the government is legitimate in that they are elected—have you noted that most people do not vote? Anyway, we all need to fine some “bedrock” items that define our way of morality and the commitments we make to ethics. Reekey, as always, I find your videos and this series extremely provocative in terms of forwarding many items to think about. Thanks for your effort.

    1. but here is a sobering thought to consider. according to the precept that all govt authorities (kings, prime ministers, presidents, etc.) are authorized by God himself.. it does NOT mean that God apoints the best or even the most virtuous people for govt. in fact, in the case of King Saul, the people were warned by God that he would be a rotten king. and he was.

      in the time 400 years before moses, God appointed the Egyptians to rule over the Hebrew people as slaves until the time of Moses. so, while God does appoint govts and authorities, it’s not always to fix the world’s ills or even to prevent evil.

      just look at the reign of Hitler during the 3rd Reicht. that was by God’s appointment. so was the eventual surrender of Japan which ended WW2.

      so the fact that taxation is unjust or heavy is no surprise, even if God is deciding who is in charge. the bible also states that if a nation will turn from sin and honor Him, he will bless their country. so it follows that if a nation hates God and lives sinfully, things will not turn out so great for the people of that nation overall.

    2. the usa govt (as an example) does many things i agree with, and many things i don’t agree with. the process of taxation is legal and binding, no real way out of it other than to renounce citizenship or lobby for tax reform. (and we all know how grindingly slow that has been over the decades.)

  81. Henry, can i ask your opinion about mother-in-law interfering and demanding for more material goods, like bigger housing more transparency in my family assets etc… I am in this situation and I dont think it is fair deal to me. Moreover she is not even attractive. I dont understand their logic. Can you provide your feedback?

    1. Tino, I am not in relationship with a Filipino. I am Taiwanese and my wife is also Taiwanese, I was asking for general advise from Reekay because he seems to be wise and has good logical analysis. Whats your opinion? If you willing to provide some input.

    2. Tino, age gap is 11 years. My mother-in-law not satisfied with the current apartment I have which is already a 3 bedroom, she says its too small and also wants me to be transparent with my income and cash situation and my wife once even opened letter sent to me by my bank. I feel its a bit intruding my privacy, why should I disclose my privacy? As Reekay says it, “there’s the door”. What is your opinion Tino?

    3. Tommy, What’s the age gap? That’s one issue that you will have to deal with, in general young filipinas are excessively controlled by their mothers..

    4. in that case, at this point your only communication needs to be with your wife. that there will be NO transparency owed to anyone and the fixed amount remains the same. if she loves you she will fall in line and respect your decision as her husband. if not, it changes nothing and she can just stew on it forever or… “there’s the door”. her choice.

    5. I agree with you and indeed I did make some mistakes in the beginning. But now the main issue with my wife is that she listens more to her mom and thinks that her mom is right and the demands are reasonable. That this is my responsibility to exchange for a bigger apartment and be transparent.

  82. I married a girl 21 yrs my junior. Everything was wonderful. Two kids and 6 years later she decided she had wasted her youth and left with a guy younger than her. When there is 20 years difference you really have nothing in common once the honeymoon is over.

    1. themanwithnoname sad to hear that. Good thing as a man you are always in demand. Check out George Bruno.

  83. Western thinking is that a significantly younger woman is only interested in money(as if that is a bad thing?), and that makes her some sort of prostitute! Also, the younger a Western female is, the more “innocent” she is perceived, even if she’s not! Many boys, as young as 12, are tried as “adults” in America for particularly heinous offenses. A 14,15,16 year old girl is (almost) unanimously considered incapable of being a “consenting”, “willing” partner in a sexual relationship with a man over 18! I raised 3 girls, and I can tell you , from personal experience, that most(American) women don’t come anywhere close to maturity levels of ladies from “developing” countries until reaching their ’30’s! Also, we treat the sexual attentions of females as a commodity, the value of which diminishes exponentially until they reach their ’30’s!

  84. 218 thumbs down ??? WTF ,, you make a good case ,, Very hard to argue against you ,, Looks like the US’s feminist and
    LBGT crowd looked at your video

    1. those are from a jealous ex-vlogger who never managed to have even 1 relationship with a filipina. he has purchased subs when he still had a channel. now he’s bought ‘thumbs down’ against my video. total loser. it doesn’t even affect me negatively, in fact, it adds another 200 views to my video. some people are just that petty. the 200 ‘thumbs down’ happened all in just a few hours, total give-away they had been purchased. ha! 🙂

  85. As always, thanks for your enlightened perspective. It’s worth noting though that marrying a filipina it’s even the states..their is always the green card thing in the mind . of the ignorant .

  86. I completely agree that the age gap between 2 consenting adults is specificity between those two adults and it’s their decision and their arrangements and future only. I’m not sure you recall that you commented on a VLOG that I later removed. My point was that it’s sad for the child or children bred in that age gap relationship that the son or daughter will be left without a dad when they graduate high school or maybe younger or slightly older.Do the math a 65 y/o with a 25 y/o and has a baby a year of two later. That child will most likely not have a dad around when she/he’s 20. Especially in a remote area far from hospitals. True the healthy fit man that has no history and irreversible damage to his system may live to 100. But statistically the odds are against him.

    1. LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines yes, the widow and child will most likely have a better future if she hopefully found the right guy with assets.

    2. true. although the expat is likely to provide her and those kids with an opportunity for a good education that the healthy, young filipino suitor can’t afford on a $200/month salary. or better yet, a life in a 1st-world country with opportunities that don’t exist much in the PH.

  87. You are absolutely and irrefutably correct. At this time I see there are 222 fools and bigots who disagree with you. Here is one indisputable fact of life; There is NO guarantee that a young person will get to old age .. we have the worlds greatest library at our disposal .. WWW .. bigots should use it .. another fact .. legal age in Spain is? .. 12 .. other countries? 13 or 14 .. in Philippines it is 12 if the parents agree .. some countries are now looking into reducing the age to 14 .. We .. the intelligentsia of the world .. Do not have to explain nor justify to lesser intelligent plebs .. another fun fact .. some 12yr. olds are much more intelligent and mature than the idiots here who disagree .. before anyone attempts to criticize or challenge me .. personally I prefer tall full bodied western women .. but .. as we all know or should know .. love between two humans is a mystery .. even to those who fall in love .. nobody on this Earth has the right to try to stop a connection between two people. So .. there is a possibility that .. if .. I ever go to the Philippines I may have to eat my hat about my preference for western women

    1. 200 of those ‘thumbs down’ were purchased by a failed-vlogger who has since left the PH. all of those 200 came in over the course of a few hours, rather than at the same rate as the thumbs-up. also, if you see the 2nd in this series of “answering critics”, the ‘likes’ are in the triple digits while the ‘dislikes’ are still in the low 20’s. but that is how petty some people are. “as if” it changes anything about the content of what i have stated. they can blow their money on getting dislikes, each one counts as a ‘view’ for me. ha!! and meanwhile, they are still stuck in their misery hating guys like us who are enjoying what life has to offer living abroad.

  88. My wife and I are 37 years of age gap but getting along great for 13 years now. We talk things through and never argue, it has been heavenly.

  89. I went to a birthday party today and all the older men had younger wives all had pretty large age gaps and all seem to get along just fine and all had children.

  90. This is why you don’t take your young Filipina wife back to your western home country if there is a large age gap. The USA culture will make trouble in your relationship, unless you’re are rich and famous then the USA celebrity-crazed culture is mostly ok with it.

  91. Great commentary. I usually don’t comment but I felt compelled to respond. I appreciate your insight.

  92. Thanks for the very thoughtful post.  To me it gets down to:  why would I let someone else’s opinion dictate how I live my life?  The naysayers are simply envious of someone else’s happiness.  Keep up the good work, Henry.

  93. Hi Reekay, I have been watching your videos for about 5 years now and I love them, I researched the Philippines through alot your videos and I met a beautiful younger woman ( 18 years younger) with a 12 yr old daughter and brought them here to the united states and we are all very much in love and very happy, I hear it all the time about the comments peoples give us about my younger wife me 55 her 37. All the men are Jealous and the woman cry whats wrong you could not find an American woman lol I am so sick of it lol Love your videos thanks for being here.

  94. Henry, I agree with what you said but would like to add another side to the story. I am 65 and will be moving to the Philippines next year. One thing I know about younger Filipinas is that generally speaking they want to have kids. Family is so important there. So much so that there seems to be an epidemic of single mothers in the Philippines. I cherish my kids and while being a Father is the best job I ever had, I don’t want to raise kids anymore – either mine or a “ready made” family. I will always be a father, however! So for guys thinking they can find a young woman in the Philippines, you can – but there is a cost. I know one Expat in Valencia who just had his second child with his beautiful young Filipina and he is over the moon happy! May God bless him!!!! But, he never had kids before so it is a slightly different thing for him. For me, I have found my young Filipina and she can’t have kids. So, it all works out for me but I think that the older guys need to understand that they should also want to be a father when they find that young woman.

  95. Nail on head Henry , I’ve been saying the same thing for years now . Black and white is ok , girl and girl is ok , man and man is ok , but old and young is not seen so much yet outside of Asia, so many westerners struggle to accept or understand it . Hopefully one day it will be as acceptable as any other relationship . Good video as always , thanks for that .

  96. It is not a matter of right and wrong. It I add simply a matter of choice. If you choose to have a large age gap just keep in mind that it is not normal. When you are not normal you will stand out.

  97. My gf is 28 years younger. (I’m 56, she’s 28.) The biggest criticism I hear comes from myself. We’ve known each other for 2 years and we plan to marry, but I still ask myself why she wants to be with me. She’s smart, attractive, and charismatic. She has many filipinos trying to pursue her. She could be with any man she wants, younger and more wealthy, but I believe she really loves me. It’s hard for my western mindset to get used to

  98. Hey lifeBeyondTheSea your very very right wow that’s what we whant 2 here thank’s 4 your time..

  99. What’s your opinion on an older man who marries a younger woman (under age) because the parents gave them permission (normally due to poverty) ?

    1. my own personal opinion is that in this day and age, 18 is a reasonable age that a person can begin making their own decisions. if a man, again in my opinion. loved her and cared about her family.. he ‘should’ wait until she is 18 and in the meanwhile (a) provide support to the parents and (b) not be sexually active with her until she is over the age of 18. but, that’s just my personal opinion since that’s what you asked for. parents, in my opinion, should not let a child of theirs make such a commitment under the age of 18. now, on the other end of things.. my own grandmother married (eloped) with my grandfather when she was only 14. gave birth to her first child (my uncle) when she was just 15. and they had a great relationship even though he was about 24 at the time.

  100. I’m pilipina and married to a much older man and I love it I hate younger man they have a lot of drama and lots of garbage… I pay most of our outings when we were dating now we been together for almost 8 years I still pay for our dinner and stuff I know he is all mine ❤️ good conversation by the way

    1. i never do ‘multiple relationships’. i only do one relationship at a time. if i’m not in any relationship, only then i might have multiple female companions. but having more than one relationship at a time is a recipe for disaster.

  101. When i walk with my young partner in the west the women look at you and i know thy are thinking you dirty old man,there husband has a look that says you lucky bugger…35 age differance and both very happy,,

  102. Even though I won’t date a women in her 20’s because of the maturity factor and my experience with Western Women here in the US. I still don’t see anything wrong with it. I believe if you are willing to Love, Understand, Work Together, and TEACH HER how to be STRONG (especially financially)you will have very powerful women that can handle her business.

    1. it’s a matter of preferance. you may as well be asking, “why date a latin woman?” or “why date an asian woman?” it’s personal preference. very simple.

  103. There is no ‘real’ argument,just contrived feminist drivel and millions of gonna be cat hoarders

  104. That woman who says that she could be your daughter feels threatened cause you have a pretty young girlfriend, there is nothing wrong what you do, if feelings are mutual in love then its all good

  105. I never heard it explained in detail like you have, your a very smart man, I hope I can have a drink with you. I enjoy your videos very much, please keep making them.

  106. I have really enjoyed your conversations. I have been in age gap relationships and you are right there is a LOT of discrimination but with time I just ignored it. I do love your arguments that you present. Very well done sir.

  107. Great stuff. I am in 60s. Going to asia.

  108. Is is widely acceped for older men with young woman in Asia ? No criticism. No wispering

  109. Self-appointed critics of this type tend to reflect their own insecurities.

  110. First and foremost, you need to understand WHERE these attitudes had their origins. In the 19th century US, the age of consent was 10-12, depending on the state. Men were, as always, out and about earning their fortune so that they COULD (responsibly) provide for a family. They were typically well into their late 40s to late 50s. And as always, when looking to marry, who wants beef from a cow when you can instead FEAST on Veal from a Calf!?! Hence, these men would marry the YOUNG fems, leaving the OLDER “cows” behind. As such, the cows began to stampede to the homes of lawmakers to get the age of consent raised… first to 13, then 16, and finally 18. And there may have been a few other “state-by-state”, rather than federal age limits in there somewhere.

    So, that’s where it comes from… WAH! The oldies didn’t like being passed up by the “gravy train” (called the C**K Carousel today), and did something about it. Don’t believe me? WHO do you think started the whole Prohibition movement in the US? Same damned group. Just Fems by a different name during a different time. Women; you can’t live with them and you can’t kill them. The best you can do is grab yourself something young and ride that wave till the party is over! WINNING!

  111. I never thought in my life I would have a relationship with a younger woman… I didn’t look for one.. I tried my own age. I tried the ones in the states..i just didn’t add up to them.. I was never good enough to them..i tried woman my age. just to many mental problems and baggage, and they just wonted to sit and stop living.. the idea of having a younger woman has a lot of its advantages.

  112. Thanks! Great subject you cover. I’m 56 and my filipina is 39 and we have heaps in common. Age is not an issue. I feel it just up to the two involved with each other to decide if there is an issue. Thanks again for covering this in detail.

  113. In some states you can marry at fourteen with the parents’ permission. Think Jerry Lee Louis.

  114. My wife is 8 years younger, but I love to see old men with girls a third or half their age. Remember the 4 M’s.

  115. spot-on about those stuck in an unhappy marriage. Look at the American women always giving terrible advice to their single girlfriends. It’s because they want them to be as unhappy as they are !

  116. I was about to say majority of older men were married to younger women in the Bible even Joseph was older than Mary.

  117. I often hear and read comments that age difference is perversion. What they basically saying is that a relationship between legal age adults with a large age difference is perversion. It’s in the same category as pedophilia. It’s really the mainstream thinking that if you don’t date in your age group then you may be labeled as pervert. Imagine the level of confusion about what perversion is really about.

    1. it’s completely irrational. there’s no other word for it. the same people who say homosexual relationships are fine, but age-gap is not cannot reconcile their positions. nor can they claim that “their” standards must be imposed on others.

  118. While most people, I think, are persuaded that adult men and women should be free to make their own decisions as to whom to bed and wed, society will nonetheless always find a large age difference in a couple to be cringe-inducing. As a man, I find the prospect of a young girlfriend to be appealing but I wouldn’t want a May-December relationship for my siblings or children.

  119. who cares what the Bible states, or doesn’t state ? Why would anyone be interested in iron age morality ? Thai gf iis 27 years my junior. It’s liberating to be beyond the age gap guilt. I don’t give a damn what anyone else thinks.

  120. I heard a tv talk show host say with a 34 yr age gap that marriage has a 175% chance of failure if it a second or third marriage that number go up much more ,. But he did amit there no record he can prove that. In other words it was opinion. ha ha

    1. i would only say that an age-gap between a filipina and an expat has a higher chance of failure… IF they return to his country. this is what i’ve seen with expats who message me privately. however, age-gap relationships with a filipina who live in the PH have a very good success rate.

  121. Refreshing perspective. I don’t judge anybody, especially when it comes to relationships. I’m dating a woman who is significantly younger than me, and we get stares all the time from self-entitled, older American women who can’t accept the fact that older American men can date who they want. Guess what, entitled American women? Us men don’t care what you think, and it’s simply none of your business!

  122. There are some age gaps that are just downright ridiculous. I watched a RAFFY TULFO show where a 71 year old man was begging his 20 year old newly married wife to come home. She took off in the night of the wedding after he went to have a shower.

    She was clearly not mature enough to be in a relationship of this magnitude and she even hinted at family pressure to marry this old guy.

    She told him to his face she didn’t love him when asked. On what planet is that an appropriate relationship. It’s an economic arrangement with a carer element to it.
    If not, why isn’t this man, who is Canadian, trying to date 20 year old vivacious Canadian girls? Why does he have to travel to the likes of Thailand or Philippines to marry these “ young beauties “??

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