Answering Critics: “Filipinas Are Only After Your Money”

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    1. love your videos- been watching since 1016- i love your views on having a plan as far as living in phillipines long term- i have a fewmore years to go and am looking at going over- im in my 40’s single was wondering about best place in phillipines with a mix of beach and city but lower priced as far as rent and living expenses- im leaning towards cebu

    2. Woman not too different than men. I’ve seen women ignore shorter guys, and go with a tall guy that’s a total dork. YouTube has a vid of a guy interviewing thai girls. they all. said like faring because they are tall.

    3. You are all true. You state the most important things that women want. American women are unrealistic, and in a fantasy world in that, they want a man 6ft+, looking like James bond, making 100k a year. Go read all the dating sites. it’s the first thing women say. it bafells my mind. Go figure?

  1. Most all women will jump to any man with money for life stability and security. And she will leave you for a man with more money than you if the opportunity comes. Or if you pay for her education , green card and help her with employment thus giving her the tools to be exposed to younger men .It depends on your Filipina and your relationship bond if she stays with you. Age gap 30+ is more acceptable in Phils than in the west. Most older Filipinos will call a younger woman a fish ( Filipina out of poverty) who date older foreigners. The man gets an attractive woman and the woman gets a secure man they both get what they want so its a fair situation.

  2. “1) Simple” no money woman doesn’t. Want anything to do with you” 2) how much u make) gold digger witches with broom sb😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂sweap your bank clean. Yes, l date many they are cheap skate they lie, ” cheat they also “manipulate they borrow you money they never pay back, you will never see a cent Back and if you trying to get you money back they Will call the cop on your ass .

  3. High net worth is important, but it’s not all about what type of car one drives, or how big ones house is, or how much money one has; but the nature of ones character. Love, faithfulness, emotional, and financial stability should be the top priority. On what first date does the question on what you do for a living does not come up?, it is a very common ice breaker type of question and may be asked innocently or exploritory. There are good and bad foreigners as well as good and bad Filipinos regardless of economic class. In what country does a man or woman want to be with someone who has no potential, no class, no stability, and/or no money? Some people set their standards high, some set their standards higher. What is the name of your singles group? Imho and thanks for sharing.

  4. I can’t remember where read it but the best definition I heard of this is: Men seek youth and beauty women seek status(a job) and dominance(leadership qualities).

  5. WoW! If it tells anyone how much I like this series this is the 2nd time I watched it. I agree with everything U said. I fell in love with Ne when I only saw her little profile picture but I knew she was cute. My first attraction to her was she is a nice girl. That said, it is not the norm. I also have two exes and they are both nice looking but I have known really cute & sexy girls that were real witches. It didn’t exactly break my heart when I found out that Ne was really sexy, Ramblin Ron.

    1. “a pretty face.. don’t make a pretty heart.” — robert palmer

  6. Their probably jealous because they are stuck with a fat hog sleeping with everyone but them

  7. Its hard like hell to be finamcially stable in the Ph where foreigner can’t work or launch a business easily… so only pensioners can enjoy Filupinas…

  8. This will be like a woman making a video entitled, “Men are only after you just for sex.”

  9. I have heard that not from other me, but from my female family members. Because even though I am not wealthy I am better off than many Filipinos.

  10. The poor men don’t have a right to a have a women in their life and this is not fair. Real love does”t exists, it is only a bussiness transaction.

  11. The poor men don’t have a right to a have a women in their life and this is not fair. Real ove does”t exists, it is only a bussiness transaction.

  12. I agree men look at beauty first we all do but beauty in the heart is important too. If you have such a large age disparity and nothing in common then that too is not good in a relationship, I am writing several ladies there and I tell them all the same thing that I am only looking for friendship. If they can not be a friend and except that I talk to other ladies and not get so jealous that I can not have friends of the other sex then trust can not be built.

  13. First 3 questions westerns women ask on a 1st date and in this order

    1. What’s your name,..

    2. What do you do for a living,.. and

    3. Do you own your own home.

    Sad specimens for a human being.

  14. Hi. I am a guy who has watched a lot of your videos and I want to get to know you. I am 62 years old. I am single but have a dying Wife, and now have a long distance relationship with a Philippina who is 52 years old and who has never been married. We have fallen in love and after my Ex is gone, I plan to fly there, spend about 2 months living with the family on their coconut farm and bring her back to the USA on a fiancee Visa. I am old enough to know what I want and she is mature enough to know what she wants in life, and that no longer involves children. I would love to have a chance go talk to you in person down the road when I fly out to the Philippines in a couple of years. My Ex will be gone within 2 years and she is good with my new relationship, for my sake. My Philippina is willing to wait for me. You seem to have the wisdom of age and experience, so I think we would get along very well as friends. I have enjoyed your videos. Cheers!

  15. It took me 2 years to realize she was in it for me. The money disappeared and she didn’t. She’s holding me up during this difficult time emotionally. I am amazed and can only love her more

  16. I have followed your vlog for years because your not trying to sell anything but share your honest insights. Your a thinker and that’s what gives your videos value. I was born in southeast Asia, in Jakarta, Indonesia and raised with both Asian and Western cultures living in the USA since a child. The bottom line is the almost all of my female (Asian / European) cousins have been married only once and are still married after 30 yrs. There is something about the stability and devotion to family in southeast Asian cultures that I have rarely seen in Western Women. I am a well educated doctor, have had no problem attracting enough beautiful women here in the states that it draws envy from my male friends. Yet, after I got married (twice) the income never seemed enough for them and two divorces later, I have developed trust issues and very reluctant to be with another western woman. Both of my exes left me for millionaires, so don’t tell me that American women aren’t after your money. As I retire, I want to live a simple life that only requires enough income for the essentials in life ( a roof over my head, food, transportation and good health care), along with a beautiful wife that can appreciate and enjoy what I have to offer. Your words give me hope, and now I am planning a long vacation to Thailand and the Philippines in the a few months and see what type of beautiful birds come flying into my hand. Thanks for your Vlogs and keep up the good work, your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

  17. If you haven’t done a realistic video on the growing number of scams going on in the Phil ,you should. It has become a huge industry and i don’t see stern enough warnings for especially American Men who seem to be the biggest suckers when it comes to losing their money and even lives to scammers.

    I hear the conversations here among women who see westerners as the biggest idiots and have come to expect that these Men will just come and start handing out cash for homes, cars, family etc. My wife is often amazed at how stupid these Men are to just give their money to people he barely knows. So many guys getting sucked into giving their all right out of the gate that leads to big pain for most of the guys once they realize they were used for their money and nothing more. Really sad when you think that these guys come for love but don’t know how to actually accept or how it works due to the fact they are trained to see their worth pegged to the size of their bank accounts.

    There is this underlying idea, that filipinas are all great girls, when facts are, there are many, many gold diggers here as they are being set up to think in this manner, because Men come here and just start passing out money. In the same way Men spoiled or created this mindset, they come here and do the same, spoiling the good women and people in general with their money. It’s getting to the point here, that foreigners are seen as nothing more than an ATM, you can’t walk down any street here now with hearing the ever increasing phrase of even the children saying ‘Give me money’

    Had a group of young girls around 6 or more of them ages around 6 to 8 years old, playing at the beach, stop when seeing me and group chant this phrase for around a minute or so till they let up and went back to playing, as this sentiment is taking hold more every day with guys coming here and just handing out money which isn’t doing anyone much good. What ideas about foreigners do you think this group of girls will grow up with? What is already planted and will be deeply embedded in their minds as they grow up? I’ll tell you, the same mindset that American women went through when they became spoiled and worse.

    My filipina wife is saddened by what she sees happening here. She grew up with self respect in a poor working family who didn’t go around asking money from foreigners. She was taught to work and make her own way and she did. The guys coming here and handing out money, building homes and such for what amount to be perfect strangers in their lives are doing far more damage than good. What will they see foreigners as, thanks to guys coming here and just dishing out money, often times for no reason at all. I’m not blaming the locals here, i’m blaming the idiots who come here and ruin the culture and the people with their Money mindset.

    I would advise guys coming here, if they;re actually looking for love, to realize that money can’t buy love and stop trying to buy love. Stop hurting the Philippine people and expats living here, with your handouts. if you feel the need to impress women with your money, just stay in your country and continue to feed the beast you have created there, instead of recreating it here. Rediscover your true value or discover it, if you never have and realize, you can be loved for you, your talents, your personality and your real passions, if, they are genuine and contain true worthwhile values you can bring, instead of being content to be reduced to a mere ATM. Stop being a mule for some twisted mindset and please stop recreating it and bringing it here.

    Think about it, guys come here to escape the materialism and being used as an ATM only to come here and do the exact same thing they claim to be trying to escape from till this place becomes just like what they claim to be trying to escape.Change your mindset before coming here. Treat this place as different because it still is and can be if you don’t screw it all up with your backwards thinking and lastly don’t blame the people here for your idiocy when they take you for all you have.

     So many guys point the finger at the locals when they are the ones to blame. If you want to be ‘daddy’ big bucks trying to be a Man with your money, then you deserve what you get. Hope you have a lot of Money, because you will be expected to share it all, without much in return. it is sad but so many locals here are laughing at you guys and how stupid and easy you are. The little and i mean little, respect they have for you, ends when the money stops.

  18. If money is always the topic in a relationship then there is no relationship.

  19. One thing that is not mentioned here that I experienced myself dating a Filipina (she was born and raised in PI, but now she was a US-citizen living in the USA) is the freeloading male siblings and male cousins (even when they live in the USA) who want to spend your money. They won’t work, but extend their hand and put pressure on your Filipina GF to provide to them.

    The problem is that Filipinas are raised to look after and take care of their own blood relatives. So, they will help them ahead of helping you. Of course not all Filipinos are like this, but this is what I experienced first hand and in the USA nonetheless. So, it’s not just money to provide food and shelter for your “core” family unit, but also to provide for any extended blood relative (wide net here).

    My background:
    I’m in my early 50s and my USA-born Latina wife divorced me after 20+ years of marriage, but we grew apart and she wanted to be on her own. We both had worked all our marriage and built things together and in the end she only asked for half the house which was fair. She kept her retirement accounts and I kept mine. So, I would say that we built things together from our mid 20s to late 40s and the split was amicable and fair. We are still friends and the kids adjusted well to the divorce.

    After the divorce, I found and dated a Filipino woman (USA citizen, but born and raised in PI) for over 5 years. She was 10 years younger than me with kids. Everything started really well, but after 5 years I felt like an ATM as opposed a person she valued. It was all about how much I could contribute to her and her family (including lazy male siblings and male cousins who were freeloaders).

    The relationship was only good while I was able to spend on dinners, vacations, trips, etc. She kept pushing for more and more financial help. In the end, she asked for a loan, rent help, and spending money. She had been nice for 5 years and I didn’t provide any monthly financial help until then,, so I figured I could help more financially. I had a lot saved due to my high paying job, so lending and providing a little more was not an issue for me.

    A couple of months later after I increased the financial help, I lost my job. It didn’t take long before she turned nasty towards me when I told her I had to cut back on expenses due to losing my job and trying to preserve my savings in case I didn’t find another job. I had enough savings to last me over a year, but I wanted to cut back on trips, vacations, outings, and dinners until I found another job. In the meantime, I figured we could split costs when we went out with her kids. She works and gets child support from her ex. This didn’t go well at all and got a nasty and mean attitude. I was actually hoping she would understand and cooperate with my low expense mentality, but this didn’t work out. I left and I’m on the verge of finding a good job again, but learned a good lesson.


  21. Old expat in their 50 looking for young Filipinos in their tweenty’s at club or bars most of which are uneducated and come from family of low places.then expect loves, of course their first priority is security as a trade off for their youth and love come in second ,however if you have a decent income look for the educated one with BS degree specially up north of panpanga province but the problem is they don’t work at bars those Ilocanas are F B PENPAL ADICTED and highly recomended

  22. What about a guy that has money but is mentally unstable? An alcoholic that spends the majority of his time harassing and picking fights with others foreigners on YouTube. Who’s number one priority is creating drama , lies and urges others like himself to troll, threaten and stalk others. What type of woman would be attracted to this guy? What are his chances of attracting someone that would honestly what to be with him besides his bank account?

  23. Remember guys in this case..those two very wise sayings..A woman’s best friend is her diamonds..and..A mans best friend is his faithful dog…this being mostly true and applicable to Western cultures.

  24. Because unlike the majority of beautiful faithful filipinas..Most Western women are terribly CAPITALISTIC and MATERIALISTIC..i know from experience of 2 failed marriages that when you get sick in hospital and cannot provide for your western lady and family..where is she to emotionally support you in hospital..when you need her most?..Shes out with her friends looking for the next well off victim she can leech onto.

  25. IN CANADA women live in a dream . MEN live in reality .  Realty is men cannot produce dreams for women . SO women get mad and turn mens lives into a living night mare .

  26. Spot on! Its why I never got married in the US, and am looking to move to the Philippines when I start SS in a couple of years ( projected 2200$ month)

  27. She used me, I used her and neither one cared…we were getting our share                            Bob Seger

  28. You’re right about everything you said. That doesn’t only happen in the Philippines but also in Mexico and in the United States for what I know. When I was broke, no woman approached me at all. As soon as my economic situation improved, women started approaching. I would say that that is true for most women in many countries.

    1. i think of it this way… when an average girl puts no effort into her appearance, guys don’t give her the time of day. but after she gets a make-over.. does up her hair, lovely dress, the right shoes and make-up… suddenly guys are lining up for her time. 🙂

  29. Amen Reekay, I’m from the U.S. and a woman there wouldn’t even look at you if you don’t make really good money. Your comments were right on the mark. I just want to laugh when I hear the American women ride rail on the women from a poor country and call the women there a gold digger. With all the American women’s attitudes and their materialistic ways, feminists , and cold hearted ways. I’ve found a Filipina woman and couldn’t be happier. Their sweet and caring, loving and good lovers, family orienated, and have the traditional valves that the majority of the American woman have forgotten. What man wouldn’t want a partner like that. Your videos are great ……keep up the fine job. I enjoy your videos and have gotten very good advice and insight into the filipino culture and and do’s and don’t’s.

  30. what is the average rent in cebu area for single guy like a basic apartment nothin special

    1. depends how “not special” you’re willing to go. ha! a person ‘could’ rent a low-budget boarding house in the Colon area (i wouldn’t advise it) for about $200 or less a month. but don’t leave anything valuable there. expect bed-bugs and lots of urban-blight around you. but for a decent place ‘uptown’, one could rent a condo with all amenities for about $475/month at either Lot8, La Guardia II, Avida Towers or Mabolo Garden Flats. to me, it’s worth it for the quality of life you’ll have over living in the distressed side of town.

    1. i’ve not done that myself, but i’ve heard others say they’ve done that.

  31. In defense of these guys in your Facebook group, I would like to say it is kind of hard to send clothed pictures of one’s penis. I searched Amazon for “Penis Clothing” and got no result.

  32. Western women are after much more than just stability and emotional consistency. That’s what draws me to the Philippines.

  33. American woman when they look at the guy most times their thinking about not for stability their looking at what they can get from the guy for their own gain

  34. You got a point but, can you answer me why do a lot of Filipinas have filipino boyfriends but they can’t even provide for the kids and he is not financially stable and he has no job but they continue to be with men like that, they get pregnant from the guy knowing he has no job or money, is that because she is attracted to his looks cause it sure ain’t for financial stability

    1. Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea I need your help reekay I need counseling I sent you a notice for a one on one face chat I don’t know how to pay you but I need your advice badly, I clicked on the part where it says buy now but it doesn’t show exactly what I’m buying in the PayPal

    2. the proportion of expats to filipinas is very small. which means most filipinas will be picking a mate from among local filipinos. being a single-mother does not have the same stigma in the PH that it has in the west. many filipinas count it as a blessing to have a child, no matter what the circumstances. so there is more to it than just the financial stability portion of it.

  35. American women are scared of the competition and they feel extremely threatened by the women in countries like the Philipinnes

  36. I’d say “nothing is for free” in life. But it can work if both sides keep to the rules once accepted from both sides .

  37. You hit the nail on the head…. I’ve met a younger philippina with a heart of gold ….

  38. I literally watch you everyday you give really good advice I plan to go to the caloocan city I met someone his name is Arvin I could use as much advice as you could possibly give

  39. Its a constant battle of the sexes… us men exploit women for their sexuality, and women exploit us for our money especially in usa. Great video, very insightful!… however i will say that filipinas only like white boys, mainly because they want white kids

  40. again, very good advice on this video, I got a good one, a widow with two kids, 5 years younger than me, and she is mature and strong. I don’t recommend the skinny ones, they are fly by night, and you can’t trust them. just my opinion.

  41. good video, my advice to foreigners is just be careful. I’ve been here a long time. buy a safe.

  42. Another good video Henry. I think I may be starting to understand things a little more after listening to your points of view. Frankly you don’t look that old to me, and I still find it strange to see a 25 year old woman with a 70 year old guy, but a lot of what you say makes sense.
    I remember when I decided to marry a Filipina, I was questioned by some on why I didn’t go for a young one, and of course my answer was that I wanted someone closer to my own age, because I felt we’d have more in common. There were also those who asked me flat out if I was insane going to the Philippines to marry someone I barely knew (but it’s amazing how well you can get to know someone after a year of hours of e-mails and skyping each day) and I knew I’d found a good woman, that has a good family.
    For some they felt that she was just using me to get out a a bad situation in the Philippines, but to be honest, she in my opinion had a much better life there than she does here where she goes to work in a factory 5 days a week and works like a dog though she’s not used to that type of work, so that both she and I can have a better life.
    There are some bad women there, .. absolute scammers for sure who are out to get what they can from any man, but there are a lot of good ones as well, .. just as you will find in any part of the world.

  43. Whenever I hear that : She is only after your money? Made me think how much money does he has? How rich he is??? I think not all Filipino women after for money coz not all men have money nor stable job…. but I believe Women are attracted to men when he is more mature enough to raise his family and know how to take responsibility.🤔🤔🤔

    1. @steve williams is common here even pilipino old can marry young..
      Like my mom nd dad

    2. Roeanne Smith: what about the aspect of the romance element between a younger filipina and an older guy ?

  44. Tell any woman you meet that you are a Walmart cleaning personnel.
    But any day now,,,,, the boss says you might be promoted,,,,, to greeter.

    Look the part and act the part.
    Drive a beater with 700,000 km. (but new internals)
    If she is still interested,,,,then,,,,it might,,,,be love.

    Or better yet join MGTOW.
    Save yourself much misery.

  45. The same guys who say “foreign women just want your money”, are the same guys in divorce court here in the USA getting taken to the cleaners by AMERICAN women. The difference between the types of women is that women from certain countries are more considerate and appreciative of what her man does for her and she has been taught how to show her appreciation because it’s a part of her culture. The USA has the worst dating culture because women here compare themselves and their potential mates with a Hollywood fantasy of drinking 1000 dollar wine and driving a Bentley everyday…. those types of women can’t possibly appreciate a guy with an average job no matter how hard he works or how well he treats her. Thus love is just a fantasy in the USA and people treat it as such.

    This is also why some American guys are balls deep into the idea that an attractive woman from another country can’t possibly like or love a man unless it’s ONLY for his money. They grew up with the Western ideas that Money is GOD, and love doesn’t exist.

  46. Very good words of wisdom. I agree 100%.
    I also see guy comments on my youtube channel about how Filipinas are only dating older men because of money. My reply has always been and still is, “Yeah, what else is new? There is nothing wrong with it.” Women all over the world are looking for security and stability/upgrade in the social rank.
    Good looks of a guy is much lower on the list by single women.

    1. ASIAN ROMANCE: Hey Nils.. one item Enrique did not mention : the issue of the romantic/amorous element of the relationship. What is your opinion or your take on the point of a much younger filipina finding a much older man sexually attractive to them. Is this vitally important or what ? Thank you Nils.

  47. My compliments! Я думал что никто не рассуждает логичнее меня. Похоже я ошибался😊😊😊

    1. Про китайских дам можете мнение озвучить? Их почему то было больше всех…

  48. I agree with you Reekay, exactly even maybe if I was in a situation of a single mom I rather find a man that can provide me and my kids financially. Why? Because for me, I let go my irresponsible husband because we’re suffering with his kids because of luck of financial, so why do I have to find or choose another irresponsible person again to ruined my life? And if I will find the guy that can give me financial and the love and care that I’m looking for why not I will say no?! And I’m pretty sure that I’m going to give him back my full care, love and support, as his wife so that he didn’t think that I’m only after for his money.

  49. If you are an old washed up foreigner, what would she be after you for. You get a young attractive girl, she gets your money. Good trade. In the Philippines a man who is considered borderline poverty in the USA are looked at like Bill Gates in The Philippines.

  50. Well said. Stuff the bently , camry would be more reliable. But woman would not give a stuff about that, its the image.

  51. i had one woman ask what i did for work she said sorry it wont work or see how i look and not interested ….. now i am in a long distance relationship with a filipina and she is gone back to school so she can find a job here in Canada to be with me and not once has she asked me for anything …. just for me to be there emotionally for her.

  52. IMHO and experience try it without supporting the extended family.
    She will not stay with you for long.

  53. I’mma tell you a little story and make it brief I was talking to a Filipino and we was talking and I had told her I was coming to the Philippines for vacation and to meet her and get up with her and she told me something that I could bring her and asked me what else can I do for her this is what she said to me so to me those are red flags I never met this Filipino before we just talked over Facebook over messenger and she was telling me Pacific thing that she wanted me to bring her and then had the nerve to say what else can I do for her what else can I bring her to me those are red flags and it makes me feel she just after the money that’s all it is.

  54. Yes you’re right again I forgot to say yes that is all over the world not just Filipinos looking for a security home in a man to provide and all that it’s all over the world but a lot of women need some of them are and it just for the money and again you can’t tell me no different.

  55. I do agree with what you’re saying about women they want Security in the one that provide for a home and take care of the kids and all that but there is women out here that is in it just for the money and then act like they love you and listen mad but really when they really look at it that just in it for the money and you can’t tell me no different but I do agree with you there is women that that are sincere and in it for security and for a man to take care of them and they look really love them but it is some women that just in it for the money and you can’t tell me no different.

  56. Great presentation as always Reekay ! Perhaps there is another topic could address in the future. My concern is not what happens before, or during a relationship with a filipina, but what happens if the relationship or marriage doesn’t work out? In most cases the man is taking a huge financial risk because he has all the assets, and she has none. It would be great to know what the financial risks are, and how to protect yourself from a future financial liability. I understand divorces aren’t allowed there at the moment, but that law is changing soon too. I read that even if you live with a filipina woman for a certain amount of time, she can claim common law marriage rights, such as half the income the man received during the time they lived together. It would be great to know the current, and near future law there regarding these matters. Also, most of the filipina women seeking foreign men are quick to say that age doesn’t matter. However, when you visit any of the dating sites (like Date in Asia, FilipinoCupid or Blossoms) you will notice the filipinas that married a foreigner in the Philippines, moved to say the USA and then got divorced are seeking a man who has an age within five years of their own. None of them say age doesn’t matter. So this leads me to believe most of the filipinas just say that because they are desperate to get financial security as you say. But if the opportunity to enrich themselves comes along, they will dump you for a younger man the first chance they get. So I believe it’s best to date them there in the Philippines, and not live with them, or marry them, unless you’re prepared to lose your assets. I respect your wisdom on this topic, thanks !!, Mike

  57. Another BRILLIANT video. One of the very best I have seen in the last 5 years! Mate, THIS needs to be part of your Udemy course!

  58. I am average looking and my Filipina is 20 years younger and hot looking. She does want the financial security and a man that won’t cheat like you say Reekay. Honestly she says she also wanted pretty babies. Whiter skin, blue eyes and pointed nose. She believes the lies of hollywood and the west that westerners are prettier. I personally think Morena is hot….the classic island girl. So on this level we are still getting what we both want.

  59. The primary reason why Phillipinas date much older western guys is money. That’s obvious. See how 50 plus Jo Average gets on with twenty something Japanese, Korean or even – increasingly – Thai women. Having white skin is a bump in most Asian cultures – bit more valuable in some countries (e.g. Japan) than some others (e.g. Korea) – but poor girls like much older white men for economic reasons – when those countries cease to be poor then they’ll want someone they are physically attracted to, similar-ish age, has a university degree, nice guy etc… Philippines is still very poor and so a bit of cash is all it takes…

    1. What do you call a rich country with millions of homeless people living in tents, parks, under a bridge, cars etc.?

  60. Great stuff Reekay. when I say to people in Australia on my visits that I work in Thailand and I am going to the Philippines. Immediately wow do I cop all that crap.
    I met you in July in Ayala Mall.
    keep it going it’s just such honest stuff.

  61. Women all over the world want a man who is financially stabile. But here it comes: the poorer the country the higher the % of women who searches for this financial stability opinion and experience is that filipinas are not different from other asian women. I had years of contact with asian women from all over asia and no matter how long i knew them: the bottomline was: they measure “love and care” to the amount of money you are willing to spend on them. To me love and care doesnt get measured by how much money you spend : but how much dedication love and attention u put into a relationship. So on this topic its like asian women are miles away from my point of view. In western countries women want to be independent more and also want to have their own financial stability. In asia it is like the mayority of women want the guy to pay for everything: they dont bother to be independent financially.

  62. My Goodness … man you have the red pill , left the lecture at 9:37 into your vid

  63. When you will get in contact with Thai Ladies then very soon you will get this answer about a relationship: You (the toreigner) has to pay for the bills and expenses so that the Thai lady dose’t have trouble about money. She (the Thai lady) works inside the house. She buys food and prepares the meals so that the toreigner has a good life. The foreigner should not think that the Thai lady loves her husband in real but for her it’s okay to have a stabile life without financial troubles.
    I think a lot of Filipina think in the same way. But I say: “a lot” that means not all!

  64. Want a good woman? Leave the western women alone and find yourself a good woman in the Philippines and then settle down there. Absolutely “do not bring them back to the states”. Don’t get me wrong some relationships do end up working and I do know a couple personally that has been married for over 30+ years, she’s filipina and he’s an American and they live in the USA…………but the majority of these relationships do fizzle out in divorce/separation, then comes the laws of the land which can be…………alimony/spousal support, child support, the legalized stealing of your retirement pension if the 2 of you have been married over 10 years. Henry is right about the stability part, all women want security in their life and it’s like that everywhere in the world but don’t get caught in that bear trap I mentioned up above because it’s just not worth it…………’s to short to start over!

    1. those would be the digital nomads, backpackers and short-term vacationers. generally not seen as desirable since they are younger, considered to be temporary, not ready to settle down and/or cheaters/playboys by most filipinas.

  65. My argument on age gap is after honeymoon stage wat do a 40 yr age gap couple have to talk about common interest n hobbies

    1. +LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines fair call curiously where you thesr days here in phill slowly working me way sth from surigao atm you in dummagette or cebu atm if you got time n i got that far it be great catch up for bit of a chat if ypu like

    2. in my 6 years dating in the PH, i’ve only had 1 filipina who was difficult to keep conversation with. only 1. she was just very, very shy. but all the others, not a problem. we talk about all sorts of things, everything under the sun. the problem is not the age difference if it were parents would have nothing to discuss with their children or grandparents. the problem is some guys are not very good at conversing, period. they are accustomed to a previous wife who pretty much ignored them and got used to that. their dating skills, including how to communicate are either rusty or non-existent. and then they blame it on the filipina. me, i have great conversation with every filipina i’ve dated with the exception of just the one i mentioned.

  66. Try to find a woman who has worked overseas! She’ll know the value of work, and money! Married to a Filipina 19 years my junior, for 7 years running! I retired a few years early due to injury, she will work a few more years here in America, but she has a good UNION job, with good pay, and benefits, and we spent most of her income on our place in the Philippines over the last few years, while I have put money in our home in the States. An expat with a good wife/partner, willing to live a bit away from the city, and content without drinking, and partying, can support Him, her, and a kid or two on as little as $1,000.00 usd per month, COMFORTABLY! I was working a good Union job, less than 10 years from retirement, when i married my wife. All she knew, was I made a comfortable, middle class American living. Others in my situation will tell you the same thing, that all a Filipina(or most any gal), is much more of an asset, than a liability! I made good money, but, other than a house, and a pension, I didn’t have squat to show for my 25 years of hard work. Now, seven years into my marriage, I have a couple credit cards, a modern pickup with less than 100,000 miles on it, a 2017 Rav4, a home in the Philippines, savings in the bank, and so much more! My wife is pretty good looking, and I look like Butter Bean, the famous boxer from the ’90’s! LOL! My wife knows that, in the case of a divorce, she isn’t legally entitled to squat, other than the Rav4, and the house on Mindanao, which she paid for anyway! I set up my retirement so she would get about a third of what I get in pensions, in addition to Social Security, when I check out! Remember, $2,000.00 usd equals about 100,000php in the P’I’s. That’s a butt ton of money by Island standards! BTW, my Filipina wife worked while I was fighting for my work comp pension, early social security, and Union pensions. My financial contribution for more than a year was from a private disability policy, nowhere close to the $4,000.00-$6,000.00 I was bringing home prior to my work place accident! My wife stood by me, and rarely complained about the lesser amount of money coming in! She could have left, like many western women do, and enjoyed herself on her $30.00 an hour job, but she didn’t! So much for gold digging! Speaking of judging, Reekay, I remember years back, I was on my way to my Truck, after rushing from work to cash my check. I stopped outside to talk to a Wineo on the sidewalk. A (seemingly) well to do young lady stopped, and offered me $5.00! My $50.00( at that time) Carrhart overalls were pretty grimy, after a week in the ditch! I politely declined, pointing out the wineo, and saying he could use the money more than I. I followed her to my $30,000(this was 25 years ago) pickup, which, coincidentally, was parked next to her sports car. I told her that it was likely I made more than she, and whipped out my pay stub. “I make this money every 60 hour week, miss, and I drive an expensive vehicle too! You need to be careful when judging a book by it’s cover! And don’t ever lose your compassion for folks like that poor wineo.” She blushed, and smiled, thanked me, and drove off! My point is, western women aren’t wise enough to think past the visual, in most cases! My wife only jokingly complained about my dirty work clothes, but I had to watch her like a hawk, as she was prone to throw away my expensive work shirts if she decided they had too many stains! LOL! Try convincing a Filipina to put a patch on your coveralls where a piece of slag burned through! Once she started buying Carrhart, and other, expensive work clothes, she mellowed out, but, boy! If she found out I stopped at the store in my work clothes, the shit would hit the fan! In conclusion, let me endorse the sage advice of our host! He’s spot on! Even those of you who may crave a party life, filled with bar girls, would do well to follow Reekay’s basic tenets of treating women respectfully(even if they’re pro’s, they still deserve to be treated with respect, and dignity)!

  67. My wife and I are here in the States waiting for my youngest to finish school. She is being patient but is excited to know we will be living in the Philippines soon. If she was interested in money, she would have never married me. She wants only a loving, supportive husband who is faithful and will take care of our family. It is so nice to have a spouse who only wants a simple life and will refuse to “waste” money on frivolous things. It’s not about the money it’s about the life you can have together. She will say she is spoiled now and must have hot water.

  68. This video is well put, i met the most amazing filipina that yes at first i was skeptical because she is so amazing, she is beautiful…. She has a heart of gold and she is “simple”. What really made me feel like this was real is that she told me straight out that she is “simple”, she doesnt want money… I’m not rich and she knows that…. We just get along so well, laugh, play around, joke and have little games with the kids from the village. That is what makes her amazing to me, and she thinks the same way towards me. I just got back from surigao city last friday. We spent our first few days in cebu city which yeah i got a cheap hotel but it was cozy and she had no problem with that as long as we were together. Now with that being said, alot of the women here in the US probably at that point would have just said no… I have met alot like that. The way that i see it is that the culture is so much better in the philipines, no games, if you are good to her she will be good to you. I plan on going back in December and i can not wait 🙂

  69. A cousin-in-law of mine is happily married in the USA, raising a daughter.  She dumped her first foreigner boyfriend back in the day, for being a cheater.

  70. 14 months after meeting the Filipina, I am with, Here are the Basics of what I have learned. Money Issues… All I ever promised her is that I wouldn’t be a burden on her. Told her I wasn’t rich, but I had enough to keep from being a financial burden on her. Yes things have come up, in the last year that I did contribute money too. I think total so far is something less than $500.00. On my first trip to see her (yes I met her on a dating site) we planned a months worth of fun activities. Unfortunately best made plans of mice and men… I arrived hurt, in serious need of medical attention, and nursing. I would not have been at all surprised if she would have said, get back on the plane and go home. What I got, is a lady who put me to bed, went to the Pharmacy bought bandages, etc. to clean up the initial mess, got me an appointment with a local doctor, convinced him that she would take care of me according to his orders, ran me to the emergency room as he prescribed, then took me home with a grocery bag of medicines, and camped out, treating me 4 times a day for almost 3 weeks. when I went to see the doctor for follow up visit, he was impressed with my progress and took me aside to tell me, I had a keeper, hold on to this woman with your life. I have so far followed that advice completely with out regret. and for the record, she is young, and in my book quite beautiful, she could have almost any man from the US she wanted. she selected me, and has been very loyal and honorable in all her dealings with me. I treat her fairly, honestly, and with respect. Thats all she has ever asked.

  71. I get everything you’re saying it’s not where you start or even how you started, it’s about growing and learning together ok you are obviously attracted to that person for whatever reason but once you get to know the person that’s when you fall in love.You find your compatibility through time and then you know the person.

  72. Great thoughts. Feminism has destroyed women in the West. My sons say they can’t find a decent woman here. They are very interested in seeking out foreign women who are faithful and know how to treat a man.

    1. my oldest son told me, “don’t expect grandkids from me. i don’t want kids or marriage.” he’s working on his doctorate in nanotechnology instead. and spends his weekends skydiving. 🙂

  73. Dont forget supporting her family all the way out to third cousins. Just sayin.

    1. that is not a requirement. i talked about this in another video. supporting ONLY her parents is the right thing to do. but extending siblings, cousins, etc. are totally optional. men need to set limits and stick to them with compassion and fairness to providing for their own family first, and then her parents only. if a man ends up supporting the whole extended family, he has only himself to blame for that.

  74. i honestly believe
    they intentionally make it as difficult as possible
    to bring your foreign wife to the usa
    they dont want men to be able to find a good mate
    they want them to struggle and work endlessly to try and impress
    an american woman

    if you want to see and find nice women
    go to miami intl airport and wait for the flights from colombia venezuela
    be first in line before they get snatched up quick

    1. lol, I lived in South Florida for 25 yrs. and knew many South American women there. Yes they come from close knit families and are good mothers but from my experience it doesn’t take them long either to get contaminated with the mindset of the West.

  75. look at john schneider “BO DUKE ”
    in early 80s the guy was a very handsome
    young man making good money
    he ended up marrying a NOBODY with 2 young kids
    he and she had one child
    a few years ago she files for divorce and gets 18000 dollars
    a month in alimony
    ALIMONY in 2018 ? their child and her 2 kids are all
    in their 20s now (no need for child support) but california
    still has alimony
    he couldnt pay it and went to jail
    she insulted him , saying if he wouldnt make so many
    or be in lousy movies or tv shows he’d be able to pay

    he helped to raise her 2 kids
    where was the father of those kids ??
    what did she ever accomplish
    what an ungrateful beotch

    and again this is bo duke we are talking about
    a handsome hunk and he got stuck with this toad

  76. By the way, the old,ugly, fat men that I mention in my comment below, is me. No offense to anyone.

  77. Women in the USA who are like you said in her 40’s etc first she thinks shes 25, at least the ones in florida do !!!, haha, must be the sun and bikinis,,,,,,,, im 50 and most 40 yr old’s in the USA think im an OLD MAN !!!!,,,,, i cant even get close to anyone in their 30’s,,,,,,,,, They do want the man with the BOD and the 6 pack,, not the beer ok, hahaha,,, and in the USA they dont need money, although that is still an attractive item to have but its not the first thing here, i have always said , women in the USA dont need men, not even for sex, every woman i have known has had a vibrator,,,, they dress and try to look good for other women in the USA,,,, etc,,, i understand no one wants a loser, since its not attractive either,

  78. Of course the older an American woman is, the angrier she will be that any younger, prettier woman is dating financially secure Western men, because it threatens her choice of locking down those same men, but this threat to her hypergamy is expressed as “harming” the “poor Philipinas,” because women, socially, want to maximize the “female imperative,” which is to seize power over both reproduction and the production of wealth.

  79. I will always be grateful that there are people like you, for making me less ignorant. And the most important thing is not to stay in the idea or the concept, it is to practice it in daily life and have the discernment to get away from toxic people too.

  80. From an anthropological perspective, men look at women for their reproductive fitness. Even if you have absolutely no intention of having children, it is still the passive criteria that we look at. The women look for a guy that can protect and provide for her children, again even if she has not intention of having children. It is all passive. Also, in a lot of cases, we look for attributes that are similar to our parents. We do all this without consciously trying to.

  81. Wow, you nailed it. And you put it in a way that helped me get my mind straight about it, a guy who’s lived in PH for 18 months. What you didn’t say: People don’t have the mental capacity to understand the world as it is. It’s just too complex. That’s true for all of us. So, we put people into boxes so the world makes more sense to us. The smaller the mind, the fewer the boxes. “They are only after you for your money” is one of their few boxes. Like you said, the beginning attraction isn’t the whole relationship.

    What you said: “be able to provide for my kids, give us a home to live in, and won’t cheat on me.” is what’s in almost all of the Filipina’s online profiles that I saw when I was looking. In different words, but the same idea. “Family man”, “faithful”, “loves children” – same thing, different syllables.

    One last thing you didn’t mention, here in PH, white is a status symbol, and it’s considered beautiful no matter what else you look like. So, a white foreigner who’s 60 will easily attract a 20 year old girl here, ESPECIALLY if she’s dark because she thinks she’s a 4 and he’s a 9, despite his age. And to have half-and-half kids is also a huge status symbol, so really, they get the whole package, looks included with stability. As long as he’s not an asshole, like you said.

  82. As per the second part of your video, read “The Millionaire Next Door”, the guy with the nice car/clothes is probably not rich, but the guy with the average car and tennis shoes might very well be.

    1. yes, i’ver read that (both revisions. the first revision was better, imo). they made their million by avoiding the trappings of depreciative assets.

  83. Agree. For nature woman looks for security, men looks for beauty and intimacy. The point is: The offer and demand is different between countries. In U.S.A. a young woman can survive more easily than Philippines. She can find a good job make her life INDEPENDENT. If she WANT she will looks for the right partner. In Philippines the same girl, will see poverty around her. Salaries are low. The family no money. Life will be hard. Her chances to a better life are minimal. That is the main different. And that in my opinion, will make her set aside her own preferences. She will accept an old,ugly,fat men thinking to escape from poverty. The proof for the true love will be when that girl came to U.S.A. where the offer and demand will be complete different. Thanks.

    1. yes women in usa have so many options
      single and a job
      marry and a job
      marry and no job
      marry and kids etc
      or even unwed mother on welfare
      men have to work whatever the case may be

  84. As expected, I 100% agree with you, Reekay…

    I once read that men and women look for the same 3 things BUT in a different order.

    1) Attraction (looks, personality, etc) 2) Falls in love 3) Can it work? (same goals? financial? same values?)

    1) Can it work? 2) Falls in love 3) He becomes attractive because she loves him

    The proof of this? If a high-end successful male attorney meets a very attractive but uneducated/broke waitress in a diner, he is generally open to dating her and even marrying her. If a high-end success female attorney meets a very attractive but uneducated/broke busboy in the same diner, it is almost impossible that she will be open to dating him, let alone marrying him. As you said, men and women want different things and this is true across the globe!

  85. Yes, I agree with what Henry said, but Filipinas are like American women  because it’s more about financial stability. They know foreigners have a pension that is 4-10 times what the average Filipino makes, so that pension just about makes them wealthy. So you don’t have to have that fancy car. They are like a lawyer or doctor are to American women. And I imagine its very important because many Filipinas are in dire circumstances.

  86. Hello Henry
    Yes some Filipina looking for financial security like any other ladies around the world but you have to look at it from another angle because there are many Filipinas who finished their college and they are already working to support them self and their family most of the time!
    Filipina survived and will still survive with or without a foreigner as a husband, and when she gets married to someone she will contribute to their household and share her hard earned money with her husband and their kids, and most of the time she will earn more than her husband’s $2000 or so pension salary, especially if she works as a doctor, nurse, engineer, lawyer etc…
    And regarding the subject of age, that she will marry any foreign man, no matter what is his age, 50, 60, 70 or older which some keep bringing it again and again!
    Will say this:
    Age is a question of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.
    Thanks for sharing! Best regards/Ned

  87. Most of the guys here in the Philippines who complain about women only wanting money are the ones who picked the gold digger. They need to choose better. Thinking with the wrong head. There are plenty of good women here.

  88. You hit a home run Henry! This is spot on correct. I have found that 85 to 95 percent of Filipinas are polite, charming, courteous, outgoing, loyal, family oriented, and yes, sexy. Just fun to be with. I found my perfect match over a year ago in Dumaguete. A great place to be. Keep up the good advice. Hope to meet you in the near future.

  89. From what I hear, there are many good hearted Filipinas who want a good man, and security. I certainly don’t blame them for that. It is something we all want.

  90. good job, reekay. hit the nail on the head, again. with you all the way, sir.

  91. Love ur videos, the true really kills some folks…It’s jealousy that gets to them, their stuck in a loveless marriage & can’t escape so beings they can’t escape they don’t want anybody else to be happy. I’m coming next year to find my other half…

  92. Agree with you sir as always, you speak the truth and are the go to guy on the philippines.

  93. henry
    last week there was a woman from philly
    a 36 year old white who posed once in playboy
    she picked up a 30 year old ex con “brother” and brought him back to her apartment
    and he beat her to death

    her 44 year old boyfriend owned the apartment complex , so im sure he was cutting some slack on rent

    guess it was karma

  94. I once saw a documentary about a Kurdish family living near the border of Iran. Their son asked a man from Iran for her daughter. The father told him that a woman wants more Bling Bling then her female friends to be happy. So a factor could be how rich is this girls friends cuz their are the ones your girl will compare her with.

  95. Very good video…good points made…this is true worldwide ….I prefer Latin woman and see the something when I travel to south america/Caribbean…They are looking for stability…. Wealth is a relative term ….there are parts where I travel where $1000 US dollars a months makes you well off ….

  96. Love your Videos, lol I remember before I was Married woman my age (55) (white U,S woman) would ask me what my job was how much I made and what kind of car Drove. I would say never mind me I am self employed, own my own home and have a car, my response was what do you have to offer me lol I am Married now to a Beautiful younger Philippine woman that treats me awesome and I am not a rich guy and we love each other, Not everyone is a Gold Digger, Most people that say Philippine woman are gold diggers are just Jealous and have no clue what there talking about.

  97. So much for Paradise by the dashboard lights over there. Nice video good info.

  98. In my opinion it’s all about necessity: the man needs companionship/free sex while the Filipina woman wants to get out of poverty and hopefully migrate to wherever the man is from(U.S., Canada, Australia, UK,etc) legally as his wife. Maybe, maybe someday true love would develop but so far I’ve never seen one.

    1. but, what’s wrong with that scenario? it’s a win-win for each of them. he gets (they both get) companionship and because he loves her, he makes her life better. western movies and music have groomed us to think that the ONLY reason we should have a relationship should be for luxury’s sake. to have a purely emotional experience that has nothing to do with practicality. if each of their lives is improved, that’s a good thing.

  99. using example of different cultures/races
    oj was married to a american nicole
    eddy murphy is married to a australian
    tiger woods was married to a swede

    now do you think those 3 blonde women married those 3 black
    guys because of their warm and charming personality ??


  100. Also Reekay…another reason not to have a bitchy woman…most..99%..only want men for their money..all are the same..if pinoy or whatever…bang all…trust none…just blow and go…just remember. ..” its only your turn”…and for her…its another turn on the cock carousel. ..😆😆😆

  101. Simple….she wants your money and wants to GTF out of the Philippines. …it happened to me then she left for an old Rich clown..haha

  102. There’s one hitch. What women want RATIONALLY for marriage and what they SAY they want in the qualities of a man, is at widen variance with what they may be attracted to SEXUALLY, and who they may fall in love with. There is a mind numbing statistic out there that says upwards of 25% (if I remember correctly) of children born within a marriage are not the biological result of sex with the husband. Women are not the rational, logical saints one might believe.

    And then, look at the huge numbers of children born out of wedlock who drain our taxes. Filipino OR AMERICAN.

  103. Completely true in my experience. I have been married to a Filipina for 28 years now, it has been a great relationship.

  104. The ones that i find online only want money. Even tho i sent plenty of money to the family .. when it came time to meet her .. she called it off. Man .. was i pissed at being scammed.

  105. Another wonderful well analyzed topic. Thank you for all your hard work. I was married to a Filippina for 19 years, and I agree with everything you said. I would also like to add two things. Like the girls I’ve seen attracted to a South African associate here in the US, they are attracted to difference. Some people believe that it’s the primal want for not closely related genes The second is the trapings of Philippine success. White skin = works inside. Overweight = no shortage of food. Not thin and muscular = easy office job. Very tan, thin, and muscular would be like a farm worker, quite unattractive, and the complete opposite of the US. Just My Humble Opinion.

  106. im a 62 yr old usa man/ divorced here 3 times/ 6 kids/ child support/ and judgie’s told me GIVE THEM your 3 houses, hummm, so i went to phillipines in 2014, i was there 6 months, all i heard was GIVE ME, GIVE ME/ i got not one thank you from no phillipino women/ not one/ i planned on bringing a 21 yr old phillipine nurse, but she told me then for me to upgrade my car/ motorcycle/ house/ i said SEE YOU LATER…. BYE/ im mgtow still/ im so sick of females wanting a free meal/ ohh and she told me i had to support her entire family, she keeps emailing me to still take her , i ignore her completly, men dont marry/ don’t bring her back to usa, as some guys will take her from you as his car is newer, and his dick is longer/ women are fckd up !

  107. You are right about dating in America.

    Going on dates is like a job interview.

    “What do you do for a living”?

    “What kind if car do you drive”?

    “Do you own your own house”

    Makes my skin crawl.

    I don’t sit across the table, and ask her if she is good at having sex, and if she is a good cook.

    1. @steve williams we easy attrative even old expats if he kindly nd thy gve us goodlife we only want men can’t hurt us …and matured..

    2. @steve williams As Reekay’s pointed out already, an older foreign man offers financial security and loyalty, but these young women are often wanting children. So by showing them what you looked like when you were 18 years old in your prime is the same as showing them you will make beautiful babies. So Just being older is not a deal breaker as many would think. With that said, ugly is to the bone, so in those cases, money, personality, dick size and virility matters….hahahaha

    3. @Roeanne Smith I want your opinion on something . Reekay raises many important issues. But one he omitted is the “sexual” side. Can a much younger Filipina still find a much older guy sexually attractive ? Thank you.

    4. I do that too eventhough I have a stable and I am a filipina coz not everything is about how much money he has
      .😊 Personally, am not ready to raise a healthy unemployed husband.

    5. I mean to say very rude woman you should get up and make her pay for your food and never come back 😂

  108. Financial security is a driving factor worldwide.

    I was self employed, and married to a Chicana for 14 years. When the economic crisis hit my business hard in 2009, things got pretty bad financially. My wife of 14 years packed up her things, took off, and left me for dead. Everything pretty much went south after that.

    The vows of for “Richer or poorer” really don’t mean anything.

    I have serious trust issues when it comes to women.

  109. Agreed that, for us men, looks attract; but personality maintains the attraction.

    1. It must be the personality that wins on both sides because the man is either ugly, old (too old most of the time), alcoholic, etc while the Filipina woman is almost always ugly, uneducated, etc.

  110. Good vid. You said it all very clearly. I don’t understand how people are so blind about this topic. Any woman anywhere would choose a stable man over the opposite kind. You don’t love someone to start off with when dating. It grows as your dedication to that person does. It’s giving the other person what they need in their life and you getting what you need. If you are not getting it you will go looking somewhere else.

  111. if you going fishing for a woman with money, you will catch a gold digger.

  112. I’ve had that happen. Out on a date, and once she realizes i’m a school teacher and how much money I make, and stand to make, and the date is effectively over.

  113. Many women experience a learning curve in which they are with very young, attractive men, and get burned. The young stud swears he loves her, but she learns the hard way that he’s just a player who is very smooth with women.

  114. Everything you say is true and holds for the Philippines. Especially dating women in America. I wa warned before I brought my wife over to the US from the Philippines that living here can corrupt them income ways. Philippine jealousy seems to play a role. They do not have the concept of having mortgage. They see a big house and same one is loaded. Not that they may have a second mortgage that they are paying on. They meet Filipinos here who’s husbands may be making a lot of money from less than legal means then they get jealous. They had some preconceived notion that all foreigners are rich. Where in the Philippines they would be happy with a caring partner living a simple life, now they need more. A friend in the US with a low paying job visited to the Philippines. People set him up with a young women with two kids. He has no pension. He would have to bring them here to get any income. He can barely afford to take care of himself here. But with the view of all foreigners are rich they expect him to solve all their problems.

  115. Great series assuming you are going to continue to cover all the main topics in an detailed broken down manner. I don’t agree with everything but you solidly argue your opinion.

  116. As all of us have come to expect–your insights and analysis is EXCELLENT. I always enjoy your videos and philosophy. I do not always agree with you (none of us agree with another completely) but all your ideas have much thought and foundational philosophy at their root and core. Thanks!

  117. You nailed it dead center. What ruined the dating scene for me in the US was the double standard. The guy is expected to be faithful and emotionally as well as financially supportive for life, while it’s ok for her to “trade up”whenever she can manage it. I’m old school. If you have a wife and kids you don’t just kick them to the curb when a new young hottie comes along, but it has to be reciprocal.

  118. Reekay…I don’t know if you mentioned this or not but another reasoning people try to give you is :”gees you are this much older…she’s gonna be left by herself with the kidds when you die…” Yet, they tell you this , totally overlooking the reality. Most marriages among same age people today don’t last even five years and what happens? The woman is left living the life of a single mother anyway…and much sooner. So that claim that she’s going to have too short marriage because you are too old doesn’t stand either anymore. So obviously, better 10-15 years if happy, secure life than 2-5 years if misery…

    1. very good point. there are no guarantees in life. only the ‘odds’. a guy in his 50’s may live to be 85. while a man in his 20’s only lives to be 30.

  119. I remember seeing a documentary where they showed pictures of handsome and below average looking men to women. They asked them whom they would prefer to have as a husband and of course they chose the handsome ones. They then showed the below average looking men’s high net worth and business status and the handsome men’s low net worth and low paying jobs. Asked again whom they would prefer and the tables were turned. The bottom line is since the cave man days women will trade off looks for financial, emotional, and physical security.for themselves and their children.

    1. Its not black and white. Women want to pass on the best genes to their kids too. Thats built in. Its why some men are attractive. But high income might mean brains, which are good genes too. So their hormones are doing the math.

    2. I’ve seen the opposite of this if the men were particularly short or unattractive, for those with money.

    3. True but they will play with the nice body/good looking guy ….and will marry the stable/wealthier guy ….don’t be fooled looks/body matter to woman …if you can take care of them in the bedroom …they will keep you around ….even if they don’t marry you….talking from actual life experience ….

  120. I’ve seen many of these great videos from Reekay. This video is absolutely outstanding. Thanks!

  121. Great video. My Filipina wife of over 42 years is 3 years younger than I am. She worked when we were growing our family and raising our children. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Haha, oh oh…believe me, it’s coming. I have experienced enough of it to know

    2. in terms of equality of the SEXES* the philippines ranks amongst the highest in world
      one study had the country at number 8

      *its sex NOT gender
      its biology not language

    3. actually MANY studies have shown that equality among sexes in philippines is one of the highest in world
      one had the country @ number 8

  122. Just like most women in any country, looking for security and comfort…only much better value in the Philippines and a better package overall 😉

    1. Irrelevant point, because traditionally almost in all culture of the world, men are t

  123. Billionaire/millionaire = amazing looking hot sexy women.
    It’s all relative.
    To a lot of Asian girls, western men are rich.
    I doubt you would be so attractive if you said you were as poor as them.

    Most people who criticise it can afford to have the morals that they hold.
    I can’t fault any poor Filipino woman who would want a better life

  124. To me, a younger woman is in her 40’s. I’d like a family, but in my mid 50’s, I don’t want to have children, it wouldn’t be fair to the children or her.

  125. You probabbly have a reason for not mentioning maybe a 4th, 5th, or 6th etc… type of men available there in the PH. The lazy one that doesnt want to work, he asks for money from his working girlfriend. The alcholic. The gambler. And the woman beater.

    1. Unfortunately, I know and I truly believe Reekay knows, there are many Expats who are alcoholics and some who are people of low reputation. AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE.

    2. Yes, we can agree on this one Henry :
      F I L I P I N O M E N I N C R I S I S *
      Philippines has a problem regarding the image of its male population, and this plays a specific role on how certain foreigners are viewed. Mainly within the lower strata of society, Filipino men are viewed as gamblers , drinkers, drug addicts, womanizers and lazy. There’s a very high rate of households where the head of the family or main bread winner is a woman. Foreigners are looked at as an alternative to improvements to their lives. it’s not uncommon to see very poor, young girls with these foreigners, Tito Tim, Reekay, Fazio, Montelli, Chris Wren and many others have taken advantage of these unbalanced circumstances affecting filipino women and have filled a niche that used to be occupied by filipino men. I know filipinas who work abroad as OFW and send thousands of dollars annually to their families, supporting husbands and sons that don’t see the necessity of work, given that their money is sent to them religiously every 30th of the month. This has devalued the currency of “being a man” in Philippines.

    3. my only reason was trying to stay on topic. but you are correct. so many filipinas have told me they’d rather stay celibate and focus on education or career than marry some filipino who has not much to offer in the way of faithfulness or work ethic. SO MANY times, i am at the mall and see a filipino couple getting a pizza, or movie or shopping. and guess who is paying the cashier? the woman. not the guy. he just stands there looking sheepish because SHE, the filipina is the one who went out and got a job. not him. people may not believe this, but i know it for a FACT.. there are many filipinas in their mid-20’s who are still a virgin. the last thing they want is to end up as a single-mom when the filipino guy pulls a runner the moment she’s pregnant. happens here all the time.

  126. Since you’re talking about filipinas, I would say yes that they don’t care about how the men look. However, If the topic was about Western women, I’d have to completely disagree. Here in the US women care about your looks, how much money you’re making, what kind of cars you’re driving and what kind of house you have. They want the man to have it all.

    1. You need to be over 6ft tall and have a 6 figure salary within a socially upmarket profession ( being a plumber or electician or carpenter is not socially cool )

    2. i disagree MD…. Filipina’s DO actually care about the looks of men. Both attractive filipino’s, and western men.

    3. Totally agree with you.many are ignorant and not being able to look at relationship on a larger scale..well,i believe one needs a certain level of mental capability to analyse before jumping into conclusion..that goes for both genders i guess.

  127. hi henry This is for Philippine women or in usa also ???(JOKE).. well NO divorce here y mucho menos child support.SO a girl with 2 kids of cource she will be happy with any americano o extranguero porque ellas saben que detras de nosotros hay dinero coming every months. I like your comments.. But I have my own opinion about all this issue I’m not a blogger but you know I live aca por 6 anios y Tambien aprendi un chorro de cosas y hay mucho mas en el tintero que simples explicaciones .. ..OK COMO SIEMPRE SALUDOS como esta CEBU ??

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSeaHola buen dia.So no estuviera tan pegado con mi companiera ya me HUBIESE hido a otro pais..Tengo Amigos en toda ASIA QUE TAMBIEN me preguntan PARA CUANDO.ME MUDO? No primer chooise sera Tai ME SORPRENDIO TODO LO QUE TIENE .y para Gatos solos Es bien facil COMO siempre con una companies Tai you
      Ok saludos…

    2. soy muy contento aqui en cebu. por ahora. 🙂 soy el perro vago. con tiempo yo necesite mover otra vez. aye tanto a mirar en este mundo.

  128. Had a self-proclaimed independent woman family member reflexively ask about the attractiveness and marital status of one of my former employers when I mentioned as a matter of discussing work that this guy had sold his company to a large global computer company. The question came out of the left field because at the time she was in a relationship, and the entire conversation had been about how these guys, once they got bought out, were basically just marking time and complaining about the strictures of working for a large company, basically being lazy layabouts, but I suppose the one fact that they got bought out changed them from lazy complainers to eligible bachelors. Yet this is the same lady who later gave me crap about dating a couple of girls that I had met during trips overseas. Oh, they just want the green card, or they’re just looking for a sugar daddy. Lady, perhaps, but what they want is just another version of what you wanted when you intently asked about the guys who got bought out.

    The sad thing is that the ladies don’t really know how to judge real wealth. They rely on external signals such as cars, clothes, shoes, and accessories which are expenses rather than wealth. For real wealth to kick off enough dividends, interests, and capital gains to sustain a house payment on a millon-dollar home (and why that’s not several rental properties and a cheaper primary residence s yet another illogical thing), a car payment on a $100k sports car, expensive clothes, and exclusive country club memberships, you’re talking $5 million or more in the bank. That means only about 0.2% of the world population should be considered eligible. The others are all just running around wasting their precious life energy trying to look rich.

    BMW and Audi really need to thank Western women for keeping them in business because from a purely logical standpoint, all of us should be more than happy to ride our bicycles or, at the worst, drive a Honda Fit to get to work. Instead, I see guys driving their manual sports cars in 20 miles of stop-and-go traffic to get to work just so that they can look good for the ladies. Drive two of those in a lifetime, and they have just delayed their retirement by ten years because that same $200k could have been worth $1.6m invested over a twenty–year period assuming that they had the lump sum of $200k at time zero. All that to impress a bunch of demanding Western women just to get a crack at the Western marriage game where statistically it is possible to lose even more doesn’t seem logical.

    Granted, most 20-year-olds have too much hormones and not enough foresight to see these things, but if you were lucky enough to not have been married in the West by the time you’re 30 or 35, you can judge from your experience and those of your friends already going through painful divorces to see that it’s much wiser to build weath and chart your own course.

  129. great video ! The same is true all over Asia. I’m amazed at how some western (Canadian) women think they are sooo hot, when they aren’t even a 6…. and have nothing to bring to the table in a relationship (except some other fly-by-night guys kids, and a bunch of old, unpaid bills…….)

    1. LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines I’m sick and tired of westerner women! I don’t blame you! I had that unhealthy relationship with a pest! I was threatened several times that she was going to call the police against me etc. She was not working and she was barking none stop. A real complainer! No more for me!

    2. been there, done that in california. one woman, in her mid-30s (i was 39 at the time)… i dated her for 4 months.

      when we first met, she was already a month late on her rent. like an idiot, i helped her with that. she had about $1,200 in the bank at that time, which i didn’t find out about until later. she was also only working 15 hours a week as a ‘spa technician’. (she did wax hair-removal jobs)

      so.. over the next 4 months, i helped her with her utilities, to move to another apartment, gave her gifts and of course paid for all the dating expenses.

      when i finally had enough of her bipolar issues and broke up with her, she threatened to sue me. why? because now she only had $150 in her bank account after quitting work for 3 months. and she expected i should return her bank account to the $1,200 she had when we met! despite the fact that i spent thousands making up for her unemployment.

      and THAT is why i will never date another western woman EVER again. running into variations of that nonsense. no more for me. had my fill for a lifetime.

  130. Lol, “What do you do” right out the gate they will ask that, I find it rude..

    1. LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines , Happened too me the other day, met this girl, right away she starts interrogating me like I just committed murder, so I started asking her questions back, she got mad,Lol. Like she was the catch, come to find out she lived in a RV and cleaned houses for a living, nothing wrong with that but she acted like she was the queen of England!
      Then her friend ( 58 year old with implants) thinks her shit doesn’t stink starts saying I usually would not go into a place like this I just wanted too see whats it like and the people, it was just your average restaurant/bar, I really can’t take Americanized women any more!

    2. we should just as casually ask them, “How much do you weigh?” 🙂

  131. In ozzy land for some time now social justice warriors/left wing feminists have been urging women to make themselves financially independent of their partner. They are saying women should have their own income, their own superannuation and own bank accounts. I understand that this is all predicated on the assumption the relationship will fail. They fail to acknowledge that inter-dependence, working as a team with each party’s contribution complementing the other’s according to each other’s strengths, makes for a stronger relationship. How long do you think it will take for this type of social engineering to spread to the Philippines?

  132. congrats
    one of your best videos ever
    but you forgot
    not only stability but wont beat them and spend all the money on booze !

    the one that always gets me
    she just married you for a green card….
    well she has to return to her husbands country
    so he can earn a living
    kinda tuff to stay in philippines and have him find a job
    maybe security guard at 7/11 but 300 pesos a day
    dont see that happening

    BUT i stayed in the philippines with my asawa
    easier for me to get philippines immigration than the fortune
    and headaches etc to bring her to usa !
    watch, now the feminazis will accuse me of being selfish for not bringing
    wife to my home country

  133. So true, most filipina’s are not gold diggers. That’s such a stereotype without much warranty. True there are those stories about guys that got scammed but most often we only see on side of the story, maybe the guy was an A-hole. I have listened to your channel for years and you tell it straight. If only some of those young filipinas could have got the advice you gave your daughter before they settle or get pregnant. So many young moms that fell for the wrong guy.

  134. Good Advice… If your going to the P.I. to play.. then play… If your going there to find your ONE.. THEN DON’T PLAY… They wont put up with it.. Just like here in the states.. Make up your mind what you want,It will save a lot of trouble in the long run…

    1. @Jaja 25 I hope you will find a good man. Reekay talked about how some man only talk. And never “actually” plan on going to the Phillippines. Because they can’t. Still married or because of work. Or financially. Many man also just talk but are simply afraid to actually take the steps.

      Reekay talked about some ladies who are even waiting for 2 years on their internet dating guy. (For a visit)

      Ask questions so you get rid of the man that are not good.
      It could be that you find a man with a good heart. But ask him what his father or sister thinks about him talking to a Filipina.

      It could be he has a good heart but does not really think about the future.

      *I plan to go to the Philippines for the first time. And find a good woman. Lots of talking and asking questions.

      Learning Tagalog since november. Perhaps by that time. Conversations can be either in English or Tagalog 🙂

      I hope you the best in these hard times.

    2. Robert settes!!!
      I am using dating app almost 2 years! i chat a guy from australia , i think we like each other, he said i’ll wait 7 months, after 1 month , chatting i feel I was “really” in love with him, I said he came here Philippines (to find out if he was serious about me), he called me a scammer and I never ask for money or material and he didn’t give me any money. …🤫
      I was even more hurt because he said that pinay scam !?🥵
      And all pinay is scammer🤒
      Even no money intervened..:-(😥
      And the other one is american🤦🏽‍♂️ man i notice ,they very horny, not good also, some of them just want @fun,meaning they ask @something i can’t do it and @cam..i’m not crazy OMG…😒🙄
      When they want to play,meaning have @FUN, I also play their games I say when you ask for nudes I ask for money ..
      Then they say the Filipinas look like money, in the dating app ..OMG😂
      foreigners don’t like us anymore, they prefer thai girls maybe, it’s better if they nt look pilipina.. 🙏

    3. Robert Settles finally someone say PI, stand for Philippine island thank you

    4. @Robert Settles in my world, every girl is the ONE until they do something stupid I don’t like. Then, I give them the boot!

    1. Those kind of Pilipina don’t know financial education, you have to learn to say NO. In short, put a limit or discipline her when it comes to financial.

    2. I must of got a good one then. She doesn’t think that way at all.

    3. That is true in Morocco, China and America and Mexico and Germany and probably many other countries as well.

  135. I just read recent statistics….more women leave a marriage for another person than do men.

    1. My experience is that the Filipinas that come married to the us and then divorce are by far married to an older man. Most that are married closer to their own age generally stay married.

    2. LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines  That’s why I’m staying in the Philippines. 🙂

  136. Preach it brotha!!!! i can attest to everything…..if you look at an expat community….most are older men…..probably retired or collecting social security benefits……last time i looked….that’s not a lot of money….and if these men can find women and make it work, i have no room to complain about asian women in general…….having lived in Bangkok the last 3 years or so, and living off my military retirement…i can say without a doubt, that when i move the the P.I. in the next months or so…..and get by on 50,000 pesos a month, i expect to have the same results there as i have had here in bangkok. As long as you can pay the bills and rent, then you are already ahead of the game in most southeast asian countries in particular. it’s the girls who think they want to live the HI-So life style that tend to cause the most problems with western men. Western men tend to complain more about money then most, because we know how hard we worked to get that pension or the years to get social security and we don’t like pissing it away for any woman’s “i need to go shopping” if i am paying the rent,food and bills….she best have a job if she wants to go shopping or needs to have that latest phone or whatever Bling she feels she wants…lol

    1. Its always the guys named things like Red pill against liberals that are living off of the government.

    2. 30k pesos is about $600usd. that’s very good, for a filipino.

      but even an american on a low SS check will be pulling in around $1,000usd/month. (about 53k pesos/month)

      women are good at math. if they’re smart, they will accept the invitation of an expat suitor over the other option.

    3. take it from a fellow marine – I’m 62 and wish I would have come 10 years earlier

    4. Sorry but 1000us a month ??make your numbers right before you move here ,,, And depend were you want to live ..and wat stile of living you want ?? Planning to have a girl ?? planning to have a kid ??planning to married ??? Hope you pay attention to HENRY BLOGS ,then learn by yourself … Is my opinion ,, BEFORE 1000 us was ok .. now I duded ..

    5. wages are rising here….
      my brother earns 30k a month as pfc in army
      and my neighbor is spo2 in pnp and makes around 40k a month

  137. Well said Henry. The Feminists and their SJW-Groupies will doublessly challenge this in their futile attempts to slow down the migration of good men to Asian countries and traditional Asian women.

    1. They’d deny it while they prove it with their own actions. They won’t pick any poor man, they’ll go lesbian first.

  138. So doesn’t most relationships nowadays have a monetary value?Try darting any woman in any country with no bucks in your pocket lol 😂

    1. KutWrite absolutely correct Sir that’s why it’s great to go into any relationship much like a “business contract “ and both people getting what they want.

    2. It depends what else you, the guy, have to offer.

      Dating and marriage are transactions. Both sides’ wants & needs must be satisfied or it’s doomed.

    3. @Fit couple in the Philippines rarity mate, they’re exceptions, even then you don’t know if they are long term relationships or one of many girls on rotation.

  139. Tip of the day for foreigner man going “whole-hog” moving to the Philippines >>
    “don’t burn your bridges for moving back home”

    1. The only time I’m coming back is to visit family/friends or to bury a loved one, then its the next flight back to the PI………….It’s absolute paradise there!

    2. Atomic Gumbo Surprise Act in haste repent at leisure, it’s an old but true saying that has a multitude of applications.

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