Answering Critics: “You Can’t Handle A REAL WOMAN!!”

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    1. Hi Reekay, wow! What a wonderful explanation and dissection of our western society’s role of feminism and its poisonous influence on our society. Truer words were never so well spoken. You are the best at explaining these things and I am so happy that you seemed to start coming out with great videos discussing in-depth topics and subject matters that you used to do more of up until the recent 1.5 years ever since YouTube made it difficult to make money for vloggers such as yourself. Thank you for putting together a very useful and very factual series of videos on a very interesting and critical topic such as the one you cover in your Answering The Critics. Keep up the great job.

  1. Mr. Well explanation to those who critical to age gap rships.
    Well done csingh Australia

  2. Another Great vlog. When a woman acts like men they r going human nature. Men and women r really nothing alike. Ne is a real woman, Oh baby, baby, baby Woooooooo! Give me a break why would I want a woman that acts & dresses like a man. What anyone else thinks about us. I kind of have an I don’t really give a Sh*t attitude. Women & men have different strengths and weaknesses. When one is the week one the other holds he weeker one up. No, we are stronger in our differences. Women are never less than a man they just have different roles in life. Rambling Ron.

  3. Christian churches don’t like feminist ERA gay , prochoise Liberals it political my opinion. My Filipina a real women if you fear your filipina might get westernized in states don’t marry her or live in states you don’t trust her to grow. Most women work out side home today

  4. This is why the birth rate is so low now in the west. And it is very bad in the white people in the west.

  5. Feminist is a term politicians like to use to divide country watch out a feminist Democrat , Republican are not feminist. Democrat believe in equal right or constitutional right of feminist abortion of plan parenthood example . Republican let face it are against equal rights they don’t want women to vote because majority are liberals . Watch out for lesbian feminist Hillary Clinton remember that she not gay.Republican like to throw term feminist around because you automatic think Democrat.. I heard only men say what the matter you can’t get american women your own age it not women saying that.

  6. Good work Reekay who wants a man woman in the west much better choice in Asia , I live In Australia but love spending time in Vietnam , have been with a Vietnamese woman for 26 years, like the family connection , wouldn’t really like to have a SheMan as a Princess partner

  7. I don’t like to deal or compete with the idea of feminism. It gets in the way of rational thinking.

  8. Brilliant…….Has any sane guy from a Westernized country ever uttered the phrase “i need a strong woman”- that’s what i really NEED in my life…a “real” woman….. lol….In other words do guys look for a Western style loud agreesive /assertive woman – in other words a guy with breaats.. lol..? Just what we all need! One of the most common endearing qualities I find from a good majority of Philiipanas – is that they never forget how to be a sweet girl – maybe not all the time but it’s always therel…even in their 40s lol. But that doesn’t take place in the states…..and it’s here US where the divorce rate is 50% – not over there….and when American guys re-marry to an Asian woman it’s not 50% divorce anymore either… go figure…My brother had an American wife…got divorced and brought a Pinay to the states….Smooth sailing for 15 + years now …!

  9. From Vietnam war training, during which many husbands go to war to leave wives to take care of their children, Vietnamese women are very self reliant. Most still stay true to being wives and mothers, yet they are strong. Maybe that is ideal. Noe everyone of course, but it’s a historical and cultural template. Best wishes Reekay in finding a trust-worthy companion for you.

  10. Filipina are strong women, they have to cope with little money at times struggle to feed themselves often with no fault of their own, because family members expectations and misconceptions.. these women women can be better than the saying that. Yet they smile everyone when life hits hard

  11. Wow this video showed up for me to watch and all I can say is you are so right lol.

  12. Couldn’t agree more with your opinion. Another great and informative vlog….thank you.

  13. U got all your points to almost a perfect debate.i really enjoyed watching n listening to your precisely engineered counter attack against those group.haha..every man n woman should watch this great piece.

  14. Reekay you really have a gift on how you articulate thoughts and observations….you are right on point with everything you spoke about on this topic…well done ‼️

  15. I already found and married my Filipina, I’m just here getting some good grins 😁 out of your talks, you have some great advice, so listen up guys! maybe some of the women in the U.S should be listening to some of your videos, you’re absolutely right, no guy is out there looking for a woman who acts like a Guy, Hehe, anyway thanks for the fun Reekay, and I wish all you guys out there still looking, all the best in finding that Awesome woman!!

  16. Minutes 13-17 were exactly my experience, excellent content Reekay! Hope to meet you and have lunch one day Reekay, your commentaries have been so valuable.

  17. I made a comment on FB about how I don’t like Western women and I am happy with my Filipina. Boy did I get attacked. Seems men like me are the cause of the destruction of the Western empire. PS. Ladies don’t get an arm full of tattoos. Looks tacky

  18. Very good presentation and right on target. I live in the USA,extremely successful and travel overseas often. I avoid American women totally. Don’t talk to them at home or abroad. They are a waste of my time. They don’t want to be treated equally, they demand to be treated as a superior over men. You made a lot of good points, that most men will relate to and agree with. Well done.

  19. I’m pilipino,i agree hundred percent.i dont need a women who act like men always complaining and demading.sometimes when women succeded in her job and happen to make more money than you, she wont listening to you she will feel like she smarter than you and dont need you anymore until you end up in divorce

  20. Perfectly on point video.
    Clear thoughts, well put together in a logical reasoning.

    If a “real woman” is a woman with a pair of tits and a vagina, yes, a “real man”, does not want that real woman.
    So, it’s not that this particular man “can’t handle” a real woman, it’s more likely that HE DOESN’T WANT to handle this kind of women.
    Cause guess what, a man is looking for a feminine partner, not another man (pretending to still be a woman), unless he’s gay.

    But hey, maybe they just can’t handle a real Man these days, 😉.

    “Happier, not harder”, you summed it all up my Man.
    Thx for the video.

  21. After taking out all the overweight, low sex drive western women who can’t get a man how many critics would you have?

  22. Sure… they want NOTHING 2 do w/Feminism… until they hit Divorce Court! And as to handling a real woman, I want the foreign UNICORN, and NOT the Western RHINO! They may both have horns, but the RHINO pulled the pin on the FAT GRENADE and is good for little more than a good laugh.

  23. “Real Woman” = dimpled ass + saggy tits + bitterness that she pissed away her youth playing games + loneliness and regret + jealousy.

  24. The «real woman» in the West will simply grow old alone with cats.
    I can see it already with single female friends in their early 30th’s.

  25. NOT unhinged but strong actions need to be put  forward to get the western government s racist unfair \laws that must have been put in place to keep men enslaved for life ,removal of any rights , and to put all money in the hands of women  because they are alone %80 of consumer spending .  IF they are not racist laws explain to the world how you destroy marriage , a child well being , family unity . and the removal of men from all aspects of the well being  of a family that yes included the mother .   Feme Nazis   should hide in shame .  THEY ARE THE JOKE OF THE WORLD ,  Canada is the new third world .  By  the way Reekay your clear perspective and your talent as a speaker that can get a point across precisely is well appreciated .   I feel sorry for any real women left in this country because they are totally out numbered by the feme Nazi and are afraid to disagree with them . AS the world knows a chicken will never be a rooster  and a woman will never be a man . CASE  CLOSED

  26. Uncle Reekay! you would make a good radio host. You are more interesting to listen too and have way more knowledge than many radio hosts here in LA.

  27. All the things I’ve found and seen in friends here in the UK. You are spot on mate. When I say these things, I hardly ever get contradicted, whoever I am talking to.

  28. Reekay has discussed and pointed out the obvious: relations between males and females in the west is irreparably damaged. Western males are bolting for the exits. It shall only escalate. At this point society should acknowledge this fact and perhaps officially segregate the sexes. Otherwise it shall devolved into an ugly unending confrontation and conflict

  29. A feminist believes in equal rights abortion is constitutional yes they vote. . I dont mind a wife who makes more money than me. Divorce dont make her a feminist Christian do that especially in a Trump world of adultery giving porn stars pussy grabbers a bad name.

    1. Gary Lafferty Gary I dont want to be an ass but you need to fix your grammer. I dont understand what is your point?!

  30. My Filipina Fiance does NOT want NOR care about what I have, don’t have, money issues, materialistic things, or anything like that. She just wants me to love her, be with her, share life with her, and have good morals. Most important thing is that LOVE is there between us. American women that I have dated and have known are TOO DEMANDING, INTO MATERIALISTIC THINGS, and basically look at life as, “What can you buy for me TODAY?”

  31. So true so true. That’s why I am single and alone here in the US. I have no desire to even get into a relationship here at home, I’ve been married once here, seriously tainted about American women.

  32. Argh! More feminist pretzel logic… if western women represent ‘real’ women. I choose the Cherry 2000! Femen can stick with their B.O.B.’s and whatnot.

  33. Men want women for three reasons 1 she is pretty 2 she can give me a family. 3 she is a good person that I enjoy. It is not hard to see why men are not satisfied with Western women.

  34. Your too smooth Reekay , I don’t know many Men that could deliver that message and come out of it without getting hung out to dry…. like always good video!

  35. I just dont get you im a feminist and i have no problem with pepole marrying or dateing out side there own country or have an issue with women being home makers i do how eva have an issue with man who think that a woman shod just cook and clean i hate sexism and racism and pepole saying that any one is better then any one you openly say your geting this information from man have you bothered to look for any feminist no not by the look of it a true femminist has no problem with woman from othere contreys thow ill say i have no problem with man being home macker either and by the way i put my kids first then my partner then me dont have a job but in saying so my man puts our kids first then me then him and all our money is our money i do all the food shoping witch is around 300$ a fortnight and my partner pays the rent witch is 250$ i also pay the Electric bill witch is arond 300$ evrey 3 months my partner is also my care so yes he das do stuff aroun the house he cooks and das the dishs and takes out the rubbish i do the laundry and mop and vacuuming and we r both fine about ether one of us going to heang out with friend and for your information 99% of my friends are man

    1. I dont think you get it if your looking for some one you look for love and love has nothing to do with what your looking for in a relationship its about understanding them not abut what you do for them or what they do for you and if your going to go in to a relationship just based on what you do and what they do and what they look like its neva going to work thats fact

    2. i have no problem with that. i outlined what i do have a problem with. but none of it is in your description so, i see no issue.

  36. I completely agree with you im a 27 year old man from the gta and have no interest in selfish feminists. I dated a girl from the Philippines and although things didn’t work I could see how much more approachable women are in ph all her friends were really easy to talk to and even when I’d tell women I was taken they’d ask me if I had any friends they could meet. It’s like 360 degrees opposite from here in Canada. Were you here all this stuff about how a women dosent need a man.

  37. Reekay I couldn’t have stated it any where near how well you did it. I’m married to a Nepali woman for 14 years who has been polluted by feminism and doesn’t realize it. I can hardly bare it. I’ve sacrificed my life to stay around until my kids get a little older but I am miserable. But she refuses to listen to my views about a woman and has made me an unhappy man in the process. Thanks for your video I will spread it around.

  38. Teamwork is the big one, just as Henry mentioned here. He is right on the mark again. Even heading out into province areas is even more refreshing, because the people are real, the women are real. Family means something to them, to the real culture. Here in the USA, how often do you get that fake smile? It is daily, in any big city, around people. Not there in the Phils, and the genuineness shows. I also believe the superwomen look down on the foreign women (of the topic) due to basic jealousy. The average Filipina, without makeup, on a lazy day, wearing her basic shorts and t-shirt, still looks miles better than these other “superwomen”. The feminism thing is isolationism at its best definition.

  39. This vid is gold so true reekay yes there is very many self entitled selfish women in the west.

  40. That was a fantastic series of vids! Very well argumented and thought out, I enjoyed that a lot!

    1. thanks. i’d been meaning to do this series for a while. but i wanted to tie them together properly in my head first.

  41. Great points!.. But too simplify WHO feminists-extremists are..(you know, the ones trying to control laws..) it comes down to one of three types of women that are femenists-extremists, (or any combination thereof) 1. Lesbians. 2. Closeted lesbians 3. Straight but VeRy unattractive either physically or by her character. But I will say that some watered down feminism is okay as it teaches girls that legal marriage shouldnt be the main goal in life and that its just a perfect fantasy ingrained in them at young ages.

  42. After my last demise in the U.S. and a couple of visits to American date sites the reality of what this man is illustrating became vividly clear. So, of course, I now am a permanent resident of the Philippines, married to a real woman; young and beautiful with no threats of divorce or ultimatums. American women should rethink what their gender is coming to because the future men in their lives will have to be artificially built and programed.

  43. My only problem is with either a male or a female SEEKING a mate who is raised in a culture of submissiveness just so that they can dominate the relationship. Just like you, I have opinions on many things and wouldn’t want to get ripped into if I express them. If you are in a relationship with someone, treat them as an equal. We all have our strong points and conversely, weaker ones.

  44. Awesome Video! I have no interest in “Real” American women; tired of their Demands, Indiscreet Leeching, and 200+ lb. Attitudes!

  45. My beautiful Filipina and I have been together 4 years today and I have never been happier in my life .
    She’s strong and capable and no man’s door mat.
    She’s kind and loving and still headstrong. This is more common in the Philippines women than most anywhere else I have travelled.

    1. I’m guessing headstrong is an understatement, lol. What a difference my life has been since I reset. She’s strong, capable, and has an ambition to make “us” grow.

  46. Men have always been the explorers. Searching for a better place to live and thrive. It’s no secret that the feminist woman is not what we are looking for. The western marriage contract is a fool’s agreement with a stacked deck against men.

  47. “stink eye” ))). I am in Cebu right now at Horizon 101 with my fiance. I was married for 20 years to the last good American woman))) Divorced in 2006. I dated a lot afterwards. What a cluster****. ))) It is so refreshing to be with a woman who feels the same way about relationships…

  48. You are on the dot ! Your explanation is correct & entertaining. I need to watch it again. Well Done!

  49. You nailed every point I have had discussions about with people, little bits at a time..You put it all together. This needs millions of views. Just don’t let all the guys show up in Philippines all at once. Lol. Great job!!

  50. If Western women are screwy, we men made them that way. If the court system is not in men’s best interest, there’s a reason. It’s to balance the scale. And we’re doing the same thing to Philippine women. We are corrupting them.

  51. My ex owes me over $3,000.00 in child support. She’s only obligated at $25.00 per month, down from $50.. three years ago, and $75.00 7 years ago! I was awarded custody of my 10 y/o step daughter, and my 2 younger girls! If the tables were turned, I would be in Jail, with no licenses of any type, and likely be obligated at $500.00 per kid, per month! I married a strong Filipina 7 year ago. No regrets! Any s
    deluded, misinformed “feminist” who thinks my wife is “submissive” is full of shit up to her ears!

  52. I agree with you reeky i think alot of these critics are narrow minded and alot of them are jealous.

  53. Great series, you said all the things I’ve said to myself. I couldn’t be happier with the decision I’ve made to commit to Jen. Your words are true, she brings a happiness to my life I’ve never had with a western women. Ever. I have to admit watching your vlogs made my decision to move to the PI a lot less apprehensive. Keep posting, I’ll be watching.

  54. Seeking advice:

    I’ve already done it all wrong in picking a Filipino wife (if only I had found your channel before that). Long story short I learned that what she claimed was her deceased first husband was still alive and she was still married to him after we were married and I had already applied for her spousal visa. That was four years ago. I hired a Filipino attorney, and got a Declaration if Nullity in the Philippines. I also hired a US attorney, and got an annulment just to ensure there’s no more ties to her.

    I’m now engaged to another young woman in the Philippines. I visited her a couple months ago. I plan to marry her there and have a nice wedding for her, since she’s never been married.

    For the long term our plans are for her to move to the US with me for a few years until my daughter graduates college. After that I plan to retire in the Philippines. My fiancé already owns some land in the province, and that’s where we plan to settle down.

    After getting burned before I feel like I should hire a private investigator. However, I don’t want to hurt her feelings.

    Any good advice is appreciated.


    1. consider it par for the course, part of finding the right one is sorting through a few bad choices. 🙂 personally, i wouldn’t hire a private-investigator. best to, “trust but verify” your girl yourself as you get to know her over time.

  55. I was gutted 480k dedicated 20 years of my life and paying for it for another 20 years. This some up the last 3 minutes of your video Reekay

  56. THANK’S 4 D INFO JAST we are with you 4 ALL what YOU say …. women we are moving…if don’t good …yaaaap …salute you my friends..🏌️‍♂️

  57. Very well stated Reekay. Feminism is to women’s detriment in the long run, perhaps one day they will see this. Yes same issues here in Australia. I am married to a Filipina for over 4 years and I am married to a real woman. Best relationship of my life 🙂

  58. Brilliant Video! I will do a video this week encouraging ALL my subscribers to watch this!

  59. Yes, what you describe is happening in Western culture. On the flip side, our President has taught us to use a lawyer when you pay off your Porn Star; and America’s Dad, Bill Cosby, has become a recipient of feminist Man Shaming tactics. Perhaps a Real virtuous woman is almost as rare as a Real virtuous man. Anyway, good luck on your quest to understand the nature of a Women. I hope you know that when you finally figure them out, they will change.

  60. I didn’t go looking for a wife in Philippines but I did find one that was from there. All of the reasons you mentioned are real and they exist much more in countries away from Philippines. The values you find there are what is generally lacking in women elsewhere.

  61. Also the ones that are tattooed up to be damned. Nobody wants a woman that looks like a 3yr old got hold of some sharpie markers and used her body for a coloring book. I view tattoos as graffiti on God’s artwork.

  62. Thank you for putting it into words every way I Think and Feel, I am so Blessed to have married a Real Filipino Woman. I married her when I was 53, She is 38 It took me most of my Life to find the right woman. Up until I met my Wife all the woman I dated were only concerned what I could give them, Bye Bye American Woman you had your chance lol

  63. Great video with solid points. I agree with your view on this matter.

  64. It comes down to equality. I think you said it well, but I just want to say it in my own words. A man will bust his ass supporting the household. (There are lazy guys who rely on others to support them, but most Americans are hard workers). He works hard, he stresses over the bills, he stresses about keeping the house in shape, and he stresses about keeping the cars on the road. For that, he wants a woman that is enthusiastic in bed and will manage the house and kids well. Moreover, if she can be patient and supportive when the stress occasionally boils over, that’s an added plus. I think that’s an equal trade. I found that in PH. I wasn’t able to find that in the US.

  65. The Golden Goose lays yet another golden egg:) Love your content and in particular your rants Henry:) This series was awesome. Thanks buddy.

  66. Question for you: When speaking about women from the Philippines etc, do you find a difference in attitude to men amongst women in all income stratas, ie, do you find highly educated women just as “feminine” as you define the word? (This is David’s Filipino wife.)

    1. Hi Reekay. David here. I believe my wife meant women from an upper middle class/ upper class backround. Women who attended private schools, elite universities, and are themselves executives, or at least middle management. Are these women the same as women anywhere else in the western world, or does their backround and culture inure them from the precipitous decline seen in the character of so many women in the west. It leads in to a broader(no pun intended) question of female nature, the effect of culture, tradition, religion…or the lack thereof…on a woman’s character and of course disereability as a wife and mother. As well, It should be noted that many upper middle class/upper class Fillipinas are exposed to the same corrosive cultural influences as their western sisters. Feminism, leftist ideology et. el. ,with the all too familiar patterns of behavior western men have unfortunately become accustomed too.. and indeed flee from! It could be that its not a phenomona too many expats encounter…but might make an interesting topic for you to explore or make a vlog about at some time. I personally believe that the lack of draconian divorce laws and family courts hostile to men…indeed there is no divorce in the Philippines…has “encouraged” Philippine women to care for their men, as there is no cash and prizes in the event a relationship does not work out…in stark contrast to her western sister, who is indeed insentivized to divorce what may be an otherwise good man, with the promise of allimony, child support, and half of everything the man owns in the offing. Anyways, thanks for another great video. I really enjoy your channel, which I have followed for some years now.

    2. when i observe the women in it-park (cebu, uptown).. these young women are working good jobs in the call center and BPO centers there. they are just as fun, playful and joyful as the girls with much lower paying jobs. (less financial struggles though) still very much lady-like, feminine and attractive in their appearance.

  67. You have to be lucky and smart at the same time, period.
    Thanks for sharing! Best regards/Ned

    1. Being married to a real woman is very lonely, I can tell you for a fact. I’ve paid for everything, done the house work, yard work, maintenance, paid for both cars, worked 70 hours a week for 20+ years, always coming last in everything sucks. I want a real marriage but not to an American woman. Someone who will want to help n being in a loving committed relationship. I’ll be going to the phils next year when my divorce is final. I filed for a divorce 4 months ago, 8 more months of waiting n I’ll be free.

  68. Trigglypuff is a “REAL WOMAN”(TM)!!!! Yup, I just can’t handle that!

  69. “You want to know what I’m looking for? I’m looking for a woman that makes my life happier, not harder. That’s it, all in a nutshell” – Henry (Reekay)

  70. Enjoyed the series great videos happier living here in the Philippines

  71. Another fantastic video…and to most of us, the Filipina is a “real woman” with traditional values…and that is what we are all looking for in the Philippines. (And I found!)

  72. Thank you Reekay!!! I grew up with June Cleaver, and she was the “Real Woman” to me. Just like my Mother and Grandmothers. You made my year with this video! By the way, I was getting funny looks from the (Real) American women here. They probably were wondering why I have this silly grin on my face.LOL!!!

  73. Thank you so much for defending all the men who are being used by these third grade women…..

  74. Great video, this is the best one of this series. I agree with the your point of view about the feminists. The problem with some groups of people are that they are looking for the worst in anyone who does not agree with them. You cannot disagree with them and be a reasonable person.

  75. Anyone who thinks Asian women are docile doormats also bought magic beans from the Easter Bunny. Feminists don’t want equality they want a pass and an unfair advantage. I want a woman who is feminine, Filipinas are just that and in my opinion much stronger than any feminist. Thanks Reekay for telling it like it is

  76. My come back : Define a REAL woman. Does a REAL woman have to come with problems you do not want? Does a REAL woman come with her own children from a different father or fathers who can’t provide financial support to his own children? If she is a REAL woman? Then where is her REAL man or why isn’t her REAL man with her and why is she even interested in you considering in her own definition of a REAL man, you probably are not her idea of a REAL man so why should she even be talking to you?

  77. Clap clap clap I love it Reekay sums it up 250% a real woman is exactly what I’m after this is awesome.. By the way, just spent a month in Dumaguete Valencia area my choice to move to next year. I’m from Australia there are no real women left here or I can’t find them so I am out. This is the best sum up of feminism I have ever heard I totally reject feminism and all dating with any western women due to the cost/benifit analysis being so far skewed in the woman’s favour. I like the traditions of a Pinay.

  78. Really loving this series. I always enjoy your videos. You have helped inspire my 10 year plan .

  79. BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!! BRAVO!!!!!!!!!! Reekay telling it just like it is! Fantastic Series! You are so absolutetly right about the marriage contract in the USA.

  80. Overall, it is the same issue in Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia. The whole community has been feminized so there is no room for men. It is so far that it is discussed whether there should be reversed burden of proof in rape cases. That is, the man must be able to prove that a woman has volunteered for sexual intercourse. It is introduced in Sweden. Not yet in Denmark since it will make up the whole foundation that you are innocent until it has been proven.

  81. Exactly, in feminist mind a real woman is a bitch.
    When hear the term ” Strong woman” I think C@#& !

  82. If you have never been loved, it is hard to have love to give. If you are angry you usually take it out on those who are around you. You usually blame them for the anger. People are usually looking for someone who will take their problems away so they will not have to deal with their issues. That is not going to happen. Also why waiting to get married is a good idea. What you have before the marriage is your personal property. What you acquire in marriage is community property. When you split you divide community property but keep your personal property.

  83. Another excellent video , thanks Henry ,you always have your finger on the pulse of life . I agree 100% with all of that . Western women ,in the main ,want to be the boss of the relationship . From my experience , again , in the main ,Filipinas like the man to be the boss . They are so feminine in comparison to western women . Who wants a woman, that acts like a man ? , it’s a compete turn off . Feminist ,or feminine ? ,it’s a no brainier .

  84. Me living in Puerto Rico and I can tell you that a good chunk of women I know are freaking westernized because we are US Territory so many things that happens to the US can happen in PR. If you go to any schools and any conventions, you will see many being materialistics, very bipolar, acting like men especially in conventions and within the younger generations. There are also good women as well in Puerto Rico that has value but trust me a lot of those girls are already taken. And if there are decent looking women that are single that remains, then a good number of them are not looking due to their experiences on a lot of past relationships. Some of those women over 18-21 still depends on their parents and their parents do not want them hanging with a man alone. Its only a bit better than America because there are far less femenism but almost everytime I want to date a girl, they are rather way too busy, too far, have boyfriends or are bipolar. And since if God permits and no Hurricanes interferes, I am less than 3 weeks away from my very first trip to the Philippines myself. I will be staying in Makati, Manila. Have a good amount of female friends. When I talk to them online, women are waaay more friendlier and genuine than most PRicans women are. Have you been in PR yourself? I am curious about your experience. Great video man, love your content and its thanks to you that I am knowing more what to expect when I go to the Philippines.

  85. “You Can’t Handle A REAL WOMAN!!” feminist or most western type
    1. i don’t want to
    2. i don’t have to
    3. i have choices
    4. BYE. i am out of here.

  86. one of your best video’s yet henry. guys never marry in the west to any woman there is nothing in marriage for a man. looks like at least at the time of writing 4 feminazi disliked this video.

  87. American chicks think they are so beautiful. They believe that all men care about is looks. So, they go through great lengths just to be attractive. Then, they feel entitled to all the man’s assets. God forbid a man chooses this type but they do regrettably. IMO, this creates scarcity for available women because of their high standards, high expectations and sense of entitlement. This scarcity for available women drives men to be addicted to porn and prostitutes which feeds upon the myth that looks is everything and empowers women even more in our society. Many men just cant get dates until they go to Asia. My only concern is that those are the men looking for replacement white wives in the East while inside they have no interest or respect for Asian culture. The children from this union look Asian and are not accepted by the majority white culture since they aren’t white passing unless they are female. In that case they just do what the mother did and marry a white man. I think it’s easier for the children to be raised in an Asian country especially Asian men, because America is not that accepting of POC and the Philippines is very multicultural-interracial and inclusive of Asian men not just Asian women that men want to have sex with. Since, American/western hedgamony and influence is so strong partly from being colonized Asian women are at a disadvantage and there is a tremendous imbalance there, which can lead to abusive relationships. If the westerner loves Asian people not just women things go smoother for the relationship and children if there are any.

  88. Thank you very much for your comments and your definitions , That is why I have come to the Philippines and found myself a real woman that is going to be my life make my life partner after my original one had passed away suddenly.Keep it up I definitely like your videos.

  89. “You Can’t Handle A REAL WOMAN!!” is just another persons way of trying to demean your character and subject their will onto you. You can listen to other peoples opinions but it’s your own decision to accept it or not. Don’t be afraid to reject other peoples will to control your life.

  90. I came across a dating profile once, where the woman stated that she would only date men that had a penis that met her size criteria.

    I got a good laugh out of that.

  91. Real Woman ? what a joke indeed. I choose to remain single because I don’t want the real women of today in the U.S. They’re not real women at all as you have said. I seen a video not to mention who put it out inviting western women to the Philippines and that made me cringe . I bet if you took a poll of all the men over there I am sure at least 95% would say keep your feminist Azz out of the P.I. because simply they don’t want the P.I. women ruined.

  92. In the UK the feminist narrative is being peddled 24/7 by the mainstream media. Almost every news bulletin will have some article demonising men in some way while promoting the victim mentality of women. To make matters worse western governments are actively legislating to protect women in all manner of ways.

    1. Another bad thing is more and more women are holding public offices and will be making laws to further their agendas.

  93. Not all Protestant women are old-fashioned, and not all Catholic women are modern.

  94. Hello Reekay

    Here is my opinion on America mind set of women. Let’s start with I married a lady from Okinawa on Okinawa in 1972 we had three sons now all grown men, a Japanese woman has a deep and cultured spirit to take care of the family and that means taking care of the mental spirit of each member of the family with positive thinking even when things are not going well, I thank God every day may wife was alive but she passed 2016. In the beginning we divided the labor for each of us, for me make money Army 24 years (Ret), Federal Enforcement Officer 18 years (Ret), take care of outside lawn & etc. any maintenance on the house/cars, for her beds, cleaning, dinners, banking & shopping, it worked good for us. I have dated three (white) women since my wife passed all three have similar problems cell phone, children hanging around the house, many social activities that mean little time for you unless it’s fine dinning & travel. I just retired Aug 18, I have my house up for sale and will travel to Okinawa, Japan Thailand, Philippines or Vietnam and try to recapture a lady with the same values of my wife. Reekay I have lived in Japan (3 years) Okinawa (2 years) Korea (2 years) Aruba (2 Years) Hawaii (4 years), Alaska (3 years) and some time in Thailand.

  95. I’m using voice text so it might be a little screwy but I’d like to say that this is the best series that you have ever done you have hit the nail on the head with each and every one of the four videos you just did the final one though this one a real woman is a Filipina I swear I have been with women in the United States I married the first one got taken to the cleaners went to the second one did not marry her when we broke up she told me she was going to sue me for everything. We weren’t married we were not together long enough for any common law laws to come into a fact but now I’m with a Filipina I met her here in the United States we own two homes in the Philippines I love her dearly we have a child together and I cannot express more that she is a real woman

  96. These women use these BS only when it is to their advantage. I hate it when they say “your the men so you should do this and do that!” I thought marriage was about partnership and mutual support.

  97. As they say hear in the UK, ” what’s yours is mine and what mine is my own .

  98. When a woman says, you can’t handle a real woman, my answer is I don’t want to f**k a man with a vagina….

  99. at least to those of us that stay in SE Asia…besides getting away from those bat shit crazy women….is also a society issue……i can’t even begin to express the lack of stress and the complete relaxation, i now have on a daily basis. Of course the monetary element comes into it also…..i chose Thailand for 3 reasons 1. far less batshit crazies 2. far..far..less stress on a daily basis and 3. the cost of living….anywhere that makes my dollar stretch further is always a good……and all 3 reasons go hand. in hand with each other…and obviously we weren’t getting that back home…so like any smart man…we go and find the way of life we…….see you in December when i make my move to the PI!!!!!!

  100. To hear the problem is the concept of real woman you know like our grandmothers were doesn’t exist anymore. What we have is a bunch of snot nose entitled spoiled rotten female children that refuse to grow up. They want the first-place Blue Ribbon for just showing up. They live in a diluted fantasy the only reason why men make more than they do have better jobs than they do is because of some imaginary male privilege where is soon as we get out of school by the mere virtue of our peckers somebody gives us a high-paying job a sports car and a condo. Now you at the grand delusion where they think they’re equal and they think that they should get that too. No worries any founding fathers document or ideology does it say that you have unilateral guaranteed equality. That’s why these idiots all flock to socialism because they think that it’s going to magically give them this unilateral guaranteed equality. It’s never existed it never will exist.

  101. Most of them don’t even put there husband or boyfriend as priority. I can’t do that

  102. Awesome video explaining feminists. They do not like Asian women because they can handle a career, family and a relationship with their husband.

    1. Gregory Fortner — You have not met a lot of filipina women yet have you? Lots filipina feminists here especially lesbians and their friends.

  103. The issue I have with these feminists is there too demand. Most men like me prefer a simple woman who caring, don’t have a bad attitude and dont feel entitled. I pass, don’t need that b.s. don’t want to deal with that

  104. Women in the US of A are not women anymore as they act and dress up like men sadly.

  105. Very well said and thank you for sharing reekay! I currently live in Miami and only date women from only countries who have been in the USA for under a year. After a year here in the states who can see the women change drastically from social media and there femminst friends telling them that “they dont need no man!”. The feminists lie is nothing more than a witch hunt on superiority not equality. Show me one law in the USA that a man has that a woman doesn’t.

    1. Finding a unicorn is not the problem. Keeping the unicorn from turning into an entitled feminist who think she deserves the world without being a conservative girl is the problem. Society in the USA tells them they can manipulate men and avoid marriage. You get on any dating site and see a bunch of 30+ independent woman with a ton of backage. No thanks

    2. Timmy Sands , Finding a good woman in Miami is like finding a rainbow unicorn..

  106. My ex wife stated her money was her money and my money was her money…………during the divorce and the court battles I found out she was right….:(

    1. Sorry man, I laughed my ass off at that one, but seriously, that is really fucked up 🙁

    2. If money is always the topic in a marriage!! Then not much of a marriage.

    3. I heard the same exact thing from my x-gf, at first I thought she was joking but when I realized she was serious I was outta there.

  107. Yup, your right. that is exactly why I came to the Philippines to start with. I was very excited when I found paradise in all the beautiful islands as well. and all the amazing happy smiling faces of the people captured my heart. it will be my new home when I retire next year 😉 great vlog

  108. You can’t handle a strong woman? Try taking on a strong willed passionate Filipina!

    1. I’ve handled a so called “strong woman” in the U.S. several times . . . how? I moved without telling her where, or even that i was moving. ah! it’s such a relief, much like taking the trash out of the kitchen. So, yes, i do too know how to hand a “real woman” as the feminists define her, that is how. I’ll stick with my Filipina . . she’s what i call a “real woman”, and i will move when she’s ready to move with me.

  109. I started chatting in the 90s using MIRC and I still chat using the newer apps. There’s a big disconnect between the 90s and now when it comes to why guys prefer asians over the women in their area. In the 90s, the asians were not really on the top of their list. Nowadays, westerners complain about how 3rd wave feminism are ruining the women in their country. They are simply turned off. Now they tell me because of that, they suddenly see and appreciate other cultures outside of their countries especially here in Asia. I’m not a feminist because I simply refuse to be labeled because I think people changes constantly. Anyway, I believe men and women have differences and that’s a good thing. I also believe that men and women have options. If I want to be the traditional type or the progressive type or even the half traditional half progressive type, that’s my choice and nobody can tell me I’m not a real woman. I also believe that people who accuse you of not being able to handle real women are bitter envious jealous people. I would fixate on my own issues and not that of others.

  110. What they are really saying is that “you can’t handle a woman my size with a crazy bitch ass attitude that wants you to support me while I am mean to you the whole time.”

  111. At least half of western women will call NAWALT. To some extent they’re right. But abusively vocal, push it to the limit, hard core feminists have successfully lobbied for laws to tip things in their favor under the banner of “equality”. Any woman who takes advantage of this, often so automatically she doesn’t even realize she is doing so, most certainly is “like that”.

  112. Partner count is a big issue too. When a woman has had many partners they become less desirable. Far too many western woman at age 30 have had at 20 or more sexual partners. Their pussy is like a windsock left in the rain. if a woman does not value her virtue, why would a man?

  113. awesome advise buddy thanks for sharing and taking the time too say what so many of us guys think every day

  114. As always Reekay, you are the voice of reason.

    Women would be well served, by watching these videos.

  115. Ouch (a little) though I got the priviledge of ‘handling’ a strong American woman for almost 30 years and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. The strong woman with an attitude is a welcome to hell. My commitment to not divorce made hell last almost forever. After not being married to ‘her’, life is so much less complicated and even dating another ‘strong’ American woman is amazingly distasteful.

    1. Byron Watts , Wow. 30 years, you should get retirement pay for all that abuse.
      When I hear strong woman I know she’s a bitch.


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