Bantayan Beach Day & Crab – Despite A Rainy Day – Philippines

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  2. Love that place! One of my favorite in PI so far and have been to the touristy places like Palawan and Boracay (LEAST FAVORITE as it was just packed with Chinese)

  3. There used to be a vegetarian place there too vegie burgers and good salads it was or is the first or second stall as you enter the court on the right

  4. I’m stuck here in Sydney Australia…. I would trade places with ya anytime

  5. Thanks for the VDO. What do you consider as to be the dry season at CEBU island? Thanks!

  6. That pizza looks great! Glad to see you two are having fun! Great way to bring in the New year!

  7. Question, you mentioned rainy season….Minus the no entrance for tourists.
    From when to when is a good time to visit?

  8. Oh, you have an ice cream too well that would cost you another 5 to $10 here Las Vegas

  9. Hi Reekay, Well over here in Las Vegas that meal would cost you At least a $100. Vaccinations will start soon here and hopefully the Philippines will allow people that had been vaccinated to go there let’s hope.

  10. Hi Richard, the food looked good and what a beautiful island! Enjoy it still with Vi. 😄🙏

  11. Looks like you guys are really enjoying yourselves and im happy for that. Im guessing that things wont start loosening up till September 21. Whats your thoughts bro?

  12. @Reekay Let me get this straight! You live in Paradise with a lovely lady and you need a vacation from all that stress??? Tuff Life 🙂 I can’t wait to have some Philippine Stress LOL

  13. Mann I wish I could come home and visit bantayan. Greetings from Toronto Canada.

  14. How do you deal with Female nature and their ability to mirror you in the beginning until they evaluate your resources and eventually change on you

  15. Fortunately here in Jomtien and most of Northern Thailand we’ve had hardly any rain and the humidity is very low, if you guys ever make it here most of the rain seems to fall around September & October! I loved Bantayan great weather around Jan to June or so and exploring on the bike the whole island

  16. Another great video I always enjoy watching and listening. Happy new year 🎉❤️

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