Best/Worst Long-Distance Relationship Situations (LDR)

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— Reekay

In this video I discuss

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    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea we didn’t experience any actual theft while I was there for three weeks, but my girlfriend is very Philippines street smart and that along with your tips in various videos really helped us stay safe throughout our travels while there. I did buy the smaller loctote bag before going and we made good use of it, both in the rooms and inside my backpack (locked to the backpack itself). The only time we we’re scammed that we know of was when she caught a restaurant worker running my credit card for a meal multiple times. She caught them in the middle of the third swipe, so they got away with twice before being caught. Luckily we got it straightened out with the owner and my bank. Thanks again for all your great videos and information. Really helped me prepare well for what I was about to encounter in the Philippines! Not completely, but pretty darn well and as well as possible. That includes your videos on the flights and airports. Invaluable information and I highly recommend them to anyone peppering to embark on this journey! Thanks again!

    2. @Steve D generally, “if” there is any theft it’s not clothes in a suitcase, it’s money left lying around, jewelry, watch, etc. i’ve never had any issue with my luggage at the room being messed with.

    3. Henry, with the lock tote bag in mind, is our luggage left in the hotel room safe during the day while we are out and about visiting Cebu and other places? I guess obviously we should leave the locks on the zippers! We’re going to fly to Cebu for a few days to vacation while I’m there in October. We were going to Palawan, but when I saw the US Department of State’s warning about possible kidnappings we decided to divert the trip to Cebu instead.

    1. not likely. it was an idea she and i made a go of. but i only asked her to give it a try. she did a few vids and didn’t really have any interest in it. she’s a very private person, the way she was raised so, we decided to drop it.

    2. Love your video very helpful. I have decided to visit my girlfriend whom I’ve been talking and face timing with for about 4 month’s. So I am getting my butt on a plain as to take it to the level in our relationship. LIKE YOU SAY THAT’S THE ONLY WAY TO SEE IF THERES REAL CHEMISTRY. Although I can only afford a couple of weeks right now with her it will be a start. Thank you for your yoytube channel

    3. Thats really nice she seems to ne a really cool is he she going to make anymore videos like she did before

  1. I have had a LDR for almost six years now and we are as in love now as in the beginning. We met when I tried to find friends in Japan to help me with Japanese grammar and I discovered a profile web page for all of Asia.
    So far I have visited 1-3 times a year, and my far better half just visited for the first time (including a holiday in Paris), as passport and understanding the huge heap of papers demanded for a visa took some time.
    Our cultural differences were quite apparent in the beginning. Half we have put aside having developed more alike over the years and half we have learned to live with. I’m 51 and my better half 40 so I guess our age makes us a bit more patient, less jealous and less depending on physical contact.
    We had originally planed to move here, but I feel my culture is not as big a part of me and that we are both would be more happy in the Philippines. Scandinavia is safe, clean, less crime and corruption, you are taken care of when sick, old or unemployed, food are safe and good quality and few dangerous illnesses (almost talked my self out of it now), but the Philippines have a more social life, warm climate and the money last a LOT longer.
    So next on the list will be to plan and solve the financial parts and then start our life together in Manila. 🙂 So LDR can indeed work well – for two mature people at least. None of us with a need to be right or go to war over details.

    1. Thanks for the advise. Any reason for that? Prices? Pollution? Crime? Must admit I love Cubao. 😉

  2. Bloody great advice mate! I’m only new at this LDR thing, I think we all looking for needles in haystacks. I’m going to be in the Philippines in a few weeks to meet my girlfriend for the first time. Thanks my friend.

  3. Good video Henry! You’re spot on this subject. BTW, I ordered a small loctote over the weekend and went to the site from your link below.. Hope you get the commission. Take care.

    1. cool, thanks. 🙂 i don’t get any commission from the new-product, the 3L Bag, but i do believe in the product. (i only get commision on the Flaksack versions.)

  4. Another home run. I can tell your viewers by experience that I did it the way you suggested. Met her(Judy) online. Texted, video chatted, then I busted my butt to go see her. We spent a month together attached at the hip. I met her family (all 50 of them). That was four months ago. Fortunately, it has worked out well. I have known her for just over a year. I have since retired and going to Duma next week to live permanently. Well worth the time and effort. This video is full of sound advice. It can work out well for you if you do it right. Hope to meet you in the future.

    1. Ditto did the same thing and now we are Married and living a wonderful Life

  5. Reekay _ well balanced and insightful thanks, I think that the acid test is to travel together especially in developing countries where the whole process can be frustrating, if your relationship can withstand that you are probably good to go. 👍🏻😁

    1. yah.. traveling will definitely separate the wheat from the chaff. ha! and not ‘traveling’ 2-hours to a resort. but taking it on the road and dealing with surprises along the way. 🙂

  6. I spent 1y chatting with my now Fiancé. With no timetable for a meeting for 8 months roughly.
    She never asked for money, we didn’t fall in Love until we met.

    One thing about OFW/Dubai(UAE), nothing wrong with meeting them there. Depending on her job.

    1. I wanted to visit her from the start.. but then it got pushed back a little and my green card had expired lol.
      Got the US Citizenship before I went there.

    2. yes, true. i once spoke with an expat (online) and his OFW filipina was getting anxious because he wouldn’t fly to dubai to see her. i told him, “sounds like it’s time to fish or cut-bait.” go and see her or risk she begins looking elsewhere. i didn’t hear from him again so, no telling if he took the trip to dubai or decided to find one living in the PH.

  7. Reekay, my experience is this one, i accidently bumped in the the site DIA, in which i met a filipina this was back at the end of 2013, well, she wanted me to go there right away. The problem was that i couldnt, financial and work responsibilities didnt allow me, i didnt have enough time accumulated at work to take more than 1 week off, THE filipinas dont understand this, they think we all can just get on a plane right away and go there. I could lose my job and my financial obligations , and then what would i come back to if i did that as you stated make it a PRIORITY and go see her. She was a priority but not right away as she wanted. Low and behold i met up with your channel in which encouraged me to go, by that time it was 2014 late and she didnt want to wait, i was able to go there in May 2015 and she lives in dumaguete, well, she treated me like she didnt want me since we had stopped talking like 6 months prior to my arrival. So i did lose her, although i really wanted to be with her, but i just couldnt go when she wanted me to go. Long story ,,,,, theres more to it, believe me,,,,, Ben

    1. oh, i believe you. and even though your intentions were enthusiastic, as i mentioned in this case she got frustrated waiting and closed the door on that possibility. with LDR’s, that’s just how the cookie crumbles, as they say. but, fortunately, there are still several million filipinas still single and ready to mingle.

  8. I met my first Filipina through Cherry Blossoms back when they sold addresses and you continued the conversation via snail mail. When we finally met in person it was weird and wonderful, like having a first date with a friend you’ve know for years. But it was still a *first* date. I went home to get some financial matters settled and return for a longer visit. Instead things sort of blew up in my face and it was years before I could go back. I’m still embarrassed about how long I kept up the hope I would return to her. Eventually she married a local guy. I’ve thought of getting in touch but decided against it. I really do wish them the best. I can think of a half dozen ways my presence could cause problems for her and not one way it would make her life better.

  9. Reekay another great video, i met my girl online, but unlike some others i have been out to meet her and her family on more than one occasion soon to become an ex-pat myself. To all who watch and read these comments listen to my man Reekay its the straight up truth.

    1. I chatted with my Filipino girlfriend for two years and then last year I went to her twice and we got engaged. The 26 of this month I’m going to her to open a business

  10. Very good points Henry. I do believe that there are also some great reads on the other person, while in an LDR. The subtleties of how they act and or respond are very telling character traits. So for me, I have found that reading their online actions speak volumes. If every chat is just perfect, never any life problems, never hearing complaints about her daily living in some way, things like this, then you are not seeing the real person. (For instance, how her work-mate is so annoying, or how the 7-11 was out of stock on the beef asado Siopao.) Also, when you chat online, and her “sister” calls her very often…things like this. Many subtle signs to read that are very telling.

  11. Hey there, did the typhoon do any damage in your area. When these strong storms come, is it dangerous to be in a province, and should expats stick to midsized city’s like you have to be sure.

    1. what’s important is the location of the city. generally, every major typhoon will direct itself to Northern Philippines, north of Manila. it’s just how the barometric pressures affect storms coming in from the east. this is why the Visayas (central region) is so popular, it is spared by most major storms.

  12. Good video in my opinion it’s best to wait until your in the phillippiness before contacting them .if thay know we are visiting for a month there going to be on there best behaviour untill we go home. Also it’s not possible to love someone we have never met in person it’s the fantasy of the person people in a long distance relationship are in love with not the actual person.

    1. here is the link to the original video.. it’s part 1 of 3. links to the other parts are at end of the video.

    2. about 5 years ago i did a video about online-dating. and even back then i said that a person should wait until they are about a week from arriving or just arrived in-country before using the sites. once you are in the PH, you can chat a filipina at 2pm in the afternoon and meet her for dinner a few hours later. if she’s a flake, not much time lost, on to the next.

  13. What guys from the west fail to realize is filipinas, Asian woman, foreign woman in won’t commit to you if they don’t see that your serious and making moves, keeping your word. You have to let them know what your intentions are in the beginning.

    1. Keeping your word is imperative to Filipinas. If you make a promise you’d better keep it.

    2. very true. even in the little things. if you say you will go to the beach for a swim and then you don’t, it’s seen as a negative. women, in general, want a man who makes a plan and does it. “talkers” who say but don’t do is not attractive to a woman.

  14. A yes I have a situation where I met a Filipino online through Facebook Messenger and we’re chatting from time to time I’ve never met her and we just messaging for the moment haven’t even done video chat for some reason I think she had told me she’s not able to do that so we’re just chatting but I am working in the states so I’m making arrangements to go on a vacation for about a month at come to the Philippines to see her and meet her for the first time I told her that I was coming on vacation and I will let her know when I was coming to the Philippines so that’s my ldr but you’re right about what you had said in your video talking to a Filipino online and never met her so I don’t expect her to wait for me until I get there so I am making arrangements to come see her because I don’t want to waste anymore time I would like to really get to know her so that’s my situation and I feel as good as soon as I can get there the better.

  15. I can totally relate to the ofw situation. My wife was a computer programmer for 4 years in Dubai and just went back to Cebu. Best woman I have ever met and would not trade her for anybody. Good video.

    1. i would never encourage any woman to take a job in middle-eastern countries. just searching on youtube are videos of such women being beaten, abused and hoping someone will get them out of the situation. my g/f’s sister was repeatedly molested and raped while working in dubai and fortunately was able to get out. and didn’t even get paid all the salary she was owed. i understand not all hosting families are like this. but far too many of them are reported in middle-east countries. a better choice is singapore or china, i have known filipinas who had a good experience there. any filipina even thinking to work OFW should go through an agency that is recommended to her by filipinas who had a good experience through them.

    2. The OFW, have it very hard .They work a lot of them , Like the maids, long hours 8 am till 8 pm . Then want them to take care of the kids shop, and any thing else that comes up. They use them more less like slaves. Sometimes beat them and have them sleeping on the floor with out a mattress. Onely feeding them one time a day. DUBI IS ONE OF THE WORSTED! Take Care to all.

    1. 2 weeks is a good start. but i wouldn’t make any long-term commitments based on a 2-week visit.

  16. I am telling you right now, you are correct, never believe everything your told on-line. I think meeting someone on-line is cool and can lead to something serious, but don’t get serious until you meet them in person. Get to know them in person and then see how it works out. There are some great ones out there and there are some that are just scamming, and some do it for a living. But like I said, there are good ones out there and you can find one, but you have to meet them in person before you get serious.

  17. Thats true you have to meet her or him….. I been chatting for long time and its just waste my time nothing happen just bla blah its non since L DR sometimetime boring i never encounter real people they just want to play ….nothing serious but i dont know from other maybe its not my luck i dont know but you have good advice thats right good IDEAS….😊😊😊😊😊

  18. Good topic sir. Guys, you have to travel. Only in person time will show you if it is true love. The bonus to that is a vacation in a wonderful country.

  19. Listen to this man, avoid drama and trauma. My ldr before I discovered this channel was a crap storm. I fell for the girl hardcore before 6 months before I flew to Vietnam. I was blinded by love, we were already talking marriage before even meeting. She is a good girl but didn’t want kids and I do but by then I was already in too deep emotionally. We finally broke up after a year, it was sad.
    Fast forward to last summer when I discovered this channel. I followed Reekays advice and only started causally chatting Filipinas after I bought my plane ticket and had solid plans for a visit. I went there met a few, found 1 I really clicked with and enjoyed my vacation. That was 4 months ago and this Ldr is much more relaxed, it feels real. I’m taking my time to really get to know her and when I return in spring if all is good, maybe time for marriage and kids.
    Big thanks!

  20. 29:14 “Can you believe it?” You should have said, “of course I can believe it; I set it all up.”

  21. I tried two phillipenos the first one it did take me about one year to get out there to see her. The second one I got out to see her in about 7 months. But I bought the ticket 3 months before departure and showed her the ticket. It took a while to get every things worked out due to Responsibilities at home. We both agreed we be committed enough to each other to not pursue any one else or do romantically chat with others till ee got to meet in person.
    I told the truth she did not. If I know about the other two guys , I would have never went to see her. I did enjoy my visit to the Phillippenes, and meet several phillippenes people I liked.
    Very good video ,thank you for posting.
    I also went on a date here in the USA in 2015 , took a beautiful blond women to her dental appointment. We had a very good time laughing and went to dinner after.
    She ended up being a lier and cheat too.
    Good video thank you for posting. Take Care to all.

  22. Once in a While, a woman, along with her family, are in on a scam. There was a guy from Seattle who got played pretty hard. Can’t find the link, but he had three vlogs about how he found another Filipina, and a happy ending(keep your minds out of the gutter, ok?)! Anyway, my Uncle’s wife died after a long fight with cancer. After a while, he started looking for a new partner(guys with good wives usually can’t get on without one(a wife). My Filipina wife caught wind of his search, and, big surprise, already had one of her best friends in mind! 6 months of chatting, one month of “hip to hip'”, and he’s now 5 months into a K-1 wait! Personal referrals are the best path to success, IMHO! Look at what happened with your two associates! LOL!

  23. To me it comes down to the belief that words without action are meaningless. If you love then, if you think you two have a relationship… back it up, by flying out.

  24. Reekay, I am in a similar situation. I have been spending a lot of time online, skype, messanger with a lovely young Filipina with two young children. I care for her deeply and I believe she does for me as well. We have been communicating for a while. I have some medical conditions and have to have surgery soon in order to improve my ability to walk. I have a defective disc which needs to be removed and the bones fused. The operation is called a lamectamy, not sure of the correct spelling. I am also a diabetic and have to have access to insulin both here and when I visit the Philippines. I respect what you say and I do not want to hold my girlfriend/pen pal back. I know it will be hard for me to allow this and I do not want to loose her to someone else, but I think your right about allowing her to see other people because I do not know how we will interact on a long day basis. It may be different online in our own respective lives we presently live. I do not want to hold her back from pursuing happiness with someone. I think what ever is meant to be will be. If she chooses to wait for me it will then be her decision and not mine. But I hope to get well and have the opportunity to meet in person and date her to see if we truly are meant to be with one another. This is my comment.

    1. you’re a good man to recognize she should keep an open mind to other options. in the meanwhile, keep the communication open and see how it looks next year. meanwhile, if she meets someone else, that’s always been a possibility.

  25. LDR, is hard work & takes a lot of work, where you can waste years of your life, at some stage a decision needs to be made to make the move & live together

  26. This is such a pertinent topic , so very well presented Henry. I have made the trip to Cebu twice now, in response to LDR , and meeting in person brings reality, and a whole new dimension to the big picture! I am actively planning to make the big move there in the near future, and after much time, I have come to realize that devoting real time together is the only true way to develop any really meaningful relationship. You have have to take the date sites with a grain of salt, and get your ass on that plane! Hehe.

  27. Hey Reekay great video and opened my eyes to a few things about my situation. I’m doing the ldr thing with a Filipina and finally we are going to meet early next year after chatting online for nearly 2 years. Has taken me this long to save up for the trip across there so hope it’s all worth it. (Time and money!!) Like you said you don’t know the person until you meet but we get on great online so here’s hoping that we get on great in real!! Thanks

  28. Thought I would throw my situation out there. We met about 9 months ago on Filipina Cupid. Chatted on Skype almost every day for several months. In June, I flew to Cebu for a 3 week visit. Her whole family turned up at the parent’s house to throw me a birthday party, completely unexpected. It was awesome. We spent 3 weeks vacationing, and had a ball together. We still talk every day, twice a day. I’m going back in December to spend X-mas with her and her family. We are gonna look at a K-1 option this spring. I retire next year, so I can go spend some serious time with her. Taking it (kinda) slow, but your are absolutely right. If you think she is the one, you gotta go there, make the effort, meet the family, plan a life. You can’t just chat for months/years. That’s ridiculous. And you can’t know if you love someone if you don’t spend real time with them, in person.

    1. sounds like it’s coming along well! wishing the best for each of you. 🙂

  29. I have offered to take guys to PI when I was living in the States. Only about one in ten guys would ever go even if you bought them a ticket. Most guys get cold feet and just can’t pull the trigger. I have taken many a friend to the Philippines over the last 20 yrs now including family. A good video would be about culture shock guys go through when they get to PI. I have found it takes most guys about 2 weeks just to believe what they are seeing and that these girls really are interested in them. Thanks for all the good content Henry. If you are in the Davao area look me up I am on your FB friends list.

    1. i’ve met a few guys who came here and were still SO paralyzed with the fear of rejection from back home, they blew their whole 3 weeks here making only a few, half-hearted attempts to meet a filipina in person. meanwhile, so many of these women were hoping an expat might notice them and ask her out on a date.

  30. I had an LDR with a Filipina who lives in Toledo City in 2008. I chatted with her through Yahoo Messenger. She could only come online every Saturday night and after awhile we started writing letters.
    I could tell she wanted us to meet but because of my financial situation at the time I knew I couldn’t go to the Philippines. She is 8 years younger than me. Because I did not want her to wait for me I decided to end things with her. I really did want to meet her and see if it would click between us. I really hope she found someone and is happy.

  31. Great video and very insightful Henry! Much appreciated! I am involved in an LDR that is of the first type you mentioned here, and I am actually flying to Manila to meet my girlfriend in October and I’m staying for 3 weeks. Less than a month away and we’re both very excited! At that point it will have been 23 months since we first met on “Christian Dating For Free”. Due to circumstances at work I wasn’t able to get away for a long vacation until now, so we had to put off our first meeting much longer than we would have liked to have. I’ve met a fantastic Christian girl from a good family who is educated and has a pretty good job, by Filipino standards. The best part about her is her sweet, sweet heart and I feel like she’s fully disclosed everything about her life, although from what you say in this video who knows?! Either way, I’ve had a good feeling about it for a long time. It took me quite a while to actually warm up to the idea of forming a relationship with someone who was 8,000 miles away from me, but the more we talked and the more time I spent with her online, the more she shared with me about her family life, and the more time she shared with me when she was actually with her family in the provnce, the more comfortable I got with the idea. She has two teenage daughters, of which she disclosed in her profile on the dating site from the get-go, and she seems like such a great mom and such a great person that it was hard for me to resist. MUCH more depth than ANY other girl I had talked to prior to her. Thanks for the great video, once again, and all of your other videos for that matter! I’ve gotten lots of great ideas and advice from your content and honestly I don’t know that I would feel as comfortable with the whole idea of this relationship if it hadn’t been for that. Please keep up the great work sir and it would be great to actually meet you in person someday!

  32. Great words of wisdom in this video.
    I recommend that expats only start online dating about 3 months before their planned vacation to the Philippines. This avoids most of the problems described in the video.

      Nils what is the name (website) of the dental office that you go to in the Philippines? Is it in Manila? Do they perform cosmetic dentistry? Thanks

    2. And some expats will quickly learn that it is hard to avoid falling in love with the first Filipina with a sweet smile at the international arrivals terminal in the FIlipino airport. No online dating required for this… hehe

    3. i totally agree. don’t get ‘locked-down’ to one girl with months of chatting before arrival. if only chatting briefly before arrival, it’s all light. can move on if it’s just not working out, easier than if there are months of emotions invested online.

  33. Reekay, let me know if you are passing through Makati sometime. Love to have a juice or share a meal with you.

  34. Long distant relationships rarely work. The success rate also depends on the level of commitment combined with the level of investment. Stealing someone is not possible for there is no ownership. The level of friendship between to two males is also a factor for if they have been friends for 20 years I personally wouldn’t do that to a real friend but if it was a casual friendship then there is no loyalty. I personally would not have stepped in as a fourth party to give the green light for its none of my business and would only strain relations between me and the other parties. In your scenario you must have known something more then I could guess Reekay for I am sure you also follow the bro code.

    1. LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines I understand completely and followed the link to the other three vlogs for how to handle online dating sites. You are a guru Reekay and appreciate all of your insights into the Philippine culture. Regards and Respect , Erik.

    2. in a whole other situation, but related to the bro-code, among 3 other mutual friends of mine, we were all close friends who met somewhat regularly and confided in each other. Bro-1 had a breakup with his g/f of 9 months and was still very conflicted in his feelings for her. but within days of finding this out Bro-2 made a bee-line to his ex, WITHOUT first approaching Bro-1 to ask if it was cool or not, and slept with her. a serious line had been crossed. his selfishness and callousness was severe enough that the 3 of us discontinued any more association with him to this day.

    3. the key element in this situation (with the 2 guys/1 girl) was that the 2 guys were online-friends. not close friends for any length of time. that was in addition to what i already mentioned that the one guy still hadn’t even met her in person yet to establish any kind of commitment in person.

  35. Your videos are great and informative. I have not heard you mention internet speed in any of your videos.
    Some expats need high internet speed to stream videos on, say Netflix, Youtube, etc. I guess for older expats, internet speed is not important because they did not grow up with fast internet and use DVDs or Blu-Rays instead of streaming online.
    I heard that although the Philippines is recently trying to improve its internet speed, its speed is still much slower than most other Asian countries.
    So is the Philippine’s internet speed adequate for Expats who stream HD videos (at least 10MB/sec)?

  36. Again, I love your great videos. I have not heard you mention language barrier in any of them. Based on my quick search on the internet, 46 percent of Filipinos can speak English and 76 percent say they understand spoken English. When an expat dates a Filipina, how does he handle the language barrier?
    Do some expats learn Tagalog?
    When an expat lives in a region where Tagalog is not the regional language, does he have to learn 2 Filipino languages (both Tagalog and the other regional language)?

  37. Henry, another great informational video about relationships. I agree with you on this one. I have no plans to ever consider myself in a relationship with a woman if I have not spent time with her first.

  38. Waauw! Your explanations are gold!! Even if you’d explain something about the most boring subject in the world… You still got my attention 😀 Keep up the good work man! Your channel is great. Makes me want to retire in the Philippines 😀

  39. Knowing a person and really reading a person and feeling the chemistry and of course validation that everything she says she does is the truth. So true, online is a completely different situation then in person. I told my girl that I wanted to live together and see if she really wanted to look at my ugly face and hear my annoying voice everyday deal with my personality everyday. It’s truly worth it to evaluate everything you can before a big commitment. That means everything and truly get to know each other and each other’s friends and family.
    Great advice Henry as usual

  40. Great examples and so true “chat mate” is not a real relationship. The guy should never settle neither should the girl.

  41. So true Reekay I’m in Makati right now dating some girls and yeah, they have more than one thing going on, they pretend they don’t but it’s not hard to tell.
    Edit: actually a few of them don’t even pretend, they just say flat out that they spend time with quite a few expats.

  42. lmao go meet my girl and spy on her 🙂 dumbest thing ever got what he deserved sorry but he screwed up 😀

    1. it was doomed either way. if she was not a great filipina, it would have ended. turned out she was a great filipina and.. she got noticed.

  43. Even in a new marriage you dont really know some one tell you live with them same apply in LDR . She can doll up change her appearance girls do that for attention. Dont mean she not a good prospect. American friend know in American it called shit or get off the pot. No American girls go to wait LDR in the states unless she off to college sometime you get a pass.

  44. Hi Reekay thanks for your great video. I visited my gf for 2 weeks in September after a year online. We stayed with my brother (who has lived in Batangas for 8 years) and didn’t do much at all so she passed the boring test. When we met it was a bit hard for me to get used to her height (5′) but she more than makes up for it with her personality.

    She is a student and will finish her degree in April next year. I have been giving her money to her so she can continue her studies.

    When I got on the plane to come home I cried, no one has ever made me feel like that before. She says the same happened to her.

    So now she is expecting me to go back to see her graduate. I am concerned she is very patient. What if she is just playing the ‘long game’ and in April she tells me she has met someone else?

  45. Problem online sites is that girl ur chatting is probably chatting to heaps of men then u get all these fake words .which is total crap.cause theres thousands on these online dating sites!! And a large percentage of men are playing games they dont give a rats!! About the girls .and will never travel to the Philippines!! Sad fact is many of the girls are aS bad as those guys. Total waste of time unless u fluke a normal girls who is honest and genuine.

  46. so.. if you marry a Filippina and lets say you are American / Canadian Citizen. If you marry them in the Filippines, they get to go to 1st world country for free after processing some paper work? How does this work?

    1. didnt know you had a personal website for this. How long was this up for? Been watching your videos for awhile now 🙂

    2. I am from Canada. All this is very helpful to me. I plan to propose to her soon. I dont even know where i begin.. 🙁

    3. you would process her visa at the immigration department for your country. (there is no central one for all countries) one thing to keep in mind.. for the USA, the process takes LONGER if you marry her in the PH. it is faster if you wait and get a K1 Visa, then get married in the usa. but that policy may be different at your country. germany, for instance, wants fiancee’s to learn to speak german as part of the process. so.. the answer to your question is, check the online website for your country’s immigration process for a spouse or fiancee’. if it’s all seems very confusing, then definitely hire an immigration attorney to take care of it. you will need to pay him, plus any fees involved.

    4. but where do you go to process the paper so she can go to your country? Do you recommend getting a lawyer for that?

  47. We belong to the second best scenario. So blessed to have each other. The key is taking your time to know each other.

  48. I’m in one , right at this moment. We’ve been chatting, texting, video chats also. She’s in the Philippines, I’m in America. I’m going to visit her this April or May.

  49. G=Hello Henry and great words of wisdom! I met my online Filipina girlfriend through a dating site last year and since the first day, we talked on the phone, went on Skype, WhatsApp, emailed each other and texted each day. I have talked to all of her family members throughout the year and to her while she was at her job as a Nurse in Singapore. She has also spoken tp my sons and gets along great with them. She went back for the Christmas holidays to see her family and her daughter in the Philippines and will complete her contract in March so she can return permanently.
    In March I will spend time with her and her family while we are together (24/7). I plan on proposing to her in March and plan a wedding in June when I return (by the way, I am inviting you to the Wedding at Dakak Beach Resort). Yes, we are really in love and I will confirm all of this. Keep you posted!

  50. Heyreekayihaf I had a bar stroke four years ago and my wife is 24 years left me and I’ve been wanting to come and live in the Philippines and start another life I have not. A lot of money and the situation I have been put in as I cannot get there because of lack of money what do I do I really want to go there once I am there my money situation will be better because I don’t have anybody taking my money from me like I do here in the states my daughter has put me in a nursing home so she doesn’t have to deal with me since I’m still mostly an invalid but I am not giving up I really want to go there should I just give up on finding a relationship there? I appreciate your opinion thank you

  51. I met a philapina online and we will meet in June this year
    What is fastest way to get her and her daughter to Florida with a green card with out paying an attorney thousands of dollars?

  52. The key to staying together here in the states is to stay away from each other.

  53. Looks like everyone is sharing stories so here is mine. I met a girl on line ( may 2018)actually the first one lol, I didn’t stop there I talked to a lot of them but something about that one I stayed in touch come October I flew there we met lived together and traveled together had good times and trials which she passed with flying colors ,I could never meet a girl like this in usa.currently.i am planing a 2 nd trip and looking for a future together wish us luck.

  54. Hey Reekay, Excellent topic, I agree with you on all points. Especially online dating. In this vlog and mentioned in a past vlog recommending to check out online profiles prior to arrival in PI. Not knowing when I will be in PI kept me at bay avoiding an online chatting relationship.

    I took your advice and just checked out profiles keeping chatting at a minimum. I didn’t want to give false hope to the Pinays. I didn’t want to be “THAT GUY” that locks down a Filipina online. Preventing her from having opportunities with potential partners that are physically in PI “boots on the ground”. Definitely unfair for the Filipinas putting their lives on hold for a guy that has no clear plan when he will meet his Filipina in person. Even worse for the older Filipina wanting to conceive a baby and build a family. For her, time is of the essence and quickly slipping away.

    You said it best. Online dating is our connection meeting Pinays, and unfortunately has many pitfalls. Very difficult to determine ‘who is sincere” and “fake profiles” (But I notice the clues). Recently, I set up my profile with DIA and Filipino Cupid. I was unaware or (Not paying attention) the sites will post my income level and incredibly my profile views soared upward. I realized my error and changed the settings to “No Answer” or something witty like “No Worries! Instantly, my views on both sites dropped like a rock lol! It makes me question, are there any legitimate honest Pinays out there…I guess, for women income/high income are desired, as well with men big boobs and sexy body are desired…both are superficial.

  55. I am using dating app almost 2 years! i chat a guy from australia , i think we like each other, he said i’ll wait 7 months, after 3 month , chatting i feel I was “really” in love with him, I said he came here Philippines (to find out if he was serious about me), he called me a scammer and I never ask for money or material and he didn’t give me any money. …🤫
    I was even more hurt because he said that pinay scam !?🥵
    And all pinay is scammer🤒
    Even no money intervened..:-(😥
    And the other one is american🤦🏽‍♂️ man i notice ,they very horny, not good also, some of them just want @fun,meaning they ask @something i can’t do it and @cam..i’m not crazy OMG…😒🙄
    When they want to play,meaning have @FUN, I also play their games I say when you ask for nudes I ask for money ..
    Then they say the Filipinas look like money, in the dating app ..OMG😂
    foreigners don’t like us anymore, they prefer thai girls maybe, it’s better if they nt look pilipina.. 🙏

    I hope my english is not terrible..

  56. Great video, exactly a working Filipina abroad is way better chances it will work out.
    Not like having a Filipina to support that doesn’t work and is in need.

  57. My advise is when you first meet a girl online and they ask you to send them money for any reason, hang up delete and block them. They are love scammers..
    Never send money unless you travel there meet them and their family and friends.
    Also if a guy doesn’t fly to go meet the woman within 6 months is not serious enough about the woman in the first place. Time to move on the both of them.

  58. 6 years ago after meeting this beautiful Filipina girl on pina love dating site and after 4 months falling in love with one another (haha) I found out by her own brother that her sister meets men like me for the money and has no intention of getting married and living in another country. I was devastated and heart broken. She did admit and confess what her brother said was true. The beautiful pics of her in a real nice home was all fake and were taken in the apartments and condos of the many men she was with that visited her at different times in the year. She actually was raised and lived in a shit hole tin roof shack way out of cebu into the province. ( I went there with her during my short stay there) her mother in Tagalog told me her loving daughter was the bread winner in the family of 10 siblings with mom and her dad and smiled proudly telling me that. ( yes her family knew she was a hooker and scammer) her brother told me that also. So Reekey, everything you said here is true and wished I’d seen this video years ago. We live and learn the hard way don’t we. Well I’ve wised up since then and have taken on a whole new concept and way of thinking.

  59. Hi Reekay. Love you show I’ve learned so much from you I’m in a ldr relationship it will be one year in August I bought my ticket to go meet her in November of last year. I was supposed to be there in March of this year but it didn’t happen cuz of covid-19 . A little background about me I’m 62 years old and she’s 27 we met on Facebook do a mutual friend a friend that lives in siargao Island i surf with which I didn’t know at that time she friended me she was pretty and I accepted. That was back in August of last year well on messenger you know they say say hi to your new friend so I did I said hi we have not stopped chatting ever since lots of times twice a day while she was working in Hong Kong as a OFW I was telling her how I’m going to retire next year which is this year and I did already retired in April how about I want to move to the Philippines start farming and building surfboard and showing people how to build surfboards I’m going to be looking for a building to lease she said she had a building that I might be considered to lease on the same island where my friend is in siargao is where I want to be well I feel like I hit the jackpot I feel like maybe the building might come with a girlfriend well it does he’s my girlfriend now she got there in February just in fun at the covid-19 lockdown and I did do that I asked a friend to meet her to see what she was really about and he said she’s a keeper and I found out that he’s engaged to her cousin and that’s how she found me on Facebook Reekay I did break one of your rules I knew there was going to be a problem for people there to earn money since it is a tourist Island I told to start a vegetable garden in your backyard she can sell the vegetables or she did cuz now she’s stuck there in the Philippines and can return to Hong Kong to earn money so I took a leap of faith and told her let’s start a big farm well we did now we have two farms and I do send her money to support the Farms like fertilizer rent a tractor everybody Pig since I’m growing cassava in sweet potatoes we can mix that with the pig food now we’re going to have a pig farm to her siblings helped us work the pig farm in the two Farms what are pig farms only one Pig but she’s pregnant well I told her my dreams retirement just making it happen for me some of my friends say or what happens if you get there and she keeps the farms for herself in the pigs yeah that could be a possibility but I don’t believe it will happen and plus I don’t care about the money I would help her anyways cuz she’s such a hard worker she gets in the dirt she pulls weeds she plants she’s a true Island Girl I call her my Island Girl dad just giving her money I’m showing her how to earn money and manage finances in the budget very much she sends me to finance and budget report your father’s been a great support the siblings that help us on the farm I give them a profit share and they’re all top of their class in school I want them to finish their education but they’re so proud to be farmers and I’ll be able to pay for their own education I feel so blessed to help this family I love you show keep the good work up bye for now

    1. your situation is the best. having a connection and consistent character from her, it looks like things could very well turn out nicely for the both of you. wishing you all the best in your future together.

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