Big News: Philippines Immigration Changes On The Way

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  1. FAQ’s:
    “can i use any PH embassy/consulate?”… you can use whichever PH embassy or consulate is nearest you. whether you are currently located in your home-country or currently living abroad.

    here is a list of embassies and consulates available in the usa. “hopefully” at some point this process will become available online, but for now it is still in the process of becoming law.
    PH Embassies in the USA..
    PH Consulates in the USA..

    “can my Filipina Wife & I still enter the PH on the Balikbayan visa together?”… yes. no changes there.

    “can i enter the PH if my Filipina wife is not present with me?”… yes, but you will need a 9(A) visa before you fly. (from PH embassy/consulate)

    “is vaccination required with the new visas?”… currently vaccination is not a requirement and it is not covered in the proposed bill.

    “will an eVisa be available to avoid a trip to the embassy?”… it would make sense to do this, but no plans for an eVisa have been divulged yet.”

    “what about K1 Visa processing, is there a service available online for the PH?”… yes, you can send them an inquiry here,

    “will we still need an ongoing-ticket?”… this has not yet been determined.

    “will we still be able to extend for up to 36-months”… this has not yet been determined.

    “what are the fees for the various visas?”… this has not yet been determined.

    “what are the financial sustainability requirement amounts?”… this has not yet been determined.

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  2. For a Visa, how much monthly income do I need to be making. And, what kind of balance do I need to have in my Bank Account? Can you give me a direction. Thank you.

  3. OK, hold on a minute. I’m traveling with my Filipina wife next week as a balikbayan coming from the US. Are they saying now I need to obtain a visa before we depart? Am I missing something here?

  4. I don’t like what they are planning to do, it’s total garbage. It’s too much hassle and fatigue and especially if I end up with some girl in the PH that’s a scammer or a cheater or liar, I’d be really upset after going through all this hassle. I think I’m going to change my mind about the PH. I’ve already been there twice and I think I’ll steer my sails for more friendly waters. Thanks for keeping us in the loop, and sorry you had to hear me rant like this.

  5. How about if Im in Vietnam wanting to go to Philippines. If I am a US citizen do I have to go back to USA to get a visa or can I get it in Vietnam at the consulate there?

  6. When ever a government says an agenda is for our ‘safety’, it is about CONTROL

  7. Thanks for the info! Sorry if this was covered and I missed it…but has there been any change to the max time one can extend a tourist visa? I believe it is currently at 3 years?

  8. I can see it now! Everyone throwing their arms up yelling bloody murder because people had it to easy for so long. Anyone with issues or criminal convictions wanting to escape to the PH or any country for that matter to avoid being locked up will complain which is the usual thing. The majority of people who are honest and sincere will be ok with it and the PH like other countries are falling inline with most of the worlds countries. The US has a financial requirement upon entry that you demonstrate your financial means and show that at the border when the officer asks you about it, yet US Citizens complain about the new PH requirements of entry that the US already have in place. Really? It’s a welcome move and it should have been done years ago. The rule applies as part of life. Do the right thing, be honest and true and you won’t have an issue and you’ll be flying to the PH with a smile on your face. This will separate the good, the bad and the ugly and it’s about time. If you lie, cheat, make a false declaration you will get caught. At the end of the day, no country want’s to carry your ass on a free financial open book during your stay and run a tab. Would you? Have a complete stranger turn up at your front door and ask you to run them a tab during their vacation stay and not pay the tab at the end? Think about it!

  9. Thank you Henry, very very much,.. this is awesome updated information! Best wishes ❤

  10. Shifting foreigner visa workload to country of origin? That may slow entries. Without online capability or capacity, that too will slow entries. These changes suggests a greater priority for nationals and family members entry. What will. If any, be unintended consequences?

  11. This corona bulls.. put a total stop to my (and same for expat friends in Asia) lifestyle of flying anywhere and everywhere from Taiwan and/or the US with my US passport since the 80s. The days of whimsically choosing a route to and from S. Africa from LA, let’s see should I fly via Brazil to JNB, stay as long as makes sense, then fly back to Taipei via SQ, BKK, MNL or KL depending on the price of the ticket and schedule, terms etc. Or maybe take the Euro route, hmm cheap tickets thru Heathrow, Malpensa or Charles DeGaulle, we will never get to live like that any more. I’ll never have a passport with around 500 entry/exit stamps again. Only air crew will have this and they experience virtually nothing, it’s not remotely the same. Really a true bummer, bleak as hell. Then visa runs from Taiwan, just go to CKS airport and fly to BKK CNX Bali or MNL that’s over. What a total drag, a downer, writing this comment just makes it too real to get my head around. Feels like somebody died or a prison sentence. I detest China, rich and complete, the sh…they did to our world.

  12. Believe that when I see it.. There will be a new government next year and that will put everything on the back burner.. If true it will take years

  13. The applying for a visa before departure is nothing new. I was doing that 29 years ago. you could always get the 59 day visa from the consulate, and if requested it would be a multiple entry good for 1 year. So even with that, you would have to extend every 59 days for the year, or leave the country for a day and come back in restarting the 59 days. I used to go to the consulate in Houston.

  14. It’s becoming more like Thailand re: income verification. Won’t be nearly as easy to stay long term for many lower income foreigners or for foreigners without filipina marriage or filipina children.
    Bug nuisance for expats in Thailand as they will need to go to bkk before they fly as that is the only ph govt rep in the country. Presently income requirement in Thailand is a little under $25000 in a saving ac or a monthly income wired to a Thai bank monthly in the amount of $2000 approx.

  15. One other thing on that 9A visa. That IATF statement about the EED not being required. My understanding is If you have an existing 9A that is still valid, but does not have the statement, you must use nearest consulate/embassy to obtain a new 9A visa issued after Aug 1 that has the statement on it. They always add a ringer to any improvement to cause the two steps back before you take the one step forward.

  16. Section 58 appears to say that a Tourist (pleasure) visa will be limited to 90 days (59 + one 31 day extension). If this is the case, then huge changes are afoot for Tourists who live here long term.

  17. Thanks for the heads Up ! Most importantly, you explain the finer points very well ! I hope they institute a online Visa, that would help ease the pain, also on another vlog it was mentioned the Srrv retirement Visa was under a separate law, so let’s hope they don’t ” Jack” with that ! Cos, if your 50yrs or more and have the income the retirement Visa is the best option to stay long term, especially if they do away with the extensions past 59 days ? To me that’s losing alot of money for the Philippines and this will cause many people to find another place to vacation or retire !!

  18. Yes It should be online if they want it modern. No way would I travel 1000 miles to SANFRANCISCO. Just for a holiday there. Not like there is a consulate near many people.

  19. what about the 3 yr limit to extend
    to stay????
    currrently im on ssi/ssdi $900 a month….exoect increase to maybe over $1200 from usa givt increase signifixant raise exoecred dec ish,,,but is $900 enough to b allowed in or am i
    undeserable in ph govt eyes,???
    im panic now……

  20. Reekay, you have been away from the US for too long… this will NOT have a “flood” of people rushing to the local Philippines Embassy, it will have the opposite effect!! Most tourists travel to countries with the simpliest access… Central America, Europe and formally the Philippines, made the Phils a popular vacation destination. Also, do you research, the requirement have not yet changed on income for foreigners seeking “long-term” visas as a spouse is still P300,000 per year

  21. Been going there for 19 yrs and always told people how I felt so much freedom there. Part of that was less red tape and regulations. Just hop on a plane with your passport and stay a month or 3 years. Really curious what there income requirements will be. I mean i know some guys who have a girl with a large property , paid for house, car and motorcycle in the province. They fish in nearby river, huge garden and lots of fruit trees, chickens. They can actually live there and have a good life for 600 bucks a month. So is the government gonna say that’s not enough? Show us the money. The direction it is going , with more rules and barriers is a bit scary. Lot of people left Thailand because of that and didn’t qualify or couldn’t fork out thousands for a visa. Time will tell , but I still love the Philippines

  22. Is there a Sandbox? How about an Elite Superiority Top Class visa for superb applicants?

  23. This is just a revenue raising exercise. E visa will be online (If the site works) and probably $20

  24. Their system is to backwards. I doubt that will happen. They been saying that for years. They don’t want to kill their tourism anymore.

  25. Hey Reekay, I work at a university in China and one of the main reasons that I want to come to the Philippines is for some very serious dental work. There’s a dentist in Manila who has specialized training that only a few dentists in the world have. I can’t find the requirements and instructions for obtaining this visa. Any suggestions ?

  26. I see these Philippine legislators have had way too much time on their hands during the pandemic. These changes are going to limit and/or reduce travel to the Phils, not something that will help jump start their economy, but confusion and chaos has always been the hallmark of Philippine politics. The good news is that Philippine travelers won’t have to worry about these changes as the Philippine borders won’t be open for tourism for many, many months. Hopefully, these officious politicians will come to their senses in the meantime.

  27. Thanks for the info Reekay. There is another aspect to this. All the SSI (Supplemental Security Income) (Not to be confused with SS or SSDI) guys might get stopped in their tracks. According to US government guidelines, individuals collecting SSI are not allowed to live in foreign countries. Once the SSI guys that are currently living in the Philippines (illegally) go back to the US,

    That’s it! No returning to the Philippines.

  28. ? This is going to be a disaster. We’ve been trying to get a philippine passport for the last six months can’t even get an appointment how are they going to handle thousands and thousands of visa request. it’s going to be a disaster.

  29. I think they will have a visa on line….It worked for Vietnam and Thailand …It would be cheaper for the PI and faster…

  30. You might have missed that no tourist visa is extendable beyond 90 days. So a 59 day initial, then a possible 31 day extension, and then you leave.
    Sec. 58. Visa Validity Period. —A single-entry non-immigrant or immigrant visa
    Issued by a Consular Officer abroad pursuant to Sec. 56 of this Act shall be valid for a
    period not exceeding three (3) months: Provided, That In prescribing the validity
    period of a single-entry non-immigrant visa, the Consular Officer may allow a longer
    validity period based on reciprocity as accorded by the foreign country to citizens of
    the Philippines who are within a similar class.
    There goes the 3 year tourist stay, I guess. The Thailand model.

  31. Could you please publish a link to the source of your information?
    I like to read the original government document. Thank you.

  32. Will we be able to extend our 59 day visa? Im getting married planned to be there for 4 monthes.

  33. Think I’ll get a boat and when I want a woman I’ll just take my boat to shore get one and go back out to see who needs this government telling you what to do I don’t need any government telling me crap. Live on aBoat and leave when you want.

  34. I wonder whether you will still be able to stay for 3 years, without having to exit, on the new tourist visa. Perhaps – like most countries – if you enter on a tourist visa you will be required to exit after the 59 days, the Philippines is rare in that you can stay for up to 3 years on a tourist visa. I am certain you will be able to get the visa online – that is how all countries are doing it these days as it reduces admin and processing costs/time.

  35. So after we get the communists out of power here, we should get them out of power in the Philippines.
    Plexiglass behind the motorcycle driver.

  36. Thanks for the info Reekay.. Need a bit more info on the SRRV if possible.. maybe no changes to that?? It seems that the SRRV is a more stable way to obtain your visa…correct me if I am wrong.

  37. Got a feeling they BIA is putting an end to those who do a visa run out of the PH just to return on a new tourist visa.

  38. There is no wording in Senate bill 1649 that says anything about removing the 30 day visa waiver program administered by the DFA. It is a reclassification of visas only. The visa waiver program was setup under executive order 408 in 1960 for purposes of tourism. Senate bill 1649 cannot overrule an executive order unless 2/3rds of the congress votes to do so or a current sitting president of the Philippines issues a new executive order to amend a previous one. Nothing in the current immigration overhaul bill mentions anything about changing the 30 day visa free program. They would need another bill specifying the desire to change that program which such language is not present in the new immigration overhaul bill. It mentions new classification of visas such as a 9a visa being changed to a A2 visa for tourism but the initial 59 period is the same as is current if one to were apply for a 9a visa. There are 151 countries that are considered non restricted countries that can avail the visa waiver program. This is why in senate bill 1649 it specifically says a visa IF REQUIRED as well as the multilateral and bilateral agreements already in place which also constitute what Philippine executive order 408 specifies for tourism purposes. I want to reiterate there is absolutely no language in senate bill 1649 that mentions overturning executive order 408 nor changing the visa waiver program administered by the DFA.

  39. Retirement Visa Provisions…NONE…not even administrative openings…which means either there is a two part process…or not any initial thought for retirement visas. The structure is definitely comprehensive…so the ommission would appear purposeful. No retirement visa would be a disinct move away from countries like Thailand and Malaysia…and towards countries like VIETNAM…and lets see…what other country? DOOOOOOOOOOOOH! Golden Stars foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 😛

  40. So they took and Old law that works and reorganized it into a complex series of laws that will kill tourism. Give those assholes a raise they deserve it.

  41. I don’t see PH opening anytime soon so not getting too excited just yet.

  42. Bill’s author….SENATOR CHRISTOPHER LAWRENCE “BONG” T. GO…good government people. 😉

  43. Some interesting grounds for exclusion from entry…should make for some fun conversations with the officer of the day… Moral Grounds 1. Those coming to the Philippines to practice polygamy or who advocate the practice of polygamy unless the person’s religion allows such practices; 2. Those who are pedophiles, sexual perverts, or those coming to the
    Philippines for immoral purposes; 3. Those who are engaged or who seek to engage In prostitution or to procure or attempt to procure prostitutes, or who receives In whole or in part the proceeds of prostitution; 4. Those who, at the time of primary Inspection, by the Immigration Officer exhibit any obnoxious behavior, contempt or disrespect for the said
    officer or any government official or employee of the Bureau; STILLLLLLLLLLL more FUN in the Philippines!!!!!!

  44. That just killed Philippines tourism what are they thinking people will just go countries with bisa on arrival

  45. Nice income for the PI Embassies that will sell visas to all. I just hope that the process for pleasure visa can be done online like many countries in Asean do. After watching I realise that it is going to be a red tape horror . No more buing a ticket from Vietnam or Thailand or Malaysia to PI a week before the trip for a short visit. Certainly not a pleasure improvement and will cause to have less short time visitors.

  46. Can we extend up to 3 years as before on tourist visa? What are the financial requirements?

  47. What about after 59 day’s can you renew there? How long? Is that 3 year thing out of the question?

  48. Thank you Reekay, good job! Is there anything said about Visa Exemption Countries (i.e. EU Schengen area)? Mostly Countries where the tourists come from?

  49. Another ill thoughtout idea that will probably die a death when tourism comes back in 2023

  50. Americans should be allowed free entry, we actually ousted the Japanese in 1945,took over,
    then gav e the country vack to filipinos. On our own dime!
    Now, the govnt. wants to “micro-manage entry for U.S. citizens? Charge, Charge,Charge! More money,
    more policies, regulations, more profit, less Americans

  51. So a tourist planning a stay of 30 days or less cant enter the Philippines with a passport?

  52. The financial responsibility make sense, but for those offended by it, keep in mind the USA has done that to Filipinos going there regardless of visa, financial means and proof of medical insurance

  53. More pay for our men……..One day Filipinas might see equality there. It seemed to me that it was the women who were more responsible & looking after the family & paying the bills while the men were drinking beer, playing cards & singing karaoke. Not criticizing but the mindset does need to change to a fairer system before it can call itself equal.

  54. Won’t happen, every country that wants tourism has visa on arrival. It will quickly be amended.

  55. So,whats the hitch paying for a 59 day liesure visa, bessdes paying the government, travel cost of
    going to consulate?
    This is awful, another type of extortion.

  56. Well, I guess the continued lock downs will allow for the additional time needed to get all the required documentation together, renew a passport, get everything cleared and request the needed visa. I guess holding off on retirement will at least put more into savings as well as cover the additional costs the new processes will require. Especially for those who don’t have an embassy or consulate nearby.
    Thanks for the update. Stay safe and take care.

  57. Maybe this finally is encouraging & proactive news for many. The old system were rather basic & simplistic in a way yet challenging (confusing) as individual offices never seem to do things the same way at BI, LTO, etc. ,etc. Change is never easy for organizations & hopefully this won’t be a lot more red tape that may just happen.

  58. You did not say what the financial requirement is to stay in Philippines and you did not mention once you get a 59 day visa what is required to extend it…..
    Do I need to go to the Philippine embassy for that info ???

  59. Because there is way to check under there long list of countries you come from , it will tell you yes or no

    You are allowed to enter the Philippines without a visa for a period of stay of thirty (30) days or less provided that you meet all of the requirements below:
    If you are traveling to the Philippines for business or tourism; and
    You hold valid tickets for your return to port of origin or next port of destination; and
    Your passport is valid at least six (6) months beyond the contemplated period of stay
    You are not subject of deportation/blacklist order of the Department and the Bureau of Immigration

    So yes you can stay for 30 days since Ricky never cares to answer nobody’s questions!

  60. I believe they are doing this at the Behest of the US Government to prevent a big exodus from the USA to the PH when SHTF! They don’t have any problems with people coming into the USA illegally, but they certainly want to keep their tax slaves from leaving in mass.

  61. It is near Impossible to get a appointment at Philippines Consulate in L.A.
    I hope they do everything online or this is going to be a disaster of Epic proportions …
    My wife has been trying to get a appt at both L.A. and San Francisco Consulate since January. She was born in Laguna. She still hasn’t been able to secure a appt. They caught Hackers stealing the appt times and selling them to desperate folks.

  62. Brother Reekay, this is excellent and very much valuable information. My question is will these embassies/consulates require the ex-pat requesting a pleasure visa to produce a valid roundtrip bonafide 59-day airline ticket along with financial documents to be awarded the pleasure visa or any other category Philippine visa? Your response would be highly appreciated.” Thanks!!!!

  63. I am now in the USA, I have a 13A permanent residence card still valid, can I enter the Philippines at will?

  64. Thanks for the info Reekay, in 2019 I went to Ph, and in the ph consulate In Vancouver they asked me for financial statements. My plans is to move to Philipine to retired there, I wonder if I need to buy return airfare ticket.

  65. This change with the new way of getting a visa to enter the philippines will hurt tourism big time

  66. I have not seen my Fiance in a year and a half. Manila is going back to ECQ …we should have K-1 approval very soon …but the embassy is way behind on Visas….and are going to slow down even more.

  67. I can understand having a source of income to show them if you’re coming there to retire or live there but just coming on a 59 -day Visa they want to see income that’s crazy.

  68. Plus $80-100 fee for processing probably, a more help to the Philippines Treasury.

  69. I truly appreciate your understanding and information regarding the upcoming changes in the Philippines as it relates to the BI.
    I feel that you actually research before you speak on camera.
    Hopefully these changes will occur soon and us here in the states (wa.) Can return to the Philippines and enjoy our lives there. Thank you.


  71. A certain requirement will be a “vaccine passport” to enter the Philippines.

  72. Henry,

    That was a lot of Info.

    Thank you for taking the time to first digest, and then Communist everything to the rest of us.

    I can only pray they have a consulate here in Massachusetts.

  73. What does fillipina spouse mean with phillipeans imigration, meaning must the marriage have to take place in the Philippines??
    Do they recognize a marriage to a fillipina citzen from EU or USA

  74. Thanks g..keep us updated. Been stuck in America 15 months trying to get to my gf. Wanna relocate there im retired firefighter with great income. In LDR for two years .wirh awesome sweet filipina. We chat for many hours ever single tight with entire family . Help um all to survive has been my honor and privilege and blessings.

  75. Well I am taking myself off of the waiting list. Malaysia and Mexico are looking far better for me.

  76. Reekey I live in Arizona and I plan on retiring there in the Philippines. I was wondering if they will have a category of 6 months for the initial visa and then extending once in country.

  77. Well, with only 11 consulates in the Continental US, they better have everything doable online or they’re going to lose the entire casual tourism business from the U.S. No one, without a deep commitment is going to travel several states away in order to get a visa to see the Philippines. I’m sure the same situation exists in most other countries.

  78. I just read the Senate bill on this subject. Henry is correct. Visa on Arrival is gone. The days of living here on a tourist visa as a Cheap Charlie are in the past.
    If you have a family here and have been using the 9a it is time to convert to permanent residency.
    No mention of returning to the income requirements for a spousal visa (13a) .
    If you can’t afford to purchase the SRRV then you might not be able to afford to live here. There are no indigent programs here, except deportation.

  79. We’ll if it’s a modernization bill then I gotta assume it’s will be online and u won’t have to visit a consultant, mail anything or wait in line or do paperwork. So in all likely it will all be done online. Seems reasonable to me if your gonna get 59 days right off the bat so I don’t have an issue with it just curious to see how they will handle extensions and hopefully they’ll be able to do that online as well as they’ll have your info already so u won’t have to go to immigration anymore to keep extending and will be able to do so online. But we’ll wait and see what happens. In terms of proof of income I can’t imagine it will be very high so those in fixed lower incomes should need not worry. The PH will need as many visitors as it can get to help jumpstart its economy so I doubt they’ll be setting the income bar very high as they’ll take any tourists willing to come and spend some money .

  80. Reekay, I don’t actually find a press release with the details you are presenting. How can these be issued last week and not actually hit papers and newscasts. Strike anyone as just a weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh bit strange? Certainly newsworthy for every local on my Team. Can you link us directly to these details you reviewed…or what is the source. Your facts are always the best…thanks.

  81. Hi Reekay, a lot of great info ? I am an American with a long term visa in Thailand, so can I secure a visa for the Philippines in BKK?

  82. * i wonder what they will want as a minimum income ? from SS , or otherwise .. ?
    salamat po …

  83. Pleasure visa??? sounds sleazy..

    Also they better get rid of the stupid throw away ticket…

  84. @9:50 – I believe the correct terminology is “visa exempt” (a.k.a. visa exempt stamp) yielding a 30 day entry stamp (i.e. rubber stamp w/ date of required exit). vs “visa on arrival” which is an actual visa, a sticker, that gets placed into your passport (e.g. option when we entered Vietnam). for VN, many get a Visa ahead of time to enter Vietnam but the other option is to have the “letter” and cash (in USD or VND if I recall). Much of these “new” procedures are simply what other countries have in place. Allowing entry without Visas is leaving money on the table. Hope the PH can manage and distribute the additional revenue appropriately. …I think these words are mistakenly used similar to “International Drivers License” — there is no such thing it is an International Driving *Permit*…

  85. Phillipines will be come extremely bank rupt with all these controll. China will own the Phillipines in the next 2 to 3 years. . Thus is a plan .u got to be over 50 year old . To retire in the Phillipines. Too. So that will have a lot of expat leaving Phillipines.

  86. Hi Reekay … Thanks for the updates. Very Helpful ..The past three times I have flown to the Philippines I used the visa that was included in my passport . No hassle .. This built in Visa may of been the confusion why some expats claimed they never needed a visa .Maybe I am wording it wrong. But the passports I have had to include the one I still have has a section inside of it that is listed as a Visa ..When I landed in the Philippines in the past I presented my passport with the visa that was a part of the same booklet as my passport I was granted permission to enter the Philippines on all three times.. I extended my stay each of the three times at BI . So it seems those days are over . The closest city where I could go to file for a Philippine Visa is Chicago . I live in Fargo ND.. I am hoping that we can apply online to get the visa or have a travel agent help out. Flying to Chicago setting up an appointment etc will get costly, timely and be a big hassle. The Philippines is going to hurt their tourist industry. My fiancée lives in in Cebu so I must fined a way to comply . If I did not have a fiancée living in the Philippines my trips there would be over.. I am tired of the hassle . Once this is accomplished there is still more work to do as I intend to bring her here on a k-1 ..Time Money ..Take Care Reekay ..Hope to see you again one day in Cebu . From Neri & Wes

  87. What if one is in a third country? Can one still apply for a visit? Also for a visit will one have to show financial responsibility?

  88. Thanks for the updates Reekay – great content! Alot of moving parts here…how we looking for opening Dec 2021 now? Tick Tock as always. More to come for sure…they are going to want to get on the Retirement Visa Upgrade Gravey Train now that they have squeezed a real reason for the Retirement Visa. I pray they keep affordable options for our Vets at least – the rest of us are probably going to find comparable costs to other Asian destinations. I’ m not sure how long we thought they were going to watch Youtubers celebrate easiest stop in Asia without some reaction. Enjoy your time home.

  89. This is great news Henry, i have my drivers license and ticket ready to go! Whoohoo!

  90. I know it’s not a popular opinion, but I’m all for some countries making it more difficult / expensive to enter.

  91. I’m thinking less of visiting now. I’m in Vermont I just looked up my nearest consulate 5th avenue New York city that’s a 5 hour drive one way never mind trying to find a parking spot lol, looks like the Philippines will be getting less $$$ from there new policies

  92. ☆☆☆
    In the Phillipines:
    SECTION 4.
    Effective 25 August 2021 ,

    only vaccinated persons , upon presentation of their vaccination cards , shall be allowed to enter public and private markets including department stores , supermarkets , grocery stores , and convenience stores

  93. Thank you the information it was very well explained and very informative.greatly appreciated

  94. This doesnt make a lot of sense for me as i’m Australian working in Korea – i think you are suggesting i need to go back to Australia (home country )
    to get a visa then go to philippines…. if at the nearest Philippine Embassy then okay

  95. SRRV long term retirement visa has always had an income sustainability requirement, not sure if your comments directed toward this issue affect the many foreigners who just extend stays and then do the one day country departure?

  96. Good info but it’s looking like everything’s going back to lock downs the PI may never open up again.

  97. Thanks for you the update Reekay – this is definitely big news – first heard about it here! Guys needs to start preparing now.

  98. Thanks Henry, what about the Ex-pat that have been living in the Philippines continuously about our border run out of country and back in? What it we just want to take a few day trip out of country like a vacation and come back in?

  99. so ….. an American or Canadian living in Thailand — can not apply for ” Pleasure Visa ” in Bangkok ?

  100. Ok im just a tad confused im married to a filipina we are both here in the states we are traveling to the Philippines in November to visit family do I still need a 9a visa for that trip ?

  101. I wouldn’t go anywhere near the Philippines. Crazy Rodrigo Duterte says unvaccinated should be detained. Been talking forced vaccines. Saying people should just die if unvaccinated . …….. sounds like those in the Philippines are about to have a bad year. Besides. Who wants to breath carbon dioxide and pathogens masking up.

    Al the other stuff is irrelevant in comparison. Dealing with nut cases is not something I run too.

  102. My social security will be about $2,500 a month so I hope they will accept me?

  103. I knew change was coming haven’t seen my wife in 2 years hope to see her next year

  104. Great job Reekay…. You do such a great job explaining the ins and outs of traveling abroad…

  105. Great content as usual….. You do a more thorough job explaining then actual Filipinos on Youtube…. Maybe you should be a International Liaison for the Philippines….? I have found so much of the Philippines policy to be a mess and source of high blood pressure…. ha ha or maybe i should put more soy sauce on my Chicken Adobo… ha ha

  106. Have you heard any news about the Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV)? Earlier this year they bumped up the age requirement to 50 and older. It used to be available to those as young as 35.

  107. Reekay thank you. I am Australian citizen passport holder, do you know how long/duration the pleasure visa is for ? Thank you for your information.

  108. Wow that will knock out a lot of guys from the USA I don’t think the Philippines believe that you can “live like a King on $500 a month” lol

  109. So a vacationer on a tourist visa coming for 2 weeks will have to show proof of income and will have to get a visa before arrival? Won’t that kill tourism?

  110. Reekay once we’re in the Philippines will we be able to stay 3 years before we have to leave then go to say vietnam for 24 hrs. Then come back to the Philippines?

  111. Interesting Development, I believe they removed the Visa upon arrival because it allowed more people to come to the country as well as money reasons, Although I did hear something some year or two ago Duterte wanted to remove it because some countries like the US did not offer the same to the Philippines

  112. That’s a huge buzz kill, I need to drive 86 miles to the Embassy and another 86 miles back.. Thailand is started to look a lot better…..

  113. So even if the USA is a visa free country, I need a 9A visa just to visit? Or is that for immigration only?

  114. Do you know if the option to regularly extend the visa up to the 3 year mark will still be an option or has that now been torpedoed?

  115. “9a visa, some people call that the spousal visa”. 13a is the “spousal visa”. 9a is the “tourist visa”.

  116. Reekay is it possible being the spouse of a filipina to still enter philippines on a balikbayan visa?

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