Big News Update: Philippines Is Willing To Re-Open Their Economy

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  2. I realize that they need $.
    But I don’t want anyone to get sick.
    I wish them good luck.

  3. Inbound international flights must be the solution. Let them come in. Soon please!๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  4. i have a different theory about what may happen worldwide, city areas will be closed of to province country areas allowing many deaths in city’s and little deaths in provinces until it becomes under control .This way may be the only way if a working vaccine is not found , i would move onto an island away from the city this thing is growing by the day.Opening things up will help the economy but more older people will die, if your in the older bracket head for the provinces with family or friends.

  5. If, as has been stated, that immunity after contracting the virus only lasts 4 to 6 months, then there will not be herd immunity and it will be something that we have to live with like influenza. So getting the economy moving again in the Philippines and elsewhere is the best action. Social distancing and regular hand washing is something that is going to be the new norm. The handshake has gone forever.

  6. The Philippines will just have to be prepared for an even higher spike in cases. Targeted lockdown going forward. Just look at the USA.

  7. Okay. They open the hotels and resorts. You still need tourists entering the country to fill those hotels and resorts and spend their hard-earned money to create and sustain jobs for the people. Plus…you need Expat pension money injected into local economies to create steady ‘money velocity’ so that economies can recover and return to normalcy. Gotta have both short-term tourists and long-term Expat money –now!

    1. currently (July/2020)… only PH citizens and spouses of citizens may enter the PH. no tourist-entry visas are being granted.

  8. I enjoy your material Brother ๐Ÿ‘Œ
    Was just a matter of time William from Philly ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  9. Henry, It’s NOT about herd immunity, and FOR SURE I think masks and social distancing are a great thing, BUT common sense, people will starve, economies will crater.. so it’s time.. it’s time for Americans to come back.. for tourism to open.. for getting the economy going again.
    Curt in Vegas.. your meet up friend from Buffalo Wild Wings HCMC Vietnam..

    1. hey curtis! always good to hear from you. as for the opening of the economy, the Palace is all for it, but now Duterte (2 days after the announcement from the palace) said he wants to wait until December and only ‘if’ there is a vaccine available. major setback, again.

  10. wow im impressed with the knowledge on this board regarding Covid. People in the United States are like sheep on a nose ring. They don’t question the veracity of propaganda coming out of the liberal media trying to destroy Trumps re-election. People are blindly following the czar Tony Fauci’s rule and edicts. If you follow him closely he contradicts himself almost weekly. He first said masks did not good to inhibit spread then said everone needs to where them even outdoors (needless to say I never wear a mask, I don’t have Covid and I’ll never catch it msk or not if I maintain distancing, don’t touch my face and wash my hands. Good for you Philippines!!

  11. To late now for a lot of people..Duterte needs to stop befriending china and concentrate on the fall of his own country

  12. Even if you commit suicide you will be put down as died from covid , you can’t trust any figures you are being told . Get the country open ,open the airports and ferries, before it’s to late. There are more lives being destroyed by lockdown than this virus.


  14. I think itโ€™s to late for some business. The government has destroyed peopleโ€™s business not letting them open earlier. Now the government wants to shut down a news franchise that employees 11 thousand Filipinos . Says a lot about the corrupt administration

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea I had warned people about this leverage used to shut down humanity. If people do not stand up and stop the nonsense they will never live a real life again. New normal will be enslavement forever.
      The Covid thing is a scam no one is dying from it.. a lie. China lie. The only thing real is dictators controlling the population to hold on to power.

      wating for a virus (common cold) to disappear is like waiting for the sun to cease to exist… you’ll die waiting.

    2. not fake news. more like bad communication from the palace itself. one hand not knowing what the other is doing. two days after this announcement was made from the Palace, Duterte stated he was in no hurry to reopen the economy, preferring to wait until December for a vaccine that ‘might’ become available.

  15. People are suffering so much in the Philippines and the risk is definately worth the policy change.

  16. Great news for the Philippines people. Extremely important that all medias in the world stop this covid count down that cause and maintain the world panic.

  17. Reekay, they have no choice. If they stay locked down, the economy will implode for sure.

  18. glad to hear some countries start to break the plandemic. Enough destruction has been done now with lockdown people. It has to come to an end soon.

  19. Pandemics average out three years and we have flu season coming up. People shouldn’t fear covid19 because the mortality rate is low. People should fear that the healthcare system will collapse if too many people fall sick. This means if you have some emergency or a loved one that you will be tossed on the back burner. Health care won’t have enough infrastructure to take care of you if 80% of hospital patients are covid19

  20. The president needs to step up and other government officials needs to really put the practices in places social distancing and wearing mask and washing hands and staying home

  21. But still practice social distancing and wearing a mask and washing hands If you don’t the covid19 is going get worse like here in the states again give testing everyone in all business places

  22. Good for the Philippines!!! Tired of this hypochondriac world…..people get sick all the time, just part of life.

  23. Thanks for the update, Henry. Hope you and Vi have a good time together, and stay safe.

  24. Good news. Philippines have been fooled by other Countries that has political agendas. Philippines in now in debt and will have a hard time recovering. We should have opened earler. Imagine Philippines being scared of reopening the economy just because of the virus that is not as lethal compared to other deadly diseases in the country. We all should just take good care of ourselves but at the same time moving forward and still living our lives. Controlling people and not allowing them to work is worst than the virus. People need to work to live. The lockdown and shutdown is only for people that has savings and let’s admit it, not all Filipinos got enough savings. Even the ones who are employed don’t have enough savings to just sit around and wait for a vaccine.
    I’m glad the government is now awake.
    I do pray that they will fully open the economy or else a lot of Filipinos are going to drown in hunger and depression

  25. the governments and their masters are going to try and have the masses give up free will/agency to supposedly gain security.
    Neither will happen. People are far too brainwashed and afraid.
    DO NOT accept the upcoming vaccines. They openly admit these vaccines have NEVER been tested, not even on animals.
    The vaccines contain DNA altering capabilities. DOes anybody out their want to be GMO’d?

  26. the covid testing is COMPLETELY inaccurate and the inventor of that test openly speaks about it.
    ANYBODY that has ever had a cold in their lives could be tested as positive.

    The data is cooked, there are plenty of political Globalist agendas at play. Watch what they are DOING, not saying.
    Social distancing was invented by the CIA as a torture procedure.

  27. This attitude here does cause death to people not infected. Just happened in my compound yesterday. a little 8 year girl was found dead in her bed yesterday morning. The mother knew her daughter wasn’t feeling well, but she was still outside playing all week with her little friends. But she took her to a clinic to be seen by the local quack running it because she was afraid to go to the hospital. The clinic sent her home saying she would be OK, but she didn’t make it through the night. a preliminary exam showed the girl had a severe infection in her throat, tonsillitis. The infection went systemic and killed her. Her mother was afraid to take her to the hospital because of the fear of covid, now an 8 yr old girl is dead.

  28. Countries where residents routinely use face-masks as prophylaxis against aerosolized disease transmission–Pre-COVID-19 show a significantly lower virus infection rate than countries adhering to WHO advisories. The key phrase is “reducing disease transmission” vs “reducing personal susceptibility.” Use face masks to slow the rate of infecting “other people!” You may never know who’s life you saved, just know that you did do something that was easy, to help slow the spreading of this disease.

    1. China routinely and widely uses face masks, as its cultural protection against pollution and continuous respiratory disease, yet they spiked big time when Corona first broke out. I would venture to say the masks didn’t prevent spread in China and you are confusing masks Vs lockdowns, Lockdowns prevent spread masks may only help a little, but are basically to keep you from infecting yourself by touching your face. Them may prevent aerosolization (sp) a little bit, but not completely, most spread occurred due to lack of social distancing in China and US and amongst family/friends coming into close contact.

  29. New York state had a restrictive quarantine yet had the highest death rate from the Wuhan virus in all of America. I support opening the Philippine economy. The schools should reopen as well.

  30. I asked Google : what does covid 19 stand for , Here was the answer that I was given . I will let you be the judge of the answer ::
    In COVID-19, ‘CO’ stands for ‘corona,’ ‘VI’ for ‘virus,’ and ‘D’ for disease. Formerly, this disease was referred to as โ€œ2019 novel coronavirusโ€ or โ€œ2019-nCoVโ€. There are many types of human coronaviruses including some that commonly cause mild upper-respiratory tract illnesses

  31. The simple fact is the damage being done from the lock downs has now got to the point of it far exceeding what the Virus has caused not just economically but in regards to people mental health. People need to be able to decide if the risk’s are worth taking in getting back to as normal as is possible now the lock downs were to slow the curve not stop the world in it’s track’s and destroy lives as a result of that.

  32. what is this going to mean for driving through Cebu city to go to immigration office from south Cebu

  33. When will the government put a stop to all the chemicals that are out in food which cause all sorts of illnesses? Never,there’s no money in making people well.

  34. Thank god they wake up at last I live in Australia I have been sending money to my friend in manila so her family can eat and pay utilities, her husband lost his job because of the lock down then after 2 months he started working again, then they locked it down again, now he has been out of work the last week, it’s a family of 4 with two little kids, I can’t let them starve, I don’t believe what the government has done they’re a joke.

    1. @will cles I agree, but they have to give more assistance they can’t just shut the economy, destroy people’s livelihoods and then say not my problem live on fresh air, my friends got 1 , 5 kilo bag of rice to feed 4 people over 3 months.

    2. lol u cant tell the government is a joke, its not fckin easy things to decide. they do what they think is the best. do you really think the goverment want bad for its ppl on purpose ? what you saying make no sense belieaving the goverment wanted to worse for its population. Its not that easy. Everyone wants this shit virus to go away and everyone to work and im sure the goverment want that too.

  35. Can you give a statement about Mikeโ€™s widow claiming she never received a single penny from the donations you collected for his funeral costs? Weโ€™re all surprised by this.

    1. yes, i already gave a reply to this in another video comment section. here it is, in response to a viewer who said certain persons were claiming i stole donated funds from the widow of my friend, Mike Cason…

      yes, they have been creating one new lie after another. and i am keeping copies of everything and who said it for handling at a time of my choosing. they will be held accountable.

      as for their latest lie, that i supposedly stole money from the widow of my friend Mike Cason, here are some facts they completely ignore.

      a) i have never, ever, at any time handled donations for any charity or expat’s situation. long before i even came to the ph i had this rule to never be accountable for other people’s money.

      b) Mike Cason’s widow has been lied to and manipulated by these trolls. she thinks people sent me money because they told her so. so i present this Challenge to her and those who make this claim; give me the names. give me the names of these people who say they sent me money for Mike. real names, not fake/anonymous accounts. and there is not a single peso from anyone ever sent to me. instead, these accusers hide behind fake accounts because they know there is legal liability in what they say.

      c) anyone can do this right now. they can go to the video i did 4-months ago, when Mike passed away, and look at the Comment i made to direct any donations STRAIGHT TO HER. not to me as these liars are claiming. right there in the comment section is HER BANK INFORMATION. not mine. it is exactly the same banking info which bud brown gave to his viewers. anyone can check this here..

      i have no ill-will with Mike’s widow. i know she is speaking and responding based on lies she was told. lies she believed rather than contact me directly. i lay the full blame on the liars who lied to her.

  36. Off course they need to re-open. The medicine (the measures) is worse than the illness. People (including the WHO) are finally realising that the fatality rate of this virus is somewhat equal to a severe flu.

  37. In my opinion they should let things relax a little, have public transport available so people can go to work. . Many people livelihood depends on it.

  38. REALITY !!
    we need to work and eat ,the virus is sadly part of our new world
    So people will die mostly older and with medical problems
    however the death tole will be greater from starvation no work no pay
    Being real life will go on viruses have always been part of humanity
    this one like chicken pox will meld into our lifves
    Sadly many will die but there is a greater need for people to be able
    to return to work despite the loss
    Praying for a vaccine but meanwhile life must go on
    no lockdown just care ,handwashing social distance
    and prayers

  39. It was inevitable. Smart not to announce data. Tourism will happen same as Vietnam/Thailand, otherwise fall behind. I worry they will resent us. America has a black eye over this. I’m not worried about the virus, it’s now how we will be looked at. Even though it came from China, we botched it but good.

  40. About damn time they reopen up and stop reporting the inflated numbers.. Reminds me of 911 and color levels that were posted each day to designate the danger level for another attack..We got tired of hearing them ..When you stop talking about the issue in time it is fades into the history.. Life moves on..

    1. They are doing that anyway as far as I am concerned. I don’t believe any gov’t is providing truthful numbers, it is all a big guess and a lot of assumptions. I feel mostly exaggerated because whoever is pulling the worldwide strings on this is calling the shots. Thet all make up numbers. you have fever, you have covid. you die of a heart attack, it was covid induced, so you died of covid, you have respiratory failure after being diagnosed with COPD for the past 20 years because of those 2 packs of ciggs you smoked, but you died of covid. They can play all the games they want with numbers. They want to tighten lockdowns, they crank up a new mutation and bingo, NEW OUTBREAK, they want to loosen up they stop reporting for a couple weeks. All the gov’t stats are BS stats. When the big boys in charge of this scamdemic/plannedemic are finished with whatever this is providing cover for, things will normalize, but not until. Just my 2 cents.

  41. Soon the Philippians will be a place to avoid. The best course is to lock down, wherever you are, and wait for a vaccine.

  42. I think tourists will have to wait till 2022 to come back. The Philippines hasn’t even hit its plateau, yet. And the numbers are skyrocketing. And with a lot of hard – headed idiots choosing not to wear masks – as there are many here in Dumaguete – it just makes things worse. So, as I see it, it is best, at the earliest, 2022 that tourists be slowly – allowed into the islands.

  43. Reekay, this is good for the locals but in regards to foreign tourism, i think it’ll be 2021.

  44. No matter how bad the pandemic may get you just can not shut down the economy for a long period of time, simply not realistic. You did say the shut-down could be 1 year or 6 months and I commented that no way the Philippines would shut-down for 1 year or even 6 months. I’ll find that video for you. You were wrong coming into the pandemic and wrong going out Reekay. When you were telling people what areas were open to enter and how they could still get into Philippines when Manila shut-down I posted on that video that you should be telling people to go home and stay home, not how they can enter the Philippines. Some got stuck in the Philippines and others got there and needed to leave very fast basically wasting their time traveling there.

    1. lol – I know how he feels. Anyway, he’s boots on the ground – we are lucky to hear good perspective. All this nonsense about Cambodia open to Americans, geez. We are shunned. I’m worried even Mexico will deport us.

    2. Henry you waiting your energy answering to this ignoramus!!@Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea

    3. i stated very clearly that the possibility of no expat-tourist travel into the PH until 2021 was very high. both in the title of the video and the content. it is now july and still not a peep from immigration about letting foreigners into the PH any time soon. i did NOT say that quarantine would last that long.

      in fact, what i stated was that the PH was indicating they had a plan to reduce qurantines by September, this year.

      as for “telling people what areas were open to enter and how they could still get into Philippines”, again.. i stated very clearly what the PH govt was stating… that only diplomats and those married to a filipina could enter.

      i don’t know how you could misinterpret what i clearly, succinctly said but, you did.

  45. Take a look at America and you can see what is likely ahead for us here in PH. The USA opened the States too early and now they are backing off and shutting down much of their economy again, as the virus comes back even worse than before. The numbers of new daily cases are now staggering, but at least they are reporting them. The idea that PH will just stop reporting, seems to me to be a disservice to all. I think a slow and phased reopening would better serve the populace. God bless us all.

    1. You sound just like the incessant media in the U.S. You fail to mention the increased testing and that the death rate continues to drop.

  46. Business is not earning and employees not paid so taxes might be an issue and tight money might hinder funding the government assistance. It’s practical to let some businesses run so taxes can be collected so the government can assist and also has the funds to operate since there are no layoff and salaries are still paid.

  47. Will be great news to reopen the economy.

    My sister-in-law works at a law firm here in the Angeles City area. She says they are processing bankruptcy and foreclosure proceedings for a multitude of local businesses that just canโ€™t pay the debt of running a business without a customer base being allowed to avail their services.

    Quarantine started mid March. 4 months for the powers that be to realize that people cannot sustain a long term quarantine lifestyle. Eventually the prices go too high to cover the increased expenses of shipping. Businesses close and families go broke because the people that comprise the economy base arenโ€™t able to get out to buy the products they are selling.

    Hopefully this turns around quickly. ๐Ÿ™
    Thanks for staying on top of the news.

  48. Awesome news sir! As in the United States, if you stay alive because you’re not getting coronavirus, you’re going to die because you have no food because you have no money because you’re not working. Thank you

    1. exactly. What’s the point of being alive if people are being controlled to move forward and live their lives. The problem is the media scared the hell out of everyone thinking that if they lockdown they will be alive but really how does staying at home without income for months could help people live their lives. It’s a bad decision to lockdown and shutdown people’s businesses.
      Now Philippines is struggling to recover

  49. i totally agree .. the philippines should and WILL reopen within the next month .. they really do not have a choice . domestic travel is the main engine to reopening , it allows money to flow through the islands by way of air travel – land travel by bus – transport sea vessels – hotels – tourist spots – resort businesses that depend on the travel ect ect ect . i also agree that the philippine is not equipped to handle a large out break , but we have seen outbreaks in areas like Manila , cebu and davao and these areas were closed for months just like the other islands . closing everything has not been the total solution ( it is the easiest ) the real solution lies in a combination of both , this combination method has started in manila where airlines and the airport are making good use of the shut down time to come up with cleaning methods for buildings and transport hubs and policies to allow people to travel , go to work , and function in an enviroment of relative security from catching covid , but at the same time not be soooo afraid and frozen that your economy and the philippine way of life dies on the vine . open with caution and common sense bs this virus is here with us for a while and when and if it does leave us … there is another one waiting to take its place in a year or two . As long as the wild life trade remains live and well in asia and africa there will always be virus that jump from animals to humans . virus are born to mutate and change and adapt to the outside enviroment .. that is how life was created on planet earth and we have to start taking contral of that reality the same as we protect ourselves from nuclear radiation . if we can regulate that … why can we NOT get a handle on wildlife trade and the housing of birds and pigs and bats that carry deadly virus ? We have a choice … take control of it or it will take control of us ( as covid 19 has done ) !

  50. I think by the first of the year tourist visa’s will be running again. The virus will probably still be around but the economy here depends on tourism. I agree this is the tipping point. I would not want to be the one making these decisions! I believe a vaccine will come along and things will return to normal eventually. There is nothing normal with the new normal.

  51. Reekay, your bias is quite clear. It’s unfortunate that the Philippines can not afford to quarantine longer. They are throwing the people to the dogs so to speak. The smaller islands are fine and doing their own lockdown. My concern is larger centers like Cebu, Manila, CDO and Davao that never got the virus under control. I understand that you want to get out of lockdown – I was there for the first part of the lockdown (I’m in Canada now). The “herd immunity” that you refer to is a long ways off and will cost a lot of lives. I hope that you’ll be safe and I hope that the Philippines will manage the pandemic somehow. In Canada, we did a complete lockdown and have eased the restrictions in most areas, due to low numbers that we have now thanks to the lockdown. We’ve fortunately listened to the public health experts and followed their advice, rather than the business owners who were pushing to re-open as quickly as possible. Since we listened to the public health experts, the businesses have been able to open and we’ve continually and carefully easing the lockdown restrictions. People continue to wear masks and gloves and respect social distancing. Stay safe!

  52. Back to normal, you cant have the prevention worse than the virus, if someone gets sick give them hydrochloriquin, it’s been proven 98% effective. It’s time to live again.

  53. Itโ€™s time, perhaps long past time. Cases are not the important thing to watch. I know the media likes to harp on cases since that fits the narrative. Itโ€™s the easy way to scare the crap out of ill informed. Whatโ€™s important is hospitalizations and deaths.

  54. So many workers live day to day. I would not want to be in their shoes. Trike drivers and day laborers can’t stop even for a day. This has had much worse impact than we know about. It’s so sad.

  55. The Filipino people have done everything they could to support their local government officals and trust them to do the right things to protect them, but to go on with the madness is only asking people to stave thier families to death, OFW’s are not sending money home as they once did because they are not working abroad. The PI Government as limited resourses and so does its people,….at some point someone has to make the call….

  56. I believe that it absolutely makes sense to have a strict lockdown as we did in USA for 2 or 3 months in order to get hospital’s ready so that they are not overwhelmed however,it makes no sense to go on month after month to the point where you Bankrupt entire industries and where the damage done by doing so is far worse than the virus itself. Being Locked in here in USA, domestic violence went up, suicide, depression and entire industries closed at some point makes no sense and things need to open and possibly just shut down regions that become hot spots,I think that is what makes most sense.

    1. Of course it doesn’t make any sense from our perspective. This is a global takedown by the bad guys .But it does make sense to them, on account of they want to usher in a new economic “reset” Their words not mine.

  57. Good job keeping us posted on the new developments here in the Philippines with the opening up of th e economy. Hopefully within the next year they will decide to start issuing Visas again to foreigners. Take care Reekay.

    1. Nick me too , my girl is in Kuwait should be back in Philippines sept 4 I want to be there sept 7. Letโ€™s hope. Good news

  58. It would be a sensible decision because Philippines is a young-person economy – i.e. better able to fight off the virus – and its preferable that they have the option to return to being economically active, while taking necessary precautions, including individual decisions on self-quarantine for those more vulnerable people. Its certainly preferable to eventually starving to death – which appears to be the current direction of travel.

  59. We see the same in the US. We opened with clearly defined phases, but after the BLM protests everything about Coronavirus and social distancing has gone out the window. The only places that are closing down are some bars and some beaches in TX and FL. The state of NY just cut 1 billion from their police fund, but that’s only a drop in the bucket, compared to their 20 billion dollar tax shortfall due to the past lockdowns. Yes, you can either be safe and isolate in your house, or you can eat, pay the electric bill, and have money to go to see a physician if you get Covid.

  60. I wonโ€™t try to predict the effects this will have, the virus has caused global chaos already. We are in uncharted waters. I will continue to wear a mask, and pray for the safety and well being of the people in my beloved Philippines ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ญ, and elsewhere .

  61. Hopefully now the U.S. will come around do the same. Deaths are going down in spite of the new cases. New cases to be expected, but most don’t even get sick or get better.

    I salute the Philippines for showing some common sense. People are going to die from this shutdown for sure. It’s time to quit being led by the nose by these so called scientists.

    Bravo, Philippines!!! Now if only the U.S. and the rest of the world will follow suit.

    1. The USA is open??? Maybe not where your at but around my area in Ohio places are getting semi back to normal. I think the USA is opening back up too quick – weโ€™ll see. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ€โœŒ๏ธ

  62. Itโ€™s about damn time. This has been overblown since the beginning. Death rates do not warrant jeopardizing the livelihoods of all citizens. You kill the economy and it will lead to more death than this virus

    1. Exactly, the threat is the totalitarian state, not an ghostly threat.
      As genocidal murderer Kissinger admitted, the solution is a New World Order

  63. Quarantine the sick, and protect the high at risk. Let healthy people go about their business.

    1. Problem with that is those 20 and under and 60 and over is what they call high risk. I think we have been on house arrest long enough. If your afraid, stay in your house and wait to die of something else. If your not afraid and want to be able to live the rest of your life and not just exist, then go and go about your business. they have put the enforcement on all the businesses that provide services. if over 60, Malls won’t let you in, Victory liner won’t let you ride, jeepneys won’t let you in, etc etc. They say you can go out foe necessities, but threaten any company that allows you to get there to take care of business. They say no paper pass required in low risk mgcq, but the store wants to see a travel pass and medical clearance, so forget that can of spam you wanted. Doctors appt. in hospital 30 klicks away, no pass required as quarantine is same and province the same. no problem, except no Victory Liner will let you ride, so buy a scooter, a car, or walk then hope some yahoo didn’t set up a checkpoint and put Barney Fife there to do checks, because he will turn you around. so let the high risk make their own decisions, or let there family members deal with them. Let the rest of us live what life we have left. At our age, we have already accepted death is near, our hour glass of life is almost empty. We just want to enjoy what time we have left, not be locked up in our house. I could have done that in the states. Just my 2 cents.

  64. While there are several comments already that are saying they agree to the reopening, as I do, I am starting a new line simply because I truly believe there are more than two options. In quarantine the goal is to save lives, this goal will not be achieved if people begin starving and unrest grabs ahold odd the populous. What soone government official says or even threatens matters little to the individual whose child it’s complaining about being hungry. In a society where next to nobody has any form of savings I’m unsure there are not already families dealing with this very reality. Those most at risk are the elderly among the populous. I believe the best illusion might be unpleasant for some and comes too close to a communist principle, but id ther government were to relocate individuals from several of the sky rise apartments or hotels, they could then move all the elderly who are in the most susceptible age range. Then instead if giving money to everyone have that money signed to the elderly who are in lockdown. Let the younge with their healthiest bodies and immune systems go out and earn a living. Professionals can deliver food to the elderly and grab or taxis, or even the unemployed could to do the shopping. Yes infections will go up, but as most younger people seem to survive it (on the average) they will develope a resistance to it… continue this procedure for a few months and while there might not be heard immunity per se it should theoretically isolate the most vulnerable from catching it, even if they do the hospitals won’t be overwhelmed and can hopefully treat and save those who catch it with a higher mortality rate… just my thoughts though.

    1. And that might be a high number. Governments everywhere like to classify the cause of death as corona even though the primary cause was something else.

  65. This question is off topic. Do you have any news on the proposed ASEAN Visa? Specifically, will ASEAN issue a term entry visa to applicants with US passports?

  66. Whatever this thing is i don’t believe the nation’s have the ability to fully control it nor stamp it out. China has done the best job but even there it keeps coming back. Which may mean the nations have to find a way to coexist and function along with covid19

  67. Yup! It’s either getting the economy moving or let things slide into chaos. As a point of comparison, here’s a quote from the US. Centers for Disease Control states about the flu in the USA over the last decade: “CDC estimates that influenza has resulted in between 9 million โ€“ 45 million illnesses, between 140,000 โ€“ 810,000 hospitalizations and between 12,000 โ€“ 61,000 deaths annually since 2010.” Now, this is with vaccines that the CDC concedes are only partially effective! Mark this: These flu numbers aren’t total numbers since 2010, these are numbers for each year in the U.S. alone. Were we hiding in our closets and locking down the economy because of the flu? No! There’s a thing called the “velocity of money” — the blood flow of an economy. You shut down an economy by forcing “non-essential” businesses to close and lock people in their homes, and money can’t move: it slows way down. When you do that, when you bring the movement of money to a near halt, the economy grinds down and people begin to suffer in ways that far outweigh the benefits of “if you save one life, it’s worth it” kind of “doctors’ logic” about the coronavirus (or the flu!). Let’s ban cars in the USA, too, while we’re making people “safe” from everything. The U.S. Dept. of Transportation totals for 2018 are shocking: “There were 33,654 fatal motor vehicle crashes in the United States in 2018 in which 36,560 deaths occurred.” That’s about a 100 people a day getting crushed, burned, torn apart, impaled… its mayhem the moment you pull out of your driveway! Stay home! Don’t allow another car to be sold in this country!

    No government should be able to be in a position to “give people their freedom back.” Freedom is innate in the people, not something for a government to bestow or take away because the government knows better. Freedom comes with a price, but it’s up to the people to be aware and pay the price. Thanks for the update!

    1. u can still carry the virus even u test negative, if u just recently contracted the virus then it will show up as a negative on the test. its not that simple as u make it sound. thats why ppl need to stay in quarantine for 14 days..

  68. The numbers show high quarantine doesn’t work as they thought.
    At least not here in the US.
    As testing increases, the cases go up but the death rate is plummeting.
    All good. Let’s get back to traveling!!

  69. Not a question of what “needs” to be done. Simply a question of what can we afford to do. Also, I’m pretty sure tax revenues are waaay down and the government really needs spending money.

  70. I can’t speak of the number there in the Philippines but I can for the numbers here in the USA. First it is my opinion that these Covid-19 cases are all Bull Shit and we are being lied too. How many people knew that the US alone has on average 25K – 65K people die each year from the common flu. This has been our normal for the past 15 years. So now thanks to this Covid-19 Virus that came out, no one is dying from the flu and you will not hear them report on any flu deaths. Everything is the Covid-19 Virus. I say BS. Then two weeks ago in the US it’s reported that anyone that has taken the flu shot in the last TEN (10) years will test positive for the Covid-19 Virus. So now in the US, you don’t hear about people dying from Obesity, Heart Attacks, Strokes, the Flu or any of the other normal causes of death. Plus when you buy a box of the Face Masks it says right on the box that these will not protect or prevent the transfer of the Covid-19 virus. Says it right on the box. I think this has been a huge Control Experiment and it has worked.

  71. I have to say that living in Sweden we never had a lockdown, many companies encouraged workers to work from home, but many stores and supermarkets remained open,with social distancing of course the gym I go to was never closed, the public transport system was still operating in the city I lived. The herd immunity system can only work if the population respects the guidelines put out by the Govt but still in Sweden over 70 000+ were infected with 5 000+ deaths and that is in a country of over 10 million. The death rate is now on the decline and that’s a positive sign
    Good to know that Ph is slowly getting back to normal and wish the best for everyone Filipinos as well as expats, it’s been hard on you guys.

  72. Please reopen, if one has O type blood and repeated exposure with no symptoms you have titre, this is called heard immunity…

    1. I don’t think there is any consensus about whether “herd immunity” can exist for Covid. We do have herd immunity against the measles, we don’t against the flu. It would be great if we can achieve herd immunity, but the answers aren’t there as yet regarding this virus.

  73. Everybody knows what’s going on. To me, it’s OK, as everybody is aware of the consequences. Which is a matter of life or Death. If the Guy up there wants you now, whether your the healthiest person on Earth and your crossing the road and get smushed or you blow a gasket while taking a dump or you haven’t finished your bucket list yet. Let it run its coarse. I say… GO!!!

  74. Herd immunity doesn’t exist. There is no such thing as this. All that corona propaganda proves that there is only fear pandemic propaganda for some, yet unknown reason.

  75. Once they come up with an immune system things will begin to relax but until then I feel people should be working because youโ€™re probably gonna get it anyway from touching something the mask will only protect you so much.

  76. Some experts are saying there’s no evidence that there’s such a thing as long-term immunity to this virus, so there may not be such a thing as herd immunity. The shutdowns only make sense if the time bought is used to ramp up testing and tracing, so that everyone who’s sick is quarantined.

    1. I think rhis is an unlogical comment. coronaviruses are there since many millions of years. coexisting with us, some say: life needs viruses to develop further.. our (also yours!) immune system just works, no need for any testing and tracing. there is also no need for facemasks if you habe no signs of sickness.. for herd immunity we need โ€ždirty dancingโ€œ – not โ€žsocial distancingโ€œ ๐Ÿ™‚ just my two cents.

  77. The two statistics that are never revealed: Death per 100,000 of actual C-19 cases and the demographics/pre-health of the people who do die.This tells you two things 1)how dangerous it really is and 2)who its dangerous to. Of course, this wouldn’t fit the agendas of a lot of people but it would protect the people that most need it and allow everyone else to get back to normal.

    1. Of course not because it would cause people to question all the lockdowns and quarantines… can’t let people have information that would actually help them see what’s really happening ๐Ÿ˜„

    2. The New York Times covered much of that today in an article. They file a freedom of information act against the CDC to get that information. The CDC says they depend on local municipalities to get that information that some don’t collect. But they provided some statistics u ask for. Monday, July 6 newspaper.

  78. I am watching and listening to many source of information to be sure I find truth. Tipping point there is. I tend to agree with your opinion of the news you see—the question is whether there is just one source of truth? Does truth change from day-to-day? Are there different truths depending on which source you receive the information from? I am therefore, still watching and listening. I dearly want to come back to PH by September, but it remains to be seen and proven whether this can happen without so long or so many quarantines required to get from USA to Eastern Samar. Thanks for posting

  79. People have got to work and eat USA is open never did lock downs here.people has got to money in the world can support USA foods rents,everything else needed to survive to this mess covid .people are starving all over due to covid dieing to.good luck there.but agree open up

  80. Thatโ€™s big news Reekay, thanks for the update. It had to happen, before the economy was damaged almost beyond recovery, and the people began to do desperate things to survive. People still need to be careful, as in other countries, that have eased restrictions now, but many will prefer to take their chances, than continue like they have been for too long. Best wishes to you and Vi.

    1. thanks. we’re making the best of it. she’s got a big heart and makes each day special.

  81. This is a wise choice. Even if the lock downs were 100% effective, as soon as people go back to living their lives, it would start again. There were several countries that didn’t have complete lock downs and they were no worst off then the countries that did. Now they will not get a large second/ third/fourth wave. There is way more information available now compared to the start and I think that the facts and stats favor just opening up all countries.

  82. In developing economies it is not sustainable to keep a gigantic quarantine in place. The Philippines and countries like it have to take their chances in my opinion. The people need to have the freedom to put their own safety in their own hands. Locking them down gives them no fighting chance to survive.

  83. As far as I can remember this is the first time the world economy has shut down for a virus, hopefully it will be the last. It’s a sad fact that viruses can kill, but this type of world wide over reaction has also caused many deaths. The stopping of all other medical procedures, the mental problems associated with being locked up for long periods etc. etc. Countries that didn’t shut down in general had similar results to those that did. Many of the shutdowns were handled badly, UK had a long shut down but all the time let infected travellers arrive, with very few restrictions. Vit D dramatically minimises the effects of the virus but in general this was ignored, in favour of endless hours of statistics. What a cock-up.

    1. THe U.S is handling it badly the number are going up in most areas over 125,000 dead worst country on planet who did not contain problem like the others

    2. Wearing a mask helps we see the evidence in cultures like Japan and Taiwan. Also having the right leadership at the top who didn’t dismantle the pandemic office soon after coming to office. Such was created during the Ebola outbreak that was confined to West Africa using the help of the Anerican armed forces on the ground in Africa

  84. Their entire economy depends on foreigners investing and spending money, and other foreign countries donating tons of money as well. The whole virus is a huge scam and they know it. Thanks for the information.

  85. People need to protect themselves and others; at the same time get the economy started. It’s a collaboration. This can apply anywhere.

  86. Awesome News, I believe 100% in herd immunity! You can still quaritine the sick but the healthy should be out and about this is what builds our immune system!

    1. Unfortunately we may never reach heard immunity because immunity may only last a few months

  87. Here in the USA, Europe and the Philippines, World UN, and Big Pharma are one and the same, False Positives Vastly Outnumber Real Positives Wildly Overstated by a wide Margin. People that Passed Away from Heart Attack, Cancer, and other Symptoms ware part of the Positives, Media is Dishonest Reporting, the, Tens of thousands of test have been double-counted, officials admit, SEE EVIDENCE HERE PEOPLE ARE WAKING UP :>

    1. if local filipinos with disposable income (and there are a lot of them) can travel within the PH.. ‘domestic tourism’ would ease the tourist places back into sustainability. plus the expats who (such as myself) are already still inside the PH.

  88. Way to go. We canโ€™t keep everything under lockdown forever. The virus wonโ€™t go away just because we lock everything down. Herd immunity will be the only way to get out of this pandemic.

    1. Look at the facts 109 million population and and supposedly ( because you cant believe the media ) just over 1000 deaths.that’s less than Road accidents .

    2. Herd immunity is unlikely to occur with Covid-19 infection. The number of deaths from Covid-19 appears to be significantly lower than in Western Countries.

    3. All I know is that a strict lock down and mandatory mask wearing with stiff penalties worked in Thailand. No local spread in 42 days. USA has said screw it and look where they are. I predict a huge die off in Pi.

  89. opening up is fine but you have to do it in a smart way. They still need to wear masks and social distance the best they can- Unlike some of our southern states in US that opened up without social distance and mask requirements and their cases and hospitalizations spiked up big time and some of them had to close down again- We need to be smart about this…It aint the Flu ..some people who have had it are still not 100% 2-3 months later

    1. Agreed. We didn’t show the world we have it together at all. And some are still in denial.

    2. If you see some of the recent YT videos from Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam most people are not wearing masks anymore. Yet Filipinos are still largely wearing them. Masks don’t really protect and the 6 foot rule is a global psyop to keep people divided.

    3. Most people that “have it” didn’t even know they have it. And the whole “masks and 6 feet work” is complete BS, especially social distancing. The hysteria over this virus is pathetic.

    4. Not a bad idea of course, but mostly because it helps to flatten the curve – it does nothing to eliminate the virus from the planet.

  90. Lockdown won’t work because, at some point, you have to let people be free again and it will just start up all over again. Just let people get sick. Just as we learned to live with all over diseases we will learn to live with this strain of the flu.

    1. @Paul S There’s more of a risk to their lives by gettinng into a jeepney on the crowded streets. Let’s keep things in context. The death rate is very low for it.

    2. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea very sad… they are risking their lives and the lives of their families. Not a big surprise however in country like the Philippines.

    3. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea I think that banner speaks volumes. Men want and need to provide for their families

    4. i saw a banner put up by filipinos (online) which read, “if you won’t feed us, let us go back to work.”

  91. If anyone wants to take the chance to get covid19 and get sick just to get a Philippina chick, go ahead , get sick and die I guess .

    1. she’s been busy with her own channel. and we haven’t been able to go outside together with the latest ECQ rules. but we’re doing great.

  92. ๐Ÿ’ฏ loving this.
    Looking forward to going in summer 2021 for my fiancรฉe graduation and to Singapore.
    This will be good for long distance relationship waiting to see their ๐Ÿ’˜ loves and for tourism in time.

  93. REALITY can sometimes be a painful slap in the face. Many times MONEY is put above physical health. The key is finding balance. You can destroy your economy by being too rigid. Pandemics come and go. There is no guarantee that there ever will be a vaccine for COVID-19. Many other countries are going to have to make hard choices for the survival of their nation.

    1. People are dying and will die because of the quarantines and lockdowns. Maybe their lives dont matter ๐Ÿค”

    2. Itโ€™s not that money itself is being put above health. Itโ€™s that money provides the mechanism for getting food, education, medical care(!!), necessities and luxuries of life (which in turn employ many others), etc. This is not a case of health vs money. Itโ€™s a case of the cure being worse than the disease.

  94. If they rush to open to tourists/expats, I can see them getting sick, then getting fucked over as there is no spots available in the hospitals or equipment available as well. Personally I would still wait till at least the new year to see how things are going. Why rush and possible put yourself in a really bad situation, is waiting a few more months that bad?. Unless of course you have been waiting to get back together with your wife/children (girlfriends don’t count, come on guys).

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Oh I understand, just saying that if they rush the borders it will be a disaster. Lets be honest, a lot of their money comes from tourism so it will be interesting to see what happens.

    2. the PH is now willing to re-open their economy. re-opening their borders will be a secondary step later down the road.

  95. Not telling how many new cases of covid19 are coming up, it is kind of scary
    It can become out of hand and that will be bad .

    1. The only number that matters is deaths. Positives in a disease that’s asymptomatic or mild in the majority of cases doesn’t mean a lot. The percentage that die is nowhere near what they were afraid of in the beginning. There are better treatments now and more of the people who are serious survive.

    2. in the graphic it states that while the DOH & IATF won’t be doing daily updates any more (to avoid confusion over differing numbers)… the DOH facebook page will provide some stats only at that site.

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  97. Well.. are “new cases” really new “cases”??? As in… are those people actually sick… or just more testing took place? Are they antibody tests? As in.. the person was sick months ago? And they are counting those as “new”???
    But I FULLY agree.. because what would ever be the metric to re-open? Zero cases??? Remember, all it took was one person to spread this around the world. So.. all you would need is a single person and people could still “catch” this “virus”. Many people were shunned and ridiculed for suggesting that herd immunity is really the only true choice here. I have a feeling that this is probably true. In fact.. case numbers are up worldwide, and deaths are WAY down. Which means.. we are already moving toward either herd immunity, a weaker virus, or both.
    But.. people can’t hide in their homes forever. And.. if it requires masks to get people out again, then whatever. I don’t really think they are all that effective unless everyone had an N95 mask, but I suppose it can help a little.

    1. there is no Zero cases to expect , even more because the testing is not valid and many people are tested false positive.

    2. They’re also learning how to treat it more effectively. The wrong treatment killed a lot of people.

    3. the mortality rate is also a lot lower than was originally feared. yes, people are getting covid.. but many are then surviving it like any other flu.

  98. Of course we can see the HUGE common sense in this very important decision..however it will be met with alot of high risk is the way I think and feel now.

  99. To jeopardize the whole country, and no longer post the updates and reopen the businesses is no alternative, it’s a recipe for total destruction, but maybe the trade-off is that at least the people can look forward to dying with money in their pockets.

    1. So its better to let people starve to death or die of some other disease as long as its not COVID?

    2. I agree . We need to know how many more new cases and how many closed cases. The whole city could get infected and we won’t even know it .

  100. Very interesting – they lost the battle with the virus, so now they just have to let everyone back to work.
    Does this still mean foreigners will be interested to travel to the Philippines when borders open up? Or, will everyone want to avoid the PI like the plaque?

    1. I think provinces are pretty safe. Fly into Clark, head north… lol – still better than US

    2. It will have an impact but there are plenty of people, including doctors, scientists, and researchers, who are coming out against these quarantines… different people will make different choices but there will be many who will still travel.

    3. There was a massive exodus in Los Angeles, minutes ago. I am in California. Watch the news, you will the airport is packed

  101. Hopefully they open up because Iโ€™m supposed to be coming to Philippines in October

    1. Probably depends on where you come from. These countries might not allow anyone from the USA in for awhile with all the positive tests. Hopefully it burns itself out soon.

    2. I’m headed to Cebu in mid September. But even if they don’t fully open up my Wife is filipina so I can enter anyway. I wish us both Good Luck. Take Care and have Fun in the Philippines!

    3. I’m just waiting it out.
      As soon as it’s open, I can get out of here for awhile.

    4. Me as well. I had to wave off May and now have Airbnb and flight credits. October is my next window ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

  102. Thanks for the update reekay. Im Glad someone’s woken up in Government, I’ve been locked down in Cebu just like you 4+ months. This must be the record worldwide.
    Covid is high but death rates are low. More people die from other illnesses, Smoking Cancer etc… I think this is now a step in the right direction. Time to get the economy rebooted or it could mean disaster for years to come. THAILAND is a great example of getting things back on track.

    1. But Thailand is still probbably 3-5 months from opening their country to air travel. So it’s only half way back on track.

  103. While I do believe that the global economy has been pushed to the breaking point, and tensions are high. I would still not want to be the one to have to make these kinds of decisions. So if this goes bad. Lets all try to remember that its easy to be a Monday morning quarterback. This is an impossible situation. Those in decision making positions should get some understanding. As long as they are making the best decisions with the info they have at the time. I pray you all are doing well.

    1. I agree Dan.. it’s difficult to lead the country and make those decisions. I would say that in time of pandemic it’s best to listen the public health experts. If you’ve got a problem with your car, you take it to a mechanic. When you’ve got a pandemic you listen to the epidemiologists. Politicians have the difficult role of trying to please their constituents. The reality is that by listening to the public health experts and following their guidelines, you have the best chance of opening the economy as soon as possible and thereby pleasing everyone ultimately. That’s what we’ve done in Canada and it seems to have worked.

    2. Dan The Defiant Iโ€™m glad someone is finally making that decision, because the media tends to blow things up for the ratings. Things need to get back to normal. People are starving.

    3. I hear ya. BUt in this case, I don’t think anyone could say the PH was reckless. Things were pretty darn locked down here.. and for a long time. So, it’s not like they just ignored the outbreak. All things considered, I think the PH actually did a relatively decent job in responding.

  104. Finally , some common sense prevails over FEAR and panick. Now I just hope they open to letting foreigners in soon.

  105. Mahalo Reeky…you are always on top of things!!! I am a nurse and all the info I have read over the months, I dont think anyone has the answer. Ever person is different and react different to this virus. Masks do help to a certain extent to keep everyone’s oral and nasal droplets from escaping, but this virus will be with us for awhile longer. So I can see with increases in numbers even in lockdowns, need to get the economy going and protect those with the most chance to be infected the worse.

  106. This is good news indeed !!! Moving in the right direction. โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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