1. Agree I love VN, they have a lower GDP but higher quality of life and people have scooter and savings accounts. Food is some much healthy and better medical care. Get a Filipina GF & move to VN.

  2. The no quarantine is only for green list countries, to add the Philippines is not accepting the white CDC card currently like they were before. They are expecting to see the yellow
    International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis booklet. Even though the Philippines has a receptacle agreement with the US they are not honoring it for some reason. They were accepting the white CDC card until the quarantine requirements were shortened on October 8th. Until they change the travel cap of 2000 per day nothing is going to be changing anytime soon.

  3. Hello Henry from Toronto, Canada. Great info. What i do not know is if you buy a round trip ticket, must it be 29 days onward or return? What do we do if we want to go back home. Buy a one way ticket? Enjoy your day, Tom.

  4. I got into CEBU in late August and quarantine for 10 days even though I have the vaccine. I got in Because I have an SRRV retirement visa and also I do have Filipino children. You don’t need both – either one will get you past immigration

  5. My wifes brother is a tour guide, he says they were all called in and briefed for the new season, so he said they will open completely open Nov or early Dec

  6. Vodka and cranberry it’s called a sea breeze vodka cranberry and orange juice is called Tequila Sunrise

  7. to close the matter, because i had no idea the onward ticket had to be within 30 days, people staying several months in Phil. cant buy a return-home-ticket from the get go, just the throw-away ticket within 30 days, and later when ready to go home then buy the return-home-ticket from phil:) Hopefully this is right, if not im sur immigration will make it clearer:))

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