Countries That Have Reopened Travelling To Americans

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    1. The funny thing with this Corona Virus is that the overall death rate in USA and Europe not any higher than average the 2015-2019. Basically the same number of people dies today as in 2016 (with exception than some spikes). It seems that the ones that dies is so weak that they would have died anyway (from another problem).

  2. Hi Reekay, I’ve been to the Dominican republic numerous times! Personally, never had a problem! People are kind and helpful! I never stay in resorts! Airbnb is a nice option to hotels!

  3. Hi bro , l’m your subscriber from the US , l want to come see my wife there in Philippines . My ldea is to buy a ticket round trip here in the states and have my 29 free days stay . But extended my stay just after 29 days , do you think the immigration will give me problem when they realize that my ticket it due for 3 months and l don’t have a visa for it ?
    I wish l could just get a 6 months visa here in the states and just stay 3 months there . The problem here is that the immigration here close because of the pandemic and it makes it difficult for me .
    Thanks you for replying me guys .

  4. Good luck on not getting your flight canceled. You can book tickets don’t mean you are going anywhere.

  5. IN DR you did not need to worry about C19 It is the bootleg booze that will get you and then the thieves.

  6. Didn’t see anything about Costa Rica oddly enough. Wouldn’t mind going back there again. Inexpensive enough and great atmosphere.

  7. Henry.. the BIG thumbs UP..! Of course things can change, but I love seeing the effort to share positive info for HOPEFUL American travelers like you and me. 14 day quarantine.. no big deal after everything we’ve been through already!

  8. Boy did China screw US ! More ways than one ! Philippines most likley will not open until we get a vaccine or no more cases of 19 .

  9. Good video. Thanks. Sitting in a long metal tube for 20+ hours now while breathing the same air as everyone else is really taking some serious risks these days, especially if you are older or have any health issues. We will do some traveling by car around the USA. Maybe next year, things will ease up a bit.

  10. Thanks, I take Croatia, Serbia, I take a look at the Website. Thanks Reekay. I love Island too.

  11. Croatia was a great place to visit many years ago when I was there. Mediterranean life style with beautiful coastal regions. Not really beaches when you compare it with SE Asia but beautiful historic locations to visit. Most of the countries you mentioned encompassed the Caribbean. I’m sure they are opened by the sure fact that 80% plus of the countries income is from the tourist industry. Without cruises, they are really being hit hard. They must open if they are to have any chance at economic recovery. I think the US States Department’s warning should be heeded. If you really don’t need to travel, don’t. If you get infected abroad in most of these countries you will be stuck in health care systems you really don’t want to be in.

  12. Mexico doesn’t want visitors from US. Hopefully Biden can sort this mess out and US citizens are welcome in more countries next year.

    1. lol Biden probably couldn’t sort out 2+2…

      I don’t know what the democrats are thinking selecting him as their main presidential candidate.

    1. Wow thanaks you friends may turista come to Philippines in opening visa july 31 2020 turista American in thanks so much for your

  13. Thanks for the updates Reekay. Always appreciated. Sorry you guys have to be stuck in Cebu for now.

  14. Since I live in Hawaii I can only talk about that US State but Hawaii is scheduled to be open quarantine free on Aug 1. Currently there is a 14 day quarantine period and if you break it you are subject to arrest and being flown back to the mainland. As of Aug 1, like most places you will need to be tested BEFORE arriving in Hawaii.

    1. If your married to Filipina you are aloud to come here to Philippines. You will have to be quarantined for 14 days if you fly in to Manila. Just need all the correct paperwork.

  15. American citizen turists in ban in Europa, Chinese citizen ok, Merkel now is good friend of Ji Pin. In Italy the turist industrie is in collapse. I hope only President Trump save the world, put in prison all the person of the American deep State, in jail also Soros, Bill Gates, Fauci, Hillary Clinton. Forza Trump President forever, italian people support you.

  16. Hello Reekay . I left Cebu the 20th of Mar 2020 .I had intended to fly back in Aug or Nov of this Year. I spent 10 month in Cebu , My fiancee and I even met you at the Mall in Cebu . This waiting game is crazy and depressing . I intend to fly back once the Philippines allows flights to come in from the US..Thanks again for another great video ..

  17. The border along the Sonora and Arizona border is closed to non-essential travel.

  18. Way damn too many commercials. Just saying. Stopped watching after 3 commercials.

    1. Go to your app store download ad-blocking browser then watch YouTube from your ad-blocking browser no commercials

  19. I am an American in Turkey and arrived July 1st. No 14 day lockdown, Belarus made me lock down 14 days but never checked on me. I was out every day during that 14 days.

    1. Awesome!! – I was considering Turkey but the movie Midnight Express haunts me. How is it there? Dating?

  20. good vid, I really am enjoying working in the yard. Lots to do. I plan to build a Polynesian outrigger. Siquijor is visible from the beach 150 meters behind my place.

  21. Enrique, have you noticed any signs of an opioid epidemic (like in the cities in north america) in all the places that you have been in vietnam or PH or the rest of asia?
    what kind of pain treatments do they do/prefer over there?

  22. In addition, those living in the USA traveling to these places. you might qualify for the 4,000 dollar stimulus money for people going on vacation that the congress inexplicably added to the package. i’m not sure if international travel qualifies or it has to be domestic only. Save your receipts and get a big tax credit next year.

  23. Hello Henry and great update on Travel Destinations that are currently available. Although you provided many Caribbean Islands that are close to my city of Miami, Florida, I am just saving my money and waiting for the Philippines to open up whenever Cebu-Mactan is available and there is no quarantine of 14 days. Thanks again and see you soon again!

  24. The people who are worried about testing positive have very little understanding of the immune system. Microbiologically speaking, you want to test positive the first time (it means you got it & your body is fighting it) then you want negative on the 2nd test, meaning your body already cleared it up. What concerns me about gov’t is they completely threw away scientific inquiry & just went by what they saw in the news media as opposed to actually looking at & understanding the scientific evidence. I mean sitting down with doctors & scientists to actually figure out a solution. This is when politics should move to the side & let the scientists do the work. Simply, move aside & let people who are trained in science do the work. Politicians need to stop trying to politicize a scientific problem.

  25. Mexico: Sonora state is closed. Arizona and California border crossings closed. Dunno about Texas crossings with other Mexican states.

  26. If the other countries were testing 650,000 people a day, like in USA, their numbers of COVID-19 would also show a spike in cases…

    1. not really america is somewhere in the middle if you compare wat percentage of people test positive for covid.each country is at different stages eg new zealand does around 6000 test daily and usually the number between 0 and 5 positive over the last month out of 6k.wen countries start to get on top of covid 19 they generally start doing less testing.

  27. Manila Airport Facebook Page posted that Terminal 3 is now open for International Travel but no details found on getting tourist visa

  28. The Most Important, is the Updated Philippines Entry Rules, Because, This YouTube Video is About The Philippines, is The Maldives of the Philippines Part of the Philippines? Does the Entry Rules Apply the same as the Real Philippines Entry Rules? I am not a big fan of popular Tourist Areas, The Philippines Has everything you need, just as good as, all the countries in the world, actually the tourism industry in the Philippines will be competing against other countries, to get you to come to the Philippines, Actually the Philippines will make it, hard or easy to any country it wants. Because it looks like, you talk about all other countries, and left the Philippines Out.

    1. actually, this video is about all other options ‘other than’ the philippines.

      the article video was about the actual Maldives. Bais, located in negros oriental (north of dumaguete) is in the philippines and only mentioned in passing since people call it the ‘maldives of the ph’.

      and again, this video was specifically about travel options AVAILABLE. the philippines is NOT available for tourism-travel right now because it is not granting any tourist visas, not since end of march.

  29. Hi Reekay, it’s me who just joined you on MeWe, Tropical Expat. Thanks for sharing that site.

  30. Love your show been watching you for quite a while have a question I was wondering if you know anything about the consulate in Manila was wondering if you knew anything about the opening thanks again I love Your videos

  31. Hi Reekay , just saying anyone who travels now got to be crazy!! Unless you are not worried about getting back home and willing to stay there. You may have to stay were ever you for a very long time if you get sick or they lock down.

  32. Cambodia is open to Americans plus others and is one of the least affected countries in the world with no lock down and no deaths. Vietnam too no recordered deaths but lock downs in several cities, Han Noi and Sai Gon included. Nearly 400 infections and over 300 cured in a population of 90 million. Negotiations underway to open the border with Cambodia. Cambodian infections stand at 140 with 124 cured in a popuation of 16 million. Previous batch in infections were from France with 30 odd. Last batch of infections came in from Malaysia and Indonesia, where in fact many of Cambodia’s Co19 cases have originated. Plenty of visitors from China and only a couple of infections with all cured.

    1. Cambodia is NOT open to Americans. No tourist visas are being issued. Only essential business.

  33. Doesn’t look like the Philippines is accepting any tourists just yet. Positive cases have gained 2,000+ just today. We’ve even surpassed Singapore, second now only to Indonesia. We haven’t even plateaued. Things are definitely not looking promising in the Philippines. (I say all those foreigners thinking of seeing their girlfriends here may have to wait just a little bit longer.) Not promising at all. ☹️

    1. That’s false news they said it was mistaken numbers . They read from June not July . Philippines can’t get test back that quick . Think about it.

  34. Henry / The problem leaving the Philippines is small problem. Even if your married to a Philippine with a child getting a flight back to the Philippines is a bigger problem. For example a visa run overnight.

  35. Some great options for you guys in USA, subject to getting the tests done. Antigua and St Lucia have beautiful beaches for a lazy holiday. I visited Croatia last year, and really enjoyed it. It’s not cheap like SE Asia, but Dubrovnik is a beautiful old city, and quite a lot to see and do there. Bali is nice if you avoid the busiest tourist areas with nightlife, food and accommodation is good and cheap. I’ve always wanted to visit the Maldives, the ultimate romantic holiday for couples . Tiny islands with nothing to do but relax on the beach and read a book. Snorkelling and scuba diving would be fantastic. Thanks Reekay, you’ve made me really want to travel again.

  36. Good info as usual Reekay. I’m stuck in Scotland (flight for Aprill 22nd cancelled) waiting to get to Philippines. Let’s all hope for a remedy or even a vaccine sometime soon to help speed things up.

    1. aha…vaccines made within months. Admittedly dna altering. Legit and harmonious to the human frame im sure ..
      Follow the money, who stands to gain. Those that promote vaccines are those that promote lowering Global human population.

  37. Turkey is also open to Americans. South Korea is open to Americans with a 14 day quarantine that you pay for.

  38. Do you know if a covid test is necessary to leave the Philippines?
    My time of three years will be up in November 2020…im hoping the travel ban will be lifted by then.
    Because I just want to fulfill the 24 hr requirement to come back.

    1. Yes and many outside countries require 14 day Quarantine so you sit in your hotel for 2 weeks

    2. When you get to Philippines, they will have you pay for the hotel & you will be tested every 7 days. You will be in 14 day quarantine & another 14 days if you go to the barangays.

  39. Happy 4th of July Reekay!!!

    All those islands east of Venezuela are very nice indeed.
    All islands east of the Florida coast are great too.
    The Dominican Republic is very nice, I visited all those islands many times.
    Croatia is a nice country to visit during the summer. I have friends from there and Serbia too.
    Don’t go to Miami, it is infected. Central Florida is ok not Southern Florida.
    Ask me about the above locations.
    Happy travels!!

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