‘Covid-19 Passport’?? – Don’t Panic – Philippines

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  1. LINK: (article) https://www.sunstar.com.ph/article/1879535/Cebu/Business/DOT-backs-creation-of-Covid-19-passport
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    In this video I discuss, “‘Covid-19 Passport’?? – Don’t Panic – Philippines”

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  2. Seems like a lot of stupidity to me, no country is guna reissue millions of Passports when you could simply put proof of vaccine in a vaccine book as done with Yellow Fever. Up to the PI government if they choose to require vaccine to enter the country or not.

  3. TRENDS around Asia….”Korean Air has said there’s a “real possibility” airlines will mandate passengers take a COVID-19 vaccine before being allowed to travel.”

  4. TRENDS around Asia…”The CEO of Qantas Airlines also announced in November that the COVID-19 vaccine will be mandatory for anyone boarding his flights and that this will become the norm for all international travel.”

  5. I had read that the ITAT (International Air Transport Association) was developing an App. They have the interest & resources to develop.

  6. great video Reekay. What’s next? a flue passport or a shingles passport or a Measles mumps and rubella passport? Jesus this is stupid. Covid is probably going to be around forever just like the flu, a year long flu season. just learn to deal with it or die and free up resources for the rest of us on earth who can survive it.

  7. It could take years for all the nations to get all their people inoculated and get this implemented and some former fashion so don’t look for no international travel to the Philippines for at least 2022 my opinion mid to late 2022 if then have a good day thanks for the information take care

  8. as we have found in the USA the corporations bypass the gov. I can’t walk into many stores without a mask because of store policies not gov. So Cebu P. says no travel without sick passport then you don’t fly. Instant. No recourse unless gov. says no, which they won’t because their puppets to controllers.

  9. Great content and explanations. 👍 I may have something helpful at *IATA* https://www.iata.org/en/programs/passenger/travel-pass/I hope they make it. The most Country Government want their own “Patchwork way” You can see this in the kind they “deal” this Restriction”. It is so easy: don’t feed the Pet. Period. (* Feed means: don’t touch, don’t talk and don’t look at = keep distance min. feet, keep your mask over mouth AND nose, stay away from the crowd.

  10. Everything starts with ideas and statements then they implement those very things. Won’t have to force any vaccines, they will just make sure if you don’t take them, you can’t do anything in this life. When will people wtf up. And yeah still no virus.

  11. We are starting to receive the first allocation of vaccine as we speak here in so cal .. The Pfizer Offering appear to be the most effective of the 3 or 4 western developed vaccines..The Astra Seneca that Cebu was referring to is the least effective of the bunch, at 70% vs Pfizer at 95% effective..Perhaps this will truly be the turning point for our travel needs! Thanks Reekay

  12. Think for a lot of countries it is a matter of when not if some vaccination record/passport comes into effect.

    Very little chance of poorer developing countries with poor medical infrastructure being able to implement immunised herd immunity.

    This would enable international tourism to recommence.

  13. no, no , this idiotic statement can be read in different light, some deluded bastrds in tourist industry wishes ti force millions of people to be vaccinated in order to be available to travel, but hold on, there are new developments on grounds of vaccinate entire nations, people starts to develop side effects of this shit vaccine, so in other words , if any (even CebuPacific will force me to get vaccinated in order to be able to buy ticket) and after that I will develop life threatening side effects then this airline can expect legal action and possibility to get bust if I win.

  14. I will be boycotting the philippines if they require a vaccine passport. Explain to me how that helps tourism.

  15. No surprises there. All nations are following the Agenda 21/30 script. The wheels are in motion already. The forced vaccine to travel will hamper tourist, in my opinion.

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