Covid: Where Do We Go From Here? – My Thoughts

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  2. I don’t disagree on the sickness..
    The numbers will purposely start going down and they will quit reporting it…

  3. It’s going to take more than a few strong politicians to stand up and demand common sense for the craziness to diminish. And the politicians we have now are more concerned with their lifelong government jobs than being true leaders.

  4. Covid is much less deadly than what was predicted. Closing the economy and social life has been a big mistake. The cure is much worse than the disease. My only explanation for this craziness is that governments have made a mistake when predicting the danger of the virus and now they don’t want to admit their mistake so they continue doing the same crazy thing. They don’t consider the global impact of closing the economy, they only consider the impact on covid infection as if there was nothing else in the world.

  5. Spot on, thankyou, I’ve been trying to convey this myself to family and friends, with nothing but scorn. this video should be shared to everyone.

  6. My anecdotal. Know about 13 people that got it. 8 no symptoms, had no idea they had it. 1 said it was between cold and flu. 1 lost taste/smell for a day. 1 was perfectly healthy, runner, low bodyfat, but in his early 60s, got very sick, said it was like the worst flu of his life. 2 died, 1 over 60, 1 over 70. Everyone I know who got it and recovered say they have no lingering problems or symptoms. Just anecdotal, I know. But my anecdotal seems to be jiving with most people I know, including yours.

  7. You do bring up some very good points. Of course if they tested more people cases would go up and death rate would go down. The problem is with all the information you leave out. You seem to be stuck on death rate and comparing covid to other diseases. The hospital in my area is full to capacity but you never mention that. To get Aids one needs to engage in risky behavior for the most part, Aids is not spread very often like covid is spread by not engaging in that risky behavior. Going to a grocery store one can get covid but is very, very, very unlikely to get Aids. I know a guy got covid going out to a restuarant, how many people get Aids doing that.

    You can not compare Aids to Covid, they spread completely different. You never mention longer term affects some people are experiencing, organ problems, breathing problems, you never mention how covid is new and we don’t know much about it. You mention old frail people being pushed over the edge with covid but never mention guys training for marathons dead from covid.

    You only seem to bring up points that point in the direction of what you personally would like to see happen which is to open things up.

    If you look at the right information you will be better suited to understand where we go from here. Although you do bring up very good, accurate points, the things you leave out prevent you from understanding the entire picture and where we go from here.

    Vaccines need to be effective to lower hospital capacity rates, we need to learn more about the virus and the longer term affects that will take time to do both those things but once we do
    things will open up more and more the more we learn and the more effective the vaccines are the quicker things open up.

  8. You’re glossing over a major point. I spent over a month with the vid in the hospital. Im 64 and was uber healthy. The sudden explosion of outbreaks can and is draining health services. Im in Tennessee and its close to crucial.Similar outbreak in the PI would crush your system. This is why most governments seemingly over compensate regs. Societal breakdown with no resources for “regular” immediate Healthcare is the real emergency. When stats are complete look at total deaths in 2019 and 2020. Its telling. Live and enjoy life safely folks.

  9. Out driving on the 5th day? Good riddance, thats why the virus keeps spreading out of control… People being selfish and stupid and starts doing whatever as soon as they feel ok.

  10. You missed one more point. Take the deaths last year and see how they compare to deaths in the previous 5 years. You will find that there’s no difference. I also saw a heat map of flu in 2020 compared to the previous years and there was practically zero cases of flu in 2020 (North America). I will try and find links and post them!

  11. Wake up people . This “Crisis” is a trojan horse..ushering in the greatest transfer of wealth, control and power in all
    history. “the Great Reset”.
    The game changer..The inventor of the ‘covid test’ they are actually a “PCR” test, invented by Kary Mullis.
    He stated clearly..the test is /was “NOT INVENTED FOR ANY INFECTIOUS DISEASES”.

  12. You are right on. There are extremist on both sides. I personally think they are both crazy, but feel they should both be able to live life their what ever way fits their belief. I start objecting when one group of extremist wants to force everybody to live life based on their extreme beliefs. For people that are so afraid of the virus, by all means lock yourself in your house and quarantine yourself. that will keep you safe. No one will stop you. Then let the people that believe enjoying life is more important than just existing and are willing to take the risk, live a normal life. it won’t effect you because you will be locked in your safe house, where the virus can not get you.

  13. Influenza claims on an average of 25 to 60 thousand deaths each year in the US. Looking at studies influenza cases this last year have dropped considerably, while testing has increased. My point being we didn’t shut down an economy for influenza and it’s been the cause of 25 to 60 thousand deaths a year, for years.

  14. Everyone is different and it will effect us all differently. The airlines, airports and governments need to get together and come up with a globally agreed test and trace solution. The world needs to move forward. My own choice is to have a vaccine shot because my view is it will reduce the chance of catching it and even if I do, it will reduce the effect it has. Make up your own mind.

  15. I’m sure there’s been many that have died of Covid but not at the high numbers you’ve been hearing on the news. Most who have died had underlining health issues but that’s not addressed. Many out there don’t know that there is a lot of fraud in this pandemic, and these hospitals are getting thousands for each person dying from Covid so in turn everyone gets slapped with a Covid toe tag. I have a friend that’s a RN at a hospital in Texas and he called this pandemic, a lot of bullshit and he filled me in on that fraud! Covid is real but don’t be believing in the media, they keep it hyped up to push an agenda/fraud. I hadn’t heard the name flu or of 1 person dying of the flu this year and the flu kills around 90K to 120K people a year……….hmmm I guess the flu took the year off.

  16. Great job Henry, I wish a lot more people would get this clear view from the current situation and make it public. Especially politicians who currently scare most people. They pretend to save people’s lives, but …

    Most of the Covid-19 victims who had passed had not been completely healthy before, they had one and several known or unknown pre-existing diseases. This was not always given by God, but was often the result of their individual way of life before. For example, some had been unhappy, maybe because of loneliness or because of a lot of other human made suffers, they ate too much chocolate, had overweight and diabetes, heart failure, transplantation, high blood pressure and so on, or others were unemployed and poor, not enough money for healthy food, a lot of worries and bad thoughts, they may have drunk a lot of alcohol and, as a result, decreased immune system effectiveness, which could be happend because of the other above reasons as well.

    And what is happens now: The result of the political activities make people lonely, unhappy, workless and poor, and as a result, they get sick and their immune system weakens, which makes it is easier to get a serious infection by a lot pathogens, not only thru corona which can kill them.

  17. The swab test is highly inaccurate ..considering the numbers for called asymptomatics , about 90% positive tested are asymptomatic …and or mild symptoms ….first of all ..what the numbers showing here in Philippines DOH reports …second of all the inventor of the swab test ..reportededly stated test is not designed to distinguish between a cold and covid …covid is actually in the corona viruses category btw…which includes the cold …the
    Morbidity rate is low …less than 2% it’s true …people are dying ..non the less from a respiratory type virus matter what name you label it …but people were dying before too ..with flu , colds , and pneumonia .. death rate was actually higher ..if I recall my research right …and all respitory
    Illnesses it viral or bacterial are quite contagious too ….I feel it’s suspicious to blame all deaths and positive tests on just covid…maybe we lack evidence for that …but sometimes you don’t need ..certified ..court evidence to know what’s true . .by observation and logic and common sense ..not everything that happens in this world evidenced …yet it happens ..I feel we probably won’t be seeing a return to the normal we ever had . ..but like they say …a new normal …likely long term to permanent . .

  18. My condolences on the loss of your family members. You are spot on with your analysis Reekay.

  19. I do look for a pass that says you have taken the vaccine when available in the Philipines to enter places where people gather. Like Malls restaurant, bars, gyms, etc.

  20. We could have had it in 5/19 I had a bad respiratory infection & Ne (GF) had flu symptoms. Age isn’t the factor as much as the health of the individual. I figured out when I was about 4 that something was going to kill me & worrying about wasn’t going to change anything. So no, I am not scared of it. Odds are I won’t die from it.

  21. Hello Reekay,my deepest sympathy for the loss of your family members.god bless their souls Reekay.

  22. Unfortunately greed in society trumps everything else . $ is to be made out there, when one nation starts the drama others jump on the bandwagon too it seems. You mention common sense, this pandemic just may prove globally it doesn’t exist anymore.

  23. Well here’s the thing, some ICU beds are at 50% and over and if you do survive you could be parting with a gift that keeps on giving and not to mention you could end up with an autoimmune disease. I’ll let you all do the research for that but in the autoimmune community (which I belong to) it is common knowledge that some autoimmune disease are caused by bad viral infections. I’m not really here to change your mind about how you should act around covid (frankly I don’t care if you’re careless). But if you want to test the waters and see if you catch something else by having a nasty viral infection, by all means go ahead, perhaps I’ll see you in one of my support groups. See the thing is with most people, they think if you catch covid and live you’ll be able to live your life in great health then on after, hell no. Consider yourself warned by someone who caught something from a bad viral infection. Ok I’ll tell you what I caught, I have Sjogren’s Syndrome and Autoimmune Neutropenia. Neither run in my family. More than likely I caught it from a viral infection that through my immune system out of wack. Again, I’m not doing your research (even though Reekay said to reference), I’ve done hundreds of hours of research through medical books. Dry as hell and I’m not looking. I know I read about it. Nobody is stopping you from looking. Good luck to all in whatever path you choose.

  24. Hello Henry,
    Thank you for putting forward reasonable thoughts today. Sorry for your pains losing three of relatives,, I lost one too!
    My point of view, is that all communities and organizations must take this pandemic very seriously!! For the following reasons:
    It’s deadly!! There’s no questions about that!! It’s man killer of first grade!! that’s my personal opinion!
    Secondly,, the way / the method of Infecting is mainly by air!
    Thirdly, it hits a vital organ of human body, the lungs! making it deadly to the elderly and babies! And many people with diabetes and HBP.!
    Fourthly, The way the virus generated in the human living cells is very scary, in a way it’s extending root-like to claim the nearby not yet infected cells!!
    For those reasons and many others,, I would agree on whatever measures to be taken in order to wipe out this evil virus from earth!!!
    I pray to Allah the Almighty God, to help find a cure and a vaccine for Covid-19!!

  25. I don’t think we will ever have an accurate death rate but I do know the rate will never be higher then governments’ statr.

  26. The WHO estimates that the actual number of people infected with Covid-19 is 10 times higher than number of registered confirmed cases, which means that the fatality rate is probably closer to 0,2%.

  27. We Never Had A President That Has Exposed The Danger In One World Order So The Powers Of The World Had To Take Him Out

  28. It’s a ridiculous over reaction from many countries, for whatever reason you choose to believe. Only one percent of the population are affected, so we lock down the other 99%. The figures are misleading also, with many many other deaths from other causes, put under Covid because of a positive test. The vast majority of deaths are people over 80, or people with other health problems who would probably died from flu anyway. The PCR test, by its inventors own admission, is not suitable for diagnosis in humans. Even normal flu, or a common cold, would produce a positive test. Protect the elderly and vulnerable, and let everyone else get on with their lives. My life at the moment isn’t worth living.

  29. Australia is considering not opening borders until the end of this year. It’s a nightmare…

  30. For those who STILL think Covid doesn’t exist, is made up etc etc, so don’t abide by the rules…these people will only realise when they or a family member is struck down by it.

    Personally I would like to drag these types into a local hospital & make them face those that are losing their lives due to it & of all ages.

  31. When will common sense prevail? Good question, considering half of the people are dumb as a bag of rocks I would guess never. You’re spot on Rekay as usual, you’re wicked smaht!

  32. Reekay its not about Health Care. There is medication HCQ and Ivermectin, that will KILL SarsCov2 virus dead after 4-7 days. But instead Lockdowns, PCR, Track and Trace and Vaccine is only Government solution advocated. Our own God given Natural Immune System can deal with SarsCov2 and is easily boosted with Vit C, D3, Zinc, etc etc. Unless you are over 80 and very ill, 99.97% of people will survive.

  33. They want to keep the morbidity rate “high” at two percent so they have an incentive to not test a large sample size.

  34. Reekay, please look up Dr. Sam Bailey channel. She has a very different look at the virus situation. Also, she did an interview with a German Virologist who says the same things that you mentioned in your video.

  35. If they can control the access to testing (and they have done so here in Riverside and LA County), then they can control the data and ultimately control the number of “new cases.” What infuriates me is that the criteria for the quarantine restrictions in LA County is constantly changing. There will always be a justification for continued quarantine because there will always be new cases because again they control the access to testing. My grandmother (85) and her caregiver (60) were tested and two weeks later when they received the results, they were inconclusive. Maybe I’m being a bit of conspiracy theorist but I don’t think that this mismanagement of access to testing is unintentional. The results are that now you literally see homeless families living out of their car in the walmart parking lot and little kids asking for money in the grocery store-no joke, this is what is going on in Temecula/Murrieta/Menifee. It is HEARTBREAKING to see families literally begging.

  36. The published morbidity rate is not “truely and solely due to Covid” as you say. As Covid death any case is being counted where the deceased person was diagnosed as having Covid and Covid “could or has contributed to the person’s death”. This definition is being used by all countries. Nonetheless, the media and politicians keep saying those deceased died “from Covid”. As much as they do not mention either that practically all deceased persons had underlying health issues and/ or where 70+ years old. Most countries have an average age of people who died with or from Covid which is even higher than the country’s average life expectancy. Also, the average morbidity rate for people who died with or from Covid is currently around 0.05% of the overall population. This number roughly applies to all countries which take record of Covid cases.

  37. Your comments upon Covid-19 and evidence are, of course, right. I agree with you, yet the same evudenciary approach should also be applied to the existence of gods and prophets.

  38. Oh Reekay, We Just Surpassed 400, 000 Deaths Here In America. And, By The Way, If Someone With AIDS Was Near You Just Talking, Coughing, Or Sneezing, You Wouldn’t Get AIDS From Them. So, There’s No Reason To Isolate, Social Distance, Wear A Mask, etc.. And Also My Man, Many Of The Folks Who Died Here, Were Under The Age Of 60.

  39. A good summary of where things stand now Reekay and there really is a question of the equity of shutting down so much economic activity and the ability of people to make a living, especially in countries with little to no government safety nets like Thailand and the Philippines. At first it was reasonable as it wasn’t known how lethal the virus was or how transmissable. We know have this information and as we now know its 2% or less for morbidity (1% average let’s say). We are keeping the world shutdown for this?

  40. Enrique.your just put it

    As it is amigo.
    It does not make any sense.
    I.m in darwin covid here
    And in australia only a few .case no more than a few.
    The amount of paranoia
    The amount of sycosis
    Put up by the governments. And official media. Is jus unbelievable.
    Bottom line enrique
    1 year stuck
    Relationship in bohol in tatters.
    She is a beautiful. Gracious.generous .
    woman.but separation
    Has kills our storia.i think.
    Now i come back here the 7 of march last year
    I left cebu on the 6 th.of
    So is going to be one years ,soon alright. But that is nothing .
    The government and health .officials. are thinking. In keeping us here .another year 2021.
    Just madness.mate madness.
    Nice to see your well,, and putting this sensible subjet
    On this matter.
    Great job amigo.
    John in darwin australia

  41. What if an expat dies in Philippine ?? Where do they bury the corpse..or they send the body to the Country of origin..thx

  42. Reekay, isn’t it ironic that there seems to be no mention of deaths due to regular flu this year. Every year we have a spike in deaths due to flu, and that’s why they call it a flu season and urge people to get flu shots, but it appears as though flu just disappeared miraculously and it’s only the virus deaths. What we need to look at is do we have excess deaths compared to previous year? According to some data’s given, we are not even experiencing excess deaths. What do you think?

  43. Be great to see the numbers of people who don’t fully recover.

    My own thoughts are I could not care less about cases, only number of deaths and number of those that don’t recover fully. Personally I am shocked by the number of deaths in America and Europe. Add the number that don’t fully recover and to me it is appalling.

    The discussions that people die in a car accident etc and are listed as a covid death I think are silly. Death certificates will always show co morbidities so listing covid on it is really standard.

    I think nothing much will open till countries are vaccinated.

    Zdoggmd is someone I like to listen to. I would recommend people have a look at his discussions.

  44. I agree with you if the death rate is lower then the people having covid-19 and recovered and if people want to take the vaccine or not then I feel that we need to get on with living life

  45. People best be waking up to reality. Governments are talking heads, and are NOT our friends.
    To know what covid is truly about..turn off the tel lie vision programming and search on the pro Globalist
    websites that admit their goals. Look into the “World Economic Forum ” and “Agenda 2030”.
    Their explanations make it sound so cute , fuzzy and harmonious..LIES…and usual.
    Stop drinking the Kool-aid brothers and sisters. We are drastically losing our freedoms, and MUCH more to come.

  46. I take your point that the percentage of deaths is very low however we had another 1,600 grieving families in uk yesterday, i understand the need to slow the spread because of the pressure on our NHS but to almost shutdown the whole planet sure sucks for the want of a better term, keep up the great work you do, regards joe

  47. hmmm i find it hard to rationalise someone right to life based on percentages. If it was your parents that died would you feel different? many countries have put measures in place that have minimised deaths. Globally over 2 million deaths this isn’t a small number and people complain about some small discomforts.

  48. What do you mean medical terms?? I think an average person can identify what is considered obese with one look.

  49. Most of nowadays medical workers became greedy and corrupted and that is not a conspiracy theory for anyone who encountered with their ,,help,, …
    So I don’t believe any word what they are saying about covid….

  50. Henry you got it 100%.
    Basically if we tested more people the deaths would stay the same and the morbidity rate would become even tinier as more people tested positive.
    We have MASSIVELY overreacted. As you say, when is common sense going to return?

  51. Once again, Covid is here to stay. Government, hospitals etc. are getting huge paychecks. This is allowing the city politicians to make new laws and restrictions to have total control of people’s lives. I don’t believe they will give up that new found power over the people. Hospitals are getting huge kickbacks for diagnosis of Covid. The strange thing is, is that this strain of flu virus is actually less threatening than the average yearly flu virus. I believe that this is all fake and was concocted for government to have more control over people. They want people to be scared and in fears so big government can step in and take control. It’s just ashamed that this has ruined people’s lives with all they’re fake statistics and lies, which seems to be the way of the world now a days. Bottom line, the Filipino are eating up the new power to control lives. But eventually, they will be punished for they’re abuse of power.
    The only way that this scamdemic will stop is when the people stand up and say enough is enough. Period!

  52. Hey … I live in Washington USA …
    I have a girlfriend in Tanjay … I wanted to go to the philipines is this the wrong time???

  53. Yes Covid is real and you really don’t wanna catch it. I have experienced it and it’s not a joke.

  54. Dropped you a line directly on MeWe. My msgr is broken again. So sorry to hear of your loss.
    Glad to see your as good as you can be all things considered.

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