Ed and Rose: What Did We Learn?

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  2. #1 She is a nasty little thing. Noooooo
    I also wonder how she planned to have a kid with another Filipina?
    That one is bat shit crazy lol .
    And to think there are literally millions to choose from.
    Thanks for sharing Aloha

  3. I think someone should tell this girl she can’t have babies with another woman , she seems like she can be quite aggressive , two sides to her i think .
    I don’t think wanting babies was the true reason , infact she may have been pleased he told her that so she could dump him without hurting his feelings with the real truth , also , she wasn’t 100% up front with him neither.

  4. she is the best girl i can love and have children and family with.. such a great chance and opportunity wasted.. i wish it was my chance

  5. I appreciate that you used the show as a learning tool which you did well, I have never watched this kind of program because I feel it’s all staged for the drama and I do everything I can to remove drama from my life on TV and off

  6. I saw most episodes of their “relationship” . Ed is pretty much clueless, is very inexperienced and extremely naive. There is no doubt in my mind he was totally set up by the production crew with the pig farm, rats and the like. Rose became very popular on her own after they broke up, which is a total mystery to me as I think she has a horrible personality, but this is a minority opinion.

  7. BIG ED.
    Is a huge manipulator!
    He used Rose. Lied. Played games.
    Rose is now successful in the Philippines. A model. And taking care of family. I’m happy for her.
    Big fan of 90day.

  8. Looks awkward on both sides. He’s CREEPY looking like I’m all that. He’s not stocky, he’s fat. And he acts like a little boy in high school what a goober.

  9. Lesson learned is don’t go public with your private life. Wish her luck having a baby with her girlfriend. 🙄

  10. Outstanding video in the way you explained everything. You gave outstanding advice to those wanting to meet somebody. As for the characters in this video I think he was playing her like a fiddle and hoping she would just except him at his worst rather than reveal his poker hand as you said. My gut feeling tells me she was playing him as well only to get pregnant and then go back to her girlfriend leaving him with a lifetime of child support. This guy needs more than honesty check his first meetup he unshaven no glasses, why???? She took plenty of time to get all dolled up looking her best for him it’s a shame he didn’t show her the same respect as he did the interviewer post breakup.

  11. These scripts are written out. However, she has typical Bargirl mentality, and he is the kind of guy that ruins it for the good foreigners that want a good filipina. This is the kind of Filipina you say, “next”, and move on and never look back.

  12. Fellow bros. I wanna say something you may notlike but it needs to be said. Be a MAN. Be straight up front with ANY woman you meet from day 1. #2 guys get yourself in shape so you can be on a level playing field. Just like you have a pick of filipinas they have a pic of YOU your not the only foreigner they can choose from so NEVER EVER think youve got the upper hand in south Asia or for any country for that matter

  13. This is almost like exploiting a disabled person tbh. It’s hard to watch this guy, he is like a child inside. It’s TLC so nuff said.

    Is this a normal sounding accent for a Filipina? Do they usually speak like this? 🙂

  14. They started out with alot of misconceptions as to who each other are and what they look like. Your right bro. 10 years ago your would almost never see a filipina wearing a bikini on the beach unless they were ” open minded” but now you see then everywhere so social media has done its thing. I mean bro lets just be real here can we? Hes really out of shape and she has an agenda. This “”relationship” was doomed from the beginning.

  15. I think he should have “clocked” 500 hours at his local K-TV bar before meeting in person….classic rookie move by saying “I Love You” within the first hour (and asking for trouble). Imo.

  16. She only contacted him on valentines days because she was looking for gifts 🎁 plus she could be a full blown lesbian just looking for a meal ticket

  17. You Gotta feel for Ed. He keeps punching, but he has horrible social skills. Some of the stuff he says is very cringy. The funny thing is, they have shown pictures of him when he was younger and he is a good looking guy.

  18. Good video Reekay, and you’re right, honesty is the best policy. It’s also true she was dishonest with him about her sexual orientation, and also about contacting him after they broke up. Hopefully, Ed has learned a valuable lesson from this experience, and I think it was a blessing in disguise that Rose broke up with him.

  19. That show is rather contrived and they keep coming back to the same people which is boring. Rose dodged a bullet as Ed repeatedly lied to her, maybe she had an agenda of her own but he was deceitful from the start. There was another guy who was in his 50’s and was marrying and 18 y/o Filipina and he was a control freak. I wish 90 Day fiance did more to highlight the plusses and minuses of these relationships but instead they seem to focus on nut cases. Thanks Reekay for giving us good information.

  20. I don’t watch TV, but honestly, who starts a relationship online with lies? Vlogs about the Philippines gives a glims about what’s going on there, but everybody makes their own opinion after visiting the country // Ari JJ Jaatinen (retiree in the Philippines at the end of 2021)

  21. I’d try to get back with Rose and tell her she can have a girlfriend as long as I can watch…lol

  22. It’s not just his fault. She could have easily discussed children during their courtship. It’s a two way street.

  23. She would have accepted him, no neck and all, if he was open to kids? He should be so lucky.

  24. The whole issue is honesty. It has nothing to do with first meeting in person. It has to do with embellishments from the start. Or, being disingenuous by saying what you mean or letting your yes mean yes and your no mean no. If people were honest in the first place, a successful LDR is very possible. But, as a detective I see this all the time. False hopes and lies from the beginning.

  25. You apparently didn’t watch the whole series. He lied to her & said he was 3″ taller than he was. It wasn’t in her mind’s eye as you said, it was in her ear.

  26. I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting for someone familiar with life in the PH to analyze this! My wife and I talk about this show all the time. 🙂 Edit: Sent you a donation to help with production costs. Thanks again!

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