Expats Leaving The Philippines

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    In this video I discuss, “Expats Leaving The Philippines”

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  2. My 3 years is up in July and I have been warned by the BI Reginal Director that I will have to leave. He started reminding me 4 months ago! Real nice guy (not)! I transfered my entire life here and now feel I have no choices. May have to go back to US and wait for the Phillipines to get it’s act together. If too much changes in the visa department, I will just cut my losses and look elsewhere to spend my “golden years”.

  3. From a ww traveler. I will not go outside USA until things are mostly back to normal. Traveling is difficult enough without the lockdowns and restrictions.

  4. I’ve been patiently waiting since March when this pandemic started to get back to my filipina wife and kid in the Philippines from Australia..and keeping close tabs to what’s going on isnt bringing any more hope to our situation..because there is never any good news for the better that sticks.

  5. I plan to retire in the Philippines as soon as it opens up. And I’ve already got a very sweet filipina whose never asked me for money waiting for me when I get there. I’ve already been infected with the virus here in the USA so I’m not too worried about it in the Philippines.

  6. I’d think most of the expats who left the Philippines wanted to just be home – or wherever they consider to be home.

  7. I have been living here in the Philippines going on six years and have no plans on leaving. I would rather be here than back in the states.

  8. I been in Philippines since august last year .i will fly back to Portugal in 2 weeks,reason my passport expire on january 2021,and no Portuguese embassy in Philippines,i be back next year or 2022

  9. The irony is I feel stuck in the rapidly deteriorating USA which has become a very dangerous place. I’d love to be able to leave here to go back to the Philippines. That’s where my heart and my family are. I’d like to be reunited with them. I do get your point about the dating scene and all the restrictions but if that’s not what you’re looking for and are already committed to a particular situation all of that is just not that important. I hope both nations are successful in producing and distributing effective vaccines which will allow us to follow our dreams again. Stay safe as always and thanks for the timely update.

  10. The death rate from covid is very low in the Philippines. But following the drastic measures imposed by the government I suspect that the death rate from malnutrition, starvation and suicide to be much higher. I wonder what is the point of killing the economy and people enjoyment of life when the end result is more deaths. I sure would not go to the Philippines with all those restrictions.

  11. I do not think no matter where you go the governments have so much control now it is hard to do anything. This pendana has affected everyone in so many ways that none of us have experienced before in our world today

  12. When the main “infrastructures” get shut down along with the inconsistant “requirements” – its timely to look somewhere else. In my opinion, its going to be quite some time before it gets anywhere near “normal.”

  13. Lots of good points Reekay, I came home from there just before the lockdown, and at first wished I hadn’t. After seeing and reading about how strict the restrictions have been, especially for older guys, I’m glad I’m not there. The city might be better, but where I often stay in Moalboal would’ve driven me nuts. Virtually no internet, two tiny malls, and nowhere open for some entertainment, would have been awful. As much as I would like to go back, until the vaccines, and visas are available, it’s looking pretty unlikely. Thanks for always keeping us up to date, much appreciated. Best wishes to you and Vi.

  14. Still want to come but not not if the restrictions are too high but i think if one of the vaccines comes through then i think it shoud be all good

  15. The Philippines, Africa and India are the 3 main places that they want to vaccinate (that will sterilize), so they are making it as uncomfortable as possible for them in hope that everyone will be queuing for the shot.

  16. I am still worried to make plans to fly in Feb 2021 because the rules keep changing so much daily. I haven’t been there with my wife since May 2019 and it really sucks! I originally had plans to go May 2020, but that got put off, obviously. Further, I have a hard time with being forced to wear masks when out & about. However, I normally wear a facemask when there while driving anyway because of smoke. Hopefully I will get there in Feb 2021… Is there any issues now with extending visas? What type of short duration visa should I come in on as a married foreigner to Filipina?

  17. I was planning to come there every year in retirement for at least 3 months but Covid changed that. After being locked down for 4 months and all the rules and restrictions imposed it was just too much. As much as I would love to return I can’t see it. Perhaps whenever things get better I will return but I don’t see it in the near future. Let’s hope the vaccine works and we can all get back to normal.

  18. I’m a permanent resident with no plans to leave. But this lock down is a drag even for us married guys. That said, if I were to relocate I’d think about Spain.

  19. If other competing countries continue to ease the overreach in restrictions and this country doesn’t, then this country will have serious problems. The power-tripping here is outrageous.

  20. I wouldn’t do Mexico. If the Taliban were better organized Afganistan would look like Mexico. The stuff with the cartels has gotten that bad.

  21. Good vid , me and my Filipino wife will be moving to merivelis bataan area maybe Subic bay ,looking at around probably august, we both by then should have gotten the vaccine here in USA hopefully that’s the case

  22. Enrique.your are passing
    The covid .in the most comfortable way. I think
    I,m in darwin australia
    But i wanted to go to cebu .in April 2020.
    Not chance. Sux
    Suerte compadre.
    Usted es mi heroe

  23. It is interesting for sure. However, it would be more helpful if records were kept about how many expats left/entered up till the lock down as none were allowed in afterwards. Will it pick back up after everything settles down? Will it be the new normal that fewer expats live in the Ph.? Who knows. The only thing for sure is that we are all hoping that the vaccines coming soon help bring us back to something approaching normal and the death rate drops a LOT. I personally still look forward to moving the the islands.

  24. Enrique. Pilipinas has always been a bit a hole.
    Put covid. And all the shit.will hit the fan.
    Im not against the pilipinas at all .
    Im the father of a beautiful pilipina 7 year old daughter
    But take the pilipinas
    In the reality of this times.

  25. Regarding a return to normalcy and how long that might take after the pandemic passes, it’s gonna be a long time. Here in Pattaya, Thailand, the tourist infrastructure of hotels, restaurants, bars, massage parlors, shops, etc. has been devastated by the ongoing closure of the country to international tourism. This is to say nothing of the national/international level of airport, airline, taxi, and hotels that have been affected by the virus. Even after the vaccination period is finished (could take a year or longer) and countries open up their borders again, it will take many months for the infrastructure of mass international travel and tourism to crank-up again and it will be a couple years at least I imagine before anything starts to even start to be like before the pandemic.

  26. I’m 62 years old and in great health. Why would I ever want to give up all my freedoms here in the U.S. and live in an oppressive country like the Philippines?

  27. The Philippines is my home,
    Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. For us the lockdown hasn’t been all that difficult, but we also don’t have browouts so no problem to watch a movie when we want and many of the local restos are open for eating out.
    We don’t have dividers on the tables around here.
    As for all of them leaving it may actually be a good thing, many are not very stable ( if you know what I mean ).
    Maybe a kind of reset in a way.
    Don’t really see any difference around here as you can count the foreigner on one hand anyway.
    Hopefully it will open back up soon and get back to some kind of normal , I know many are separated that want to come back.

  28. My Birthday is in April and if Philippines isn’t open by then I’m heading to Cancun Mexico for a week. I Freaking need a vacation from this sh#% here in the USA.

  29. Excellent information….
    I totally agree about Mexico…
    Easy to get in and out…
    Travel visa is 6 months…

  30. I dont see many foreigners coming anytime soon. Unless they are married or working all VOA’s have been blocked by the govt. I hope they are lifted next year or I will have to go home. I dont want to leave

  31. I know of four vloggers who went home to be with family. I guess all could be considered foreign nationals even though two of them are half Filipino but I think neither are dual citizens. Wil Dasovich (Fil-Am), Franki Russell (Fil-Kiwi), Bret Maverick (Canadian), Chris and Carol of Jumping Places (Brazilian travel vloggers who decided to ride out the virus in Palawan for 10 mos. or so until it was safe to travel to Portugal to be with Chris’ parents). There were other travel vloggers who were stuck in the PH for several months until they were able to get on a flight home.

  32. Excellent analysis. Bottom line, life sucks everywhere right now. So if you’re going to get covid, especially in advanced age, most people would rather be at home than in the PI. Except for old timers who consider PI home no matter what..

  33. I dont know about y’all but im happy for this. We foreigners have been going to the Phili for many years and alot are staying. Subsequently we are changing the Phili tiny bit by tiny bit. I mean change is inevitable but does anyone think that certain areas have changed because of us?

  34. the people leaving i meant, for example were the most U.S.A. guys going home or another country i.e. China

  35. I,ve been here in the in Luzon for five years going back to Canada would not improve my life as my country is in the process of becoming a communist state with a leader preaching the great reset and no I do not think things are going back to normal ant tie soon if ever.

  36. I am still hoping to come back to the Philippines in 2021. Life here in California is getting worse and worse. I look back at the fun I had in Philippines and the memories I made there. Life is about making memories.I hope to make more.

  37. people leaving has no affect on my plans to live there later next year. I wonder which country the majority came from .

  38. For me I plan on staying. Housing prices are dropping for those who want to buy. Rental prices are negotiable and dropping as well. I’m in Bohol and believe me it’s not what it used to be. Alona beach is a ghost town. The pools at the beautiful Hennan Resort are full of green moss. Really sad. The mountain springs where we used to love to swim are all shut down.
    Of course I’m married. A single guy would look at the situation differently. I think it also depends on what island you live on.
    Who knows in six months I may have a different viewpoint but for now I’m staying in Bohol.

  39. I heard that a lot of Chinese gaming workers left the Philippines, voluntary or involuntary, because of the closures of their online betting businesses. This may be the bulk of the BI figures.

  40. My opinion is they are going home to get the vaccine “to be” for Covid and or other benefits..Who wants to be lock down in the Philippines?

  41. I think there’s a lot of expats who were here in the Philippines by themselves, and have been locked up unable to see others for a lot of this year. Not surprising to see the expat population go backwards this year. Though I know other expats who have wanted to come here all year and weren’t able to because of the restrictions, or because they want to wait until the mandatory 14-day quarantine period is not required upon arrival.

  42. i still want to retire there. but i am about 10 to 15 years away from that. but i love it there and i cant wait to get back hope its better by then. God bless be safe kuya

  43. It seems to me that the reason why the phillipines is the way it is. Is because the people their refuse to fight for their rights and the Government has full power and treat their own people like crap. It’s a country I’ll never visit . My life matters to me but more power to you and good luck . Yikes !

  44. Will Phillipines invest in a vaccine for the country?? At what cost to who? Must be news of this coming out now. in uk they are talking about a certification to allow n prove safety for flights after vaccine given. Start December to end April.

  45. It’s not mean anything. People want go for Xmas and don’t want spend those days somewhere in transit quarantine. Also if look close Philippines started cost more same like Thailand and lose that “cheap” To be there mark. +limitations there no reason to go there also Taiphoons is not fun thing

  46. The question is why people want go leave. So obviously is about health care safety and convenience. But worth noting a trend

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