Filipina Dating Sites: Yes or No??

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    In this video I discuss, “Filipina Dating Sites: Yes or No??”

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  2. Dude you are awesome! You hit it on the spot. I just joined filipinacupid and exactly what you said. In 3 days I got so many potential scammers it’s crazy. I wish I can show you my dating profile it’s epic. I basically said don’t contact me if you have kids blah blah blah. And I still get messages. I can spot a scammer right away the obvious ones. My rule no video chat no go. Again I think you’re awesome and I hope we can meet one day when I make it to the PI.

  3. After being scammed by youtube & facebook on this COVID-19 thing, the last thing you want to be doing is going into a relationship blindly online. Better to see her in person & get to know who she really beyond the smoke & mirrors. If she can’t handle masculinity, GTFO. Don’t waste your time being emasculated by a feminist. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

  4. Kid’s in a Candy Store!!!!
    Get your Head out of your azz
    Drop your Macho Pride
    Don’t think you know everything
    If there is such a thing as a Good Divorce…. We knew we were Divorcing 1yr ahead of time..
    I had a opportunity to marry a Filipina 40yrs b4 My 1st marriage. So as current marriage ended I decided to go the Filipina path… I spoke to Expats, Ex Military, Older Men who have been down the path… Then I paid for a Full Year on a Dating Site and Only Talked to Older Filipinas: 40yrs plus and had good conversations and learned their culture and their knowledge of the Filipinas around them….
    The Rest is History…..
    Reekay’s Great Video as Always

  5. In my opinion unless your already there….no point really unless your just wanna look at pictures. “Boots on the ground”…females are always on thier phone, what shes types…and who she sleeps with every night are 2 different things. I signed up within an hr i had 25 msg’s in a day 200…does it help me or them…

  6. The only relationship i like is to get my “pain” out 😇. Happy Bachelor from the Nordic Country 😘

  7. I have never been on a dating site. I met neneng on Messenger & we chatted 10 hrs. a day 7 days a wk. I wasn’t looking for a GF and she was the first Filipina I ever chatted with. 10 months later she picked me up at the AP. in Cebu. That was 2 yrs., ago. She is also the first Filipina I ever met in person. Actually, I was working in Cybersecurity at the time we met. I do agree with most people you are correct, the only thing you didn’t mention is women get scammed by men online too. We R both happier then we have ever been in our lives.

  8. Some guys are damaged from the past and carry baggage of mistrust and animosity that they may carry over into the new relationship…so fix yourself first…great video Reekay

  9. I actually met a Filipina online in the early 2000’s thru Yahoo Messenger Chat. We only chatted once a week and after the third time we chatted using a webcam so I knew she was real. She was 8 years younger than me and I wish I could have met her in person. To this day I wonder what could have been. I did go on FilipinaCupid and my number one rule was I was NOT going to give anyone money. The ladies I did “meet” asked for money so I blocked them. Maybe you are right, just visit the Philippines and start talking to a few women at the mall and see what happens.

  10. Great advice Reekay. Before you became wise to dating sites, have you ever actually gone through a bad experience with a Filipina on a dating site bruh? Did you learn from experience?

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