Filipinos Upset With Vlogger Nas Daily – Philippines

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  2. I’m not big on social media and only follow a few Philippine bloggers but I can’t for the life of me understand all the drama between you all. I like you Reekay, and a few others, but weren’t you the focus of other bloggers recently (which I personally did like)? What’s with this need for the PI bloggers to comment/belittle/etc on each other and mind everyone else’s business over there? Is the PI that boring after a period of time? I honestly find the whole thing distasteful and even though I’ve been to the PI before, I can’t help but think its not all that if those living there and on youtube have nothing better to do than to comment on each other.

  3. Listening to the conversation between you and Old Dog, a comment you made regarding a “poor” expat, living in the Philippines on only $700 a month, kind of threw me off a bit. You speculated that, if he were to marry/be involved with a province woman with a few kids, he would be in a worse position. Can it not also be assumed that, a frugal province woman can, in fact, reduce his burden, as she is living a more modest life? She may stretch his $700 further.

  4. From the heart apology is the first thing he should do!!!!! If he is going to continue vlogging re-examine himself and show courtesy and humility to everyone!!!!!

  5. You sure it is true? What did he say? There are two sides to a coin. What’s the other side say?

  6. Cultural sensitivity should be always used as a traveler, vlogger, or resident. Some seem to forget your a guest in a country where many expats call their home. An incident could cause an expat his livelihood with demeaning language from one reckless action that shouldn’t be taking place. Philippines is a beautiful place to be with people that love their culture, customs, and families. For him to use the word NAS is actually in the Holy Quran, it is the last SURAH or CHAPTER in the scriptures. AN – NAS (The Mankind) SURAH 114:1-6 is something he should reread and take to heart how to truly treat mankind as a wondering traveler.

  7. Ive never watched the guy. Sounds like i didn’t miss much. Thanks for calling attention to this bro.

  8. In todays world I question everything I see and hear, information can easily be manipulated to present a view. But if this Vlogger was really that rude, thats sad the family had to go through that, not to mention a fan of someone, that would be crushing

  9. Man it started with the issue of the Great Whang Od then this is the next. Also alot of reports have come up now that these guy is asking funding for a hospital beneficiary somewhere palestine and one guy check with the hospital and they didnt know about it..another Arab guy also was forced to say different views on some topic for the vlog..we don’t know the truth..

  10. I find this kinda surprising. Nas has nothing but positive things to say about the Philippines. He is either married or his gf is Filipino. 80% of his staff that works for his company comes from the Philippines. Plus, he has more vlogs out of the Philippines then any other country on his channel.

  11. One thing I can say is that every single Filipino I have ever met, there or outside, are just the nicest darned people. Don’t mistake it for a weakness. It is a strength. Some people get that twisted. Filipinos are just as tough as they come, and you honestly are better off reciprocating their kindness and friendly nature. You really don’t want to be on their bad side. Plus, who the heck gets on the bad side of such nice people? And why?!

  12. To me there is no excuse. All people are proud to be who they are, and where they are from. Wish we could see what he said exactly. Like you, one minute he nice, and makes decent videos, then does a 180, sounds odd. Thanks Henry..

  13. I have learn from you and also from blogs, etc. that it is very important to be very patient and very polite with the Filipinos people. ❤️???

  14. Im afraid ive watched alot of vloggers…from uk.. From usa and many other country… And i see most dont care about philippines… They are in it for views and to make themselves money..
    Shame.. As its a beutiful country and should never be mocked or abused

  15. Controversy = viewers = $$$

    Sure, it would be great if everyone was enlightened all the time…but they aren’t…by a long shot. Maybe people don’t notice but a lot of content creators don’t really have any training on morals and how to conduct themselves. I’m sure everyone throwing mud at this guy is a complete saint but somehow I personally doubt that. Content creators create content, many are dicks. I don’t know this dude or care if the mob cancels him…I have a low opinion of creators and fans in general…cancel it all and I’d be happy. But I can’t decide what’s worse, a dumbass content creator shooting off his dumbass mouth or the hypocrisy of the mob always looking for the next thing to be self-righteous about in order to feed their own ego. Whatever. Seems like a soap opera to me.

  16. This guy clearly shot himself in both legs so now he has to live with a tarnished reputation..Not very smart is it?

  17. Hey Reekay my dear friend, the Philippines is and will always be a awesome place, and it is the filipino people that makes this country so awesome. And you are 100% correct. A little common courtesy and sense would have gone a long way. This guy is an insensitive jack ass. Thank you Reekay my dear friend for sharing this video. Please stay safe and healthy, and God bless you, Vi, and your family always.? ? ? ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  18. So he deeply offended the same audience he was trying to get views from. I would think someone who travels as much as him would understand the concept of “Saving face” all over Asia. Just very disrespectful and i think he won’t be welcomed back for another visit to the country after this

  19. Shows how there can be a major difference between online presence vs offline personality.

  20. Bet they expect lots of money but didnt get it but remember this is what they say most likely do why get the pay out thet thought tvey would get.

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