Future Travels, Youtube & the 3-Year Exit Requirement (Philippines)

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  2. Good talk on things to consider, Reekay, as usual. Always amazes me how you can stay on point and have the video flow so nicely “Without A Script”

  3. I think basic health insurance isn’t $200-$400 a month. I don’t want anyone to put off their plans by an extraordinarily high figure. For the 49-59 bracket, you can get insurance for around $100 from Pacific Cross or the one recommended by Gio, Saftey Wing. For the older brackets, yes, the cost may be higher, but still, it’s probably less than you co-pay and deductible back home.

  4. Hi Henry! Thank you very much for your informative videos. What do you recommend to people who are considering moving to Cebu, Philippines from the West in about 6 months? Do you think that is a good idea considering the current situation or would wait longer if you could?

    1. Thanks for the quick response. My thoughts exactly. IMO people should not wait until it’s over but rather learn how to live with it for now. Have a great day!

    2. if you’re a city-person, you would like cebu. but the nearest public beach is about an hour away, or more. unless you do a day-pass at one of the resorts on mactan.

      as for quarantines, manila and cebu are the most strict at the moment. (june/2020) hopefully things will loosen up by end of the year. i’m currently living in cebu and enjoying it despite the lockdown,

  5. Some of us are getting older and don’t have a lot of time to wait. This is very very depressing. What’s the point? I blame the Chinese Communist Party for this shit.

    1. i agree. there’s plenty of evidence with japan, vietnam and switzerland that these quarantines are not necessary. some social distancing and common sense is all that’s needed.

  6. Thanks Reekay for the video. I mo ved here in April 2019. I had plans on getting my SSRV,well that fell through. So now my fiancee and I waiting for her annulment to become final so we get married and I can get a 13a visa hopefully before my Visa runs out in 2022 .And with the BI not issuing Visas to foreigners makes it kinda hard to decide what to do if time runs out .I dont think anyone has a answer on the decision s of BI.Like you said we all have to be patient.Hopefull things will get better here in the near future.Any feedback will be appreciated. Thanks again.Have a good day.

  7. Hello Rickaay me and my fiance we just have to wait it out I’m in the United States right now and she’s in dumaguete with my five-year-old daughter I met you one time there Ricky when you were with Lyn tall black guy we had a little darling baby the you and then got a chance to see anywaylooks like what I may have to do is it possible that maybe I can meet my fiance in another country like say for example Singaporeand we meet there and hang around in Singapore some other South Asian country and wait it out until I can come back to the Philippines with her to live we decided to wait on coming to the United States as you may have heard a lot of racism is going on with police officers are talking unarmed black man here so I’m pretty much done with the USA for right now as Long as Trump is president at least but anyway do you know of any other Asian country does not too expensive for me and my fiance and our daughter can live there until things get open up in the Philippines?

  8. Is covid-19 is a bunch of bulshit they had scars years ago lots of people died no cure Spanish Flu lots of people died didn’t shut down the country for those viruses did they

  9. I wanted to travel to Cebu the Philippines next year…so it means no way I can do that…that’s sucks!

  10. Reekay do you give Psychotronic and Stalker advice for Newcomers in the Philippines?

    Answer is appreciated

  11. Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.

  12. In my situation we had to change our wedding date for the 3rd time now on Sept. 26, 2020. This will only be a ceremony at Fort San Pedro. I have a 10 business flight to Cebu on July 4th, leaving on July 15th. Do you see any problems? We will hope to get her K1 Visa in Sept using an agency and fly back to the US to officially marry. I can only hope. Yiur advice? Thanks!

  13. Wow so I wanted to move to Davao or at least vacation there but they are not currently giving out Tourist Visa?? How about Dec 2020? Who can I contact to try to figure this out?

  14. I was in Thailand in Feb 2020 and didn’t have to show anything about having insurance. I believe what Thailand has done has something to do with adding a surcharge somewhere can’t remember where i read it whether it’s on the price of the inbound ticket or somewhere else that every visitor pays that covers or goes into a common fund for insurance. I know i’m kinda of sketchy but i read this long before Covid came a long and i was there several months ago and no fees or questions about insurance.

    1. You’re right. I arrived there last December from UK, was there 3 months. Travel Insurance is NOT mandatory for Thailand at the moment.

  15. Not so good news for me,,,, My fiancee and my two future step children’s passports are sitting at the US Embassy in Manila waiting on their visa processing.
    We went to the visa interview in January and now the CCP virus.

  16. Hey Reekay another very good video! I’ve just retired and hope to travel through SE Asia starting in November – Vietnam, Cambodia and then Philippines. Well see how things open up. I’ve been to Thailand a few times and would like to try some other countries.

  17. My parents are 85 and 89 years old. Don’t know when they die that I’m gonna be able to be there for the final arrangements or any of that. A lot of really bad family challenges ahead

  18. My guess is Inflation is going to be the biggest problem for expats the coming years. USD losing value against the peso.

  19. I have watched videos on Thailand and they have opened up a lot of things except bars and night clubs but I don’t see people rushing back in there, not too many flights going anywhere also increase in immigration fees and more rules. tourist want to come to relax and go

  20. a good solution is to leave immigration as is and require face mask and social distancing hand sanitizer plus temperature check. allow more people in stores and in restaurants and public places to throttle up the economy a lot of Filipinos have no money or food and they’re in dire straits. the virus will always be here to some degree so until a vaccine is available we just have to manage.

  21. the testing is really screwed up most of them are 20% good and 80% ineffective looking at statistics from all over the world a health certificate based on COVID would be a joke. until they have a spectacular antibody test, spending money on testing now is almost a waste of time. I’m a 17-year veteran healthcare technician who has built PCR and calibrated them and has a strong background in software for diagnostic equipment and test kits.

    1. I am very skeptical that the virus was ever even properly isolated. The testing seems to be totally hit or miss.

  22. I have been in Phnom Penh Cambodia since last November 2019. Just extended my Visa with a business Visa for 1 year. Things are good here overall. Only about a hundred and twenty eight cases here.

  23. Vietnam the tourist visa you can only stay for 30 days then you got a exit the country and come back in. You need to check into the new visa rules.

  24. Decided to buy a house and land here later this year. I think having land to grow your own food and livestock is going to become essential

    1. Aren’t you a vegetarian?
      Would you raise
      chickens for eggs?
      I want some chickens
      but I don’t want to
      kill them

    1. That’s a big no. But you can get permanent resident status. Easier to do if married, but you can also deposit 10k usd to do it.

  25. im convinced that elected officials are afraid of the liberal media. hysteria and ignorance is for us to see. Elected officials are ignorant because the world is ignorant except for republicans ha

  26. Good evening . I have a filapina that I want a d hope to see in March. I think that we need to wait for a vaccine. Like all other viral infections Covid-19 needs a vaccine.

  27. I have seen airline tickets to phils go on sale started last week,but not to much positive info. About what is expected of any foreigner needs to do or what will happen when you get there if the flight is allowed to land or not?

    1. They’re selling tickets but with the caveat that the purchaser is responsible for making sure they are able to enter due to COVID 19 restrictions. Last I heard visa on arrival has not been reinstated yet for the Philippines.

  28. I’ve been in contact with some expats and the USA embassy is recommending the following procedure if you’re at or near your 3 year mark. You should file a “Request for Reconsideration on the Updating and Extension of Authorized Stay” form 2014-01-011 Rev0. I was told if you request 6 months or less that BI can approve this internally. The instructions also say this must be presented ONLY in Intramuros, Manila main office so you might need to hire an agent to process this for you if you’re not in Manila. However, I suggested to my mates to try locally but so far they are scared to face any potential bad news. I don’t recommend burying your head in the sand either or you might get blacklisted for not following the immigration rules.

    1. Follow up: At least one local BI office wants a notarized personal letter addressed to the commissioner explaining your personal situation and it can be turned it locally. I’d be really curious if anyone has any other updates.

  29. Try to be practical, Why open USCIS and the Manila Embassy when international air travel is closed. You can bet that International Travel from PI to the United States will underway by August 2020, if not sooner. You got to much time on your hands Reekay, sorry but you missed the boat on this one.

  30. Hey , I have heard that the immigration office in Mandowee is open. I am up to renew my 6 month visa in July . I do not want to leave the Philippines . I am settled here but for me my girl friend is married and we cant get married we would as her husband left her 13 years ago with a new born child , I am raising as my own. Talk about difficult, my 3 years is up in 20/22/ Mexico looks like an alternative for me right now I will have to arrange for them passports etc. for travel there and air fare but with anything, its dont be over whelmed, Improvise and rock with the roll. IN CEBU

    1. If you are good thru the year 2022 (3 years) it shouldn’t be a problem…Get a travel agent to submit the 6 month extension for you…I believe one of the YouTube vloggers just reported over the weekend that he applied for and was granted a 6 month extension…So it appears as though PH Immigration is processing/granting 6 month extensions (I’m going for my the middle or 3rd week of this month)…I have a friend here in Tarlac that just applied for a 2 month extension and he received his 2 month extension…Best of luck to you…

  31. But in Europe we are already come back into a normal almost, we can travel between EU countries without any health certificate and no quarantine at all.. I guess undevelop countries like Philippines still need lot of time before come back to the normality. Maybe when the money is over they will realize is time to open again. I am not only talking about accepting international tourism but also lifting the Lockdown, If Duterte like he said in a press conference, really plan to keep the GCQ until a Vaccine is found, maybe Philippines will face very hard times and will kill their own economy aswell since many shops/restaurant/hotel/business are still closed. Anyway all the other ASEAN countries are talking about reopen to the foreigners, only Phils still not talking about it… i guess Philippines will be the last country in south east asia to reopen to foreigners.

    1. You must be in a different EU to me, spain/portugal border is still closed, possibly opening july 1st

    2. Well they always have the money of the chinos in any economic problem .. This chinos almost own Philippines

  32. Just overstay your visa if you at the three year mark. Just back pay the penalty. I know many people who overstayed their visas even when there was no pandemic. They just had to pay back in a lump sum. I heard tourism is already discussing plans to reopen.

  33. Good info! Everything should be settled by the time I make it to the PI – hopefully. Are you thinking about spending time in Malaysia if possible?

  34. Hi Henry! Appreciate your videos! I believe over time, these restrictions will be relaxed. These countries make too much money off of foreigners living and visiting their countries. Revenue losses, I feel will make that sooner rather than later. My thoughts! Thanks, take care!

  35. At about 7:20, you refer to health insurance costing $200 to $400 a month. I thought that insurance in the Philippines was much less expensive than that. Were you referring to costs in the Philippines?

  36. Very sad news….I hope my girlfriend can wait that long.I have been talking with her everyday on video chat.She says she will wait…no matter how long it takes but I have thoughts that she won’t wait if this keeps being a problem of us not being able to physically be together. I care for her very much and want our relationship to become much more but how do you do that if we can’t see each other for years and not months…this virus thing has really put a wedge in our relationship…we both want to be together very much …..thank you for your videos…they help but I would love to hear good news…so tired of bad news

    1. Hi there Gee here Im in the same situation as you.I was supposed to travel to the Phil’s this month as I have just retired but?? I have been chatting with my Girlfriend for three years now and it seem so cruel that now I cant go there. I have not seen her now. For two years and that was hard but am now facing maybe two more years. She says she will wait.! So all we can do is keep busy to pass the time. Plan things that we can and trust that plans will come together over time and we will know each other better and stay strong!!! Keep your chin up it WILL be worth it

  37. I won’t leave the Philippines for a visa run for the 36 month required I won’t leave and my son and girlfriend until I know that Im positive I can get back in. I think that under the situation you can be late several months, maybe even ten months late if you can pay the late fees
    I think that if your late 12 months is the problem. Maybe you will be black listed for several months before your allowed to come back. I’m willing to get married but how can I get a affidavit for legal capacity to marry when I’m over 60 and I can’t travel and the embassy is closed. Bottom line is I’m not leaving the country until I solve the problem .even if it takes six months to get the affidavit I’ll just roll the dice and pay the late fees.

    1. Three years down the road for a silver lining??? Funny! No airlines will survive. No country without tourist will survive.. And not allowed to coming back in the country after the 36 months on a visa run leaving the Philippines. Better take my girl friend and my son on vacation with me. I’ve been trying to get a affidavit for legal capacity to marry from the Embassy for months now and there closed. If forced to leave I will take my son and girl friend to a open country and get married in another country. Then return as a married couple. Then I won’t be a tourist. Might have to quarantine but that’s better than loosing my home ,car and my family!!

    2. Late fees? Cheap!! Not positive but I think approximately 1,000 pesos per month. Approximately 20 dollars plus the normal monthly visa extension fees

  38. Ithink like sars covid will die out naturally , without a vacine it will become just another disease like the common cold .Humans have adapted and survived ,diseases appear mutate and eventually run their course.I am missing my family in the Philippines hope and pray life will return to normal soon God bless from Australia

  39. Power, control, jealousy, fear, violence, money and intimidation are the basis of the soul of my spouse. But she has her side of the story too. Writ large, I am the Evil One.

  40. At the end of the day I am in serious hot water. After spending $100,000 to help my spouse build her dream mansion in Valencia, I got caught in a trap. A snare. A hook. A bind. This trap is exactly the same one that you documented in many of your videos about how foreigners get trapped because of their own naivete and stupidity.

  41. After waiting 3 months for a reply I decided to write a letter to immigration in Manila, pleading my case. It was a registered letter. There was no reply and the letter did not arrive. So I booked my flight through Taiwan this time. I had a great time at the Taoyuan Novotel Hotel in Taiwan. I highly recommended that Hotel. It is at the airport. Anyway my story goes on and on and on. I ended up at the Essencia Hotel in Dumaguete. COVID 19 was following me. Immigration was not.

    1. Your saying they let you into the philipines? When was that? I’m in Singapore now and would like to try to enter

  42. I applied for a Visa here in Toronto at the Philippines Consulate. The cost was about 150 US dollars. I had to submit all kinds of information including detailed medical data. I submitted the application in September 2019. Then the Taal volcano hit.

  43. I met you at NASPRI Bistro in Valencia. my personal story is very, very, long and boring but to condense it down a little bit I met a Filipina in Toronto in 1986.

  44. Great video Reekay. I just started doing YouTube video logging and I have a lot to learn so I’m looking forward to your lessons.

  45. Reekay, its interesting to have a plan and check visas requirements of nearby asian countries in case Philippine reentry on tourist visas is delayed. As you have a american passport, it would be nice to keep on your blinkers entry as a tourist to India, whereby u can stay 6 months at a strecth,its english speaking in metro towns like Delhi,Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, a new horizon to art, culture, yoga & exploring the local scenes, its big country size u can see snow, rain, at the same time in different provinces. Goa is similar to Philipinnes, specially the beaches and other activities.For filipinas too its easy to get e visa on arrival by prior applying on the embassy website, they get one months’s entry single, which can be extended.So give it a thought .

  46. I’m just hoping and praying that Philippines will be able to let foreigners in by March 2021 🙏🏽 that way I can visit my girlfriend in Mindanao

  47. Reekay, a lot of us would like to live your lifestyle. How do you fund what you do? What advice can you give?

  48. My opinion only, but if you’ve come to the point to truly trust Vi and want her to be your lifelong partner, then marry her and get her on the path to US citizenship. Even permanent residency will put you and her in a much better situation. Suck it up and look past the naysayers – you trust her right? Before you know it, she’ll have equal travelling status and you won’t be worrying so much about being separated, offloaded or not getting back in etc.

    I’m certain that many in your position would have to be going through bouts of boredom right about now, and for some maybe even depression? South east asia not working out right now? For those not on a micro budget, just pick another place. However, you need to refer back to step one and get that out of the way first if you want more options.

  49. Allways interesting viewing, my own veiws are your allways far better in the Philippines than Thailand. Cambodia has allways been an easy place to live allso regarding, getting Visas and very cheap to live there. In all Country’s they will be pitfalls my main issue is allways safety as a lone back packer of over 12 years, Been robbed, at knife point twice on my road less travelled around the World, has truely been a lesson to carry 3 wallets losing a third of my cash is far better than losing it all been robbed, as who ever would think a man is carrying 3 wallets. From a fool in Paradise!

  50. My Flight got cancelled 3 times, and now I have an “Open Ticket” (3 week trip) to use anytime between now and March 6, 2021. I heard, if you travel to the Philippines anytime soon, you have a 4-5 day quarantine “Test” period. If you test POSITIVE, you are locked up until you are cured. If you test NEGATIVE, you still have a 14 day quarantine at a single location, no moving around. So for me… 1 day to travel there, 5 days incubation testing, 14 days quarantine, and 1 day to fly home. Hmmm? 1+5+14+1= 21 days (3 weeks) I am not spending my ENTIRE vacation time locked up somewhere. I will wait this out until sometime next year.

    1. Mate! How did you hear that? I will do it.. I have unlimited time so 14 days inside is no problem. Your saying eevn though visas on arival is banned they still issue them to those that arive ?

    2. Hi there Rob I couldn’t agree with you more. 5 day test period and then 14 day qurantine even if you are negative. That is just ridiculous. Like you I will wait till next year or even 2022.

  51. I am set to retire July 1st in 3 weeks with a nice pension . My goal is to live in the Philippines obtain residence as an expact what is my chance that will happen this year. Glad that you mentioned health insurance , I already check my health insurance will cover me in the Philippines, however still waiting for an answer from insurance company in covering prescribed medication ( high blood pressure). I traveled to the Philippines three times and I love it. Need to get there sooner before the 2nd wave of covid19 hits the U.S.

    1. @colby stewart Hi, what do you mean by obtaining residence? You will be a tourist and you have to extend your visa after 30 days.

    2. Hi Colby, my name is Rob. I am in similar situation. 56yr old retiring very soon and trying to come up with a gameplan. There may be “Travel Bubbles” in SE Asia such that if you go to say Thialand/Vietnam then getting to Philippines would be much much easier. I am currently exploring that option. Otherwise we are looking at next year 🙁

  52. I’ve been a subscriber for many years now. This video was informative as always. I am married to a Filipina and live in the Philippines when I’m not working. I have always just used a tourist visa while I was there. I am presently stuck in the US. I keep hearing that spouses can return but when I ask the airlines they say that visas are not being issued. When the Philippine consulate reopens here in the US I while inquire there. If you or anyone else has verified advise it would be appreciated.

  53. My wife and I sm planning move there next month hope no issues

  54. thorough analysis of the situation, and I also agree it isnt going to normalize for years, the govts have already scolded us it will never be the same bc they wont let it normalize

  55. What would be the point in having compulsory travel insurance if you’re not covered for pandemics ??
    Another another knee jerk response which will just hurt the tourism industry.

  56. Which camera and equipment did you use to produce this walking video? I like it.

  57. I purchased a condo on Panglao in January 2020. Oops. I did not see the CCP Virus coming. I have been back in the States since January 20. It was to be 30 day visit to settle everything so I can live there as long as I like. My plan is to do 50/50. Six months each year in US and 6 in PH. Not married but close. I would like to get the SRRV and I can supply all the documents and bank deposits necessary. Please, do you know an agency I can hire to speed up the srrv process. After I get srrv I’ll be able to travel when I want and have a place to quarantine as needed. Do you have a suggestion on an visa agency that does an excellent job with the srrv?? I did a video chat with you last November. Thanks Thomas PS I’m stuck in US until either visa on arrival returns or I get the srrv. She is in Panglao.


  59. My plan was to do my 1st recon visit in 2021 to Iloilo. That looks doubtful. Didn’t want to just come out without doing a couple recons. I was looking at leaving USA in 2023 so… fingers crossed on being able to do at least one recon before then

  60. I actually don’t think the required health insurance is a bad thing. I certainly don’t want immigrants coming to my country that can’t afford it medically. The problem I see in Thailand, It excludes a lot of options and is just a cash grab. It’s really not about making sure expats are well insured.

  61. Hi Reekay,
    I am hoping to come back as soon as possible.
    You are one of the lucky people through this considering you are in the place you want to be. On another note, I think the requirement of wearing a mask outdoors is absurd, we will soon find out. I am hearing that the virus is weakening in new cases in the USA., according to Fox News medical correspondent Dr. Marc Siegel

    This two or three years stuff is pure speculation. I am not seeing any of that in PNA, nor in the BI site or anywhere. Anyway, I appreciate all your videos. They make a lot of sense. All we can do is hope and pray for sudden good news, right?

  62. I keep booking flights and they keep getting cancelled ,a friend had a local flight to Manilla then to San Fran local flight got cancelled and he had to lose flight to San Fran because he couldn’t get flight to Manilla with diffrent carrier a loss of 800$

  63. Like you this lockdown has in some ways been a blessing, I am under 60+ home quarantine and my GF hasn’t been able to work (I would just leave she didn’t work) so we have been together night and day. We are even closer today then we have ever been, I have a year and a half until I have to do an in & out & I believe by then tourist visas to return should be available.

    1. i think when ‘everyone’ is back out on the street i’m going to feel a bit claustrophobic. ha!! 😆

  64. It has been less than three months since the world shut down in March. Already, nations are looking to selectively ease travel restrictions. While things will not go back to the way they were for several years, I am more optimistic than Reekay about the rate at which travel will open up. Economics is the driving force. Maybe this is just wishful thinking on my part..

    1. seems like 3 years already but very true only 3-4 months and most shops open now in Saigon im hopeful too but no big travel yet

    2. I’m hoping you are right, however there are forces out there that “want” to continue the lockdowns and Covid restrictions for political and other reasons. Even though the evidence is out there that Covid-19 is already, to quote Reekay “reduced to the common cold.” Unfortunately economics and the well being of others was never the driving factor behind any of this. So I am more pessimistic that this is going to change quickly.

  65. I was planning on living in Quezon with My Girlfriend in the next couple months but now it looks like next year at this time or a little sooner is the more likely scenario. It Sucks but We will survive……

  66. I actually see the Philippines opening up much sooner rather than much later. They need the $$$ to start rolling in again. I’m not going to wait too long. I’ve got reservation for mid September. I can wait a little longer but not much. If Philippines doesn’t open up I’ll go elsewhere. Thailand or Vietnam. You know what they say ” Early Bird gets the Worm”.

    1. @Philippines Adventure Primero me imagino que hablas espaniol ,i si lo hablas podes elegir otros lugares ,,como yucatan o el pasifico ,, el caribe me gusta mas .Siempre se encuentran lindas senioritas ,,para pasar un buen tiempo ..

    2. Hey man check out Zipolite in woehakka I spelled the state wrong small city on the pacific coast side Mexico , A decent Cheap hotel is Lolas on the beach 10 buks a night last when I was there 2 years ago good food clean rooms, bar great sunsets surf ,nice place. If shit hits the fan here I am making a bee line back to mexico

    3. I’m also planning a trip to either Mexico or Canada/Alaska if they open before Asia.

  67. I’m so hoping for a vaccine like the ones for measles, mumps or polio, to rid us of this dreaded malady, I heard Dr. Fauci say there could be 200 million viles of a vaccine by 2021 January, I never was a big Pharma fan until now.

    1. Hehehe!! Yeah, the positive comment would be something like, “WAKE UP and SMELL THE COFFEE”! This whole thing has been a HOAX! Nothing more than a “blown up” flue season. The question is WHY? That’s where the “Red Pill” comes in handy. Just take with a nice cup of Tagaytay Coffee and you’ll be calm, cool and collected. And your prognostications will be a bit more accurate too!! Blessings as you do!!!

    2. @rider retired ok I see your sarcasm on bill gates, duly noted, I see your opinion on Dr. Fauci which you are allowed in the Usa, but do you have any positive things to say regarding the content of Reekays video, I get enough negativity from other websites. #positivethinkingplease.

    3. Don’t worry Bill Gates I’m sure already has one sitting in his safe. Just waiting long enough so it looks like how lucky we are. And I would not believe anything Dr. Fauci. He has proven he is just a paid hack who will say whatever the highest bidder wants him to say. If I had gotten as many things wrong as he has in the past 6 months, they would take away all my college degrees and send me back to the 4th grade.

  68. Because of major pressure from possible bankrupt airlines and hotel industry, I predict we are going to see the opening of international travel between safe countries very soon. (July and August 2020)

    It will probably be allowed based on some sort of rating system (number of active cases per million people), where each country will be assigned a safety code, for example, “A” for the best (Taiwan, S. Korea, Hong Kong?) and “Z” for the worst (USA and PI?)

    For other countries, I predict we will see different levels of strict and mild processing of tourists. It could be something like this:

    1) a strict 14-day mandatory government quarantine, as the expense of the traveler,
    2) a 3 days waiting period after an entry virus test, at the expense of the traveler, or
    3) immediate entry for a tourist who has a safe travel history to countries in the “A” zone, and is willing to provide contact tracing (via phone and address location) and s basic health declaration.

    As far as I know, the Philippines does not have a computerized tourist entry card system, so PI may be slower to open the borders compared to Taiwan, S. Korea, and Japan which as much more prepared and ready to open borders.

    I could be totally wrong, but this is just a guess.


    1. if there is a rating system then all the countries did many tests like US or Italy will be in a disadvantage position, i am sure Philippines also has hundred thousands of infected but they just dont know it cause they dont test. My hope is that they set up a proper and fair system without any racial or nation discrimination like for example swab tests on arrival with a fast results, if you are negative you enter if not you go quarantine at your own expenses. There are many solutions out there lets hope they can see that

    2. ASIAN ROMANCE u got a very very good point. I think it be something like that. That why I’m waiting to book my ticket to see what happens. U got good channel to just like guy here.

    3. It would be risk versus reward evaluation, if a few tourists can really help a countries economic situation perhaps, but there are some people that are really desperate to go to their favorite holiday destinations and the hoops they would jump through to get there could be an issue, airlines can’t afford covid testing so all a passenger will get is a temperature check, a medical report can be forged if the said traveller went to the right doctor, even if 1 asymptomatic covid19 passenger gets through airport security to any country and infects airport staff, taxi drivers etc, its really not going to instill any public confidence in any government, then we have the issue of how do you implement social distancing on a flight, inverting seats and plexi glass will get you so far, but if some one is sick on a flight with any flu like symptoms what kind of panic will that create on a flight, airlines/tourism are suffering but without a vaccine its just not practical to travel at the moment, and for countries to allow international tourists to enter countries, remember their are second wave infections and you can get coronavirus twice so risk outweighs the reward here.

    4. What would be the point????
      All it took (supposedly) was ONE guy in China traveling somewhere. There’s no such thing as a “safe” country or place.
      Open it ALL. Once a few weeks passes and we see no significant illness and/or death from all the lunatic protesting, then we will all know what a hoax this whole thing was.

  69. My son here in Florida is half Filipino and half American. No duel citizenship. But after his mother died in the Philippines. I brought him here. I married another Filipin and had another child there. Can he fly back there with me? How many 14 day quarantine is there?

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea He’s American. Just Philippine blood. So I might have to finish his duel citizenship.

    2. any filipino citizen can return to the PH, and also the spouse of a PH citizen. so, yes, the son that has PH citizenship could return with you.

  70. I’m in the US and I just want to have some idea as to when I can go back to Manila. Does an October-November arrival seem possible?

    1. it is within the realm of possibility. very possible. it should become more clear in the next month or so.

  71. Orwellian how easily everyone buys into the lock down/quarantine. New normal from nowhere. We know the Democrat agenda in the USA. But what is Current Leader’s agenda in the Philippines? My daughters school is shut down. Airlines and bank to bank transfers are still shut down for foreign banks. All the while there is real weird legislation being rushed through congress which may impale individual liberties. I am just wondering WTF this dude is doing. What do you think Reekay?

    1. This is an EASY one. The “Deep State” are in the Pl also and are a bit more difficult to deal with there but POTUS has back channels with Dueterte which is evidenced by Dueterte’s desire to get the US military back in there. Kicking us out was a DeepState thing in my humble opinion and now things are reversing again. Soooo, your answer is that there is a battle going on there in Pl along the same lines as here in the US. Dueterte has his hands full for sure. I would say that based on what I know, what is going on here in US & the triumphant elections coming up, the DeepState will be very much weakened there in the Pl islands soon enough and things will normalize. The key is POTUS’s level success which is assured. This is all relatively short term and there will NOT be “a new norm” as the DeepState distroyers would have it. WWGOWGA!!

    2. i wish i was privy to what is actually going on behind the big-doors of global politics, but i’m just as much on the outside. i prefer to base my opinions on as much info as possible. and not much can be verified right now on global motives or who is behind them.

  72. Wow,I thought not being able to come back to the Philippines this year was bad enough, now Maybe not for another 2 years this is certainly causing many problems for Marie and myself, she is stuck there and I am unable to come back, very sad times

    1. i believe travel back into the PH (for tourists) will happen around december/january. maybe there was some confusion… it is only vi and i who will be waiting 2-years before bothering with the hassles of intl-flight.

  73. Hey Henry.. Changed YouTube name.. This is Bruce Boggan, your old sub from Corpus Christi.. I’m in the last boat.. My 3 years were up April 26th.. I am going to J-Center BI Wednesday to see what my options are going to be.. If they say I have to leave by the end of June, and there is no guarantee of coming back, I will have to back to Corpus..There is a place I can stay for free, not including my personal expenses, and that would be the route I would have to go.. I am not going to camp out in another country staying in BNB’s until it is ok to come back.. I have a GF, and a son I have to provide for, and could not afford both.. I will probably end up going back to the states, and wait it out there.. Thanks for the video…

    1. I have talked to several immigration office in the Philippines. Dumaguete office told me that I need to write a letter of reconsideration requesting more time and they will send it to the director of immigration in the main office in Manila They said in less than a month I’ll be given more time. I don’t know if they are positive.

    2. hey bruce, good to have you back. 👍 let me know how it goes at J-mall immigration for you. interested to see how that goes.

  74. Good videos mate. I’ve been to your country numerous times. Love it there. The people are nice and friendly. It will be some time before I can come back. I think 1 to 2 years. If the 14 day qurantine rule is brought in for tourists then it will even longer before I can come. Lá cafe in manila – – I miss it!!! 😅

  75. It is incredibly stupid, yet not uncommon, to require foreigners to periodically leave the country. Open the borders, liberalize the property ownership laws, and just restrict citizenship.

  76. I was able to get a 3 month visa extension here in Vietnam through an agent. Technically, you can only do that twice. I’m hoping to be able to.apply for a 1 year business visa but in order to get that, I’ll have to make a border run to Cambodia. Of course, the borders have to open back up. That’s the scary part. I really don’t want to go back to the US, especially in it’s current state.

    1. i hear ya. i’ll miss seeing my mom this christmas, but i don’t miss calif.

  77. Reekay – Good video to help me plan the next stage of PH travels. It seems that every month a new CV case shows up that causes another lockdown extension….. as of now travel (to different islands) lands you into 14 day quarantine at the new place. I am hoping a few ferry routes will open but that will be tightly limited to certain ports – I doubt that all the islands will be open to travelers for at least the next 6 months or longer. So… will you get bored in Cebu City… and what will you do to escape? PS: just heard the authorities are having problems with people sneaking from one island to another and are taking steps to put tighter restrictions in place. Cheers, AJ

    1. currently, ‘leisure-travel’ is being discouraged. so we will stay in the cebu area, likely the next 6-9 months. as for calif, i won’t be going this year. that is on hold until i know i can return to the PH to be with Vi.

  78. Good stuff. Note: Health Insurance for Thailand Retirement Visa required as of Oct 31, 2019. My hope is there will be SUPER fast medical check companies/Kiosks at all airports. If not, clinics will pop up in all the cheap real estate surrounding the runway 😉

  79. Reekay thanks for your wisdom. When will you be going to Cali to visit your mom and will you be able to come back to the Philippines?

    1. i won’t be going this year. that is on hold until i know i can return to the PH to be with Vi.

  80. Cool vid. I am in Australia now. I can’t see my govt allowing international travel till next year. Ideally I would like to spend time in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand next year or the year after dependent on visa situation, possible quarantines, covid changes such as vaccine, treatment etc and costs. I am not thinking too much about it yet. It will be a while before things become clearer on various requirements (incl visa requirements) individual countries will put in place.

    1. Vietnam hasn’t had any new cases in 54 days and only about 10 people have covid
      So they are talking about a travel bubble with countries that have stopped this virus
      China ,Korea ,Taiwan,New Zealand and Australia are most likely to be allowed in fairly soon
      Kudos to Australia for doing a good job of controlling this pandemic

    2. we plan to sit-tight here in cebu.. get things done at home and travel locally when it’s not such a hassle.

  81. My understanding in that Balakbayan Visa will still be issued on return in flight

    1. @gluglas1 your US naturalized citizen wife is a balikbayan regardless if she gets dual citizenship or not. Balikbayan privileges were made official about 10 years ago but have been in practice since at least the 1970’s

    2. @gluglas1 Not sure if things have changed in the past few years, but in my situation, when wife became a US citizen it was automatic she gave up her Philippine citizenship. But, all she had to do was to go to the Philippine consulate, do some paperwork, retake the oath and they provided a paper to keep with her passport saying she had reaffirmed her citizenship. With that, she comes in as a Philippine citizen, regardless on which passport she is traveling on, and I get Balikbayan visa. Your wife needs nothing as she is just a returning citizen. I’m not sure if all that would need to be done if she still has a valid Philippine passport she could travel on, as my wife’s had already expired, So she had to travel on US passport. Also, in my case as far as for me, none of that matters as I now have an SRRV visa. Of course right now that doesn’t mean anything. Although they have not and no plans to cancel SRRV visas, If I leave the country, they will not honor it to come back in. So if I leave, I will have to stay gone until they start issuing tourist visas again, or they make a special change for SRRV visa holders. But I wouldn’t hold my breath on that. I have a bigger concern in that they may start giving tourist visas again, but may make the restriction that those over 60 excluded, since they are going to such extreme measures to keep us under house arrest or as they call it, same rules as extreme enhanced community quarantine.

    3. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea is this true my filipina wife is now a US Citizen Passport holder can we both go to the Philippines when the flights resume even if no tourist visas are issued, like for myself.

    4. yes. an expat returning to the PH with his filipina wife can do so. (and their dependent children.)

  82. It is real tough to hear the bad news.  But, patience and flexibility is required it seems.  I actually had my very first trip planned but due to COVID19, I have to postpone my trip until who knows when.

    1. I am engaged to be married but can’t get back into Philippines and missed marriage date. I want to get Filipina out of Philippines and can get married…if she can leave Philippines there are at least 10 countries with open boarders and relaxed entry requirements.. then pick one to get married and stay for 3 yrars

    2. @GerbenWulff i was planning in december but i decided to wait until next December ill only stay for 15 or 20 days i wont have to worry about a visa

    3. Don’t worry too much. The Philippine economy needs the tourists back asap. They will open up as soon as they feel it is safe enough.

    4. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea more wasted hassles I’d say. Just let the thing run its natural course. Most that are dying have underlying health issues.

    5. but we don’t plan on bouncing-around internationally (vi and i) for another year or more.

  83. Good time to NOT be traveling. I see bloggers in Thailand are getting out a bit now.

  84. I have looked at many of your videos and some of the other expats and have checked into setting up something similar. My concern is income from this channel and I checked with the IRS and have been advised that income of US citizens living and earning income in The Philippiines will still have to pay taxes in the USA and maybe also in The Philippines. Since you always make very good videos, grounded in facts, I think you should make a video on this topic.

    1. i will likely cover that in the series. income for citizens of the USA is reported online for any online income and is taxable. most any online paying site requires that you first fill out a W-9 Form before they will pay-out anything beyond $600.

      there are also allowances for expats who live more than 11-months out of the USA on what is taxable earned income outside the usa.

      as for the PH, those working for a Filipino employer pay a very high tax, about 30%. and those who run a physical business in the PH (and/or hire Filipino employees) file with the BIR and pay taxes as well.

    1. i used this one for my recent onward-flight when i returned from vietnam a few months ago.. https://onwardticket.com/

      or you can book a $40 flight from say, manila-HK, or kuala lumpur or taipei with AirAsia.com

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