How Dating Filipinas Has Changed in 7 Years

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— Reekay

In this video I discuss

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  1. Reekay, sponsor on Patreon and love the channel. Want to do a facetime with you when I get closer to visiting/ moving.
    My #1 Question: I’m 38 and do well for myself – Is it still possible to date casually a handful of Filippina’s ages 18-24? I’m not against helping them out here and there financially and of course paying for all dates/travel.
    Some of these guys in n these comments make it seem like this is not possible as it was 8 years ago.

  2. You mention my 8th trip to the Philippines… We went to El Nido for 10 days, it was so wonderful there. I will go to Palawan again.

  3. Thank you for this video. Been watching some of you others but just now found this.
    I think you are on point in most of your assumptions of how we elderly, white guys think. For me it’s all about a LTR and I think I found her. I was in Manila right when the lockdown was to start and the company order me home and I just met her for a one night date.
    We have now been messaging each other every day for 3 months and I know I will go back there as soon as possible to find out if she is the one to save for life.

    I know from day 1 that I wanted to go back, but then Covid-19 came and I just had to realize that it would take more time before I could get back to paradise

  4. I think young expats have the upper hand in the dating scene. Most young women regardless of where in the world are looking for tall in shape guys with their act together.

  5. Hi Reekay – thanks for all the insightful videos; always enjoyable. Question: I know that you have decided not to have any more children. Me too. But would you be open to marriage for the right woman? Or have you decided against that too?

  6. Are there work for expats, ex-military in the Philippines? Place like Cagayan De Oro?

  7. I’m so opposite from other expats. I met a master teacher Pinay who has no interest in coming to USA. She’d rather that I go to Philippines and live with her. I gots to do my homework in how to live and survived in CDO.

  8. we use the word
    “walang forever”,
    (no one forever in a relationship) because many here are ‘bitter’or unsuccessful in their relationships, many commit suicide,just because of love..??‍♂️?

    Tht’s why we like korean drama??

  9. Just live in the Philippines, hire an attractive maid (under 40) to wash your clothes, cook, tidy the house, bang her 3-4 times week for an extra $40, no headaches or other issues

  10. I am still in the process of finding the right woman for dating and possibly marriage with the intention of bringing her to the U.S to live with me.My question to you is this. Is it advisable to have her work or not? What are odds of loosing her if i made her not to work?

  11. You are so right Reekay, I like to have the choice to meet younger women. If you are 60, a 30-40 years old woman is great. In Canada, unless you are a millionnaire or an well known personality, it is not possible. Older men with money or rich artist in North America can date even younger women and it is considered cool. Not for the working class. I do not want either a woman with a lot a baggage. So in Asia I love that it is possible. Thanks for telling how it is.

  12. 2014 Started by looking on dating sites… but actually went to expat sites to gain knowledge/experience…
    You must throw away you Male Macho think you know everything…
    Many before you have been there and done that…
    1yr 3mos talking to same Filipina and made the trip.
    February 4yrs married and have a 3yr old beautiful daughter…. yes ups and down’s
    Be Honest with yourself and Be Honest with the Filipina..

  13. Marriage is suppose to be forever. Get to know them in person because over the internet you really won’t get to know their faults.

  14. At my age and being in excellent health, I figure I could have a do-over as far as love is concerned and the Philippine women know that if she chooses well, she can live a good life with a wise man.

  15. The music wasn’t bad but if you had turned it down to a point where it isn’t distracting.

  16. I’m an atheist and my ex wife was catholic and I allowed my children to be baptized. That was never a problem between us. Both my kids now are very skeptical about religion. I was married for 21 years and religion was not what tore us apart. It was infidelity on her part.

  17. What you said about older women with baggage is so true. I have no desire to pay for their exes’ mistakes.

  18. Good points, single mums like plague, so the mums become almost enslaved in poverty and struggle.

  19. If the worst thing that’s gonna happen with the pinay i met online is trying to tie me down when i get there im 100% okay with that!

  20. DAC will falow me abroad. But the down side of that is, when I get married too a Philippine, I will lose it!
    And plus with me only getting money from soshal sacurity, I would not be able to bring her too the USA. even on a spouse or a k1 via!

  21. I never left the USA. because I have been getting SSI. but soon I will start receiving DAC. From soshal sacurity! That will falow

  22. Hey Reekay, forgot to tell you I am glad you are doing intermittent fasting, you may try a keto diet in combination with that to get the best results. If your friend Carlos is up for it he should try it too, may help with diabetes. I am not affiliated with this guy but he does have good information –

    Funny I usually call the franchise ChickA Fil-A 🙂


  24. He is so accurate. Back in 2013 . It was so easy to find a good looking filipina with great personality. Now 80% of them online are either unattractive or single moms.

  25. Been scammed by several Filipina’s. Now in debt to my bank for several thousand dollars. Message here is clear, “Don’t send money to Filipino girls for any reason.” They all “loved me so very much?” The love hook.

    Like load my phone babe so we can talk everyday. Right, then you go on Skype or wherever you chat and she’s already active chatting away with some other dude on your dime or phone load you paid for.

    Or “hey Babe I just woke up my future husband, how R-U?”

    But you noticed she was online chatting with someone else off and on for two hours before that? And she didn’t even read your messages yet, lol? But of course your the only one she talks too right? I don’t think so.

  26. I as a woman really thank u for being Honest about the life in around the Philippines thank u once again for the honesty

  27. After being there a while you pay more attention when the spell wears off its probably a little worst than it was but now you are just more aware also u are not the nice tourist u were before u are more serious and when u live there you are living in reality seeing people for what they are and they now you are more knowledgeable but when u are dumb you have alot of fun good girls there but yoy have to take yoye time

  28. I’m one of those that believe it’s best to have things in common.
    I don’t drink or dance. Not going to work if she wants to go out partying all the while. I like to eat healthily. Not going to work if she eats nothing but Mc Donalds and pizzas. I’m not a night person. No good if she’s a night owl etc. etc. I think it’s one of the most important things for me. to be able to live in harmony.
    Saying that having things in common in the west is the reason for divorce isn’t valid. It’s nothing to do with that. It’s more to do with the feminism as we all too well know.

  29. Well I find the Amish women to have good traditional values but they don’t want anything to do with the “English”. I guess you could become an Amish and drive a buggy.

  30. but I have been in Boracay for a year and a half living with my wonderful girlfriend, good and great woman…. I found finaley found one….thanks for all your good advice

  31. hi Ricky,, I am from southern calif too, los angeles, i n notth hollywood….I really like your comments on your channel

  32. Sorry to say, sounds like in what you’ve said (the first 30 minutes), Filipinas are pension chasers towards guys who’ve earned a pension. It’s hard to respect a person who has that mentality or drive about themselves, when they’re bringing nothing to the table to eat, Catholic or non Catholic. They have names for women like that, (gold-diggers). Who hides behind the name I LOVE YOU, in actuality they love one man’s pension. Seems to me, Filipinas are no different from other women of the world, only except their government aids them in keeping gifts from foreigners such as homes, businesses, etc. It’s kinda understanding when jobs are so far and few in a developing country.

  33. for me at 65 i say below 30 to young especially with no children
    she wonts children i dont.. the girl I am with know is 31 with two children for me that ideal she content with two even though she wonts one with me i said no my nuts tied..

  34. It’s a totally different landscape now in every country…it’s still pretty good in the Philippines….but I can see millions of men flocking to the Philippines soon, of all ages and from all wealthy countries. I live in dublin, Ireland and its basically impossible to get a date unless your in the top 20%…that means tall, good salary, cool job, right clothes, good shape etcetera….good salary doesn’t cut it…your job has to be cool aswell

  35. Good advice as always true if we anly dated people with things in common most men would be gay lol

  36. Relationships can be complicated, but a common denominator is that women ALWAYS seek security.

  37. Good video. Lots of good information. Stay of the dating sites and just go to the Philippines

  38. i love guys taller than me. OMG – because that was my first criteria. hahaha, call it shallow, but it was not that hard to find – so just sift through the good hearted ones after.

  39. I can’t believe you have 10% down votes. You are extremely truthful and accurate.

  40. Reekay have you clicked with
    Filipinas who are compatible
    with your astrological sign?

  41. The US allows or rather ignores other citizenship you may hold. The Philippines does not. Gaining citizenship in another country results in loss of Philippine citizenship. It can be regained with little trouble by natural Filipino’s returning home but does require a petition through BoI. A child of a US citizen born here and properly documented with the US embassy is technically a dual national but if they move to the US they lose Philippine citizenship.

  42. Definitely many things have changed, since the digital, internet, nomad, and blogging phase. And prices continue to escalate higher since more and more foreigners just spend money like water and pay whatever price they are asking overseas since they always think just because its less than they pay in their country, it’s an automatic bargain. I can tell you that it is messing up the paradise that the Philippines and other countries used to be.

  43. Reekay said “The bad ones have gotten very sophisticated.” Reekay, if nothing else, you are diplomatic, LOL!

  44. My experience when back in SE Asia(2013-2016), be it Philippines or Indochina, was that smartphonitis was prolific in these areas; far more common than dengue or malaria. I’m wondering if any have found an area where the locals have not been so afflicted, where people do not have cellphones permanently attached to one of their hands, permanently.

    I’ve noticed that this earthly plague is as damaging to many from North America & Europe, as well. Other Asian countries, the African continent, and Middle-Eastern Nations are suffering this human calamity.

    I have figured out how to rid myself of this disease, however, I must find a willing female as part of the cure. What do you think? Is there such a SuperWoman in the Philippines? If we started our own cult on a secluded tropical island – already found – could we entice a few bi-racial couples to join us?

    Alas, despite the best laid plans of mice & men, I envision fishermen becoming a smuggling cadre of cellphones, signal boosters, transceiver antennae, and vendors of data plans, for the benefit of the weaker members of such a community.

    (All said via a smartphone)

    On the positive side, it’d discourage the 20-45 year old “woman-takers” which we geezers so fear, as most of them would sicken & die without a smartphone/laptop.

    There was a resort at Otres Beach(#1), Cambodia, which had a sign at the bar that stated, “No wifi. You’ll have to talk to each other.” (Or words to that affect)

  45. “Grass Roots” Live For Today… 1960’s in the Philippines in 2020.
    “Take the most from living have pleasure while we can…. Shah la la la live for today”

  46. It all boils down to 2 persons. I am 14 hours flight away from Philippines, agnostic, middle income chubby guy… My GF is a stunner, catholic, 10 years younger, uni educated. We have been living together happily in MY country last 5 years. She is from the provinces, raised in a traditional family home. As long as you stay away from the city and internet b*tches, you’re 80 % through success…

  47. Let me guess where the 14 thumbs down come from every time. He is seriously mentally disturbed human that lives in Da Nang Vietnam. Can barely go a week or less without lying, harassing and attacking others. Since moving from Rayong Thailand his latest obsession is Reekey. His sidekick Eli The Enabler is much the same. You sadists really need to get a life. It just shows how empty and boring your lives are stalking others.

  48. Reekay in so many of your videos you only talk about dating, dating and more dating. Really wondering if this is the most important thing in your Bohemian life in SE Asia 😉

  49. Women in the Philippines think young foreigners are like young Pinoys. And young Philippine men very often have multiple girlfriends and dump a girl once she gets pregnant or has a child or three. So they assume that foreign men are the same and will cheat on them. Yay for stereotypes.

  50. Reekay: You can renounce your citizenship and keep your Social Security. Medicare, I haven’t checked. You do of course lose your U.S. passport if you renounce U.S. citizenship, and have to get a visa to visit the U.S. And the visa is not automatic, as you’d be applying with only a Philippines citizenship. So, net-net only for those in a very high income tax bracket, and there are better choices. Moving to Puerto Rice 183 days per year also avoids IRS taxation, but then you’re living in Puerto Rico.

  51. Can we make the title “How dating Filipina women has changed in the last 7 years” please?

  52. Missed the live, napped through if for a change lol.
    All the usual good info combined from the old thinking out loud vids.
    This longer format on even the older topics flow better and a lot of new people now that haven’t found the other vids yet.
    Cheers Henry.

  53. Filipinas and non-white foreign BFs. Met 1 I was very interested in. We spent a good deal of time together. Got along very well. Left and went back to the US. Saw her again for 3 weeks the next year. Developed a close relationship. Found out at that point she’d dated one. Immediately dropped her like a hot rock. NOT INTERESTED in that kind of defective woman. And I saw her there this passed month when I was with someone else. She tried to get me back. These women just DO NOT UNDERSTAND that character is demonstrated by behavior. While you may or not agree w/ me, that is how I was raised and will not compromise my morals and ethics for anyone I feel incredible affection for… I might have eventually married her. Moving forward, I checked out (thoroughly) the one I was with last month before even spending much time with her. Spoke with family, friends, church pastor and some of her fellow workers. Dropped some hints to see what they’d “give up”. Seems to check out as a GOOD, unblemished female. While everyone makes mistakes, this was NOT one that the other (last) female would recover from in my eyes. Any female w/that wide range of interest in men isn’t worth my time. She either knows what she wants or not. She can now have all the others she wants, Suits me just fine. As with her, just my personal preference.

  54. The background music is more than distracting. I really value your commentary, but I’m quitting on this video after 7 minutes of irritating music.

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