How To Get From Cebu City to Bantayan Island – Philippines

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    In this video I discuss, “How To Get From Cebu City to Bantayan Island – Philippines”

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  2. Don’t drink beer or coffee before riding those busses. The buses there don’t have restroom. Other than that a pleasant experience.

  3. That bus ride is rough 😂. But I really enjoyed bantayan and look forward to getting back there soon. Go to the diving cliff and ask the story about the frame left from the house there. Interesting story and not surprising end…
    Enjoy it!

  4. I love seeing somebody living a little more upscale lifestyle. There’s to many low budget videos and I realize that’s a thing but please show us more of these types of get aways. It easier to imagine myself there when your out and about living well. Thanks Henry.

  5. i have been to Bantayan island for a week stayed on the beach. i loved it there had lots of fun drove around the island a little bet i may go back there when i come back to cebu love your video

  6. Note in the restaurant court area there’s a decent Mexican place run by a British guy it’s not perfect but his food is tasty

  7. Hey Rekay I’ve been to bantian island 3 times first was in 2013 we stayed at Anika resort before they installed a pool. the island back then was a very sleepy town that was back then it became very busy do to the closure of borocai I wish it was still that sleepy little town

  8. Great, thanks for sharing your getaway adventure. Nice to see a new location in the Philippines and look forward to more video to come as you explore the area. Did you have to covid test or quarantine for this trip?

  9. It’s about time you guys get out of Cebu City and do a little traveling. I hope both of you have an enjoyable sabbatical. What I’m really trying to say is go exploring and have fun. Take care both of you.

  10. Hi.Reekay I’ve been to Bantanyan Island loved it there water so beautiful beach side huts great even had AIrcon Ferry ride was great. Food was good on the Island at restaurants also.

  11. Nice to finally get out of the city. Wish I could get out of London right now and be there. All plans on the back burner but watching this I even miss the sounds of the vehicles there and the music on the long bus journeys. Enjoy your trip

  12. Reekay and Vi are on the journey back again 👍 Have fun! Vi looks exited. Enjoy your “new normal” freedom. 🎄🥂🖖

  13. Did you spend a day at Sandira Beach formally called Paradise Beach.? It’s secluded and one must rent a tricycle for the day but the beach is a must to be at for the day. Did you buy brazo de mercedes for Vee and yourself. Kermit pastry shop is well know for brazo de Mercedes on Bantayan island.

  14. Travel is always worth it for staying in a nice place. like the room and all th einfo you talk ablout oon how to travel there. Looking forward to your next vedio on your stay there. Have fun enjoy nd remain safe. let me know the name of the air B& B you are staying at.

  15. You have TV, you have aircon and you forgot to mention toilet paper…..LOL All the conveniences that you need….

  16. Looks like a nice little getaway. Do they have a safe to store your valuables in that Airbnb room?

  17. Merry Christmas for you two. Enjoy the change of scene its a Xmas present by it self. Stay all save. Cheers Reekay

  18. Nice !!! Hello 👋 to both of you my friend :). I can’t wait to meet y’all one day when all this is over man. :). a.

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