“I Bought My Filipina G/F a House, and Now It’s Over.”

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In this video I discuss

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    1. He could have seek the help of Raffy Tulfo if he is scammed by a Filipina. Raffy Tulfo has a You tube channel

    2. If a girl will ask for a house,build earthbag house for her,or nipa hut or shed and observe…

    3. @Ross Smith Yes, great lifestyle do the boat first as it can always be a fallback if you’re separated from your house. Alarm systems are cheap nowadays.

    4. @Daniel Terry Reekay says it over and over, many western Men see successful relationships here,which is possible with other expats as an example. So many guys are just plain starved for attention.

      They get attention from a Young beautiful girl and their brain switches off. My Filipina wife and I used to try and warn personal friends one in particular, who have after hours of sound advice, run off and married immediately and spend taking care of the family and spending plenty, even on her friends, including building a house, having a Child and supposedly adopting her first from some other expat.

      We also used to feel sorry for these guys, but no longer. It seems the only help in figuring it out is to lose and lose big, In most cases there’s just no getting through to them. They exhibit the same mentality here as in the west.

      Most peg their self worth to the size of their bank account and really are that shallow and beat down fools. They wouldn’t recognize a good girl such as the case mentioned above with our friend, as he had zero interest in great women we introduced him to. He like most have lost their moral and self worth and are easy prey for flattery and other con jobs.

  2. You are so right BUT, like thai women can plan for 7-10 Years to cheat a foreign man of his capital.
    They are dishonest, and maybe 1 % is good women, but they are not easy to find and worse of all, they are not educated at all so You can get a good relationship with them, IF not You are lack of education because then You can live on just to show up a Beautiful women = BUY A BEAUTIFUL CAR INSTEAD

  3. I have been married to my Filipino wife, who is half my age, for the last 6 years.

    I and my wife built a big modern house for my wife’s mother in Cagayan on the mother’s property four years after we got married. We are very happily married.

    Neither my wife nor her family asked for this house to be built, but they are very happy it was built. This house and land will never be sold and will remain in my wife’s family’s possession for at least the next fifty to hundred years. It will support generations to come and will be a holiday home for us for decades to come.

    Needless to say, I did not meet my wife in a bar. My wife is pretty, but she is clever too and earned an accounting degree in Australia when she migrated to be with me in Australia.

    There are nice and honest women in the Philippines. Her entire extended family own modest amounts of land and property in a small town in Cagayan and are very happy where they live and with what they have, which is less than obtainable in Australia.

    Having said all of the above. Patience and caution are required when deciding a life change with a Filipino. Check out her family and ensure she is trustworthy and honest and that she is looking for a new life too. In my case, I reached this decision after knowing her for two years and living with her for one year.

  4. You Tube should allow viewers the ability to add more likes than just one. This dude is spot on. Thanks for the video.

  5. You want Justice, in the Philippines, hire some thugs from Cebu.2 grand will get you plenty of payback

  6. would be nice to think that people(women) are honorable in some way…and would not take advantage of anyone foreign or otherwise….for something like a house….but it seems like its a common thread with some filipina’s ,to have a using/stealing character …… when it comes to foreigners
    Fellows be real….don’t buy houses for any women….ever… you should know better!!!!….they can not be trusted….
    always look for a high quality woman and forget the rest…
    the right one will earn your trust and not expect to be given something like a house….
    or if you can afford to give away houses to poor single women….enjoy that feeling it gives to help out with no strings attached….

  7. Excellent video! They really aren’t all bad but you DO need to watch out for the gold diggers there just as much as you would in the USA. They are everywhere so beware 😂!

  8. I would like to ask if he still have the wire transfer receipt?
    He can seek for help. He can go to the Philippines and ask a help to Raffy Tulfo in Action.
    Please don’t be angry to all of Filipina not all of Filipino scammers. Any nations have a scammers its just I am against to all foreigners sending money to anyone to any nation.

  9. we r not all d same there r good filipina too, mybe hes not just lucky to have one..thats what we r saying dont fall inlove in face orbody

  10. He angry, himself why he trust too much, not all filipina is bad, hope bro u can find the better one

  11. For me even the the man give me a house, I also say I don’t need bcoz I already have house for my fruit of hard working

    1. @meow meow what an advice, so what if Filipinas giving their virginity to their bf ‘s for free hisa ka ay, but you know there are a lot of Filipina who are wise, thinking that the greatest gift they could give to their husband’s during their marriage is their virginity

    2. @meow meow good point but I would not suggest taking her to your home country. that’s part of the scam. If a Filipina really want me then we will live in her country with out being married and if things don’t work out then she can just leave….. its easier and more cost effective….Leave them in their country, period.

    3. @meow meow same here, after the lock down , I’m gone (Philippines).
      I heard it’s going to be awhile before
      the Goverment giving out Visas.
      Maybe March of 2021

    4. Reality check!! There are scammers in every country… AND there are good, sincere people also.

    5. first of all it was a nice video and really liked it …but I am shocked at the foolishness of men going there and then within 6 months buying a house for her …though I am still on my toes planning to go to phil after the lockdown …I have read every bit of the ariticles the foreigners post mentioning their good and bad experiences mentioning where to go and where not to go…I have read so much information about phil that i feel I know nearly everything …lot of filipinas get surprised when i talk about the law in phil…they ask have u been here u know a lot about us ? hahaha..yes i know their tricks and their way of seducing men…I already know that I cant own a house there and even i have a condo the ratio is 60/40,,,still not the full owner …but why to buy property there …I never would ever want to live in that country and what for ? I am an Indian and a millionair too why would i spend money…secondly…filipinas like rich guys …though their bfs got their virginity free…and he was doing nothing …filipinas have lot of attitude if they are good looking …I have just shunted them down…whether u are in any country…if you have money you have the power …enjoy and get back to ur home…but accidentally I met a filipina who is from a remote area of a province ..and she is into farming …we have been talking since 3 months ..first I tested her …if she needs me and my money…and it was real hard test for her ..she got through it …she doesnt need anything she just wants me to meet her parents and take her with me to India and get married ..All guys who are reading my comment please note never marry a filipina in phil …take her and marry her in your own country…so if things dont work out u can take divorce easily…dont promise her to feed her parents ..when they have their own children …its not ur duty..and if some woman demands turn her request down or leave her …u will be far better happy …

  12. Be grateful he survived. I knew alot of expats there that was killed one in particular was over a property dispute.their law is designed to be used in whichever way it suits them to get what they want.

  13. In any situation like getting a wife or prostitute, buying a home, travelling to another country, sailing in a boat, hunting in the Forrest, winning the lottery, cashing a check, going to the bank to withdraw large amount, the person must plan the procedure from start to finish and install safe guards and back-up plans. Example: going to the bank alone on foot and withdraw a large amount. Plan from start to finish and list all risk (risk assessment) that may be encountered.

  14. you forgot to advice them to keep their dick in their pants too, they think they could just go there in the Philippines to ……k filipina women.

  15. That’s what you call stupidity. I feel sorry to this man.But I’m sorry not all Filipina are the same.

  16. There’s a saying in the Philippines, if you can buy the milk by the gallon, why buy the whole cow? He he he!

    1. @C F Yes its most, like 99% ha ha ha ha… so I will error on the side of caution

    2. Correct 👍… dishonest people are in every country … love to all from Ireland 🇵🇭❤️🇮🇪

  17. bro, go to Raffy Tulfo in action.
    dey can help u.
    der are still many, many filipinas out der in da philippines. f u know a foreigner hu need some help about dis, ask for help frm raffy tulfo. dey help even on investigating a filipina f in case an expat or foreigner bf/gf is doubting a filipina,

  18. we all hate dose unfaithful ones, either dey r scammers, suckers, golddigger, etc. we r sorry for dos unfortunate guys.
    not only good filipinos r praying for dem dat someday hate will vanish frm der heart and also d evil mentality of dos filipinas, thai, indonisians, etc hu take advantage on da foreigners.
    a filipino said, “ignorance is a human pitfall against himself”.
    f u encounter a filipina or anyone,any nationality, and u hav money to buy a house, y not investigate her

  19. Raffy tulfo can help you about that. I guarantee you you can get it back what you give to that filipina girl. Watch the channel of Raffy tulfo his a good guy and helping a lot of people.

    Not all filipina are bad..
    Proud being Filipino/filipina..

  20. Gosh. No wonder. The girl was from walking street. Such a terrible place to find love. All you can get there is std -_-

  21. I appreciate that there are YouTubers like you giving advice about the safety of foreigners here in the Philippines.

  22. A girl tried the same thing with me in Angeles. I told her no way I’m not buying I just would’t do it, I’d only ever rent and she then – when I was out; she Robbed all my stuff – well as much as she could get her hands on. Luckily I’ve been watching these videos for years. Man she had a nice plan for me, ”she would have cleaned me out” luckily guys like this give us some good advice. There is no point I think in buying if you can’t be 100% sure it’s not in your own name fully and only. As now this person even if everything’s going well always has forever a hold on you, that’s just a extra unnecessary worry.

  23. Great advice Reekay. Please tell your viewer I have some advice for him.
    1) Be grateful she didn’t wait for you to go over & have you killed. You’re alive. Be grateful & kiss the ground you walk on.
    2) Go to your best friend, co-worker or brother. Explain to them what happened. Then ask them to hit you over the head & kick you in the nuts. Just so that the pain will remind you the next time you make a stoopid move.
    3) Seek out a mentor you trust, usually someone older. Ask him for advice.
    Don’t be vengeful on the Philippines for your mistakes. At least have the balls to own up to it. Learn from it. Now hire or seek a lawyer to try & get your money back. If you get back half of your money, count yourself lucky.

    I will post some advice on another thread. Good luck & I hope you’ve learned something.
    (No girl is worth it. You deserve better)

  24. Very very wise and I mean awesome advice! Don’t be played! Be smart ,not a old fart in the clouds! Thank you!

  25. 1. You dont have to have a gf/partner/wife to live a happy and content life.
    2. If you you meet a woman that you like, you dont have to marry her to have a happy relationship. On the other hand – marriage seem to be a huge reason for a healthy relationship going sour.
    3. Be very careful getting a gf/partner/wife that cannot or will not contribute to your common expenses and economy. If she earns less than you – she should work harder to equal her part of the expences/economy. Getting a gf/partner/wife that dont have any income or other economical attributes to live of – wake up man! Youre in for trouble and huge economical expenses.
    4. Dont buy anything of value to her if she dont do the same for you. Love is not about money but about love.
    5. A woman who dont want to be with you because you dont buy her expensive stuff – tell her really quickly to sod off!
    Live happily forever after….😃😃

  26. Your friend has legal recourse, he can move court in Philippines, though it will be an expensive affair.

  27. I have a Philippina wife for 6 years now in the states. She’s got her green card. She is an amazing woman!!!’ Her kids love me and are grown!!!! It’s been the reverse she helps me with any thing I need.

  28. after your girl friend got what she wanted from you, she will end the relationship and look for another gullible dude. If you feel that she will be your partner, be wise and do a pre-nup.

  29. My gf has been pushing for me to pay off her house… I see right thru her.. Move on to next guy after I pay

    She has lazy kids that don’t contribute anything and tell me to not eat their stuff they buy but they eat everything I buy.. And I pay all bills

  30. In most south east asian countries you cant own land. You can own the the house on the land. But dont. . If you venture into buying a house for you and your gf make sure at land dept you add your name on land deed as as the mortgagee. You hold the title deed as would a bank would do. Sign a contract as what monies you invested and the terms between the 2 parties. You being the mortgagee witnessed by the local land dept is the only way. Forget opening a bogus company to buy land. You pay exorbinant annual fees and if tyhe government wants to investigate this purchase they can legally reposs this investment. Advice. Rent or be a mortagee.

  31. Well not all filipina are like that he just happened to find a bud ass girl and it happened also in other counties

  32. Any guy stupid enough to do this has no brains. Men – always have a secret fat bankroll tucked away out of sight from anyone. You don’t want to be broke in your mature years. NEVER buy a house – rent for sure. It’s an insurance policy for continued loyalty. Some women can be very cagey for years. Beware and constantly test. Any transgressions – time to ditch that one and move on.

  33. I made a mistake with my first filipina. I was so angry I got another filipina so that I would not waste what learned. It’s been a good relationship for 6 years now.

  34. Those ladies are lucky to meet men buying their house right away..I have been searching a man to buy me a house but I never found him 😉 good advice ,they must be careful always before buying property in Philippines

  35. This Filipina Gave him the sex of his life she did what she had to do, dudes stop being desperate for what’s between woman’s legs. You must be patient and look for a beautiful woman in the province is the key.

  36. Reekay My name is Da’Mian Murray from the us u say one thing but I hear from others like you who say one thing but some one says something totally different I hear from a white guy u can own a pace of land he said man like myself could own land between 2.6 to 4.3 arces but it takes time like 6 to 12 months

  37. Reekay, dammit the title made it seem like you did this stupid thing. I am glad it was not you,, Hell I won’t marry a woman in the Philippines. The laws here are completely against us in this land. I enjoy your demeanor on the channel and being upfront about things, it is great you bring out the truth about things behind the scenes. I just think i am going to subscribe to your channel for you. Thank you sir,

  38. After many failed relationships and purchasing a new home with one of them, I am convinced that relationships may well be temporary and using caution when investing is truly your wisest move. Likewise with business partners, many failures there too. You can only rely on yourself unless you are totally lucky to find your ‘permanent’ soulmate.
    Something else notable: Age reduces sexual desire, therefore not conducive to stressful relationships.
    Mutual trust is a hard commodity to maintain and is the glue of relationships.


  39. My pal lost his beautiful trendy
    house to to his ex. But then wrotten apples exist in most countrys, right?

  40. If this guy is pissed off at anybody he needs to look in the Mirror,and I want to say something to everyone if you think you can’t find a good girl in AC you’re nuts, sure there are Gold diggers in the Philippines there gold diggers all over, don’t talk bad about Philippines cause your to DUMB to manage your money or find a good woman.

  41. Don’t need to view the video. This quote pretty much summed up the gist of what it’s about “….you would think people should know better, but apparently not….”. That’s the same if a much older (and/or less attractive) man find a much hotter (and/or younger) girlfriend in any country…not just the Philippines. Maybe, you find a very pretty woman who is just looking for an older man or simply prefer a less attractive man but the chance of that happening is same in your home country as it is in the Philippines. Get real people!

  42. Ha ha I have lived and worked in Vietnam for 30 years. It’s exactly the same here. Hey, tell me this is different from the West. Life is hard, harder if you’re stupid.

  43. If you want to buy a house in Asia open a company. Ensure you are a director. Alter the Charter so you have all the voting rights. Buy the house via the company. It’s the only way.

    1. I’m not sure this would work, although it sounds good. If you are “not” a native
      Filipino person, and you incorporate a company, just to take title to a property,
      in order to get around foreign land ownership law, the courts may rule against
      you — but I’m not sure on this. To make it simple –say an American man, from
      the US, buys a house and land thru his corporation, that he’s a director for, I’m
      not sure Filipino courts would rule in your favor ?? as their laws are set up to
      prevent foreigners from buying up all their cheap land. It’s a good way to ensure
      native Filipino people will always have an interest in the land.

       Best way –to save headaches is rent –or short term lease, with option to renew
      at the same price. Then relax a little 🙂

  44. Some people made a bad decision and not thinking what’s gonna happens ” IF” , Too bad that;s a big lost you made. This will be a big expensive lesson learn in life.

  45. Filipinas are a joke . I always wanted a Filipina, but after I heard people saying MULTIPLE times about Filipinas being “loving” (and caring??), I realized this is NOT true WHATSOEVER. I tried having a normal and civil conversation with several of them and it’s staggering to see that Filipinas are actually s t u ck up (a r ro g a n t) and closed minded. Yet, they have the nerve to say that it’s us men who are “ALL the same” in terms of a r ro g a n ce. Ha! Yeah sure

  46. Some foreigners love innocent looking simple woman , why not trying to find an independent women ? Many women had beautiful jobs in Philippines

  47. I’m quite sure you can take out a long term lease on the land — say for
    25 -50 years, so you will have control of the leasehold rights for the land.
    Then you can build a house “in your name” and let her live there, and that
    way you stay in “control.” You would then own the house and leasehold
    rights to the land. You could then evict someone, if the cross you.
    Condos work much the same way –as the land portion cost is built in and
    added to the total price on the condo –so in many respects, you enjoy the
    same rights to the land, as the other condo owners do.
    If it were me — I’d just take out a long term lease, if I liked a spot, with the
    option to buy under certain terms and conditions. In any deal you should
    always have “control”, until your married, and then it’s 50-50 ownership
    rights in most countries — but not the Phils, because you can’t “own” the land.
    What is the difference if you can lease the land “very cheaply” over 2 years,
    with the option to renew the lease every anniversary ( 2 years) –at the same
    price ? There is no difference. Then you can build a house in “your name” and
    be in full control. I guess when men get emotional they lose their sense of reason.


    1. no, they were not married. and no, he was not 80. he is about 59.

  49. That’s some pilipina do gold digger and do have many boy friends thru used men’s and abused that’s stupid . I know men like that say he bought his wife house but he never see the house he paid off and the wife died never show him his house . I told him forget it you got rip off you have no rights to own your own wife is a big rip off that’s how they are don’t work all ho!s they used that way cheap no respect to them self I hate woman’s like that don’t be stupid wait think never trust pilipina not even in America they used to be prostitute never change many in America or kill their husband . That’ stupid I feel bad for some men’s it’s common there cheap open up legs just offer drugs done deal they love your money not you be smart so many nice here in America or find one that come from good family

  50. Burn me once shame on you! Burn me twice shame on me! Some people never learn.The Philippines is set up to protect their own! Hit it and forget it Reekay got it right

  51. Written in the family code .
    Once the foreigner married to filipina have same right .is called conjugal property …..some expat or foreigner married to filipina is not smart lack of knowledge about the law …is not true u can’t allow to have a property for the name of the foreigner… and one thing foreigner do not buy any property put the name of ur House wife…..u allow to put ur name also not only for ur wife .becoz u are all ready married at least 2 to 3 years…study first for 3 years marriage .do not buy property .better renting first.do not pamper ur wife for material things like house and other gadgets of jewelry ….testing love without anything . Do not buy property without marriage to filipina ….becoz u didn’t know the right of the foreigners here in the phils.better u need consult to the government officials or institution ..I heard.and I watched the documentary about the some problems.of foreigners here …so all foreigner do not put stone and hit ur head ….

    1. property acquired before the marriage is excluded. so if the expat bought a home on leased land prior to the marriage, the home belongs solely to him (still) after-marriage unless he places her on title.

      Article 91
      Unless otherwise provided in this Chapter or in the marriage settlements, the community property shall consist of all the property owned by the spouses at the time of the celebration of the marriage or acquired thereafter. (197a)

      Article 92
      The following shall be excluded from the community property:

      Property acquired during the marriage by gratuitous title by either spouse, and the fruits as well as the income thereof, if any, unless it is expressly provided by the donor, testator or grantor that they shall form part of the community property;
      Property for personal and exclusive use of either spouse. However, jewelry shall form part of the community property;
      Property acquired before the marriage by either spouse who has legitimate descendants by a former marriage, and the fruits as well as the income, if any, of such property. (201a)

      (ref; https://www.kapitbisig.com/philippines/the-family-code-of-the-philippines-section-2-what-constitutes-community-property-the-family-code-of-the-philippines_969.html )

  52. Hey there are lots of terrific women in the west! Men go online and think that these women overseas are sexy, hot and much better. Well I can tell you I know so many men who have been scammed and this story is typical! These women send hot sexy pictures and bam she’s the one!!!

  53. Yes,, he cannot have it back anymore..but I feel bad for him,shouldn’t trust people right away,am telling you guys if the Filipina young woman and she stays in Philippines and you are sending money,donot trust..not all people or woman in Philippines are bad.. am filipina too ,, but I don’t like this kind of woman who are doing this..am sorry about it..just donot trust a young woman in Philippines having relationship with them and you are a distance.. they are always having a boyfriend there, in my country..don’t trust them, it’s easy for the young woman there to have a relationship just like that..

  54. Hmm, people are so lonely.
    I also excited that my Philipina wife sold are business and property that i bought in Boracay after 5y relationships and marriage and runaway with an other guy and had a baby in the same year.

    But yes it was my own fault coz she always wanted my money 💵

  55. Lease the land build the house throw the bimbo out! Never give anything to anyone in a foreign country! Lease the land!

  56. You are so right… you you lose a filipino girl because money, you win,

  57. You can’t stuff brains into Statues Sadly.Easier to drawer ears on the wall & talk to those.

  58. He could get it back by approaching Mr. Raffy Tulfo unless he gave it from the bottom of his heart. Too many successful marriage wirh filipinas. I am three engaged with an Australuan man but i nwver asked him for anything esp a house.

  59. Any foreigner and very desperate to get married to a cute good looking in the Philippines… Do your homework first… Listen to this guy telling you and he is correct…
    Do do not put money or show your money be smart… There are a lot of good Filipina woman out there but you have to know have to find them.

  60. But why you guys from the west usually prefer to find partners from Philippines? What’s your hidden interest, why not stick to your own race? It can’t be denied that there are instances that foreigner also like to marry Filipinos because they will get life insurance and insure their wives and make money out of it! Anyway, not all foreigners are bad, same also with Filipinos. That subject in this video made a generalization that all Filipinos are bad and gold digger which is unfair and I’m so sorry for that!

    1. “stick to your own race”?? what kind of statement is that?

      people are free to date whoever they want. with no regard to color of skin or nationality.

  61. Just go to the Philippines privet collage find a 20 something FILIPINA with rich parents. NEVER DATE ANY POOR FILIPINA. YOU FOGOT THIS ADVICE. I LIVE HERE 16 years 4 mounths of vacation a year. The dental school is best a bit older 22 to 27.

  62. Filipina here.
    I like your point on the iphone. She survived and had an okay life before she met you, then if she suddenly ask you to cover her financial needs – walk away. Thats all she sees, money. Women like that specifically plays the single flirty life to get a sugar daddy.

  63. The sad truth is that 90% of the time it isnt about love for them, but only about making money for themselves and their family.

  64. Is not all are taking advantage,, and I know it’s hard to find a good woman this time in any nationality,, if I find a good man, I don’t need to ask anything,, all I want is to be happy Till we grow old .. those guy had bad experience to the filipina woman I’m sorry to them,,, but not all are bad or taking advantage,, some are some not but hard to find,,, that is my opinion… if he spends money for house or land , keep the receipt and go to raffy tulfo program pretty sure you get back your house or land you bought…

  65. These idiots get what that deserve. Only a stupid person buys a house in another persons name.

  66. So much great and solid advice!
    In my own personal experience, I first prayed for God’s guidance. Then I examined her for a long time online and in person. I examined her family and friends. She never asked for money and when I did send some money it was for my benefit and very little at that. My intentions were to make communication between us easier and as a test to see what would happen next. After about a year, I spent a little money to improve where she lived. Again, for my benefit as well as hers. It was cheaper to do little improvements in her house than giving it to hotels when I was able to visit. All along, I did just enough to test her and her family. What I found over time was that she was not like most other Filipinas and neither was her family. Her family pressured her to be careful with my money and those that came around me. She was also careful with how her family approached me as well. I’m leaving out a lot to keep this as short as possible, but there was a lot of examination going on all along until 15 years later, looking back until today, my wife tries more than I like, in keeping me from spending money on not only her but anyone else. Some would say I got lucky. I would say, my prayers were answered. My best overall advice?
    Follow Reeky’s advice in this video, (as a rule of thumb).

  67. He can go to Raffy Tulfo in Action tv program in Philippines. That’s program helping foreigners with Filipina GF or partner with big issue about the money.

  68. I worked with a guy, lost a house and 250k to a girl in PI, wasn’t even married to her. These things do happen.

  69. the boys looking for to young to sexy.. they ask for it… lol…. Im happily married to a Filipina. and she owns our house, cars etc.. its great,,

  70. difference here is i am planning on buying her house located in eastern samar. by the way, i am a filipino citizen, born & bred. your buddy got royally scammed.

  71. Lived many years in Philippines….I always tell this: I look for a millionaire girl. Doesn’t matter if she’s is old and ugly. As I Don’t care about money!!!! Upsidedownworld..but it gives a clear message

  72. He made a bad decision, but i do understand him being bitter moving forward. Time to be single and just enjoy the scenery without commitment! He should be bitter! Chick was a con artist like all bar girls! Always a diamond in the ruff but not very often. Make sure you take your own advice Reekay, you seem to be head over heels after not too long of a time, best wishes friend!

  73. Why don’t you apply for dual citizenship so you can buy land in the Philippines

  74. The guy that bought the girl the house should at first gave her everything he owned all his money in the bank his car and everything he owns in his own country. To tester real love for him. If it didn’t work out and she took everything then he should be like that little teeny thing on the movie The fly. At the end of the movie you will hear help me help meeee in a very very tiny voice.

  75. Another sucker. In the Philippines 🇵🇭 he or alot these guys should know u have no rights because ur not a citizen.. come on man think if she came here to usa 🇺🇸 it would be the same!!

  76. will it work, if they have a pre-buy agreement? that in case of break-up, they can have their money back?

  77. I would rent a skip loader and run it through the house 2 or 3 times and run like a mother….

  78. He can call Raffy Tulfo in Action. A case like that is dramatic enough they’ll surely put it on the show. Taffy’s crew will call her and likely go visit her with officials and convince her to reach an agreement. She won’t want the public shame.

    1. Oh, maybe he already did. I think I saw this story. Or at least, there was another guy who met a girl on the Angeles strip and they bought land together and she moved the father of her kids in with her. The production crew went there and now n front of the barangay captain they agreed the house would be sold to return his money.

  79. Omg! I was about to buy a 1.2 million pesos house for my Filipina and I because we are going to get married after dating for a year but after seeing your video I am going to pause that and rent instead…. even tho I am the one telling her to let’s buy it, cuz she lives on this shit hole apartment with her ate, I felt very bad for her, but she said no it’s too mahal and she doesn’t want it…. she wants to live simple…. so now instead we’re buying a condo…. thank you very much for your video I have learned a lot…. peace and love for everyone…..

  80. To me, it seems you’re better off hooking up with a Filipina in your own country that has dual citizenship with the Philippines and the country you came from. That there will weed out a huge percentage of gold diggers since these Pinays will most likely have money and jobs in the U. S., Europe, and places like Australia. She probably has her own assets outside the Philippines. I’m American and there are lots of fine ass Pinays in California… lots and they qualify for dual citizenship in the Philippines if the couple wants to retire in the Philippines. Look at Chris from Cebu, Ahern Family, and Philly from the Philippines YouTube bloggers. These three married Pinays in the U. S. and came over here to the Philippines to live their lives. Shiiiiet… If I buy property here with me not being a citizen here, I’d get my brother and sisters to sign for it. They are Filipino citizens. Sucka!! 🤣😂 Anything shady happens, my family will own the place not the girlfriend and her family. The bitch who fucked over that dude better watch it too. If that guy has money to buy her a house, just think what else he could do with money to get back at her. That house will probably end up being dilapidated in a few years from lack of repairs and upkeep. She better get back to hustling to maintain that house.

  81. Thank you for a job well done – your words and the way you convey the message are exemplary – No doubt that you are a man full of wisdom and fruitful experience that deserve nothing but great respect. good luck to you

  82. You hear these stories all over Asia. Same story in Vietnam where I lived for awhile. What everyone needs to understand is that these countries know what they are doing when the drafted the laws, …no land ownership by foreigners, no home ownership by foreigners, no full business ownership or licenses for foreigners…Everything must be put in the name of a Vietnamese or in this case Pinay citizen. Listen people you’ve got to understand this is not by mistake . The Government encourages the ripoff of foreigners whether it be Phils or Vietnam or wherever! There is no rule of law for a foreigner in these countries. Everyone needs to understand this reality. Please don’t make me repeat it ! Go there, enjoy the life, make love and have fun BUT DON”T BUY ANYTHING ! AND NEVER PARTNER WITH A LOCAL…RENT! If you want to be in business go to a country that respects your investment creating jobs and making the country better….NOT THESE COUNTRIES. You will get your skeleton cleaned, picked clean and then kicked to the curb. Deal with it!

  83. Even time doesn’t work if their intentions is for them and their family benefit that was what happened to me it took me 13 years after their in America my relationship with them became cold and gone I’m talking about my siblings

  84. If you wouldn’t do that in your own country why would you do it in the Philippines? Amazing!

  85. Im filipino .. i suggest to all foreigners out there dont do that so quick dont rush it i mean .try to test your partner .. if its really love you … dont show them you have an lot of money …

  86. And dont get a bar girl … because they only care for your money..try to find in provinces …

  87. if you buy a house and you are marry your name goes on the deed as half owner and if your wife die before you do the house if your.

  88. Hahaha he met her in Angeles… This was already the first mistake. You can get a girl out of the bar, but not the bar out of the girl”

  89. I only have one question. Why does the picture of the house on the thumbnail to this video look like it was created on Minecraft? 😁

  90. So it’s not your personal experience? Nobody should buy a house for anyone. Unless you are rich and money is not an issue. In that case who cares. Except of course for his broken heart. Money spent on WOOing/courting a lady is always a gift. It’s just common sense.

  91. People are crazy. Best to take it easy. And always meet the parents. Find a real woman, not a young barely legal girl. Date her. Get the parents blessing. Get her family’s blessing. Fall in Love. Get married. And then start a future. Make some babies. Go to church. Take it easy. Rent is key. Ok. As I type I’m listening to you talk. You are spewing very good advice. Berry nice.

  92. Your grammar and speaking tone is berry good. And your points are on point. Good video.

  93. It’s the PRETTY WOMAN syndrome. Like the movie Pretty Woman, trying to save the lady from her current lifestyle situation. As men we have a biological urge to save the Dame in distress. It’s so complicated. Just hope that the money spent is not going to bankrupt the guy, and hope his broken heart will heal in time. It’s rough. And it’s easy to judge. But we are men. And it’s life. Just try to adapt some critical thinking skills within your relationship goals. It’s ok, mistakes happen.

  94. Tell the Angry foreigner looking for a girl to try a CONVENT HAhaaaa

    1. yes. lease the land and have rightful access, so long as not in default.

  95. Put in agreement that you get to burn down the house if you break up. Her choice if she want to stay in it lol.

  96. I met my wife here in China while we were working. Had a kid and been together for 7 years. Prior to meeting her she worked hard and built a house on her family land in Northern Luzon. We now have that house( still upgrading with new ceiling and stuff) and got a townhouse in Cavite. If things went south, we both agreed to put the properties in daughter’s name. Listen to this guy. Useful information for noobies.

  97. Been watching so many Tim K videos….and this video pops up! 🤣

  98. It’s not fair but he can get help to tulfo brother , she’s a thief

  99. I’m filipina but hate gold digger you pi k up the wrong person she’s fucking shit

  100. Sorry, but I am NOT paying someone to hangout with me. Talk about operating from a position of desperation!

  101. probably one of the dudes that says he doesn’t pay for sex….LOL

  102. My brother my brother you knowledge touches my soul and has been my life motto. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  103. You broke the Golden Rule you never put any property or money in a girlfriend’s name when you’re in a foreign country. I’ve heard this same story so many times.

  104. Buy a second House for your new GF then it goes on again never give up

  105. how is the Stalking and Manipulation going over there is it professionalised institutionalised like in Switzerland THAILAND NZ etc.?

    1. Can you meet people who are not staged upon you purposely or is it the same story like always?



  107. Everybody’s an adult.
    But I would say that the Filipino government could step in and council any foreigner who wants to buy in the Philippines like these guys have done. Why not protect the integrity and reputation of the nation?

    1. in the ph, before getting married.. even if you’re over 50, had kids, etc… you still need to attend a class on where babies come from if getting married in the catholic church. 🙂

      so yah, should do the same before buying a house in the ph for some random filipina.

  108. i was gonna do dat– luckily [for ME], after 13mo, she turned-out to be seriously mentally ill; CHECK, PLEASE!

  109. my current plan is– from vietnam, pick up a long-term-gf in the ph, take her to vn, give her 20,000p/mo ($400/mo) to live in the room under mine in a vn resort; work out the arrangements in ph, so gf will be held to be an overseas employee w/ ph-ss bennies

  110. I have never met a people more obsessed with money and possessions than Filipinos….the smile hides a peasant ruthlessness…

  111. I am leaning toward panama now, all people are treated equal there. My only habit is weed and most every other country i will not get killed for smoking it. Your gov gave police permission to shoot people that do not correspond with the corona virus laws that is insane. Philipine people are nice in general but the philipine laws are not, America is kind of the same way.

  112. I’m a Filipina and having a german partner ( not married) for 32 yrs. I was 19 yrs old when we started dating. Now I am thinking, was i short changed? But he sent me to University!😉 i started a corporate career but he asked me to stopped after 5 yrs. i don’t have a house in my province. We are staying in a condo here in Metro Manila. Happy having each other.

  113. G’day bloke!. I’m Jimmy from Australia and I’m glad I’ve had a vasectomy and that I’ll be on a limited retirement income in about 27 years in the Philippines. I should master a home brew from now until then!. Looks like I’ll be reading, catching buses/walking, renting a cheap room, drinking and very casually dating women (I know this lifestyle well!) in 2047+. I wouldn’t say no to a drink right now as I’m off work as a bus driver here in Adelaide, Australia tomorrow. Cheers

  114. Agreed 100%. after 12 years of mariage. I lost my house.Never I will built a house in the Philippines. I agree with you. you should NOT blame all filipinas or the Philippines. Many Filipinos told me i should meet Ralfi…wink. Most Filipinos told me she wronged me big time

  115. A fool and their money shall part…a bad decision, absolutely….a total idiot 100%

  116. Never put all your eggs in the one basket. Exactly why you shouldn’t marry a pinay and just be boyfriend and girlfriend.

  117. Wow! Never, even after a 100years, give up your hole card. Stupid. A fool and their money are soon parted!

  118. Example #2 (The Angeles girl). Classic “Save-A-Whore” story. Guy thinks by sponsoring her into a “better life” this simple, albeit misguided girl will see his display of generosity and see the light. She will be eternally grateful to be saved, and the man has a lifelong devoted lover, cook, and admirer. …..If it only worked that way. Which it does not.

  119. Choose a woman who has a work ethic and stay away from those whose idea of getting ahead in life is getting into a relationship with a well to do guy.

  120. Sound advice for any country. Western men often want to help the poor girl, and take it too far

  121. Expats should only rent in the philippines… then you have nothing to lose… also never give money to her and her family… a good intention philipina will never ask for money… watch out for scammers…

  122. He has a unfortunate lost. Just buy condos only over there is the safe bet. Now, you feel sympathy but, you learn from your mistakes. He should not take anger out on the entire nation or people.

  123. How many times we hear those stories. We were married 5 years before we started building our house. You would not buy a GF in Australia or America for a GF of a few months would you? He made a mistake and needs to walk away and forget his mistake. I know a broken heart is not easy to get over but you will. We are now happy and married for 13 years. But it is sad we don’t hear more great success stories but it is mostly the once that get burned that go online and make the idea of getting into a relationship sound like a bad idea. Those that are happy dont go online complaining. I know many successful stories but they don’t go online to tell the world they are enjoying their lives. Lyn never asked for any money just a good husband that loves her and her family. Before I met Lyn I talked to a few online and they asked for finacial help after 10 min LOL. I love you but I have no money for internet or my mum is in hospital or I am getting kicked out of my house etc etc. Don’t look for girls to marry in a BAR or fall in love with a bar girl they are used to saying ” I love you lots” Lyn was in Manila working in a factory but grew up on a fasm and as soon as she could returned to her birth place. Reekay pretty much covered it anyway. I just wanted to add my bit LOL. P.S we did not say I LOVE YOU to eachother for a good 6 months after meeting we wanted to be sure of it. I have much more advice but my answer is long enough a world record maybe. Cheers

  124. My first experience with a Vietnamese girl I found online she was beautiful I know a couple of months met her on a computer she was looking for American guy and she spoke English so we talked everyday on a computer through Messenger where I can see her she can see me I was 15 years older than her she said she was single and no boyfriend and first she came up with I have a hairdressing shop and I lent my motorbike to my son you got into an accident now I don’t have a motor bike and businesses bad can you send me money for a motorbike Eye Center 2500 then she said her TV blew out I sent your money for a new TV and she said her phone was no good she needed a new phone I sent her money for a phone and she said when are you going to wear you start the applying to bring me to America for a fiance visa so I got a lawyer from Albuquerque New Mexico I lived in Colorado at the time you said you got to give me 4000 down so I wrote him a check for 4000 supposedly he was supposed to be doing all the paperwork meanwhile I never heard from him again he ran out with my 4000 he left New Mexico and became a lawyer in California they said they can’t do nothing about it just need this Bardem from New Mexico but he can practice in floor in California show me while she keeps asking me for $100 here $100 there and I’m sending it to her and I start filling out the paperwork on my own 3 months later I get a letter in the mail that they denied her fiance visa so I called on the phone to them to find out why they would they didn’t tell me in the letter and when I spoke to them on the phone they looked it up and they said we did not hide her fiance visa because she’s married in Vietnam to a Vietnamese police officer she lived in Saigon so the end of the story is I lost about $12,000 so I went back on the computer into the Vietnamese dating site and found another girl she was Catholic very religious the first girl was a Buddhist I’m a Catholic this girl turned out to be very nice we talked for about 4 years on the computer I went to Vietnam she lived in Berea vung Tau I was 12 years older than her she was a virgin I went there a few times back and forth and finally I decided Let’s Get Married she said okay she didn’t want to live in America she wanted to stay in Vietnam because she had to take care of her sister and her mother she was had a little tale of business she made clothes I spent the winter in Vietnam with her and The Summer’s in Colorado and when I came back for the summer that wasn’t spending any money giving her nothing she contracted lymphoma cancer and she died quickly and that was the end of my experience in Vietnam haven’t been back since I think about it often I moved out of Durango Colorado and bought two acres on top of a mountain and put a manufactured home on it 500 feet out of Colorado and to Aztec New Mexico and there I live by myself watching your videos all the time I like them you give good information two people I hope they follow what you have to say you seem like a very nice guy take care

  125. Don’t buy. Rent the house and see how things go! Tell her I get only
    x amounts in form of foreign income. If she agrees set up house hold.In third world countries laws discourage in house and land owning by foreigners. Naturalize citizens face lots of discrimination.

  126. I’m retired American in cebu city. Married good girl here. Baby on the way. She wants a house not condo. Advice?

  127. The correct way to have done this to have a second contract leasing the house back him for a nominal sum per year payable at any time (ie. say 100 peso per year paid up front) for say 50 years. Make sure a reputable lawyer to draw up both contracts.

  128. He should have gone to the Farming area s you have take your time also protect yourself rent land and get a a house you can move and after get married you can will to her then you are protected

  129. Only i need to have vaccant job so i can have own effort to earned money for my children..or i can peacefully buy my own dream house too..by the way ..i am looking who have a big heart to willing to sponsored hiring me to had stable job that still now i am looking for..

  130. EXPATS can ask for help now. Google RAFFY TULFO. He is a Filipino Broadcaster, popular on TV and YouTube. His program focuses on aiding the poor and marginalized with domestic affairs and societal injustices. He had helped more expats with the same problem. He will never ask for a fee but uses his own money to help people. Popular, with million hits on YouTube.

  131. The best test for a Filipinas, if she asks for money or anything of cash value within the first 5 months, Leave!!!!

  132. go to Raffy Tulfo and he might be able to help RAFFY TULFO IN ACTION see him in action at youtube.com

  133. all i give my foreign girl friend is 100 a week thats more than she ever made

  134. Have a backup plan and don’t put stuff in her name unless your married..There are brokerage companies you can buy property through..

  135. Couldn’t you create a loan for your gf and then put the house in her name? If you don’t pay the bank they take the house back so why not create a loan agreement?

  136. I also saw a segment you did on a lot of western men live with their filipina wife in her house, take care of the mataince.

  137. And you pay it all off at once that’s not a smart thing, most Filipinos couldn’t afford the house payments.

  138. Have you seen the YouTube channel of Pi dreams, the house he built for him and his wife?

  139. I have a friend very successful plumbing contractor he went to the The Philippines he met this woman very beautiful after nine months of dating her she wanted to get married .He said he wanted to date her for at least two years before he would consider it.She said she had an opportunity to buy a beautiful Property $80000 2 acres water front .He researched the situation in the Philippines and he came to the conclusion he had no legal rights to any property.He told her he wasn’t going to buy land in the country you have no legal rights of ownership.She broke up with him that day this is a common scam especially from some Philippine women. I have another friend whose happily married for 29 years to a Filipino woman. Guys should research the woman like it’s a business deal don’t rush-in think with the right head .

  140. Well everyone is using every body ! Life is a gamble . Sorry for that guy ! Olongapo long time ago is like a lot of red house in that area .

  141. How do you feel about giving money to a Filipina during covid-19? Furthermore what if she’s not asking for it but you can tell she’s struggling?

  142. Oldest trick in the book.
    Pinay’s are fun to play with.
    Catch and release.
    I have lived here 40+ years.

  143. That’s too smart😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂) she kicked him out. Foolish on his part ) all of them gold digger 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂noooob hellllll noooooo

  144. That’s exactly wat I. Doing right now with my filipino gf…I’m 25 years old and she’s 21 this girl is so amazing she never made me doubt her ❤️ one bit …it’s like she doesn’t have a mean bone In her body…I always test her and tell her no most time and she stays the same and never changes on me…

  145. I’m a filipina and I feel ashamed to my fellow kababayan who love to scam foreigners just a seek of thier ambitions to became rich. 😣

    Such a golddigger so shameful. Karma will let them down.
    Good filipina’s are affected to what they did.

  146. It’s a shame what she did I would never buy a house for no woman couse you can’t not trust her

  147. Why would you buy a house in tge first place she only youre girlfriend i rather buy if where married
    Some one asking a something to buy think twice is she really love you ? or the thing she want . . .

  148. Maybe he should stop looking for his mother, just wait till one arrives

  149. You always have good videos…. men will learn their lesson when they get bitten once or twice it happens every single time if it’s there here over there doesn’t matter which country I’ve been stung a few times I’ve learned you have to treat personal stuff as a business cuz it does not work even if your partners in a business it will not work even if you have partnership in a marriage most of the times it does not work because it’s never going to be 50/50 and that goes both ways men or women but the best way is just rent and there’s no fighting when you buy a house for somebody there will be a fight no matter what a business guy on the business Channel said a few years ago if you don’t discuss money before the marriage I’ll guarantee you be discussing it after the marriage and that goes both ways how do you make that money back today I’m trying to teach my kids they’re not listening

  150. I was in Dominican this past year I love it there I hear so many bad stories because the mail will come from another country and buy her a house and guess what happens if you break up you do not get your house I hear it and I hear it and I hear it very very sad today it’s very hard to have a partnership today and the companionship very very difficult nobody wants to be 50/50 great video

  151. Money is a vicious thing if there was no money there would be no problems but money has to be out there my brother is very successful today he treated Life as a business you have to and that goes both ways I help the girl out in the Philippines for 5 years and it does not work you live there full-time you have a better chance for it to work if you leave the country you have less chance it’s going to work for everybody good luck and like I said he’s always has good videos this guy

  152. Not all Filipina is like that! Probably the guy trusted too early! Every where you go, even in other countries, that happens. The thing is you found a woman living in a place of “lowlife!” (Brothels/prostitution’s den)!
    If you want to find a true honest woman, try the decent community, an educated woman with a regular job, a responsible and respectful family!

  153. Preach….there was a girl…fiancé in Philippines a while back…it’s been like two years I was going back forth from the US and Philippines….I had a weird feeling she wasn’t being honest…came up with idea…I told her, ‘ Hey my job has an office in Manila and I can transfer there as a manager and we can be together. ‘
    She got so upset…thinking I was doing that so I can spy on her and keep an eye on her…I was like really?
    That relationship was done and over.

  154. That sounds completely insane. I am sorry for those men and their desperation.

  155. I know a guy who met a sweet cute Pinay who had a visa in the USA. They started dating after a couple months her visa was going to expire so he married her. He also paid for her college education. It appeared their marriage was going well and they even bought a house. However, he discovered she was having an affair with a girlfriend she met at her job it turns out she was bisexual!!

  156. Buying a house after four to six months? He should’ve put it in his name if anything. That would’ve been the smart move.

  157. So true. Just rent, only buy when you’ve been married after a few years and only when you really plan on staying here longterm. More importantly, find an educated woman a bit closer to your age. For me my problem is opposite, find a nice man who won’t lessen my net worth. 😅

  158. I was a lucky one..I met a beautiful girl from the mountain and, yes I sent money to build us a home..It all worked out as we lived in that home and had a son together in Bohol..We now live in the USA and have 2 beautiful smart kids ..Yes, and I did have to trust her and her me..We sold that house and she agreed to let me leave with all the money, it was $60,000,and I sent her money, while I was getting the paperwork to get her and my son here, to have her family buy and lot and to have them build a house for their homestead..I never regretted anything and we have our own house in America now…Some outcomes are good ,,and yes We are married and happy…

  159. I’m an ICU Nurse in the UK and my English husband has recently bought me a beach house in Philippines. He saw me perusing in a real estate website and I stumbled upon this gorgeous house, he pushed me to take an annual leave to go to the Philippines and see the house in person. And we made an offer to buy to it the next day. He bought it for me if in case something happened to him, that I will never be homeless in my home country. It would take a disciplined saving up to buy the beach house with my own money but my husband wanted to provide it for me. I agree with you Reekay, do not make any drastic moves during the first year. To be honest, the first year should be spent knowing your Filipina and not ‘buying’ her stuff.

  160. Hi. There many thanks for valuable information. I am market Filipina and I am halfway to complete the house construction. In this month is second discusting storytelling about those people first one sad story of Peter from property club he was locked out of the house and now he is thinking of moving to Thailand. locked out of the house with no food , you can not do that to human. Brother you open up my mind and eyes I have to stop where I am.

  161. I agree on buying a house if my filipina dont work out i’m done with Philippines. I’m sure there good one like a needle in a haystack . Dealing with all the negative of Philippines it not paradise . Younger high risk girls majority your the money train and her family.. Good one you can trust are hard to find i got one today.

  162. Seriously, dumb and dumber, what did you expect…, you’ve just encouraged the gold diggers… Shame on the gold diggers also, taking advantage of lonely dumb men.

  163. Well he is an idiot . why buy a house for just a few months relation ?
    Heated intire Philippines for 1 woman? He is really an idiot

  164. don”‘t look at the streets of Angeles City , its like putting a gun in ur mount. Look somewhere else so many Islands in d PH 🙂

  165. The more educated young Filipinas would not dare take a second look especially if he is in his 60s. Hence older foreign men often go to bar girls who will take advantage. Go figure!

  166. Once the USA change the laws and not let countries that do not let American citizens purchase property in their countries then they can’t own property or have any kind of rights in the USA

  167. what an idiot … unreal . Don’t even get to REALLY Know the woman and spend some time with her and buy her a house .Thats Crazy . Oh and my wife is from Angeles but she is a native from the area not a walking street import . Big difference

  168. Why would you buy any woman a house..and why buy a house that you can’t own in your own name? Just rent, then you have options,mobility, and freedom.

  169. Please answer me to my email santodomingo7878@gmail.com ( because i do not know how to see answers on uTube) if the same situations happens when american buy condo under his name and discover she doing other her mahal kita in your condo! What that case outcome?

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea
      As you say in Asia furung always loose everything. It means any mutual asset is basically still belong to the wife and new boy who doing her in front of farang to drive him away

    2. i rarely use email. but to answer your question, if you purchased the condo before marriage, it remains your condo. if you buy it after marriage, it can be considered a mutual asset to which she’d be entitled to half the value.

  170. All people in the world are bad and good one even In eaurope it’s also got scammer s

  171. live with your girl for awhile, rent, buy a condo under your name or get a dual citizenship and buy the house under your name. Otherwise…dump her….plenty of good filipinas that will be loyal to you and care for you.

  172. Solution, give them nothing. Never buy a house, rent. It’s a numbers game. If your 50, what’s your life expectancy, if your 60 etc. Simply doesn’t make sense to buy property.

  173. A Cautionary Message is worth the time to listen. When emotions get involved, all logic seems to evaporate.
    Great content!!


  175. Hard to believe some men still make these mistakes, good video Reekay.

  176. I’ve spent 12 out of the last 36 yrs. living in the Philippines and married 26 years now. Tried to buy my asawa a house and lot but she didn’t want anything to do with that,only wanted to go abroad. Now the price of land has increased like times 30,so still don’t own property there…myself and other foreigners have found it hard to build something up with the Filipina.

  177. Honestly, many of the foreigners that come to The Philippines, Thailand and other countries are coming with a lot of personal baggage… it’s sad to see anyone being taken advantage of, but that goes both ways. I have seen so many men using and taking advantage of women too…

  178. Tell the guys who message you privately that they can get his money back/house if they go to Raffy Tulfo in Action show in Manila they will them proccess the legal process without any cost..

  179. I tell people all the time, if you do things right no filipina should talk to you. I’ve never seen a filipina marry a foreigner with no money. Filipinas need foreigners to support her family and filipino husband/boyfriend. We’ve all lost money, but never on a house. The elderly are the most vulnerable, they just want someone to talk to.

  180. There are cases exactly like your friend’s, scammed foreigners who sought help from Raffy Tulfo . You may advise him to go to Raffy Tulfo. He’ll be able to help him.

  181. Filipina before is different from what is today….just like any nationalities, majority turn out to be materialistic

  182. Some men think with their small head , instead the head on their shoulders.

    1. I think the point is the head on their shoulders is also small with very little brain occupying that tiny space

  183. There are exceptions…eyeglasses, cyst removal of a woman I met and have known for 3 years…cost…170.00 US in three years…I offered. SHes is waiting, and we are committed, but she is from a remote province and looking to maintain a simple life near her family. She gets it…as do I.

  184. ii like your opinion because a lots of old americans likes 18 year old pinay , i live in america and i am pinay i can never find a old man here who can like me that because im 53 years old

  185. I am dating pinay girl I met on dating site. Been talking to her 2 years having visited her twice in Philippines.

    We are about the same age I am 30 she’s 28. She has never asked me to send money. She has mentioned buying property in Philippines and using it as AirBnb.

    What if you get married and live in the phillipines as an ex pat. You can become a citizen correct? Then you can buy house without leasing land and it will be under your name?

    1. one of the requirements for PH citizenship is a 10-year residency. so, you’ve got plenty of time to think about it. personally, i don’t see it as an advantage. fil-am children can be dual citizens, but there’s not lengthy requirement.

  186. If you handsome but not lot of money, Filipina will love you. But if you old not handsome and not lot of money don’t rely that Filipina will love you. There’s lot of men in the Philippines and Filipina are not desperate to get a man compare to Ukraine woman are more than a man so some of women are desperate to get a boyfriend or husband. So if you know that you are not young and not handsome don’t try to get a young pretty Filipina. Except if you are rich even you are ugly you can get a pretty Filipina. Sorry to say but that is the reality. The only way that you can get a pretty Filipina also is if you bring her to your country and give her a better job so you can help each other to build a good family and better life.

  187. You right sir I am Filipina,but some filipina are using some Foreigner and same of them are married lol, then the guy did not know about the girl. Alright be patient guys be wise. Make sure u pick a good one girl not scammer hahaha.good day everyone.

  188. To all men out there. Please do not get fooled.  Just be careful. I will recommend to marry a filipina who has a reputation of good family.

  189. Every day some dmbfk wakes up if you can find him you dont need to go to work

  190. your right there are so many good Filipina. just be wise when choosing one and love must be the top priority not money.

  191. Dont give any money or things that u never know her at all and be careful to find a woman in philippines so sad .that kind of woman they don’t know how hard to earn a money .

  192. This is why I only date my hand. My hand takes great care of me. I love my hand. ❤️

  193. I’m Filipina/ Cdn married to my wonderful husband (American) . We don’t even share bank accounts. We have our own separate accts! I pay for my own expenses and bills! Learning lesson for people out there don’t be too gullible!

  194. I respectfully disagree with you. I would not buy a house for a wife or girlfriend in Philippines. Keep your wealth in your home country be worth much more alive than dead even in a good relationship. I would fear the girlfriend or wife’s family as much as her I know of too many horror stories. One more thing if you can’t support a child after you pass don’t make any children.

  195. The problem is its not the scammers , its just they are all poor , and all they see is you have deep pockets and you will believe in anything , so here’s hit of advice , date a educated filipina female , believe me they dont play around , the lower class females , are all gold diggers lol same as shitty usa lol

  196. according to US law that might be challenged because there was no quid pro quo. a gift can be given for love and affection but there was clearly no love and affection here. of course quid pro quo might not be necessary in PH. as for this person he was foolish and naive. i feel sympathy for his cause and i would at least try talking to a lawyer there before pushing the panic button. i totally agree with the moderator who says he isnt taking responsibility for his naivety. i dont think its more than 50% his fault though…

  197. I’m struggling to grasp this. A “woman from Angeles” (a medical researcher perhaps?) acted so as to enrich herself at the expense of a foreigner, likely netting more with a few months of sweet talk and pretend romance than she would in a lifetime of hard work in her home country. I’m simply stunned. I had always thought the Angeles professionals were commited to higher principles than that.

  198. Moral of the story only buy a house on leased land and keep the house in your name.

  199. I liked your advice and listening to you talk made me feel that I had written the words to your comments. I was in the navy and spent several tours that took me to Subic Bay. I often considered buying a bar and spending the rest of my days there but the navy left and they closed the base but for me that was a good thing. I ended up in Honduras and am now happily married and living there with a good woman. I was married to a gold digger and I learnt my lesson even before I married my present wife. I am 28 years older than my wife and she takes good care of me and in return she has my complete trust. Everything I own has her name on it right alongside of my name. My story is much different from the two you told and I swore to never let anything like that happen to me. When I die my wife will get everything and she has already earned most of it. So here is a happy story you can tell the people you are in contact with. Don’t be turned off by the gold diggers because they are not just natives of the Philippines. They are everywhere you go and you just have to be smart enough to know when your loved or being taken for a ride up the creek without a paddle. Know your limitations and if you are getting attached to a younger woman be careful of her motives. When you are getting along in years and your hair is going and your skin is wrinkled try to understand that you are not a big attraction to a young, pretty woman and all you really have to give her is your love and your money and if you are very lucky she just might give you something in return but if you want love and loyalty in return you have to earn that and it might take a little longer to accomplish with all the young good looking guys around who don’t have the money you have but they still have their looks and youth and you have to compete with all that to find the right woman who can appreciate what you have to offer. 30 years married and counting.

  200. Anyone who lives in Germany knows that many social issues cannot be found abroad.
    A migration to the Philippines has the consequence that without enough money you are poor very quickly like a Filipina, money does not grow on the trees.
    If you want to create jobs for Filipinos with high industry standards with hourly wages and not daily wages. Who owns the land? Who is the owner of the land ????
    The first look at property rights in the Philippines.
    Colonial times are over, everything belongs to Filipino !!!
    Is it an advantage for a Filipino or a disadvantage.

  201. Hmmmm…
    I feel sorry for the guy.
    I will just share my story related to this ” buying a house/ property to a Filipina”.
    Before my bf came he wrote me a poem about a man’s journey to finally meet the girl he loves and in the poem he was telling her he would come bringing nothing but his love.
    And so my bf came just like in the poem bringing nothing. But after just 2 days meeting in person he wanted to see houses for sale. My bf bought a nice house for us with a full knowledge ( before he came here he did his research on Philippine Laws) that he would have no legal rights on it since he is a foreigner. Of course, buying a property and sending a big amount was not easy since the banks here are very careful about receiving big amounts of money from abroad because of AMLA. So, it was so cute seeing bf smiling a lot and explaining to the real estate brokers, lawyer and the bank manager that he knows his rights ( ” NONE” ) about owning a property. I really think that if you really love each other material things doesn’t matter. The minute I saw him at the airport I told myself He is everything I ever wanted nothing more nothing less. The key is to find the right person.
    Goodluck to everyone be positive this is a friendly UNIVERSE.

  202. all countries should have a law of reciprocity, if we cannot own a house or land neither can they. if we cannot get free health neither can they, etc.

  203. Thank u for sharing ur story ,now I no y my pinay wants me buy house using me for money this video has helped me

  204. Listening to these reports it sounds like many western men are just not very clever.

    1. many are not. but to be fair, many women end up with rotten men due to not being patient in their own decisions.

  205. Angeles is lots of bar girls… the best ones are in the provinces. Been there done that. Happily with a Filipina and kids now. They’re the best women and mothers. Great advise, I’m moving there after COVID. Cheers from Canada.

  206. I don’t think it is wise to buy a Filipina a house no matter how long you have known her, and no matter how long you have been married. People can change. Women, certainly, can change direction with their emotions like a house fly in mid flight.

  207. Contact Raffy Tulfo , he goes after Filipina’s that rip off foreigners. You can search it on YouTube

  208. Sound advice…I’m considering retiring in the Philippines. Currently I live in the US but I’m originally from the Caribbean and I agree with you 1000%

  209. But not all women in Angeles City are like this… There are some educated women in Angeles city… And you probably won’t find them on Walking Street… Just my opinion…

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