Interview: Expat, WebWed & Love In The Time of Covid – Philippines

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    In this video I discuss, “Interview: Expat, WebWed & Love in the time of Covid – Philippines”

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  2. News just out this morning in UK, Pfizer vaccine approved, first jabs in Scotland starting Tues 8th December. I’ll do an update on my channel this Saturday

  3. Above immigration paperwork ?
    And her passport in her last name or his last name?
    I can’t see how she could leave her country without any other legal documents ?

  4. There is a step involved in the Philippines where you would take your marriage certificate to PSA (Philippine Statistical Authority) formerly known as NSO ( National Statistical Authority) to enter the marriage in the Philippine database and obtain a Certified Copy of your marriage certificate. PSA is located on the National Highway across Dumaguete Springs Apartment , just before Hypermart. Anything you apply for whether your filipina applies for a passport or the foreigner applies for a 13A marriage visa, you will need a certified (yellow copy) from PSA. I would recommend getting extra copies (7). The question is will PSA accept this marriage?

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