Life Does Get Simpler (And Sometimes Easier)

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  2. I think it is important to def keep an open mind as you get older. I moved here to the Philippines 1 1/2 years ago. I didn’t want to have to work all day anymore. Best decision ever. I have more time to think here, relax and enjoy life. You are right.. Money can buy happiness. I’m happy. I have extra money.. so i could get an SRRV visa , and now be able to come back here when i want.. instead of having to rely on a tourist visa. If i didn’t have that extra money.. I’d be stuck and unhappy in the USA. So, i would have to concur. Having more money can buy happiness! lol.. good video Reekay! Cheers from the Philippines! 😉

  3. My life long ambition is to sail a Polynesian outrigger in the Pacific. At 66 the plan is on track. I should start my boat build this year. Will build a 20 foot outrigger with a gaff sail. I may only sail local waters around Dumaguete but that is practical and satisfies my dreams.

  4. Spot on vid bro. As we grow wiser we begin to look at what’s truly important to us and most of us find simplistic lifestyle is sooo much better. Thats why we choose other countries to live. Theres a line in a story by Milton that says the dreams of youth are often the regrets of maturity but i dont see it that way. Being a simple man living a simple is the best way.

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