Livestream: 2020 Is A Bust, 3-Year Visa Exit, Open Q&A – Philippines

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  1. Is it really required to receive all the shots that are listed by the state department in order to travel to the Philippines

  2. Waiting to come to Cebu now that I’m retired and live. Moving from Herculaneum Missouri and leaving these cold winters lol ?just found your videos and I really enjoy them. I’m 59 and never got to travel so this is all new to me, so thanks for all the great info you have given out

  3. Anyone who is daft enough to take this vaccine will more than likely become too sick to ever travel again.

  4. Hello from Thailand ?? back early April when you just gotten into the condo after nearly being homeless I typed on one of your Videos I projected late Spring early “summer “2021 before a trickle of tourism will be seen because the economic pressure on heavily tourist reliant economies will be extremely great with very few Options other than draconian loans from the IMF or loans for collateralized land or sea concessions to Communist party connected China ?? banks desperation is very near for those tourist reliant economies God forbid a major natural disaster should occur at this time.

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