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  2. Dramatically increased testing is the only way you will know. In March the US had very few cases, because there was very little testing being done. Most people show no symptoms so once testing dramatically increased after June – a lot of cases were discovered; the numbers went up. Testing = results = knowledge.

  3. Stay strong Reekay and stay safe. Also stay alert regarding China’s influence and control over Duterte very carefully. It could help, or hurt the Philippines. Time will tell.

  4. still confused. if you are married to a filipina and only use a tourist visa, can you go to the ph?

  5. Reekay I do appreciate mentioning my channel here on today’s livestream. You are awesome ! Hopefully we could meet there in Cebu ofcourse. You and Vi are great couple. Deserve big respect… See you around one day!! 🌟🌟

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