(Livestream) “Quarantine: On-Off-On, Musical Chairs & Bikini Girl”

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  2. I went to Valencia to view the power plants as well. I knew none of them yet they let you all through.

  3. Good morning, Happy father’s day Reekay. I was in Pinas, came back to California in March ro take care of a few issues, now I’m stuck here in California until flights are allowed. I wrote to you before, I am from Calexico, been to Perris, I see your girl is from Davao, I been to Davao also, I was living in Iba Zambales. Well ok Ric, thanks for all the great info. Take care and God bless you.

  4. Free face masks,goggles and face shields will be distributed for the next sinulog festival…..lol

  5. High number of cases plus low number of deaths equals herd immunity. So simply saying there are no cases is totally irrelevant and government reacting from it is total foolishness. So what if there are new cases. What we need to know is how many deaths and they need to be truly dying FROM covid19 not just WITH it.

    1. 100%!!!! I personally know people in NY and FL who were admitted into hospitals for non-covid reasons (car accident and hiatal hernia) both found out there records had “covid” on top of their file. $15k for the hospitals for every patient admitted with a covid. Of course every single person will be listed as a covid patient. It’s completely disgusting what’s going on.

  6. This novel virus is burning out just like viruses always do and it’s doing it right on time. I have no fear whatsoever of this virus. What happened to the land of the free and the home of the brave.

  7. The answer is not vaccine. The answer is herd immunity. The answer is not the false gods fauci and gates who brought is the lying hysteria. The answer is the true God and natural, free immunity. The false gods that brought you the hype and hysteria can’t make a dime off natural immunity. I have hardly worn a mask since the beginning only because my employer sometimes choirs it, only 4 times and then for just a few minutes each. I don’t sanitize anything, don’t even own hand sanitizer And I don’t wash my hands any more than I used to. I’m fine and so would you be as long as you’re healthy. We have been taken to the cleaners. We need to get our heads out of the sand and think for ourselves and tell our tyrants to go home.

  8. Hey Henry.. what was Anne’s info ? I couldnt find anywhere here in your links.. you can pm on messenger.. John Linka

  9. in the series “The Wire” Most of the main characters are British and You would never know it from watching it and the Jax Teller character from Sons of Anarchy is British also

  10. I will be coming on a srrv expanded courtesy visa soon. I’m a happy camper


    those who have RECOVERED from COVID should be given a “GREEN PASS” to work anytime, whether their job is a non-essential one, like hair salon

    or — any business / company (especially non-essential ones) having 60% of the workforce had already RECOVERED from COVID — may keep the business open

    i know this is a long shoot for the moon ? at least i’m thinking forward — financially & economically


    also, those who have RECOVERED should be allowed to go out anytime, anywhere without the need of an ECQ Pass

    their “GREEN PASS” is their license or SPECIAL permit to allow them to do the normal activities as finding & securing food, etc.

    i hope the Cebu City Government & The Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) may look into this special consideration for the RECOVERED individuals of COVID that had been left out of place

  12. Manila never had a horrible time, look at the figured 1000 dead that’s it, there is more people die on the roads here in a month. We know that most the covid numbers are simple people who have died during the period of time. None of these numbers warrant the lock down and most people know it. Manila is open because if they keep it closed anymore the country is dead economically as manila makes most of the cash and most of government income come Manila. Opening Manila has noting to do with safety its simple economics!

    1. I doubt only a 1000 people dieing is a correct number, people in Philippines don’t have money to go to a hospital when sick and they die at home from unkown causes. But even if it were correct, that low number proves the government did the right thing by lockingdown, they saved many, many lives. The death rate will rise when lockdown is lifted.

    2. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea it is economic thus political Cebu doesnt have the same boost to the governments tax income that manila does. The Philippine government has taken out loans form multiple sources totaling well over 3 Trillion. That’s about as much as they dare to have. Now they have to get the economy back or everything including Build build build will be in taters if it isn’t already!

    3. same applies to cebu. my point being.. if manila is able to be opened up when it was at one point far worse than cebu, why keep cebu locked down due to two isolated barangays.

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