(Livestream) Staying Put, Going Cashless & Dating Woes

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  1. The $ 3000.00 dollars for Cambodia is a deposit if you were to have problems with covid.

    1. vi and i will make it back to vietnam at some point. just gotta be patient. 🙂

  2. Reekay one time went two and half years with no hair cut…had to cut it to get job..thought it kind of funny …good vidio

  3. Quick notes, and overall really liked your Livestream.

    1. You mentioned in the beginning that this virus only effects older people, ones who are sick, going to die anyway. Please do not assume this. While those over 60 and those with health problems are more likely to die from c-virus, it can also effect children, and then those children give it to parents and then to their grandparents. and from there it quickly spreads. Friend of mine in good health 40 years old died from it. Another friend of mine, his wife just had a kidney replaced. If he gets it, he would likely give it to his wife, and she will likely die from it, since her immune system is shot. While quarantine is overall really is terrible, it is essential. Especially in Philippines which is such a poor country and cannot afford the healthcare costs to keep its people alive. And yea, I know that it really sucks.
    2. Recall that the US has 4% of world’s population and 30% of this virus, and from what I can tell, its rates are increasing. I’m Arizona, before lived Florida, and both places rates are spiking (specially dangerous since there are so many retirees in both places). So yea, I do not see the US invited to any of those Travel Bubbles anytime soon.
    3. You mentioned defunding police. This is often misinterpreted, as you yourself have. What it is, is that police are often called in for issues of addiction, mental health, and social services. These would be separated. For example, currently, if someone has a heart attack you call 911, and you could not call the police for this, but ambulance. If there is a fire, you do not call police but fire dept. It is reallocation of funds to those who specialize in the field. In no way does it mean to get rid of all of police. The slogan itself is really just a terrible one, but after you read beyond the first line it really does make a lot of sense. It would also put funds in to help the poor.
    As always, great information here. I’m looking forward to getting back an perhaps even there. And, as always, thanks for insight.

  4. Don’t know how to do Super Chat donation so just sent a PayPal. Do you know anything about the US Navy setting up a base again in Subic?

    1. i received it, thanks so much. ? as for Subic, as i understand it the main shipping yard there is having financial problems and is up for sale or lease. for that reason the USA is interested in acquiring it on a new lease to keep the Chinese from getting hold of it. you can get more info about it here…

  5. Hey reekay. Forget the melatonin and dont drink alcohol to sleep either. Best solution is meditation. If you follow the principles you can sleep anytime u want. Im in no way a lib flake, far from it but after going to a retreat in costa rica they taught me how to calm mind through breathing and mind. Its almost like self hypnosis. I can sleep anywhere anytime. I never have jet lag anymore and always feel rested. Put myself into really deep sleep. You cant drink though as you lose the mind control when hammered

  6. Some ex-pat friends of mine who are over 60 tried to go to the mall and they would not even let them in this was in Iloilo.

  7. Reekay, I have lived in RP for eight years now and these security guards cannot critical think like most of us Americans. They blindly follow orders and don’t ask why. It’s just their job man.

  8. Big box stores will move back if they cave to the “kneel down” mentality. If not they get looted again. The small business???? GONE.

  9. Your standing very close to that building, are you sure your on public property ? Malls normally have parking lots around them and other property which is private property, standing that close seems very possible is private property. Unless that building is right on the street and your standing on a sidewalk right on the street that is very possible private property.

    1. Your standing on private property which means they can tresspass you from the property if they so choose and not allow you back on the property in the future for failing to cooperate with proprty rules. I doubt the security gaurd knows the laws well enough to know what he can and can’t do legally though. But that’s beside the point.

  10. Why dont you have a car or pick up they are so cheap here my Suzuki pick up cost P178 thousand only about 4 grand new build air con 4 wheel drive 3 cylinder easy on gas

    1. Thats what insurance is for , also private property is where I keep my truck , I only go to the public parking at the malls of course , I wont live in an apartment , the neighbors are too close

    2. personally, i don’t want the liability attached to being an expat who (eventually) has some fender-bender with a local. not only getting stuck with the fault, but any and all imagined expenses the other party decides to claim. not worth it to me when i can get around in a Grab, taxi, ferry, bus, plane to anywhere i want to go.

      no maintenance and no garage fees.

  11. about hair cut Mine is just gonna grow out to my shoulders too much hastle to get it cut and they use the same razor on everyone for a razor cut, shave that man

  12. Fundamentally…not a place of FREEDOM…we think of our Freedom as rather complete unless specifically prohibited and prohibitions are limited. Two words…Bawal and Dapat….Prohibited and Should…Can;t do that…you should do this…. Runs everyday of your life in Phils…I hear the words multiple times everyday…shapes everyone’s daily experience.

  13. Love the grass boss story. I recently had a guy like him on the train. Since i was the only foreigner for miles around decides to focus on me. I kindly told him in Thai to go AWAY!

  14. If you are a family of four people and you want to travel to CDO by car. Now understand you are a family!!! You can’t do that. Only three people allowed to be in the car. So you must pay and go in the van with four other strangers breathing the same air and how do you know if the van has been sanitizer. That’s the Philippines!!! One shoe size fits all!!!

  15. You can’t take a picture because he wanted to screw with you because your a foreigner. Happens all the time to me in the Philippines. Unless you are in the mall shopping. You know that there’s two prices. One price for the Philippine people and the higher price for the Foreigners !!!!

  16. Youtube is your friend when it comes to haircutting tutorials. Buy some electric clippers with multiple attachable guards.A little practice and you will be good to go. I gave up going to the barber years ago and never looked back. Check this channel out; one of many.

  17. House of lechone. Walk past red planet take a rt on the next Rd. 1/2 block down on left

  18. These people who are looting, attacking law abiding citizens and burning down cities are domestic terrorists………far from being a protestor!

  19. Hi Reekay…To give money for a (super chat ) do you register your debit card? Because I can’t figure out how you will get any money?

    1. a ‘super-chat’ is when you want to support a channel during a Livestream with a cash-donation (paid through google-pay or paypal).

      donating a super-chat means you will have time set aside for your question or comment, highlighted in a different color from all other comments.

    2. Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Ok great …Thanks my friend…I will do that….

    3. here is the direct link to Google on how to set up a card with them. then you can super-chat. this sends the money to Google, who then sends it my way later through my own Google adsense account.

      this way, whether it is myself or anyone else, nobody sees your card info. google handles that part.

  20. I got my first Philippine drivers license in Cebu when I was 71. It is good for ten years.

    1. i’ve heard of a recipe, marinating chicken in Tang, onions and bell-peppers. another using coca-cola to marinate pork roast. both from south america. 🙂

  21. When I went to Indonesia last year I went to buy Caffeine tablets at the Watson Pharmacy and they acted the same way as your Melatonin saga. They thought I was asking for narcotics.

    1. something that i wasn’t aware of, until i moved to the PH, is that anything we call over-the-counter back in the states is “behind the counter” at the pharmacy in the PH. i think only mouthwash and toothpaste are the exception.

      but vitamins, aspirin, melatonin, even fiber will require asking the pharmacist to get involved. which, when you have a bad cough, all you want is to read a few labels and go pay for it, leave. but in the PH, you ask for cough medicine and they decide which one to bring you. then you ask to see what else they have. they go “to the back” and bring out one of each. (or tell you it’s out of stock.) it really is just such a hassle when you’re already not feeling well.

  22. I went to Mc Donalds to order food to go. The security Guard stopped me at the door and said No Seniors, I said when did they start hiring High School kids to be Security Guards? Then I walked past him and ordered my food and left. Nobody said another word to me. I have been here 4 years , But I Have Had Enough of all of the Mindless Rules, Regulations and general lack of common sense. They want to keep anyone over 59 Locked down like a Retarded Red Headed Step Child. I WILL NOT COMPLY. I am going to get the hell out of here as fast as i can and go back to Alaska where people are sane.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea or deported or blacklisted. Sometimes things a just not fair. But then I realize I’m not in America and suddenly everything is just fine.

    2. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea that man should have left not question that guard you asking for trouble that guard dont make policy

    3. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea I have always followed the laws and have always treated Filipinos with respect But I have had all I can take of this B S and its a good thing he did not touch me because my North Portland instinct would have kicked in and we both would have had a bad day. I am not going to let some uninformed Rent a Cop bar me from getting a to go food order. Someone has to stand up. I am not breaking any law, Food is an Essential item..

    4. i hear what you’re saying. and here’s the really crazy part. in your case, nobody did anything about it. so it all worked out fine.

      but SO easily your situation could have gone really down-hill. next thing you know, security-guy is ‘calling for backup’ and now you have three security guards with the PNP on the way. PNP figures you to be a malcontent and if you’re lucky they only give you a 1,000 php fine. if you’re not so lucky, you get taken ‘downtown’ for booking and let out after bail.

      all that just to buy a burger. it’s insane.

  23. The longer hair looks better than the High and Tight look, IMHO

    1. Oh yeah it helps out a lot. Those are the best right there. Also try a Tea called “Sleepy time tea”.

  24. Totally agree with you about the haircut I’m retired Air Force. I’m over 60 and many Malls here in Cebu restrict entry if you are over 60. I tell them I am 59 nobody asks for ID to prove my age. I do have a Quarantine Pass as head of household.

  25. Terrorism is a big problem. Many Government buildings in America have similar restrictions about photography of the outside of these buildings

    1. @Jeff Lamb Maybe in America this is true but in the Philippines you do what your told by authorities and you ain’t gonna sue anybody here.

    2. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Maybe because you took a pic of Philippines flag? I got stopped once taking photo of the Philippine stock exchange in Makati. Didn’t bother to ask why though. I just turned around and hightailed it.

    3. @Jeff Lamb Professional photography on public property can require a permit and would be illegal if you didn’t have one.

    4. Photography from Public Property (sidewalk) is not Illegal. You can film anything that is in public view . Police and Security have tried to stop people from filming from public property and have had to pay out large Lawsuits because its a violation of the First Amendment.

    5. very true. although this was not a govt building. in fact, it is part of the mall.

  26. Your hair doesn’t look that bad for 3 months. In the same boat and starting to looking like Egon from Ghostbusters.

  27. Their laws and rules here doesn’t make sense. It drives me nuts! You are 110% right. I was driving By Myself, stopped at a check point and the cop told me to put my mask on while driving…by myself!!really?? Common sense is a flower that doesn’t grow in 99% of people’s garden here.

    1. ‘supposedly’.. if someone (infected) spits on the sidewalk and then you step in it and (somehow) the virus survives until you touch the bottom of your shoe and put your fingers in your mouth.. you ‘could’ get infected.

      yah. not likely, but if that’s what i gotta do to enter the barbershop, whatever.

  28. Sorry I missed you Reekay. Had online tutoring tonight. Gotta make that money!

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