Making The Most of Your Expat Retirement Years

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  1. Great topic regarding men’s health. Retirement does not mean we stop being active. Stay safe and healthy.

  2. Wanna stay healthy. Don’t take any poisonous injections. Your welcome.

  3. oh my internet speed is 7Mbps and slowin down…pitiful…taking like 1.5hrs just to watch this video
    oh well its raining and nuthin better to do…might need to get me a snack while the lag disappears

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  5. Reekay would you consider doing an updated video on some of your technology you use on your site as far as camera, are you doing a green screen background, live chat software etc. I like this background and wondering how you were doing it..? Thanks!

  6. Invest in a juicer, like the Omega NC800. It will allow you to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Many will say there is no fiber in juice. They are wrong. My honeydew, celery and papaya juice had plenty of pulp in it during lunch. Great video!

  7. Damn this is good i am Vegan myself, i have been Vegan for 3 yrs now. I started slowly cutting down red meat, fish, milk, eggs, and chicken. And i work out like 4 times a week been doing this for over 15 years and i am loving it. So it’s not easy for most people sometimes i grave for meat but my willpower is very strong now. I have actually taken it to the next level i have been having one meal a day and i still maintain my usual work out 4 time a week for over a year.

  8. I thought I was the only one drinking that Psyllium fiber therapy been using it religiously for over 20yrs also. Here in US cheapest place I’ve found the stuff is at Walmart Equate brand called Fiber Therapy

  9. Great video that all us retires need to follow. I have been in the health food industry for 22 years. I have some recommendations if you don’t mind. Centrum, it is a manufactured vitamin complex and our bodies do nor recognize them as nutrition and therefor are a total waste. I recommend a food based multi like Garden Of Life. They are pricey but work. Melatonin is a hormone, with some people it can have the opposite effect and keep people awake. Start with a small dose. Psyllium start with a small amount at first because it can bulk up and actually make you constipated……

  10. Eat a ketogenic diet. It will rid you of most health issues.
    The heavy ammunt of carbohydrates and processed food is a real killer.

  11. Always look forward to the notifications Reekay. Will check out the video soon ? Great content!

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