Married Life | Single Life – In the Philippines

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    In this video I discuss, “Married Life | Single Life – In the Philippines”

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  2. If you’re over the age of ~40 and plan on spending time with a girl you met online or you plan on living in the Philippines then the subject of a vasectomy should be included in your predeparture checklist. If the guy doesn’t have one already, he should seriously run through the what ifs in his head. The other thing I will say is I have a good friend (a Filipina) who tried marriage with an old guy from the west and she was totally disappointed…these girls have expectations as well, this is something that must not be overlooked if an old guy is going to marry a Filipina.

  3. So you trust a Filipino for your financials or your family members, my advice create a trust under your children name and give them power of attorney!!! Again no marriage no relationship just hookups , no stress no drama, and enjoy life, nobody can make you happy except yourself!!!

  4. Men are not designed to be with one woman, look at the history, many civilizations and religious groups allowed multiple wives and in my case and been in 3 failed marriages and lots of relationships, it is only good for few months then the hell breaks loose. So No marriage no long term relationship for me, only hookups, specially if you live in Philippines. My 2 cents and I am 72 years old, lol

  5. Good job of making us all think about who we are, what we want and how to execute that with some grace and fairness. Wisdom dripping from the words. As soon as travel is open I am headed that way. Two failed marriages behind me. Comfortable alone but love to have a companion, but that is a high risk desire. Have an LTR going on now (we have met in person) but unsure of its long term survivability. I like the commonality and the repetitiveness and consistency. However, I have a less than stellar history of finding the right partner.

  6. The point about age consideration in a relationship hits home with me. I am 71 and my Filipina fiancé is 51. I was looking specifically for a older Filipina, I wanted someone that matched my maturity level. Other considerations were children, family, and if is get sick who would help take care of me. We all want what is best for us but if I was to focus on who is going to take care of me that would go in the realm of selfishness .

  7. I have never had a relationship like one with my filipna but I also am a very independent guy I love my independence, the one thing I wish is I could bring her here to my home (usa montana) without having to marry her .marriage kills me scares the hell out of me,but I also know she feels empty without it .i love to make her happy but I just don’t think I could do it.

  8. Hi Reekay, I agree, it’so true. Better to have someone you can trust, I’ve been with my Filipino wife for 18 years and I have to say I haven’t regretted it for a minute. Greetings.

  9. Good Video. I agree it depends on knowing yourself and what you want. I was married for 39 years & until it ended badly I liked being married. I never have been much of a player. I never cheated on my ex in all of those yrs. I usually know what I want and go for it. To me the best way of knowing that I love someone is when I put their happiness & wellbeing above my own, It isn’t natural, we are selfish creatures by nature. I do want to marry my GF but it would be easier if they would let me out of the house 60+.

  10. Someone to love and someone to love you. You used the word investment and that’s how I see it.

  11. I just hope things will open up soon. Been with my fiance over a year now. Hopefully I will be able to make it back there in a few months. Reekay do you still think February for your prediction?

  12. A healthy marriage has stronger focus on OUR friends, and much smaller on my/your friends.
    My/your friends SHOULD be a smaller component, else it will eat into the quality of the marriage.
    Meet with the guys a couple of times a year instead of per month. Group get togethers. Depends on how much you value your marriage, I guess.

  13. Different kicks for different tricks
    So many variables
    Age makes a difference for the expats
    Your idea or definition of love
    The new generation does not think like Gen X as far as love, relationship or sex.
    Marriage is a old school ideas
    Commitment is a old school idea
    A Wife is a old school idea
    luckily, a fillipina is schooled old 😁 especially province girls

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