May 8th: Philippines Quarantine & Testing Rules Change (Again)

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    In this video I discuss, “May 8th: Philippines Quarantine & Testing Rules Change (Again)”

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  2. At least there are a few lawmakers pushing the idea of letting tourist in that have been vaccinated. Hopefully it will be a 3 day quarantine in the hotel of choice if negative.

  3. Hi Reekay..From Wes. & Neri . I was hoping that maybe by this Aug I could fly back on a tourist-visa . The way things are progressing I am beginning to think that nothing is going to change till next year. I do not care to go through a quarantine process.

  4. Henry, what do u think about the decision of the see d see to lower the cycles of the PCR test to 28 for the vaxxed while the unjabbed remain at 40+. Is this not proof of intentional fraud, or am i missing something?

  5. like closing the barn door after the horse got out. I was going to go there with my Philippine wife. Now no way. I guess they do not want anyone to go there. They like to have power over people but there is a point when no one will go there. We are fully vaccinated.

  6. I mentioned to you last week my ordeal. I in fact a day prior to going back to the states had a false positive test result. What a nightmare this has been as the city I live in has a city doctor who seems to have complete rein over any and all decisions regarding covid and the testing. Since my false positive test result, I’ve received a follow up negative test result. Although it was negative and should overrule any prior test results. I was emergency transported to a hospital and placed on a 7 day quarantine. This was done with my wife who also tested negative was permitted to stay in the private room with me. Once released from the hospital we are now severing another 7 days in a private location in isolation. I’m frustrated here as it has been proven, once anyone has had a positive test result, whether false or not, the authorities only care about that result. A negative result after is only noted but carries no power. Regardless, it’s a 14 day isolation without argument. It’s sucks, but that’s what I’m currently going through. Just thought I’d share my story.

  7. It doesn’t even matter, I’ve spoken to the embassy and there are no new visas being issued period. I’m married with a child in the Philippines and the only way I can get to them is to get her out of the country and fly in together. We are looking at the maldives but getting her out is nearly as hard as me getting in

  8. I’ve had both Pfizer shots and the six month booster and I’ll be damned if they’re gonna make me quarantine for five minutes. They don’t need my money.

  9. Sad bro. Why would they still quarantine people who are fully vaccinated???

  10. Philippines will lose out big time, Thailand is opening up to tourists soon.

  11. Ill just do a rain check till Jan 2022 not worth the mental anguish checking Covid/Philippines travel updates everyday. Plenty of time to get in shape and save some extra chips till at least ONE country in SEA opens

  12. The Philippines is still on the UK red list of countries to visit. The news is certainly not getting any better.

  13. At this rate nothing will ever open. Let’s face the fact that the virus as a whole doesn’t seem like it will be eradicated anytime soon so countries need to think a lot smarter on opening up travel otherwise their economies will suffer a lot more. Ultimately when there is a treatment that doesn’t kill u such as a pill or shot then I think they will open up. Pzier said that they expect to have a pill by end of year. But in the meantime there has to be a better way of handling this as few if any are willing to travel to be locked up for 10-14 days for a vacation. If anything gov should be subsidizing these says at hotels so that it’s very cheap then people with time may go so then they can spend money in the counties they visit.

  14. I wish the Philippines well but will spend my 2021 travel budget elsewhere.

  15. Thank you Henry for this video,,!, traveling while the virus is still active, is unwise and unsafe!! It’s better staying where you are!!!

  16. Phillipines isba country of ignorance. Just do a covid 19 test on the spot at the airport and u should be good to go. In other tourists teopicak destination they never closed and they are doing fine. Meanwhile in the poor country of phillipimes they have all these strict rules

  17. The rules will continue to change on a month to month week to week day to day. Wait for awhile sir. Out of stock sir. Call any ten immigration office and get ten answers. None the same.

  18. masks and faceshields dont work… they lower immune systems

  19. So the majority of westerners with two week vacations are going to come and live what reekay went through for their two-week vacation….got it .

  20. I think people need to just stay home and not travel till summer of 2022.

  21. Absolutely no goddamn testing or vaccination f*** all that no exceptions

  22. If they dont lift the restrictions then no tourist will waste there money to just be stuck inside a hotel for 14 days thats insane, the idea of the vaccine is to have freedom
    but if philippines keeps playing this silly games dont cry when they dont get any tourists business , because its only tourists make them have money !, plus covid 19 hotels infected , hell no , you might as well lick bottom of your shoe , and get sick , those places are packed with germs!

  23. Thank you for the latest update that will most likely be changed again and then again
    No thanks I will not subjecting myself to this .
    And it’s going to be on my Dime as well ?? .I don’t think so .

  24. These new guidelines.. basically puts visitors under “ house arrest “ upon entering the country. If you test positive for COVID during that time…. judging by what u went through… no gracias!!

  25. Thank you Henry for this video! Hopefully things will improve soon!

  26. I’m still supporting my Filipina gf (and her family pretty much) in Cebu. It’s now been 17 months since i have seen her and her family in person. My patience is wearing thin. I’ve let her know that if the PH government hasn’t given clear guidance by the end of the year as to when i can return, i will end support as that will be the 2 year mark. I really don’t like putting her (and her family) under this pressure, but if Filipinos don’t start lobbying their government very hard, then i think those folks (the pols and bcrats) will just assume the remittances will flow in forever no matter how long they isolate the country.

  27. Quarantine hotels connected making money, plain and simple. Looking at your experience, I am not returning to the Philippines until they are issuing visa on arrival. Why give my money to a scammer who came up with this plan.

  28. No Thank You! I can’t help but think the Philipines Government is shooting itself in the foot.

  29. I am actually going to see this…as MAYBE….slightly positive…this could be a NEGATIVE PRECONDITIONING for a more POSITIVE move down the line…whatever….its all bumble, stumble and fumble PUCK! Welcome to the Philippines ma’am sir! Jump for JOY BOYZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

  30. I keep giving a thumbs up but it keeps dropping off. What’s up with YouTube?

  31. I dont care how many days quarantine but when can we travel to the Philippines to meet our gf?

  32. I’m willing to do this but they are not open for me to go back. If quarantines work, what’s the problem?

  33. Hell No! They don’t have to worry about me coming no time soon! Only to be put in a room where covid patients has already left germs behind……..? Hell no……

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