My Post-Covid Personal Health Update – Q&A

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    In this video I discuss, “Post-Covid: My Personal Health Update – Q&A”

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  2. So many false positives with these pcr tests…. makes any sane person suspicious

  3. Speaking of old videos… I remember the one you did about your decision to move to the Philippines in the first place. I understood how you felt then, and after whoever many years it’s been I still understand and at at that point myself. I have a wonderful girlfriend in Manila, I was able to visit right before the world went crazy. She has major health issues and I feel like it was the biggest mistake of my life leaving her side. Oh man… How will I ever get back? And what will become of us when I do?

  4. i work in the medical field here in the USA and been exposed to numerous COVID and POST COVID PATIENTS ,but never been infected . I had one patient who tested (-) twice,but was symptomatic .She ended up in the hospital ,as she was getting sick. She was diagnosed there with COVID-19 and Double Pneumonia .She passed away few days later . Then,i had another patient ,who tested (+) twice in a week ,but was asymptomatic .So,she underwent another Test . They took specimen to another Lab for further analysis and to reconfirm result .She tested (-) on the 3rd one .It seemed that she got false positive results, on the first two .Its likely you were too ,in your case ,who knows!

  5. You went threw hell terrible but l am sure things will get better.

  6. Because corrupt ass governments around the world. Covid is bullshit . My opinion.

  7. Elon Musk got tested 4 times result…2 positive and 2 negative…Go figure !

  8. Are you sure it was not a false positive? I hate air-con even on buses. I always feel dizzy and ill afterward. I always prefer a room with a fan and have no problems.

  9. So they let u on the plane With COVID. They let u in the country with COVID.
    No extra tests done. No preconditions for entry. This is fu..ed up!

  10. Henry, what assistance through this nightmare redtape could the US embassy have offered you? I would expect they would not leave you to face the entire system alone. At least a quick followup test to confirm. If you have covered this question, my apologies.

  11. I got covid I never was tested the headache was the worst thing about it I just didn’t want the stigma that goes with it I was able to survive. Unfortunately I only thought it was a cold at first and I gave it to my uncle and he had to be hospitalized

  12. Ryki as I been saying since last March they don know shit, I have the flu shot ? with bronchitis and asma never got the flu or COVID and been test 5 times . The flu and the COVID systems are very very cloose they can’t tell.

  13. Potentially one can have Covid and a bad reaction to the aircon. You’re saying you never had Covid in the Philippines but a false positive, but who knows which one of the tests you took in the Philippines was wrong or right. For peace of mind I suggest to take an antibody test now to see if you had Covid or not.

  14. Mr Reekay, I am OFW I came back here in KSA last April 19, 2021. I just scanned my COVID Certificate there was no word written “ABLE TO TRAVEL”.

  15. I’m so glad I decided against going to the Philippines. Third world at best!

    Shame on you! If you’re not the CDC, Health department, actually residing in the Philippines or a expat…. PLEASE STHU!!?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️
    It’s bloody shame. This man had to endure, to get home to his mom and family.
    Like he said, He’s good! It’s good! His mom is good! His family’s good! ?

  17. I believe you did not have Covid until they put you in the Covid Hotel. It was just another way to pull money from a foreigner. I could be wrong – but I don’t think so.

  18. Maybe I should just be content, sitting here in Menifee….lol. The PHILIPPINES is going to continue most all of these testing, quarantine face shield masks, temperature checks, over 60 years old confined to house restrictions. I’m sure I’m not alone in this thinking. The high costs of airline tickets plus the rediculous cancelled flights are enough to dampen any enthusiasm we might have. Maybe your January 2022 estimate is correct. ✈️?

  19. In the states do they also bring covid patients to facilities or can you just isolate yourself at home.?

  20. Thank you for helping me decide to postpone my trip to Cebu. John Yamas

  21. Henry.. I had to laugh out loud when you said to the guy who sprayed you “Is this round up”.. lol.. classic. I hope you’re well, flying to Thailand in July, 10 weeks away.
    Curtis in Las Vegas

  22. just get an anti body test in california it takes 3 weeks after covid to show up in your system

  23. The pcr test has a very high rate of false positive results, a sure way to make money, think people do the research

  24. Hi Reekay. Thank you for another video. I’m sorry what you went thru. I think your test was false positive. As far as no one in CA not catching it from you is how it should be since you had already been quarantined for longer than how long it takes for your body to clear the virus. Good luck with everything.

  25. Man see this covid is nothing but another name for the flu it’s all bullshit from these governments I have been working since last year and never got covid just a cold for a few days in March last year that was it

  26. You brought up an excellent observation. These COVID hotels, facilities or such hospitals where there are many such carriers present, it can become a cause of disease rather than the solution. Like black mold you mentioned, COVID 19 is also airborne. That’s why in huge apartment complexes there has been cases where 40 to 50% of apartments had COVID. Hence now people are realizing again the value of traditional single detached homes with yard. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Hi Henry, I don’t think you should take responsibility for people who want to make you appear covid high risk, probably you weren’t even infected with covid and they failed with a correct result in the Phillipines. Enjoy your stay there with your family. Greetings. ??

  28. The 4 of you hopefully have been vaccinated…considering your mom has underlying conditions…if not …not a smart move…

  29. pretend ur phone was pickpocked
    go were ur comfirtable. then reply? mess with them a bit
    since u know they r going to screw u

  30. why do you need a picture in background because i can see it flickering lol

  31. Most of what you say I agree with but not this, being in denial does not work. A payapa would not test for a covid sorry my friend.

  32. Why I will never understand why but if someone Stubs their toe within a square mile of you they will blame you for it. Of course, you are not a carrier spreading the virus. You also see guys that have never lived here say I would tell them they have to do this or that. This isn’t USA ll You can not apply American rights here like you do in the US.

  33. My daughter is a nurse in USA and just got COVID – her experience was completely different than yours: She immediately lost her sense of smell, got a fever and extreme exhaustion (unable to function). She had to be hospitalized within 48 hours and was put on oxygen due to low blood O2 levels. My son-in-law came down with it a few days later and is experiencing similar symptoms, but not yet hospitalized.

  34. Reekay, its called Racketeering. The Phil Gov took you in because you are a foreinger. They are desperate for money and to defend statistic. Its okay to admit this….

  35. Better get the vaccine before you leave the states again because asians are still not done eating wild animals

  36. Sounds pretty fishy though, are you sure you where positive or they told you that just to try and make more money off of you. Maybe the person that told you that your positive is getting a kick back from the hotel. You know what I mean, seems fishy.

  37. I am amazed by the impudence of these obnoxious “experts” who purport to know more about your health than you do. Unfortunately these insufferable busy bodies are rarely called out for their ignorant impudence

  38. Hello Henry and just glad you are doing well. These type of people talk a lot of CRAP and are the ones who seem to always criticize, complain, and not use common sense or look at the facts on hand. I am a logical, look at the facts, type of guy and can relate to you when analyzing information. Take care!

  39. reliability of the covid test result in philippines is definitely a major concern,,well,,u cant expect much from a third world country medical facilities..

  40. Wow Kuya Henry!! I’m just catching up with all your videos. It’s hard to believe all this happened to you.
    I guess the first time you attempted to board flight with Qatar they might have stopped you on a TECHNICALTY. You indeed were compliant with all required documents but you showed symptoms as if you were still with COVID. I think they made a judgement call and gave you an idiotic excuse just to keep you from boarding.

  41. Youtube Dr Rashid Buttlar. He have sad his children are not going to take the vaccine

  42. I strongly recomend you to watch Valuetainment with DR Rashid Buttlar : accuses Fausi,Bill Gates and the media for using covid 19 to drive hidden agenda

  43. It’s hard to tell for sure whether you had COVID-19. Is it possible that your positive test was a false positive? Yes, that’s possible. Some people test positive several times and then test negative. The opposite is true as well. You could have an antibody test done which might reveal whether you contracted COVID-19. Even those tests though are not 100% accurate. In April of 2020 I had all of the symptoms of COVID-19. Fever, cough, headache, chills, body aches, etc. I was tested first for the flu which was negative. I was then tested for COVID-19 which was negative. Did I have COVID-19? I had all of the symptoms, however the one and only test I took was negative. Up to 30% of PCR tests can yield a false positive or a false negative. You might never know for sure. I’m just glad that you are now better.

  44. Government Beaucratic B-ll Sh-t combined with Health Safety Horse Sh-t for political corruption in order to infringe on freedom, a mob rule mentality, if folks don’t wise up to these Hegelian tactics, we are doomed, we need brave freedom fighters.

  45. If I were you I would go and get an Antibody test there in the US just so I would know if I truly did have Covid or not and to finally put this matter to bed.

  46. Exactly. Good point. Praise God your mom is doing better. Thanks for the update.

  47. Very difficult to convince the indoctrinated covidiots. Like button with no numbers… wth?

  48. Inverter is a technology to vary the speed of the air conditioner motor, not a type of air conditioner. You can have an inverter in any type of AC unit including the split or window or central AC units.

  49. The inventor the PCR test said the was never designed to test for Covid 19, and it would produce numerous false positives and false negatives.

  50. The PCR test are garbage do some research fruit ,water , coke , beer , goats has tested + for covid Its all a scam

  51. It’s well known that the tests in the Philippines have many false positives. Everybody can just chill the fuck out.

  52. Thank you for the account of the travel from Cebu. Some outlandish theories claim the test can give you the virus intentionally. I stayed in budget hotels throughout the PH for a trip and noticed the air quality in the rooms wasnt so great about half the time. I think it’s best to buy a fan and just acclimatize if possible.

  53. I am really interested did you really had it. Can you do an antibody test in US for your subscribers just to know?

  54. If it was only mold you can be really glad you didn’t have Covid, what an ordeal to have Covid with symptoms and then have to stay in a place with moldy AC that gives even healthy people horrible coughs.

    Btw antibody tests doesn’t really tell the whole story. They now have something called T-Cell tests, that can tell basically your Covid (and flu) history regardless if you developed antibodies or not, not everyone that’s had Covid developes antibodies.

  55. keep taking vitamin D and Zinc to help your recovery from your Drug store or salmon and eggs

  56. By the way, I am going to spray anti mold potion on my air conditioner this afternoon. Thanks for the reminder.

  57. First of all, thank goodness your mother is doing well. That’s the most important thing. Secondly, we had the classic 4 and 1/2 hour lunch Dumaguete, years ago. During the time of the Peter Vandiver era. And I’ll tell you now what I suggested to you then… Quit conversing with shortsighted idiots. I’ve been to the Philippines many times and I’ve only met a handful of people that are worth my time and yours. My new revelation in life is that I do not attempt change anyone’s mind anymore. I only know a couple of people that can have a decent conversation. especially conversations that I disagree with their views… Without idiocy coming into play. Understandably you have a business here on YouTube and have other responsibilities. Again enjoy your mom. She won’t be here forever…. mine is not.

  58. Great video Reekay. Thank you for sharing all the updates. Glad you and your mom are both doing so well.


  60. Get an antibody test and see what the results are. Without data, it’s anybodys guess. Glad your feeling better now either way.
    I just got back from Cebu and got my first shot. Hope I can fly back in a few months.

  61. It appears like you received a false positive and really suffered a severe injustice as a result which proves your extreme patience and tolerance fot the unexpected.

  62. l will be blunt … trillionaire banker Sir Evelyn de Rothschild has been topping-up DU30’s Singaporean account to do his bidding! This is big, bad wolf tyranny, dressed up as a medical lamb. Easy to do in a poorly-educated country, strongly targeted for deep pop maxxines due to their burgeoning population. Check out Dr Tom Cowan and you will see that the notion of fire usses is illusory.

  63. I have heard that covid-19 testing in the Philippines can have some problems, so your result could have been wrong. That being said, you could easily get an antibody test to see if you have ever had covid. It seems that you would rather go on and on about how you were put through such an unnecessary ordeal, with no evidence that it is true. I will pay the cost of the test, up to $60, if you get an antibody test and it is negative.

  64. If you had a positive test…you had a sore/itchy throat and a cough like you said you did….that’s symptomatic. It came and went and now you are fine. You won’t be spreading it after you recover from it. Not sure what all these people are talking about……and it is just a coincidence. You would have developed that cough no matter where you were at. Covid hotel, Davao, or California. You just had a mild case. Some cough, itch throat… fever…it’s still symptomatic, but mild. You’re fine and no longer shedding virus after the first 10 days.

  65. I’m happy you and the family are doing well Reekay , I’m still in Mississippi waiting to meet my gf in Philipines. I have had the same unexplained dry cough and a window unit . It was moldy and cleaned , since then my cough has left . Thanks ? for sharing your insight

  66. Those PCR tests are highly inaccurate my friend. They don’t even test for the specific Covid genome but just a genetic sequence present in many different viruses/cells. Also the more the test is amplified then the more false positives come up.

  67. No one in your home would get covid from you as you’d already done the 10 day self isolation in the Philippines.

  68. Too bad there is no way to recoup all the money spent for your inconvenience

  69. Get antigen test. Easy peasy. Why argue over inconclusive circumstantial evidence?

  70. Incompetent staff on cleaning and maintenance of hotel,incompetent idiots on health department staff all of this is due to a centralized panic of pandemic

  71. A dry cough has been around for 50 years i have had it ,have that tickle in your throat with the impulse to cough, muscles in my chest sore as hell, so Covid is the big con. All you need to consider is the world is full brainwashed dick heads.

  72. Reekay that second hotel where you caught that coughing. Way before that bellman left the hotel room you should’ve ask him if the air conditioner is clean.

  73. The most common symptom when having Covid his loss of smell or taste. Did you have either of those?

  74. I followed Q through all this time and those like me saw the nonsense in advance (Event 201, google it) that would be pushed upon humanity.

  75. Enrique.pilipinas.
    It can be a magic place
    It can be hell on earth

  76. Someday it will be proven covid is a scam. But by then it will be too late.

  77. Enrique .
    Was a scam .puro y duro.
    I was thinking of you this
    At my darwin
    a scam pilipino style.
    I thank god .it did not
    Happen to me.
    I would have had a bloody
    Heart attack.
    Your are the right person
    To go through this mumbo jumbo .pilipinas storias.
    You did very well thanks
    To your cool demeaner

  78. Health authorities usually only say get tested if u have symptoms u never had symptoms and still tested positive. Scary stuff specially wen u got that terrible cough in a covid hotel

  79. That was what i said the A/C made you sick always get matience man to clean your hotel A/C they never clean them just bad practices they do i rember when you were on Bahol when i first started watching you !!! Glad your Mum is ok to Also basic cleaning practices you would clean the room thoroughly every time a new person in the room i would blame the hotel for your sickness coughing

  80. …’s many times been the other way. A man in Vietnam tested negative 3 times yet had Covid, did his 2 weeks quarantine and then left spreading the virus everywhere and people suffered and fatality’s down the trail surely resulted. Now that is what you call unlucky, just think if that was you. Godbless it wasn’t that way round. ❣️

  81. You were just unlucky. It can happen to anyone, it’s lucky that you didn’t really have Covid so look at the positive luck and it will relieve your frustration reki. Glad you and your family are healthy. ?? could be worse, you didn’t break a leg or ended up in Covid coma.

  82. So my question is.Will you return to the Philippines having first hand knowledge of how corrupt there bureaucracy is ?

  83. Can It be possible they said you had Covid when in fact you didn’t just to get your money for the Covid hotel?

  84. To me, this PCR test you had was “crap”, you were detected as Covid positive, but according to what you are stating, it look very clear that you had nothing….

  85. Scam demic they just wanted your money and that way once all things were satisfied to them that way they can get their money and be controlled by whoever is controlling all this it’s all about control

  86. Good chance despite what all the know-it-alls think…you may have never had COVID-19. The PCR tests have a 60 to 67 percent false-positive rate.

  87. They just saw you coming from way off..To bad you had to go through all that BS. It happens all the time.

  88. Henry when I had Covid-19, I thought I had the Flu. Fir over One Week I was around people at work. I was so weak, tired, headache, so I got tested and it was Covid-19.

    They took me straight to the Hospital. I was in Isolation for Nine Days. I was very sick with Covid-19.

    All of the people at my work got tested.
    I am thankful none contracted Covid-19

    Just because you tested Positiveand had Covid-19, it not not mean you transmittedit to others. I always wore a mask. Many times at work I did not wear a mask. I am sure I never transmitted Covid-19 to others.

    I do not know who and where I contracted Covid-19.

  89. My thought was you received a ‘false positive’ from the test at Biopath in Cebu. Is the pre-flight testing still 5,000PHP? That makes more sense and it concerns me as I live in Cebu and I have to go through that same test in order to fly back to the US. I’m not looking forward to it. On a side note nothing is changing here since you were gone. I’ve been here two yrs continuously since before COVID and there’s no sign that anything is changing. The US reqm’t needs to change in my opinion. It’s not helping the US or here.

  90. Reekay, you’ve never had any virus. You seem to have been and still are perfectly healthy. Does anyone actually do any medical and scientific research? They have never scientifically isolated any virus, the inventor of the PCR test said it does not test for any specific virus or disease, the vaccine is not a vaccine, has never been approved by the FDA, it’s only for emergency use since they never finished the animal trials, masks do not prevent viruses, just read the f’n box. Viruses are dead, only way to transmit a virus is either by injection or blood transfusion. I mean how dumb are you guys that still think theres some killer virus out there. The Gov and Main stream media are lying about everything, and any doctor or scientist that speaks out gets killed, arrested, or banned from talking about the truth. How long will you continue to be a sheep. Just do some actual medical and scientific research. 421 days into the two weeks to slow the spread of this invisible bs, and you all can’t wait to bend over further.

  91. Stay safe you and the family ?…hope you did mom right on Mother’s Day ❤?

  92. The testing even in the US has been inaccurate. My grandmother (also 87) and her caregiver were tested at the Diamond stadium in Lake Elsinore back in August and the test came back as inconclusive. So there’s no certainty.

  93. After all this incompetence by the authorities you still want to return back to the PH ? Some of my friends are heading to Vietnam and Thailand where there’s some semblance of professionalism and decorum by the proper authorities,the PH is below a third world country when it comes to being a professional run entity

  94. Of topic slightly, all of the workers in our municipal hall were peered pressured into getting the shot. Get the shot or risk losing there job.
    A couple days after they all are now getting covid symptoms. I wonder if now they are in spreading the covid worldwide with the injections.

  95. Thank-you for a very thorough follow up to your report. I cannot see how any one could have done anything different in your circumstances. Relentless and incessant indeed, you have the patience of Job.

  96. LOL, what a circus. I think more & more that testing is suspect . My mall g/f in Nov. had her reqd. annual checkup & came back pneumonia + , but covid -. Health. Dpt. said no work, mandatory quarantine for 2 weeks, barangay will checkup on her, etc, etc. dada, dadee. They never said/did anything , both of us felt great & never had any symptoms at all………………….. Anyway, take care, enjoy your time w/mom & keep watching Jeopardy & Wheel of Fortune !

  97. You are right with the Air conditioner. I have a split type AC and haven’t serviced it for 10 months. My eyes were red all the time. I feel low energy.. I was sneezing… and had a dry cough a little. Yesterday i had it serviced and cleaned out professionally. Today.. i woke up.. no allergies.. no dry cough no red eyes… There was a ton of stuff they cleaned out of the AC. And he said there was some black mold in the drain area. I’m putting up a vlog of the cleaning later today. You can see all the black water that drained out of the AC unit into a bag then outside. Crazy. And I would be willing to bet you got a false Positive on your covid test. Marker 44 went through the same thing you did. Check his vlog. I want to go scuba diving down south, but a rapid test is necessary to travel there. I probably wont go. Why? cause i don’t want to end up in a covid jail with a false positive test.. just because i want to travel somewhere on vacation here in the Philippines. It just isn’t worth the risk. There is no guarantee they will let you self quarantine at home for 10 days. They may throw you in a hospital and make you pay for it for 10 days. Or a “covidTel” anyway.. way too long.. Just saying.. these things you bring up.. really happen.

  98. Why didn’t you get an anti-bodies test upon arriving in California to see if your positive covid test was a false positive? If you didn’t show anti-bodies then you were most likely a false positive. If you show anti-bodies then it would indicate you indeed had the virus. That should clear it up once and for all.

  99. Just stop this insanity COVID Tests Are inaccurate and a fraud…..Fact Less people died with COVID then all other types of flu or other diseases…..people of the world are being scammed….masks do not protect you period….I am sick are fools…

  100. Reekay no need to explain yourself to people. Some just love the drama and like to troll. It is clear that the people that made some of these conments have no idea how the Philippines really works. It is a different set of rules from which us in the west are used to. Until a person has lived in the Philippines for years they have no idea of how things really work. People think they know by watching videos, but until they are boots on ground they really have no idea.

  101. If you had no other symptoms, other than a cough, you almost certainly never had the virus. A fever, loss of taste and smell, and serious flu symptoms would let you know. Expert scientists and medical people agree that it’s virtually impossible for asymptomatic people to spread anything. You were another one of the many thousands of people who falsely tested positive. False tests, have wrecked economies and lives, more than the virus itself, and made some people a lot of money. Glad you’re ok and mom is doing well.

  102. Evidence suggests that testing tends to be less accurate within three days of exposure, and the best time to get tested is five to seven days after you were exposed. Tests are even more accurate when patients are exhibiting symptoms. There’s a good chance if I understand your timeline correctly that you may of received a false positive test. The good news is that you never had Covid the bad news is that you don’t have any antibodies. The antibodies test is fairly accurate if administered correctly and you may want to get that again its up to you. Most data suggests vaccinated individuals are unlikely to transmit the virus if infected, but to be cautious they are asking people to continue to wear their masks to protect vulnerable people. Early data also suggest that people who have had covid do not transmit it either. You tend to be most infectious around 10 days after you have contacted it or start showing symptoms. All these are preliminary findings and its better to be on the safe side. Herd immunity or the virus running its course and dying out is really just a math problem of fewer people getting it than are currently infected or Reproduction of the virus or R number being less than 1. It’s a Novel Coronavirus so there are still a lot of unknowns but there are data points now.

  103. Just because you are asymptomatic doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to spread covid. Asymptomatic is just another was of saying he has a very mild case of covid. You had a dry cough and you tested positive for Covid, so you had covid. Just be glad you had such a mild case and that it was did not spread to anyone and its gone now.

  104. So, I wonder what happens if after that first message you just disappear for the 2 1/2 or 3 weeks (oh, sorry, I never got your message) and go to somewhere YOU want to spend that time and then show up again to go through the process of leaving the country….you are already past the isolation period…just a thought. And yes, I do know they would retest you…but maybe worth a shot.

  105. My niece’s hubby was a non covid believer in NYC during the peak…until he feel quite ill…she never got covid in that tiny studio apt…the check for antibodies should be proof…and please get vaccinated just in case…glad your mom is better …salamat for all the info

  106. When we first moved to Dumaguete in 2015, we stayed at a place with a window air-con unit while waiting to move into our house. My wife and I started coughing, it went on for 3-4 weeks, could not stop coughing! I didn’t know what was going on. Another expat told me the air-con could be the culprit. We moved into our house and we decided on NO air-con, just fans…cough cleared up and never had it again in 6 years here in Duma. I need to go to Cebu for some immigration business. I’ll need a Covid test to return to Dumaguete…after watching your video, I ain’t going! Not till a test is not a requirement! Sounds like a positive Covid test is good for the economy in Cebu ?

  107. I’ve had the same dry cough numerous times when visiting Manila & Cebu. On both occasions the common denometer was black mould on dirty A/C filters, renters beware, especially so in Quarantine facilities.. Also, be mindful chinavax and china swab test don’t work.

  108. never mind them reekay. why are you so concern about those big mouth idiots . that is their job to disturb others. they have nothing to do but gossip. fuck them man.

  109. Just kidding Henry. You are probably the victim of a false positive test. Enjoy your time with your friends and family while you visit the USA

  110. I agree with what you are saying 100%. I was in an apartment in F Ramos Cebu in June 2019 and I came down with the exact same type of cough. I blamed the aircon straight away. You can actually feel it from the air you are breathing. I moved to a different apartment and could feel the air was better almost immediately. You did not have Covid, you had a badly maintained aircon system. Good luck for all of your family in the future and I am sure we will meet one day in Cebu.

  111. I admire your patience in explaining to the morons that you are not an asymptomatic carrier.?

  112. Black mold is as dangerous as coronavirus, in my opinion. Yet nobody talks about black mold especially in SE Asia. ??

  113. false positive put you in a hotel with covid flu in the aircon exposing every one .

  114. If you had the virus be glad it wasn’t severe because the side effects can last if you have severe symptoms

  115. It’s certainly possible you had a false positive test, but I wouldn’t look at the lack of a fever as being a definitive distinguishing fact.

  116. It’s silly to think you’ll spread Covid-19 more than two weeks after a positive test.

  117. Reekay having watched the video of all you went through to get out of PI as well as this video all I can say is WOW. I understand that you do not feel you had Covid and there is a very good chance you are correct – false positives are definitely a thing (and then there was the corruption/greed in Indo where they were washing and reusing the swabs which were returning LOTS of false positives – thankfully the parties responsible for this were arrested). I guess an anti-body test in the US would confirm your beliefs. As for those accusing you of being a carrier/spreader what changes? I know you have been repeatedly attacked before online. It is great to hear both your mum and you are well – stay positive.

  118. One positive and one negative in Philippines still counts as positive.

  119. Vaxxers won’t believe you. It has become a virtue signal religion, but the end game will look very different I think. Glad to see you feel better

  120. Very simple to solve . Your in LA. Easy to get a test and see if you had it or not. Go get the test

  121. A person really has to love the PH to put up with all their nonsense and craziness!

  122. I have been saying this since LAST YEAR (2020). This is a SCAMDEMIC….a PLANDEMIC….a FARCE!! They make a flu with 99.97% survival rates….so important that they lockdown businesses and collapse the economy!! You are living proof that the “COVID” response team MADE YOU SICK!! The COVID test produced FALSE positive for you….

  123. Even the WHO admitted asymptomatics don’t spread it. To bitch otherwise is just another load of scaremongering nonsense from the ‘useful idiots’.
    The real story is the prodigious sums of money being made by the Philippines health industry, partly thro positive test results and deaths attributed to covid.

  124. Tests are not 100% accurate. Tests are useful to isolate possibly infected people to try and keep spread down. It’s inconvenient for people, and boy oh boy do people complain about it. But it’s good from the standpoint of public health…not that most people give a shit about other people.

  125. Where were you tested? Maybe airport might be better. Your vids have helped me so much I have to support you

  126. They should’ve followed up like they do in the States with a better test, or whatever they do. It sounded like they send you to the hotel to die thank god you weren’t that sick no telling what would have happened. The cough is consistent with a bad filter or covid(at least with my friends) so no telling.

  127. I had no fever had covid 20 days tested in May had antibodies also had other stuff for 4 months got the shots feel great now

  128. Aircon is handy,but always make me crook….I hope a fan in the Philippines might be enough, thats what I use in Australia…I prefer to climatise where I am and fell better for it…

  129. Very interesting video. It just wants to make you think what in the world is going on with the medical authorities and the government. If I was in the same position that you were in I would be wondering what the world is going on

  130. How much money did you get scammed for or lost by being forced to take COVID tests and Hotels rebooking plane tickets Etc… ?

  131. I’m sure it was a false positive man, the black mold sounds likely. I’ve heard that those are common over there

  132. Reekaye it’s one big scam. That’s why your fine. It’s all designed to shutndown economies and make people dependent on one world government

  133. Thank you for telling the truth about this 90% faulty PCR test …you were false positive like most people …tested with 35 plus cycle amplification …

  134. Reekay, you should run for a political office: 20min video out 2min worth of news :). Just some friendly teasing, please do not get angry. I will be back to watch your future videos. Datapoint: Among all my relatives in USA and in Europe 2 people tested positive at their job, one (35y) had no symptoms, the other (57y) had mild symptoms lasting 1 day (next day she cooked). Nobody else, nada. Study Mao, Polpot, Stalin, North Korea – important lessons to be learned.

  135. I don’t think you ever got covid I think you got a false positive test. U prob did get the cough from the mold cause the hotel room looked dingy. U should get the the covid antibody test. I think U got scammed.

  136. So a positive test equals X amount of pesos for the clinic.. Case closed

  137. I would be hounding them for the result of that second anti-body test. That would be the real proof as to whether you contracted Covid at any point or not.

  138. No symptoms! Omg that’s one of the symptoms! I’ll just wear a plastic bag over my head and a life jacket to ensure my safety

  139. “Asymptomatic” is so ridiculous. It’s amazing that so many buy into the official narrative that’s beyond common sense.

    You KNOW when you have a cold or flu.

    But we must trust the “experts” to know if you have covid although there’s a list of symptoms advertised. So absurd.

    So much unnecessary confusion and loss of freedom as the result.

  140. Sounds likely that you had a false positive.. Did you get a second test or did the health experts offer to test you again to see if your 1st test was accurate?

  141. If everyone has to go through all the crap you did… No one will ever go to the Philippines again?

  142. Many doctors feel that the whole idea of an “asymptomatic” carrier is a myth. Simply stated , if you’re sick stay home, otherwise this hysteria and masks and “voluntary vaccinations” are simply unnecessary

  143. Your symptoms were a bad cough and you were exhausted sleeping a lot and couldn’t taste your food not just the bad cough after a positive covid test. Fair enough if you feel you didn’t have covid. You did quarantine so wouldn’t be a carrier. Great news on your mum. Enjoy time home.

  144. Again all the things the God fearing Drs and Viraloligist say about this so called virus is obviously true. I agree with you on A/C I get the same thing in a air conditioned room or car….actually had something happen to me in a hotel in cebu 2 years ago. Correct me if Im wrong but Swine flu deaths was from viral pneumonia cause by mask wearing. On the covid hotel and the need to get you in one…I’m sure someone is getting paid for each time someone gets put in one …that’s obvious. You more than likely didnt have anything since the developer of the test said it wasnt meant to used like it’s being used and is not accurate and actually adjustable to cover anything under the sun.

  145. That test is obviously not accurate! I had it and sleep for 10 days. No fever. No appetite. I lost 10 pounds.

  146. Have you gotten a new anti-body test yet? Seems a negative result now would confirm whether or not you actually had covid in March?

  147. Reekay. You will never convince those who believe you are a carrier. NO matter how you try.

  148. anyone that says you are a carrier or something else needs to provide the test that prove their diagnosis and a copy of their medical certificate. Otherwise they can just shut up

  149. On top of that you would be trying to catch your breath from all that talking. You would have had a hard time just to do this Vlog if you did have Covid. People just using the Covid Excuse to make that Eazy Money!

  150. Reekay after isolation in phils did they test you for covid before they released you?

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