Open Philippines – End of Duterte’s Term (?)

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  2. Reekay your the man who stays on top of anything to do with the Philippines. Glad I got to meet you & Vi in Cebu in February 2020. Stay safe out in California. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ€โœŒ๏ธ

  3. Reekay I’d get excited about this except for the fact that Duterte has made dozens of statements and alot of times they’re either just him letting his mouth do the talking and not actually thinking about what he says. Id not trust that under the idea it would allow tourists to come back

  4. Great video Reekey! I don’t see all the businesses opening back up, because of the pandemic, I don’t think alot of them can afford to open back up, I think some business will wait until the borders open back up, my thoughts are things with never bee the same again.

  5. Yes no one really knows when it’s going to open to tourists. Plus, the Philippines may require a visa to be required ahead of time. Certainly they are working on the visitor visa to be acquired online…i would think. I wonder if other SE Asia countries issue tourists visa’s online?

  6. Fully vaxed is going up 2-3% per week so it possible to reach 70-80% by March-April 2022, thatโ€™s herd immunity, so why not open to fully vaccinated tourists?

  7. That’s what it means. I think common sense leads to this conclusion. What else could be 100 % re-opened? There’s nothing else closed, to my knowledge.

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