Other Philippines Visa Categories – Modernization Bill

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  1. Yes the Philipina Pea just had a visa consultant on her channel and she said it was never the intention to do away with the Visa on arrival for the countries already able to do that not sure who to believe at this point the lady pea had on her channel pea gave an email address might send her an email and make sure that is the case

  2. Thanks for the complete info bro. Pea covered this subject but she didnt go into this much detail. Look forward to meeting you guys for lunch.

  3. Henry, you might wanna watch the Filipina Pea’s latest video. She interviewed a lady (Filipina)that works for a Visa Agency. She said the Visa on Arrival is not going to get buried. After reading the whole bill and analyzing it bit by bit she basically said there is no intention whatsoever from the legislators to bury the Visa on Arrival procedure. Would be great for both sides – the tourists AND the Philippines – if they keep the Visa on Arrival alive and going. Simple and convenient is what travelers want and this should be addressed by countries that depend on tourism such as the Philippines. (At least once this madness is over)

  4. Also I was watching the Filipino P and she had a lady on there beside her that works for immigration this was yesterday and the immigration lady was saying the tourist visa upon a rival will still be there in the Philippines is not going to make you get a visa in your own country before flying over she was saying she doesn’t know where that’s coming from for 29 day visa upon arrival will not change

  5. Hi, Reekay,

    Appreciate all your information about the Philippines.

    But just looked at The Filipina Pea about this subject. They say that visa on arrival will be still going on.

    That’s not for all countries but still for the western countries.

    Greetings from Belgium

  6. Unrestricted countries won’t be affected when entering….it’s official. Visa on arrival will continue for all unrestricted countries…..💥💥👍👍👍👍

  7. Hey, pls check your facts. All those categories are good and fine, but apparently only for non-visa-on-arrival countries (maybe some african countries etc.). Where does it say that the VoArrival is gone or changed?

  8. Sir, obtaining the visa before traveling is not required. Please see the Filipina Pea video interviewing a professional on this issue. Visas upon entry will still be available.

  9. Wonder if I can use L1 for refugees from California ???
    Thanks for Updates, Much Appreciated.

  10. Thanks my friend Henry, house bill 7680, Philippina Pea just updated this with a Visa Consultant.

  11. Great explanation of each type of Visa. Can we petition for a CC Visa? Cheap Charlie Visa ? 😁

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