Part 3: Q&A w/Reekay & Vi – Lockdown & Our Views on Marriage

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    In this video I discuss, “Part 3: Q&A w/Reekay & Vi – Lockdown & Views on Marriage”

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  2. When you see a girl look at a man, in the way Vi looks at you Henry, it tells you all you need to know. If you are both happy as you are, why change it. Vi is young, simple but wise.

  3. To Vee 👍👍👍 for being herself and brave enough to make this next step, very well done.
    The only benefit i see right now is, if you Henry have to leave the Philippines cause of a Visa-Issue and come back into the PH. By now, you only come into the PH as Spouse of a Philippina, sad enough. No body knows how long this last 🙁
    Btw. Modern, Biontech/Pfizer applied today in US (Moderna) and EU (Biontec/Pfizer) for Vaccination approval. Trump want it quick ’till Dec. 9 and EU EMA at Dec. 29. German Health Department Min. J. Spahn said he only want the approval if the well approved and safe.
    Sound good.
    Vee and Henry stay safe 🙂

  4. It was very refreshing to listen to your delightful girl friend and companion yes patience is a virtue and you took your time to finally meet a very sweet woman as a companion I take my hat off to you and I wish you all the best enjoy each other’s company you both have become winners in life God bless and thank you for the inspiration

  5. Why get married in the first place, marriage means nothing, they can always just pick and leave, which so many do. If it’s not broken just leave it alone. If someone does not want to be with you anymore, marriage doesn’t force them to stay with you.

  6. WOW. You really have a true diamond there. So perfect! Very hard to find such an “untroubled” and dedicated woman.

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