Personal Update: Cebu, Marriage?, Cost of Living, Travel & Mexico

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  2. I am happy for you Reekay. My last one lasted not quite 4 months, she is married big NO NO. Lesbian friend that seems way to close. Facebook was posted, in a relationship with the lesbian friend and posted picture lesbian friend arms around her and smiling. She had to go recently, that was my 2nd Pinay. problem in Philippines, no DIVORCE NO ANULMENT. Reekay you do not need to be married, if you love each other. Marriage paper, can change people then someone knows or thinks they can change the way they are, like they have you for life and you can be in trouble about it.

  3. The government seems to think everyone is willing to receive their vaccine. They are mistaken.

  4. No rush I getting married at the right time go slow enjoy each other bond with each other 22 years old and your 57 age makes no difference it’s what’s in your heart love conquers all love John

  5. Reekay….please tell me you’re not gonna get married again! Maybe divorce is different there but it’s only a matter of time. I married a lady who I dated for 10 months and as soon as that wedding took place, completely different person and expectations (obviously favoring her).

  6. Dr Fouche does not see covid 19 vaccines becoming available to the general population in the US until June 2021. Maybe the Philippines has a special inside track concerning access though I doubt that? Health care workers may have access here by the end of December though they do not amount to our 340,000,000 person population. If the Philippines can come up with hundreds of billions of USD they would be able to outbid the US for access. I doubt that the Philippines has this much money to spend on a covid vaccine. Vaccinating the world might take about four years if they can spend 50 USD per person. This is a month’s income in many locations.

  7. I know what you are saying about your relationship I have been with Ne (GF) since I landed here on February 12 2019. I bet we haven’t been apart for over 6 hrs. in a day since then. I get, you can’t trust U r Filipina GF all the time usually from guys who have never been here or dated a Filipina & I never asked or advice. If U don’t know a girl you have lived with in 2 yrs. U never will. I believe communication & cultural difference is the biggest thing you have to overcome. Best guess when it will open here 2 nd quarter of 2021. Davao City is going backwards also. We have to have passes again. Same reason as U, an increase in cases not deaths. On prices I also agree. Lower rent & food at the mall a small increase. Best wishes for vie and u.

  8. I don’t think the borders are going to be open till September October November the way they’re going to it’s going to take a long time to distribute these vaccines especially to the Philippines. I’m glad they let you out of your condo though I’ve heard things are really tight there

  9. I retired right at the lockdown and screwed my Asia plans, I’ve been checking out Mexico for past 5 months since Asia will be closed all 2021 guaranteed. They have a 6 moths visa in Mexico. You can fly all you want but cant drive borders are closed.

  10. What is the situation for you if you decide to marry? Is it possible to marry there in a Catholic church? I am assuming Vi is Catholic.

  11. wow welcome back to the Philippines, Glad to see you have met someone new, Sorry I have not watched in a while, Been busy with Life here in Florida

  12. Glad to hear your partner’s English skills are improving…wait till u hit her up with your Spanglish !!!!


  14. This current situation has forced me to stay in Thailand and have been with the same women since March, it’s taught me to slow down, as my usual mode is traveling and now Iam more happy than ever just staying in Thailand with a great relationship and so far it’s great!

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