Pfizer Vaccine Prevents 90% of Covid Cases in Study

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  1. Pfizer article..
    Duterte Announcement..

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  2. Thank YOU.
    I was going to announce it on Facebook.
    My work affiliated with them. Yes its coming.
    Hopefully at much lower price. President Elect Biden has assured it.

  3. Wonder what else this New Technology will do to all who choose to take it…
    We all will make our choices…
    Just like telling your Doctor who swears he believes all the lies of the flu shot until you tell him you or your family will hold him personally responsible

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  5. So what are the side effects of that vaccine? The average vaccine takes at least 5 years to get tested properly. That is a hastely slapped together vaccine. But enough fear and panic has been created that many will not hesitate to be the ginea pigs or should I say pitiful rats to apply this stuff.

  6. They’ve also developed a nasal spray that blocks the virus, you take it twice a day and it blocks the virus from attaching itself. It’s up for peer review right now.

  7. If it changes your RNA then it will in turn change your DNA and you will then be GMO! Human will never be human ever again. Oh and then you aren’t natural which means they could put a patent on you and own you! Sounds a bit over dramatic I know but their intention has always been sterilize the masses. That’s why the vaccine is so important regardless of a virus that has 99.9964% survival.

  8. Australia already has a deal with them to produce 50 million doses locally after testing is completed

  9. They need twice the money as you told. It’s a 2 shoot combo with a 3 weeks between. Open the borders ?. I by you a some drink in Cebu in a place off your choosing ?

  10. How convenient. After Trump looses the elections because of the democratic party stealing the votes from Trump . The vaccine all the sudden is almost developed

  11. Thank you so much sir, i will pass this information my GF, I hope she i excited!! thank you again sir!! I have been waiting a year to me her.

  12. I really hope this is a promising vaccine unlike the first shingles shot was no good . Kinda ironic a week after the election there’s a vaccine hmmmm

  13. Thanks Reekay, I just watched this report on BBC UK news. They advised caution until all results how been analysed, but it’s a massive step forward. They said that some could be be available by Christmas, but the hope is for more general availability by the Spring. Excitement with cautious optimism, that this at last be a real game changer. Well done with being so fast with the news.

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