PH To Allow Entry of (Some) Foreign Nationals Starting May 1st

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    In this video I discuss, “PH To Allow Entry of (Some) Foreign Nationals Starting May 1st”

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  2. I wonder if this allows ..retiree visas to return now ? SRV visas from the Philippines Retirement Authority .

  3. Just because your married what does that matter. You can’t have covid if married? Open up if you are fully vaccinated and test negative. Simple…

  4. I won’t consider them really open until they lift the travel cap. Not sure I would fly in before then even if I could get a visa. Any easing of the restrictions is still good news.

  5. There was some variation on quarantine time if you flew into Cebu, rather than Manila. I’ll have to see if that is the case still.

  6. Thanks for clearing it up for us Reekay. You made it crystal clear……….I love your explanation and it reminds me all the time why I subscribe.

  7. Finally!! A good explanation of the situation 👏 👌. Thanks Reekay.

  8. Hello Reekay..Thank You for the update . I hope to return yet this year. This news seems like there might be some light at the end of the tunnel ..

  9. I would not consider going to the PH unless I was vaccinated. Not worth the risk of coming up positive. Especially a false positive, if you have proof of vaccination by a good vaccine (Moderna or Pfiser) then if you tested positive, you could argue for a re-test.

  10. My thinking is NO Tourist this year.. They want to use the vaccine first. But it is slower than a Turtle ! Next year is my guess.

  11. Does it also allow foreigners who have a filipino dependant child in on the exemption tourist visa that was also banned at the same time back in March?

  12. Want no part of the beaurocracy there after seeing your last video Reekay. México and Colombia in 2021 for me

  13. I also seen where they are doing Motion For Reconsideration for those that have overstayed their tourist visa. They will extend it anywhere from 30 days to 120 days. The 30 day extension is if you are planning leaving the Philippines. The 120 day extension is for those planning on getting married and getting a marriage visa. The cost is around $1,000.

  14. ty have long costly annulment process to go thru me friend 🇵🇭

  15. Thank you for the update: I am married to a Philippine and will travel with her. Supposedly I the past week for those that arrived in Cebu, Philippine citizens they did the test in the Airport then people had a one to two day quarantine until they got the test results then they could be done. It seems weird that they are requiring 7 day quarantine for some and one to two days for others. John Yamas

  16. After watching your last video im holding out until there is no 7 day quarantine lol that was a horror story.

  17. I’m happy with the fact that they are going to start accepting SRRV applications

  18. When you talk about “VISA” is this a special Visa??? Because I am Dutch and normally don’t need a visa to enter the PHP and Yes I am married to a Filipina. Can you clarify this? Thanks….greetings from Aruba

  19. After watching your video of your trip to California…. No gracias Reekay…. too many troubling questions to deal with to consider a trip to the Philippines or just about anywhere overseas… especially with the terrible news coming out of India!!!

  20. if you stay in a 5 star hotel for 7 days its no that bad as long as you can enjoy the facilities like the pool and food buffet

  21. Thank you sir for the update, and hope you and Vi are doing well, and your mom is feeling better. My wife and I will continue to keep you all in our prayers.
    God bless, Jay & Gladys

  22. So, This 7 day quarantine will still apply to those of us, that have had the Covid Vaccine?

  23. Good piece of news, thank you Henry! Open to visitors would be appreciated!

  24. The Bureau of Immigration has misinterpreted the IATF announcement, and are requiring a DFA exemption for 9A visas which is basically the same as we have been under the temporary ban.

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