Philippines Bans Foreigners Until April 19, 2021 – Amid Rise in Manila Cases

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    In this video I discuss, “Philippines Bans Foreigners Until April 19, 2021 – Amid Rise in Manila Cases”

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  2. The IATF and DOH continue to take orders from their Globalist Overlords at the UN/WHO. Keep the scheme going in order to coerce everyone to take the f a k e shots.

  3. The only thing you’re going to see April 19th is another announcement that prohibits foreigners from entering the Philippines. That’s coz the foreigners are the cause of this whole Covid breakout…… just lock the country indefinitely and torture your own people….

  4. I’ve been emailing the consulate all day long trying to get a valid visa to enter with my spouse and the consulate is telling me that they can’t even issue any visas right now.

  5. Watched your channel for some time… no one! Absolutely no one has died for covid19 with a vitamin D level above 60!
    I have not seen any hospitals overrun with cases of covid19 nor ambulances being called in fact it’s fairly quiet in my state…death rates have not increased and how funny that no one dies from the flu or other common seasonal issues….

  6. Many thanks for this update. My plans to return to the Philippines are in total chaos and have been for well over a year. My wife is Filipino, and things were looking up (she obtained British nationality quite a few years back, and wants dual nationality now, but as of today it’s all on hold again.
    *Meanwhile, in Florida* …, 🙄

  7. Why don’t they report how many foreigners are new cases as opposed to Filipinos, also deaths and total cases??

  8. This virus never go away. My life personally f …. up by all these crazy thinfs. Why they do not let people live a normal life?

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