Philippines Likely to Go MGCQ Nationally on March 1st – News

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    In this video I discuss, “Philippines Likely to Go MGCQ Nationally on March 1st – News”

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  2. So no end in sight for martial law, which is what it is. Oh, but expats up to 70 MIGHT be able to leave their homes after a year! Woohoo! (Then again, they probably have all killed themselves by now anyway.)

  3. They open up to rise case numbers and go back to super full lock…..down, then jab people to make them infertile.

  4. Thinking also they will open up, they desperately need the money for government. Thanks for sharing the information.

  5. Good to hear Henry hoping the lockdown here in UK soon gradually relaxed. vaccines are well on the way here 15 million had there first dose already I should get mine in March the death here is awful around 115k have died already we lost a young 34 yr old co worker to the virus

  6. We have seen the EXECUTION during the whole COVID process…May…to September…worst case December,,,weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh ngeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! You are a month away from 2 0 2 2! Election May 2022. The people need leverage…NOTHING PUSHING A 90% President. ANNNNNNNNND…I say ANDDDDDDD…what happens if the 90% party gets KAMALA? iyak Tayo ha!

  7. thank you for the great update… regarding the current practical info on the Philippines… My prayer is that they can quickly recover through out the Island chain economically and its general prosperity….

  8. IF…I say IF…we believe the approval survey…President’s approval rating is 90 percent…not sure there is much pressure to do anything he does not feel like doing. Filipinos are highly skilled at “going to the mattresses” and surviving on and on… Foreigners help lift a good portion of the population….but are they necessary….MEEEEEEEH.

  9. I agree . The government should promote good healthy diet . Lots of vegetables and fruits to boost up immune system. The healthier a you are , the more resilient you are in fighting the virus .

  10. Please put Davao City back on MGCQ, You saw the pictures I took of City Gate Mall here, it looks like a ghost town. They even had to close the coffee shop that we go to. The owner told me she didn’t make enough to pay one employee. I would say between 70-75% of the stores are closed.

  11. Thank you, Henry for this wonderful informative talk!! It is really welcomed information for all people in this country!

  12. vaccines has lead to the opening of israel… south korea is starting mass vax on feb 26 so we will see if it has the same effect…the vax could be the answer to phils opening.

  13. That sounds like good news to me. Open up slowly, but start opening the gates. I will take this as a positive. Even with this move, I am still believing it will me new year 2022.

  14. Hi Reekay hope you are right and we start to open up the country. The Philippines can no longer strangle the population any longer

  15. The cars arn’t useally doing all the weaving and screwing up traffic, it is useally the motorbikes, trikes and bicycles. Up north where I live anyway. I wish people would quit already with this vaccine lie, something that modifys your MRNA is NOT a vaccine. It is genetic modification.

  16. None of this makes sense, foreigners who are SRRV and other visa types are permitted to enter the country along with Filipino nationals and their foreign spouses. Its become an excercise of controlling the populace versus reducing the spread of covid 19. Either keep everyone out of the country until the virus is under control or allow anyone who wants to visit provided they meet the entry requirements. More people have suffered under government control than the virus itself. What is the percentage of fatalities directly linked to the virus? Low single digit? More people die on motorbike accidents in a month than all of the covid fatalities in a year!

  17. If they fix the sidewalks and ticketed cars blocking the sidewalks then pedestrians wouldn’t have to walk in the road. ?

  18. Smells like we may be going from unpredictable lockdowns of many months to totally opening the floodgates. But then again by March 1st it may all be totally different once again.

  19. Even if that happened
    Unfortunately LGU’S can make their own rule changes…. SO do not be surprised that anything remains different from barangay to barangay..
    Daily I see kids and adults not bothering with rules about masks.. Shields… And social distancing…
    Opening up does not mean people have jobs waiting for them… Or that businesses have money to reopen

    I hope Panic does not come back but this is the PHILLIPINES and people are worried… Heaven help us

  20. On another subject. Please allow me to give JRC in Cebu and Dumaguete a big thank you. They filled my 13A In Cebu on Jan 12 == I was approved in Manilla on Feb 11. = super fast!! One month. .You can have confidence in them!!!

  21. Thank you! Even after all this time, I still can’t keep the various quarantine s straight.?

  22. The railroad China is going to build from Subic to Clark is going to put Ph much further in China’s pocket

  23. My guess is that the tougher lockdowns return after deaths from the injection, which will be called a c19 “mutation”. We will see.

  24. 1. Nobody needs vaxxin..
    2. Vaxin causes problems all over the world!!
    3. There is no pandenic…its a plan-demic !!
    4. Look Up the Great reset
    5. This whole thing was created to create poverty, depopulation, economical downfall all over the world exept China…

    This shit was made by the dems, deep state, China , IMF, WHO..
    All corrupt !!!

    Is there not any alternative media in the philippines that can blow hoax Wide open ??!!!
    The MSM is brainwashing everybody…even in the philippines i Guess..

    I would have guessed that Henry as an American , could enlighten the filipino people…or ?

    The storm is upon US
    The is yet to come

  25. So the top politicians received the bribe from the WHO at the expense of the citizens, and now realize the shutdowns have killed far more than this cold virus going around.

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