Philippines News Update: Quarantine Announcement, Financial Impact & Still No Visas

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  1. Duterte’s Quarantine Announcement link..
    Cebu City Financial Impact link..
    Bohol Tourism Losses..

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  2. Reekay….If you are in southern Mindanao and have to renew your American Passport and also your visa which has just expired…What is the best approach to renew your US passport and renew your Visa as an American married to a Filipina living near Davao City?

  3. Thank you for keeping me informed i have flights booked for sept 2nd Manila then Naga ,then to iniwaren for 6 nights then to Thailand with my girl ,things are starting to open now progress is being made , hope we all get our journeys moving ,god bless !

  4. I’m ready to go to the Philippines. Have a pocket full of cash. Ready to spend. Just waiting on The Philippines, airlines, no 14 day-quarantine, and free range of travel.

  5. Cebu get tested if coming to Philippines to Canada I’ll wait if scrap the 14 Days Quarantine , Philippines air lines no one’s going to Travel

  6. Panlongchen had quarantine longer. It wasn’t until all residents were tested that it was lifted afterwards.


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    1. i always keep a small bottle of saline nasal solution with me as i travel. good stuff.

  8. Do you think Philippines tourist visa will be allowed in February 2021 ? ..
    My girlfriend birthday in February…hope I can travel next year in 2021 …

    1. my personal opinion is that we’ll see travel into the PH sometime early january, after the christmas season is over. but, hard to really say with any real definition what the PH govt will decide by then.

  9. Beautiful Cebu, Maybe this time this people will learn , For the moment looks like ESTADO DE SITIO… Some ones will be stuck the are for long time ,,It sucks ..

  10. hi reekay, peter here from panglao. the situation here is like that. we have mgcq….. some restaurants are open and if u are lucky you can share a table, otherwise i would walk out. yes panglao was reopened for tourism but what for? there is a checkpoint in panglao and you cannot enter if u dont have the panglao quarantine pass. so makes no sense. still no backride policy here but people dont care. still no fast craft and no airplanes coming in (except for returning ofws and lsis)….. thats it for now. keep safe in your cebu prison

    1. i posted the requirements for taking a ferry or plane to Duma on my MeWe account. way too much hassle to bother with for now. we’ll stay here in cebu til things truly open up.

  11. The economic loses. Are worst than the virus. At some point they need to loosen travel with precautions.

  12. 1,500 new cases……will not be long before that per day figure to rise and continue to rise. And not Just in Cebu but the Luzon region as well. People in the Philippines have been daily food shopping for many years. And now with so many out of work employees as well as those business owner experiencing a reduction in sales, coupled with the overwhelming number of new births and crowdedness, it really is just a matter of time before other areas are taken aback to ECQ quarantine status. So, knuckle down and stockpile as much savings as you can. Because for the foreseeable future it is going to get much worst before it starts to get better. I personally have shut everything down as far as any travel plans until December 2021. Now, that may seem like a long time to most, but in my mind it is extremely logical.

  13. I’m supposed to me visiting Cebu, Manila, boracay and Angeles in January 😩 I don’t think that’ll happen now, maybe March?!

  14. Thanks Reekay for talking about these issues that has been revolving in our minds for ages,

  15. Wait, I hear you can go to Philippines 🇵🇭 now but you only be in quarantine for 6-8 hours waiting for your results in government station type hotel.

    1. still effective now (July/2020)… ONLY Filipino citizens and their spouses/children can enter the PH. (and diplomats)
      no tourist-visas are being granted from immigration yet. and going by recent comments from Duterte, it is not likely to happen until after december/2020.

    2. that’s the chosen few that are allowed. Filipino citizens, diplomats, spouse and dependents of Filipino citizens, and maybe a couple other categories. But no tourists. All tourists visas are suspended until further notice. That includes the SRRV. that is unless you are already in country.

  16. Man I was headed to either Cebu or Vietnam from Dumaguete but I’m glad AF I’m not in Cebu, but wish I had of gotten out to Vietnam or Bali before the travel ban, because get ready for everything to go looney tunes, very soon. They change things every five minutes. Asian Romance guy was VERY smart to get out.

    1. ‘if’ i was a single, unattached expat i would still be in vietnam. love it there. but i’m also amazingly happy here in cebu (despite everything) since i get to be with Vi.

  17. What do you expect from the alternative? The first thing I thought about in January is THIS PLACE IS THE LAST PLACE I would want to see Corona take over!!!. Hell if America is struggling, after two weeks in a hospital here in Dumaguete in March I KNOW THIS COUNTRY would be ruined!!! Hell they can’t even do things right in normal times and only 10 ventilators here. So if it closes for a year the alternative is BRAZIL type of results. And be not fooled Philippines government have lots of money they can take care of it’s people with rice and pork if they want too.

  18. How does the tourist visa situation effect those who already here on a tourist visa like you and me?

    1. for now we are on a status of waiting for quarantines to allow us access to the BI. until that is possible, fees are accruing and we are told we’ll have a grace-period of 30-days (which hasn’t started yet) to catch up on our fees without late-fees attached.

      for example, i am here near ayala but the nearest BI offices are on mactan and mandaue, which we cannot access due to the quarantines.

  19. I have an srrv visa and the BI says if I leave Phil I can’t re enter until further notice – so don’t leave if you are planning on returning soon

  20. We are on mgcq and it’s pretty relaxed out here. Apparently, the hotels and resorts are allowed to have guests but locals only. However, you have to get a permit or something like that from the DOT to accept guests. Curfew is still in effect tho for minors and seniors. We can also go to the beach and swim but on a limited time basis. I feel bad for you peeps out there in Cebu. Stay safe.

    1. Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea some idiots there made it worst for everybody. Sucks. But at least you have each other’s company there. It was fun for me out here when i had guests but super quiet after the lockdown months ago. If it wasn’t for good internet and youtube, i’d gone crazy by now.🤣

    2. yah, we got nothing like that here. just grocery-store and back. fortunately i have Vi with me and she’s handling this lockdown very well.

  21. I live close to Jagna Bohol and things are pretty Relaxed here, But places Like Panglao where Tourism is the Highest is really taking a Big hit and I know of several here that use AirBand B that have an extra House to rent out have been sitting Empty for a while now, so if they keep Tourists out much longer I do expect to see a lot of places closing, Especially in Ponglao.

    1. Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea ,,,, the Airbnb I am talking about is some friends of mine that own more than one home and use Airbnb to rent them.

    2. i remember jagna as being pretty small, i’m surprised to hear they now have Airbnb there.

  22. If Bahol is broke! What about all the other islands. You can’t find a tourist in the islands that tourist is the life blood

    1. and bohol is one of the top tourist destinations, along with palawan and boracay.

  23. Reekay did you do that round trip to Vietnam from Cebu and what was the. Cost?? I itching to take my Philippine wife and my son to live in Vietnam

    1. i went there in february, before all this covid hit-the-fan. solo, it was about $170usd round-trip as i remember it.

  24. In camiguin you could only be able to go out for one hour. Now it’s OK and relaxed but before super controled

  25. People die of pre existing condition true however i bet they were tested to get a bed for Corona hospitals wont to know if they have virus i doubt a hospital would cook the books to run up Corona death they don’t wont all them corona death at there hospital. My guess government would say there was less death then there really is It may be worse than then there saying If you don’t test you dont know were hot spots are. Only my opinion

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea
      Absolutely true!
      However, when the dust settles, based upon what we saw early on in places like Italy, Spain, New York… It will be learned that tons of otherwise healthy people died of “non covid” conditions, e.g. sudden organ failure, and were never even transported to a hospital.

      Only because this virus was first thought to be only a traditional respiratory ailment and coz testing was not available, will so many deaths Not be classified as covid.

      There really is so much that continues to be unknown about this virus. Many significant discoveries, revised symptoms, treatment changes… are being modified or announced every day by the best experts globally.

      Here in the Philippines, numbers, cases, deaths, causes… Lets just say may be wholly suspect.

      Unless you look real close at other than government reports and national news, you’d be totally justified in thinking that here, this covid deal, is far less harmful than the flu.

      Bottom Line: Virus is really Not “better in the Philippines”. Be safe, not sorry. Hope that true facts do not cause our lives here to be massively more adversely impacted.

      Perhaps when the numbers and age groups of deaths, globally, are audited, even current skeptics will sit up and take notice.

    2. it’s actually the opposite situation in the usa. hospitals get govt assistance to help with the covid situation. so… it’s in the interest of the hospital to declare as many patients as ‘covid’ as possible even if that’s not the case.

  26. Sir Reekay, you failed to mention why the steep ECL level. Most cases? more people dying? Lot of carrier? thanx

    1. in the article about Cebu, i mentioned that roughly 50% or more are surviving after testing positive for covid.

  27. I’ve spent a lot of time in Bohol. The tourism is a mixture of Korean, Chinese, Japanese and American. And if none of us can get there……

    1. yah. the micro-economy of the locals seems ‘okay’ from other comments here. but the tourism sector has been dealt a heavy blow.

  28. Hi reekay. Why is that you can get a visa for one year using a visa service for only $90, but it costs a lot more in the Philippines. Also I was blacklisted in 2008 for overstaying without proper visas. I tried emailing them in January but they don’t answer. I have paid all my fines. I have a new passport with the last name I took after marriage with a Fillippina. I was wondering if I will have a problem when applying for the year visa through the visa service company. Please let me know your thoughts.

    1. you mentioned getting slammed with overstay for improper visa. that might mean the ‘agency’ who handled your visa didn’t actually go to the BI and so it was never registered. it’s happened before.

  29. Wow thanks Reekay I feel really bad about the whole thing Bohol And Cebu as well….You do a really good job keep up the good work. I hope you do a live stream soon?

  30. Here in California, the Gov. re-closed all restaurants beginning July 2. The virus is not going away. We need to learn to live with it.

    1. Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea , they divided, instilled fear between racial, ethnic groups, and conquered.

      Now you have massive regulations, taxes, and its never enough. Every year, there’s more. Insanity.

      Hope to make my way to the PH one day for retirement. Although am a long way from that.

    2. calif is a mess. and it was all done internally over the last 20 years by the party in power there. they can’t lay the blame anywhere else. calif hasn’t had good leadership since Reagan.

  31. Getting really fed up with the Philippines government. Not able to go to Philippines, accepted as the UK still has a problem. My girlfriend however has a six month visa to visit UK which started in March and runs out in September which cost £500+ if you include agency charges. She is not allowed to leave the Philippines, nor with the UK Embassy extend the visa. So lose out on both accounts!

    1. that’s got to be frustrating. definitely a problem that is out of our ability to control. by default, we have to just wait it out, unfortunately. 🙁

  32. I phones the Philippnes ambassy in Canada. I am married to aa Filipina for over 10 year . They told” you still cannot go there!” I am confused now

    1. that is strange since there was a comment earlier this week from an expat who entered the PH with his documentation of his marriage to a filipina. i checked the main PH immigration pages but have not found a definitive statement from them on it yet.

  33. Seems like the Philippines won’t be opening no time soon.. damn.. I have my money ready and just needed a passport.

  34. thank very much super good comment very appreciated and presently Thailand the shops have started to reopen in general except the Entertainment business 👍

  35. I am not looking forward to what will happen in the future in Philippines. OFWs are coming home by the thousands with no job, and no money. The families that they support do not have the monthly income anymore. The Government is virtually locking everyone down in Cebu, 5 Passes for 150 units? They are preventing people from earning money and even if they have a little money they can not leave the house go to the Market . Many people are out of money, food ,and are very desperate.

    1. I hear ya. Very disappointed in the fake Covid response by the Philippine authorities. They are too strict and draconian. I used to like the freedoms there. Future looks bleak, they aren’t using common sense.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea YOU have more faith in the people here than I do and that’s fine. Ive been here long enough and even the PRESIDENT Here-had harsh words for its own the people for being so hardheaded and NOT even obeying the simplest of requirements. I would trust being around the people in Japan, definitely Switzerland and even Vietnam with those MINIMUM requirements than here. I AM HERE and just yesterday I got up and left a local hospital in Duma because I felt like a sitting duck surrounded by people YES with mask on but 2 ft away from each other talking laughing coughing and the classic move now a days, pulling DOWN the mask to talk and then pulling back UP to listen! (WTH!?) and the fans above us blowing directly on us. Why take such risks.

    2. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea
      Yep! It’s just a virus. Absolutely, distancing, hygiene, masks, ubiquitous free accurate testing, good contact tracing, individual rigid isolations, and plasma donations, will definitely diminish this virus into non existence, with few deaths, especially when seriously done early on.

      It’s really that simple (and that hard) !

    3. @It’s Different In The Philippines switzerland, japan and vietnam have kept case-numbers low.. without any quarantine laws. just social distancing and masks required as people go about their lives.

    4. That can’t be true. I’d hate to think about if they just open Manila and Cebu up without any restraint; this statement itself would kill itself.

  36. Wow, I got on one of the last flights out of Cebu City on March 23. In Hawaii now but just read a news clip quoting a rep from John Muir hospital that they have as many suicides in the Bay Area, CA in one month as they normally have in a year. They have also had more suicides than Covid 19 deaths there! Amazing! I wonder what the suicide deaths are there in Cebu? And depression? And also if it continues, are people going to starve? Would be interesting to get some interviews from people on the street.

  37. I do expect a 14 day quarantine once I arrive in Cebu. I have no problem with this.

  38. Great info Reekay. I had a question. I’m married to a Filipina and will be returning to Cebu on September 17. One way ticket. I’m traveling alone. What documents will I need to enter the Philippines? I assume her birth certificate and our marriage certificate. And I of coarse have my passport. Would I need anything else? And since I’m proving marriage to Filipino citizen will I get the Balikbayan Visa? On March 19 they came out and said as long as you have documents proving marriage to Filipina you may enter without her. Hope you can help me with this. Thanks in advance.

    1. as already mentioned, speak with someone at the nearest ph-consulate or embassy before taking your flight. and if possible, an email sent to you outlining the info they give you, should you need it at your arrival.

      also ask whether or not you will be required to have an ‘ongoing flight’ or not, since you are already married to a PH citizen. bring original docs if you have them, and copies in case they need one. just getting a copy made in the ph can be a chore in itself.

  39. Any word on if your married to pinay? Can I go there and see my wife and kids? I live in dipolog city. I’ve tried looking up on bureau of immigration but it’s not very informative.

    1. I called PH consulate where I live in Vancouver, Canada, they told me that you can only travel there “with” your PH spouse and/or children, but not alone. I plan on calling often to see if and when things change, as I have young children there I miss as well.

  40. Thanks for the update Reekay, it’s not looking good for us tourists, who want to return, but our problems are mainly insignificant compared with people, the businesses, and their livelihoods there. Take care always.

    1. yes, comparatively most of us are not facing loss of food as many filipinos are due to the inability to go to work. some are even being turned out of their home for inability to pay rent, even though the current law says that is not permissible.

  41. I am watching to see what you and Vi do when you get the chance to get out of Cebu City..

    1. for now, our plan is to remain in cebu for another year. we have a great situation here, considering. if we were to move at any point it would be in order to have access to being outdoors without the limitations we currently have.

  42. Thank you Reekay for the update. My G/F living in Cebu as a wedding photographer says no work & everything is locked down tight. God bless my friend🙏🍀✌️

    1. if she has a FB or website link, feel free to post it here. maybe she could pick up some work from it.

    2. Does she just do photos or does she have a team that does videos and and ther full range provided with most wedding packages? Planning my wedding with a filipina for June 2022

  43. Crazzzzzzzzzzzy Passes…I’m claustrophobic from 6000 miles away. And the kids haven’t been outside for nearly 4 months….shameful!

  44. As strong as the USA is we are seeing the problems here funding has been cut for schools cities are laying off workers some villages have closed their police departments and county sheriffs are answering local calls

    1. @Barwin if we made a list of countries based on how much money they have given to other nations… i wonder who would be the country at number-one, strong enough to do that? hmm, any guesses?

  45. They opened the resorts on Samal July 1st. But you still can’t get there from Davao. Apparently only resort customers will be from the locals.

    1. vi, her family and i went to a resort on samal back in january. a few weeks later samal quarantined itself earlier than cebu did.

  46. Latest: Cases of COVID-19 just keep on rising in the Philippines. Cebu City is the new epicenter of the archipelago. Samar and Siargao are new hotspots.

    1. It Will Never Stop Rising, Welcome to the “New Normal”
      From your Trusted World Experts, That Know What is Best For You, and, Knows Best in Everything.

    2. yes. before this it was cavite, laguna and manila. but now, cebu is at the forefront for cases.

  47. This sucks. I haven’t seen my girlfriend in almost a year. I can’t wait for this all to be over.

  48. Stay safe reekay and Vi, I see the united States have big rise in cases again, thank god the UK death is some what come down

    1. @silver addict
      Maybe… look closer? It’s a virus that doesn’t react to politics, geography, state boundaries… Nor, does it thrive, transmit, infect… very well outdoors.

      Solid GOP states tried their best to hide and ignore this virus, rolled out the red carpet, liberated everyone… 4 to 8 weeks later they are shutting down coz their hospitals are about to burst with too many really sick people (many are Republicans).

      Many millions sick and hundreds of thousands Dead, in just a few months, globally, might just be the real, true, deal?

    2. Ah, I think the USA rise is all political, sad but its election year! Democrats doesn’t want trump to have rallies. During the riots no rise , now trump starts his mega rally, and they say its rising again. I’m a Democrat, just not a dumb Democrat.

  49. If you were in a village in bohol you would never have even noticed there was a lockdown, (besides the schools). they are self functioning economies. farmer picks fruit > goes to the market > trike ride to the market > come home. thats how it worked before covid and how it worked during covid. my gf dad drives a trike and he was working the whole time.

    1. that’s good to hear. lots of mom’n’pop business there. i miss bohol/panglao.

  50. Thanks for that info update Reekay. Sadly though, the update for us here in the USA, waiting to meet up with our loved ones once again, is that we are all still banned from entering the country.
    Got round trip tickets back in April for 625 USD.. for a Sept 13th -Oct 11th visit. I’m from NJ. Our tri state area (NY NJ CN) and other states here in the NE USA (PA RI MA) have been complying and our COVID cases have been dropping compared to the rest of the country. Hoping that that trend continues, and MAYBE the PH will open there country to us residents from that sector of the USA. God I miss my girl!!! Skype can only last for so long…… 🙁
    Anyways, my reasoning behind this is that maybe the PH can hope to start generating some USA income into there economy from the most populated region in the USA.

  51. Hi Henry. Did you notice at Metro supermarket if they were looking not only at the pass but what Barangay is shown on your pass and declining your entry cause you are not the Barangay of metro supermarket. Also at your Condo Henry are the passes and their QR number some odd and even #’s so that one can go out any day if they were available. Odd as you know you can only go out MWF and even T, Th, Sat. I’ll be driving to metro tomorrow in case you need any garlic Henry… lol. Be safe.

    1. This is the Philippines. Supermarket security only want to see your new, gigantic, quarantine pass. Super sleuths say that they’re making sure that your pass has the appropriate QR code. Perhaps they have digital scanner eyes? Details on the pass, they seem to ignore.

      @Lifebeyondthesea Our condo complex got 40 passes! It’s way smaller than yours. So we can go out, every day, together, as much as we want (except Sundays, when everyone is supposedly, locked down).

      We can Not ride together on our motorcycle. And other than markets and banks, which have limited hours, not much is open during this ECQ period.

      I’m amazed that most of the locals remain so compliant and accepting of no income and no life for almost 4 months, now.

      I’m convinced that small social groups of locals getting together, indoors, for extended periods, is the primary cause of the increasing spread of this virus. If everyone just strictly stayed apart for a few weeks, this virus would be history.

      Easier said then done.

    2. they didn’t bother to read it when i went. just wanted to see that i had the updated pass.

      as for the q-passes.. whether it’s an odd/even day they are on a first-come/first-served basis from the lobby.

  52. Hello RIckaay are American tourist who were there in manilla before March able to fly back to USA now or are they still stuck in manilla?

    1. any foreigners in the PH can leave at any time. they just need to arrange for a sweeper-flight pass to get to the airport.

  53. “They could die of some other disease and call it COVID-19”. Yeah, easy to use that logic until it’s your grammie or grandpa.

    And having everyone sick costs way more than the job losses now.

    1. @Jean
      Congratulations upon doing objective research!
      Also, for trying to share your knowledge.

      Unfortunately, you have too much competition from the hoax, scam, 5G, it’s just a nuisance flu, denial…crowd. Too many, don’t trust or act like they know more than all experts… at least until they themselves end up hospitalized. That too happens to not enough people to make a difference in public perception.

      No one has ever dealt with anything like this and it was made too political from day one. Too many are also staking too much upon the hope of miracle medicine, vaccines, or upon it just magically disappearing.

      Or, worse: They’ve convinced themselves that they probably were infected already and didn’t even know it,
      Or, they will only get a little sick for a short time, Or, living normally is worth a hospital stint, Or, medicines, vaccines, denial, blessings, healthy food/lifestyle… will surely prevent them from dying.

      God! I certainly hope that they all are correct and we and the experts are dead wrong.

    2. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Don’t know if you has read the txt above. I like your Videos very much you make very good informational vids. Please read some of the links as little payback for your info. Hope that you and Vee come healthy through this COVID-19 Pandemic and maybe meet you sometime. For reading you must use google translator or similar.
      Stay safe and healthy, both of you.

    3. I’m new here, but you are wrong. The answer isn’t soooo easy. Here some links from German Press and Gov. Please read and comment later. German Coroner had the time and the order to seperate the “normal”-dead from COVID-19 related deaths. For reading use Chrome and will help.
      I wanted to go to the PH but Pres. Macron closed all borders a week earlier than germany. Now, since 10 day’y it’s allowed to meet more than 10 people, but team-sports is forbidden maybe until august.
      Recovered and patients without COVID-19 symthoms have sometimes problems with headaches AND problems with focusing, till now, months after recovering, and NO i’m not kidding.

      Stay safe and social distancing

    4. If you were actually paying attention, you’d know what “asymptomatic” means. Most people who have China virus don’t even know it. Your “everyone is sick” comment is pure BS.

    5. i’m not diminishing the importance of the deaths. i’m stating that many deaths are being called ‘covid-related’ when it’s simply not the case.

  54. Sounds like they need to setup direct flights with visas to bohol…..was trying to wait out cebu…but I’ll gladly spend a month in bohol if need be….flights + visa=money for bohol……from this comment to whatever god you believe in makes that happen

  55. G’day Rick I’m from Australia I would like to know something if you can help me pleaseI would like to retire to the Philippines and buy myself a business there for income do you think that’s possible ok thanks mate

    1. honestly, even before covid running a business in the PH is usually a losing venture. and now with the economy shot here, you’d be undercut by the locals for the price of any goods or services. it would be a miracle to run a profitable business here any time in the next year or two. imo.

  56. Great info bro. This is why ive been a follower of your since the very beginning 2013. You give UP TO DATE information

    1. That’s true I I literally been waiting for this. I stop even trying to follow any Filipino information because it’s always full of holes and inaccuracies and it changes every other day or like here Mayor says one thing Police Chief says another. This video is golden.

    2. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea hi bro. Just finished watching that Omar guy talking trash and im pissed at him about it. I understand you take the high road on trolls and now i think ill do the same. This guy always vids in his car like hes hiding and hes talking crap😒😒😒. Hes a has been before he was a never was lol

  57. Thank you for the knowledge. This information is helpful. Hopefully you will continue to keep us updated.

  58. The CCP will gladly lend any amount of money the local authorities need in the Philippines. Just ask (while you say nice things about them)… and see what happens, of course, when the loan payments come due (read the fine print!). Hint: Look at the situation in Hong Kong, which used to be a wonderful city. Hope the economy can restart on its own when things finally re-open, as they must. Thanks for the update; hope you’re getting your “pass” to shop as you need it.

    1. hong kong failed because of its citizens destroying things as well as foreign interference.. China is not the USA that constantly take over Countries in debt to them. Just look at their stranglehold and their insistence that oil is paid in dollars. if you try like Saddam Hussain to pay in another currency you get invaded.

  59. Hey Reekay, please, you and Vi stay safe. Hopefully cebu can be upgraded in the next 2 weeks. Thank you as usual for your update my friend.

  60. The official story was “George Floyd Died of COVID-19” yes you read that right. You will be listed as a COVID death if you die today. Know that other one who hanged himself in L.A? Guess what? He died of COVID too.

  61. Stay safe over there Reekay. Circumstances can change fast. Some of my wealthy expats friends in Columbia lulled themselves into a false sense of security a few months ago. They boasted about low case levels, not realizing that testing was nonexistent in Columbia, and still is not where it should be today. Not sure about Cebu. Stay strong bro.

    1. @Wutsa Hammerfir
      Many of us never really liked to play “Russian Roulette”.
      Enough People (of ALL ages) suddenly find themselves in an ICU or dead! Some 90 year olds live, some in their 20s + 30s die (in NY + California, where there is not 3ird world hospitals or barangay quarantine quarters).

      For a while, Stay 20 feet away from anyone you don’t sleep with. Promise! That will not permanently disable, or Kill you.

    2. Did your friends develop covid and if so, did they go to the ICU? Were they put on ventillators? Did they pass away? To say they were lulled into a false sense of security doesn’t tell us the impact. 80% (or more, now) of people who develop it experience only mild or no symptoms. 5% end up in ICU. Even fewer pass away. In spite of that, many countries are reacting with a draconian response quanrantining the well people, not just quarantining and isolating the sick. EHQ, with 5 passes for a condo complex of 150 people is draconian. Something has to give; I live here in PI too and I know the pain of overeaction. Thanks.

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