Philippines: No Tourist Entry Until 2021 Is Highly Likely

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    1. Im confused nowi just booked a flight with asap tickets for June 3 for 30 days michigan to san fran then to manilla then to dumaguete, the rep told me the flights will be available just with my passport, visa not needed. I booked this flight may 24th. Wouldnt it have shown on his computer data those flights being blocked N/A

    2. Ok im married and haveba ticket to see my son and wife September 26 am i ok to see my family someone talk to me so i can understand

    3. What good is the dating sites, or why even mention, when no one is allowed to visit… Now I cannot visit my soon to be fiance on 19 June 2020, or that’s the way it is appearing, and there is no such thing as refunds for reservations

  2. When abouts do you think anyone will be able to go to Manila because I’ve ordered my ticket from UK in feb 2020 thx Michael.

  3. I hope you’re wrong…. The thing is you make a lot of sense.. In your timeline.. Have a great day

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea I would sure love to know…. When I can come back home again to the Philippines… Yes I am married to a Filipina… With a 13 A Visa.. I was only supposed to be in the USA for about 2 weeks.. For a family reunion… 3 days after I arrived in the USA.. The world shut down… And family reunion never took place… I hope you having a good day… And I hope I can get back to the Philippines in September 2020…

    2. i wish things were different. then my g/f and i could go out to have a nice dinner ‘out’ again. and catch a movie, take a walk, go to the beach.

  4. Thanks for keeping it real bro. I hear all the time ppl whining about this and that making themselves stressed. Human kind survived ice ages, floods and the plague and they will survive this also and hopefully learn from it. A wise man fears the cause. A foolish man fears the outcome.

  5. No way. For my opinion, private resorts and even beach towns will allow tourists some time this year. I think Phillipines can handle it but I know the situation isn’t the best but it’s not like America in a way. As long as people social distance which I think you can in the beaches, I think it will be managed. Don’t forget the rice terraces and forests up north. In general domestic tourism should be going big as well.

  6. Hi Rick:Thanks for your great, informative videos. I am a bit confused. Did you give up on Saigon District 7? I thought you were set on Vietnam but now I see you are back in Cebu. What prompted that change of heart, if that was the case?

    1. i love saigon and i plan to return, bringing my g/f with me (filipina). i visited davao back in september/2019, and met my girlfriend while on my visa-run. so i returned to PH in january and we’ve been together since then.

  7. ANYBODY what does this mean for fiance visa to get your filipina into america has that been put on a halt also????

  8. So this would also hinder filipina looking to come to usa under a fience visa????

    1. Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea I know what you mean although my point was more to see the push for more facist like state, controlling the will of the people’s. And let’s be honest in the Philippines with a mercenary like grip upon native peoples. Not to mention nationalism, my presumption is you’ve seen a couple of YouTube channels aimed at nationalism within the Philippines 🇵🇭, trying to whip up hate against foreigners.

    2. i spent a year in ‘communist’ vietnam (2019). i gotta tell you, in the big cities they don’t have some of the problems i see in big cities back home.

  9. I’m married to a Filipina we have a house in ph live in California were coming in aug/Sept. Ok?

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Thank you for your reply. Thank you to for all you vids I have watched 99% of them over the years so helpful. Journalisms bright spot. I like your teaching agape love and others Thanks again for being there for us.

    2. yes, currently an expat may enter the PH when with his filipina-spouse. (and kids, if any) bring any documentation with you. copy of marriage cert will likely do it. some wedding photos on your phone might be a good idea.

  10. There are a lot of known unknowns to consider and nobody should speculate on the midterm future. By summer economies the world over will be hurting so badly that even the most reluctant countries will open for business. Treatments may emerge quicker than we expect even if vaccines will take a lot longer. I think we will see a strategic shift to protecting risk groups and building up herd immunity among low risk groups.

  11. Hey Reekay. The intl airport re=opened however I have a feeling it’s only for returning OFW’s. I think you may be right. One thing though, you keep saying no tourists by expats. What does being an expat have to do with it? If you are anyone traveling as a tourist I think they will ban you. Lest you have an SRRV or some other permanent visa; but I don’t think they are only keeping expats out.

  12. So tomorrow the Thai government could open up the entry restrictions then again they might not. And the Philippines need more tourism than anything else. To finance there economy…….. So your saying they probably won’t but they might do.

  13. Dueteurte is being instructed by the WHO and Gates after Gates gave how many Filipino children life ending or have been maimed from Gates experimentation and the polio vaccine. This is all BS. It’s a scamdemic PLANDEMIC. The NWO is here. Were under martial law. What the Russians did with the Ukrainians the invisible corporate kings who run this planet from the shadows. Anyone who has been paying attention should be able to see that this is a scam. Ask yourself, Do you personally know someone who was young healthy, DIDN’T TAKE FLU VACCINES, and became ill, had no other comorbidities and Died? In WW2 the nazi’s bombed London relentlessly. Did schools and shops and industry shit down? No. Why did the USA and Soviet Union spend all the money they did when they could have just released something like covid. Why did the USA spend billions with RAND Corp to study nuclear war response and civil responses of attacked? The supply chains were just as important then and yet without the benefit of AI customer management software, just in time efficiency logistics, if theyve been preparing why did they not have a supply change shift plan to accommodate mass quarantine? Why wouldn’t they go to frastic measures of implementation of separating the obviously sick from the healthy and keep the most neccesarily part of our existence open and running. Wars are supposed to be good for an economy. This could gave been handled world wide just like a war. Why would the USA commit suicide all the while China hasn’t slowed their economy down as far as domestically. The only slow down has been the lack of demand from the export market. Trump God Bless him has the opportunity to be the most significant president of all time by gathering those loyal. Conducting massive treason tribunals. Smashing any relationship with the UN. Any type of global sustainable development program which us a trojan horse for world wide Chinese democracy. Were screwed folks. Call me crazy. I hope I am. But wete frogs in the proverbial pot.

    The sheep spend their whole lives afraid of the wolf. Never contemplating the fact that in the end it is the shepard that brings him to slaughter.

  14. ALL PEOPLE 60 and over should leave the Philippines unless you want to be on unlimited house arrest 😂😂😂😂

  15. well, I had a flight booked out for November – no extension offered because it is a cheap flight…
    this will ruin the Phils – not only because of the tourism, but there will be a lot of people out of work because of that

  16. In your opinion. When do you think Hong Kong may allow transit passengers enroute to North America. Currently transit through Hong Kong has been shut down. Thanks Reekay.

  17. I recieved a email from cheap o air,stating even with travel insurance, covid 19 is considered a “known event”.doesn’t guarantee your money due to cancelled flights, again thx for the info rekay

  18. Cool. Balikbayan probably will not be affected even if they do get drastic. I hope it just all opens back up, and soon.

  19. As a retired US Army Vet (married to a Filipina) and living in the Philippines since 2018
    I know that Reekay is 100% correct with his Int’l travel assessment.
    The Philippine government is ultra conservative and will do whatever is necessary to
    protect its citizens from this NASTY virus, including shutting down the country.
    Plus remember their healthcare system is truly third-world and not anywhere near what
    you have in the US or other developed nations.
    I STRONGLY recommend that you postpone your Philippine travels until after the virus
    has subsided.
    You will thoroughly enjoy the country and it’s AWESOME people once the health threat
    has diminished.
    Dr. Ron (for questions –

  20. got repatriated to the UK on 29thapril . Was there in Philippines for five months this time. Think you are correct thats same as my take on it the earliest will be begining of 2021. My wife is a Pinay but I still wont be returning until 2021.

  21. I don’t believe the Philippines can sustain closure economically until 2021. Regardless of climate, the Philippines government will surely want that stream of tourist dollars reopen asap

  22. They will open up in the summer and around October or November shut down again and watch the 2nd wave unfold. Philippines is 3rd world alot of people will die. If the pandemic hits them hard.

  23. The country cannot afford to stay on lockdown hasn’t got the infrastructure, or resources to sustain its self reliance, if the world has another recession, third world countries like the Philippines will be on its knees and civil war is very likely. I’ll make it simple ,Filipino’s cannot afford to starve to death and in the current situation under ECQ that is what is happening. Covid 19 restructuring may be just around the corner and that includes monitored commercial flights coming in on a regular basis just like what Thailand is doing right now !

  24. Things are crazy here in Colombia as well. The country will suffer because tourism was growing big time here.

  25. I’ve given some thought to the revelation that the virus turns up in semen now. In Angeles, Makati, and other venues this means the whole bargirl dynamic will be changing. All it takes is for one guy who had covid19 to mess up the works on the Walking Street. Because once you have it, and survive it, you still have it in your system and can now sexually transmit it to others.

    1. knowing human-nature, while it ‘should’ make a difference i doubt it will.

      already there’s a plethora of STD’s to worry about. and unplanned pregnancy. and HIV/AIDS. and throat cancer. yet people still run out and do unprotected sex. adding covid to the list likely won’t make a difference to those who frequent the walking-street areas, either as a buyer or seller of short-time.

  26. I believe that many countries will not be open to Americans in the near future as many countries hate the U.S. especially in the EU on top of list is France and the UK but who in their right mind would go to these communist countries. The Philippines has been deteriorating the last few years. All the males go there for sex with very young girls as with Thailand. I would go Vietnam but before covid-19 Vietnam stopped long term visas for over 30 days. The U.S. citizens going out of their country will be limited and with a health certificate and maybe to be quarantined for 14 days. When this covid-19 is slowed the U.S. will almost a 3rd world counrty. Which the world wants from the UN.

  27. Perfect video, thank you Sir, you are one of the few that tell’s the truth 🙏

  28. You’re right when you say most international travel to Philippines is from Filipinos going home to visit family.
    Any international flight landing in Philippines is mostly Filipino passengers.

  29. The Philippines makes millions and millions and millions of dollars off of tourism. The airlines in the Philippines is going under.
    Filipino government knows it needs to open up soon because they won’t be going just in to a recession but a depression.
    I can’t see the lock down going for that long.

  30. Yah most likely because the Phils is not tourism oriented economy. Tourism is important but not the main economy driver like Italy, Thailand, Iceland, etc..

  31. I think most of this will change faster than you might think…My personal prediction is that MOST of the countries in the world will choose commerce (can you say $$MONEY$$) over human lives and safety…the most basic building block of capitalism is GROWTH…so just to keep the same amount of
    expats/tourists in any given country likely will lead to recession, stagnation and possible collapse of the financial sectors…in a true capitalists eyes: humans are expendable and replaceable…wars have been won and lost over money, territory, and resources…humans lives are rarely factored into the desire for growth…OK???…Just my 2 cents:)

  32. Good evening, Sir can I know when can we travel to the Philippines. It is confirm in January 2021? Thank you

  33. I think Philippines and other countries will require a negative result from a Covid-19 antigen test before boarding your plane to come to the Philippines. I heard that Emirates Airlines will be doing that. That would solve the problem.

  34. Good theory but as America goes the world will follow. Just today several international carriers have announced adding flights.

    More so the USA is opening up. The beaches in Florida and California are opened up.

    The big game changer is that Stanford and USC have came out with studies that show mortality rate is only .01-.03. Not the 1-4 % that the media reported. Its more contagious but it’s lethality is very low.

    Doctors and scientist are turning the tide by agreeing that the original models were faulty.

    The green light will be given to the G7 then G20 and the rest of the world will follow the guidelines.

    Here is another point, as therapeutics and profolavtics are being more widely used the non scientific based draconian measures will be reversed.

    Ask yourself we still don’t have a vaccine for h1n1. We have vaccines for the flue but over 60,000 people die each year for the flu just in the USA. Top researchers believe that covid 19 will be another bad flu that we will have to live with.

    Based on your theory and data. The Philippines economy will be destroyed and thousands will die of extreme poverty.

    Would you like to make a bet. I got 100 USD to say your model is faulty. 👍💖

  35. This is what she said:
    “Travel will not revert to normal right away. Even if the ECQ (enhanced community quarantine) has been lifted, some LGUs will not yet be open to visitors from other places and international travel might not yet happen within the year pending the travel restrictions of other nations,
    Meaning even when the Philippines open it depends on other nations opening also. She never said no foreigners will be allowed before 2021.Be careful what you say because some of us are locked out of the country even if we live there for 10 years we are still considered tourists and ordinary foreigners.

  36. Cambodia, Vietnam and Taiwan just opened their borders just for them this week. I think neighboring countries will follow. Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand can’t stay like this for a long time. Thailand will operate international travels June 1st. Department Tourism in Philippines also stared today that they are just watching whatever ths neighbor countries are doing. So Fingers crossed. Because we don’t just travel to have fun as tourist, we also travel to see our families and loved ones.

  37. By the way the reason why everybody enjoys the beautiful places now in the philippibes its because there were no tourist 10 or 20 years ago, so thats even a good news…. money is not the iasue,

  38. Keeping PI “shut down” over the Christmas Holiday Season (Oct-Jan) will be a major undertaking and will likely deal a death-blow to their economy…

  39. hello Reekay, hope youre fine,  thanks for posting always your News, im watching it always,  my Wife and Son both Philippino Citiziens  we r married @ 17 years ,iam swiss and as for now cannot fly to Bohol untill January 2021??  miss my loveones very much,  would be a Chance to fly November?   thanks a answer,   best Wishes, SALAMAT

  40. As I travel on a balikbayan visa from the USA I am wondering if you know of a government website that states that visa will still be honored. Now it is a little early as I will need to see what restrictions are in place in December but consult it just prior to the trip. If you know of official information I would appreciate it.


  41. Long distances relationships just got more expensive.

    But my SE love to be finance he is definitely worth the price and love and safety.


  42. I have been watching your channel for a long time and I like the way you stick your neck out..I remember you went to Vietnam because you got your heart hurt in the Philippines and I knew that you were coming back to the Philippine and find a Filipino girl to love and be with… I enjoyed watching your stay in Vietnam and I learned a lot of things,thank you. I think the love from a Filipino girl is the best love in the whole world and I think you believe the same thing.. None of us are perfect and we all make mistakes but I do love Filipino women..if I would have married a Filipino girl years ago I would have saved myself a lot of heartache in a lot of guess is that the Philippines and all other countries will be open before September..that’s my two cents worth 🤔😁🤗
    Thank you for another good video 👌👍😷😁🤗

  43. Maybe yes…but the govt will not be able to suffer prolonged economic loss…just wait n see how the citizens will reacts when most of them go hungry

  44. It’s a very simple fix all they need to do is test everybody before they do international flights of the covid-19 cuz now they have testing that you get the answer in 5 minutes and I believe that’s what we’ll save tourism throughout the world other than that you’re probably right in all facts let me show take care

  45. thats a lot to think about no way to really make plans i guess we should expect the worst and hope for the best.

  46. I agree with most of the commenters. The PI will open earlier. They must. Although tourism is only about 7% of the GDP, the virus has also damaged all other industries and export revenue in the PI. The entire country is in dire straits economically. With many families already barely having enough money to feed their families day to day, and numerous businesses closing possibly for good, I suspect if the PI doesn’t significantly lighten up within the next two or three months, there will be rioting in the streets – possibly much sooner. Also, one must consider the nature of Philippine people – they are very flexible, changeable, and impatient. In many parts of the PI, people are already beginning to relax and are tired of the quarantine. My opinion.

  47. Good information I’m in the philippines on a balikbayan Visa ends 22 Sept 2020 wife went back to the states days before the lockdown will I be able to get an extension to stay another 6 to 12 months?

  48. Im under GQ now and its not much different than EQ, more businesses are open but travel isnt an option. I do think domestic travel will open with 14 day quarenteen by the end of May.

  49. I think the Philippine government like all other governments under the present circumstances are going to do whatever they want, my question is what happens to those of us expats who are already here in the Philippines under lock down and not married to a Filipina but have children and a family here that we support will our visas be extended or will we be forced to leave ?

  50. Interesting thinking. And good to put such thoughts out there to get people thinking. 14 days more and then 14 days more and then another 14 days more is getting tiring.

    Independent of that, on your Point 4 and it’s non-reference to tourism, you emphasise that the bill is ‘domestic only’. Another way to look at that is that tourism will be dealt with separately, in a separate bill and they are consciously trying to avoid mentioning it in this one as it is to be looked at later, just as (for example) military combat aircraft will be looked at later, as will highway construction. So my suggestion is to not read too much into that.

    For tourism, one thing that can be said for certain: Even if we woke up tomorrow morning and were told this whole Covid-19 was gone tourism numbers won’t be back this year. And obviously that isn’t going to happen. But even with open borders tomorrow, also not going to happen, the numbers of tourists would likely be 10% of what they were last year at best. So dealing with it separately might be a way to go as the numbers will be a lot smaller than in the recent past.

    FYI, I read earlier today (4 May) that NAIA has been instructed to develop a ‘return to normal travel’ plan. That of course didn’t say when, but does say there are government parties that do want to do it.

    Last points – and again, this may be wishful thinking but I think it is none-the-less relevant. Tourism is between 10-15% of Philippine economy (and that’s mostly foreign). If that is closed, that’s a huge further hit to the already hugely hit economy. Plus OFW need those flights that also bring in tourists, as airlines can’t operate them at 1/2 capacity or less – although if they are being paid to buy jet fuel, who knows, but generally restrictions on tourism could hamper OFW – another 10-15% of the economy. Plus BPO travel is also necessary (supervisors / trainers /etc). So they will have to allow some travel, and before Christmas.

    My suggestion (if someone in Philippine government reads this) is to start by requiring all visitors stay in a special location (either a hotel/village near NAIA or a specific direct flight to someplace isolated for two weeks – maybe Clark?) For long stay visitors (i.e. retirees, trainers) two weeks in a nice hotel waiting for an all clear out of a planned 3 to 6 month stay won’t be too onerous and if packaged correctly could be billed as a special short vacation before the vacation or some such. It would keep short stay tourists away but be the beginnings of a return to normal with low risk. And then as other countries show they are clear, like Vietnam and South Korea and Taiwan as starters, and can persuasively demonstrate they have little to no infections they can open up to them too – one by one – based on data.

    But telling hotels /airlines/ tour leaders etc/etc to just forget it for 12 – 24 months? That’s a much bigger problem than Covid-19 will ever be.

    My two bucks worth (sense [cents] isn’t worth anything any more).

  51. You all forget that the other countries have to open up as well for tourists to get to the Philippines. I doubt Australia will reopen (except to NZ) till after a vaccine is made.

  52. Former Clark locator so I still get their emails. They put out an 18 page New Normal instructions for businesses a few days ago that will just add more and more cost and trouble on businesses in the Philippines.

  53. Disappointed, but things will work out. I find it a little amusing the everybody is worried about us dirty farangs. The first order of business when Govt funds or food is received, is a fight! A boodle fight!!
    A boodle is a display , of local delicacies on make shift tables covered in banana leaves. Typically without plates or any utensils. Wonderful idea! But not now
    God bless PH

  54. The Philippine government process reminds me of a woman on menopause 🤔😷
    Enough said😀😷🍺🍻
    PS..I still do and always have enjoyed all your travel videos and you know what they say about opinions 🤔😷😀🤕🤒🍺🍻👍👌😀😷😷🤔🤔🤔

    1. you can enter the PH with your wife. entering the PH without her, i am not so sure about.

  55. I sure hope your wrong, But it what it is what it is, I have a condo under construction there, also a fiancé, Does that give me any leverage,

  56. I’ve talked to 4 pinay ladies in 4 different places who’ve been friends with me for awhile. They’re all telling me they have no way to even get food now. And the government there is not giving them food. Can you imagine what things are going to be like after a year of this?

    I don’t normally get in to this kind of thing, but what is the point of trying to stop coronavirus if half of the people starve in the process? Is that their plan?

    Coronavirus is not going away. People need to wake up to this fact. Probably ever. It’s going to flair up and then go down from time to time like the flu. We’re going to have learn to live with it. Turning a whole country in to a prison is not going to change that.

  57. I’m in the U.S. right now and looking from the outside, your opinion makes sense. Dr. Fauci predicts that Covid 19 will come back in October in the fall in the U.S. during the cold climate. It’s going to be worse because this is during the flu season! Honestly, I don’t care what everyone else says, I will not be traveling UNTIL there is an approved Covid 19 vaccine. I will not even leave South Carolina to go to California or Florida, etc until there is a vaccine. They predict this will happen in a year and a half in the future.

  58. These policies will actually kill the governments tax revenue. This boneheaded policies will not last. The Hawaiians are also going to pay a huge price and us mainlanders will not forget how they wanted us off the island.

  59. This crisis has exposed how all of these governments are incompetent, corrupt, and evil. After this plandemic, it is obviously that a lot of elected and unelected officials need to be hung, beaten to a pulp in front of their loved ones, then drug around around in the street for all of the public see.

    You don’t quarantine healthy people and there social distancing guidelines serve what purpose? This entire thing looks suspect and will accomplish nothing of value

  60. Hi Ricky I think we are not going to open up to there is vacine for the virus any where in the world it could one year to two because any country can allow the virus to get back in the country i in Australia we lucky we now have zero cases some days in many states and we are looking open schools restaurants in next month sport going play next month.

  61. Gentlemen forget about the vaccines there is no vaccine for any virus right now and we don’t know if there will be the only medicine is to try to avoid getting infected as we prevent hiv using condoms

  62. Anyone who thinks that the Philippines does not need tourism to survive doesn’t live on one of the hundreds of islands. On my island all the hotels and resorts are closed. Most all of the stores closed. No public transportation now.. Those people live day to day. We’ve been locked down for five weeks and now extended another two weeks. Then?? Many foreigners need to make a visa run ?? I guess they will figure it out in time.

  63. Very interesting take on the situation. I think the one unknown is a vaccine. If no vaccine I think your analysis is probably spot on.

  64. Filipine Government is like a confused woman in distress. They say one thing one day and they change to another thing in the morning so dont worry in 2 month time they will open to all tourist….

  65. It will require other countries also opening up at least to transit passengers. If Philippines does open earlier then you might have to have a direct flight from a country that has low infection rate, and you may have to have a certificate to show you have been tested and are clean or even better have covid19 antibodies. But its totally up to how soon the Philippines can slow the infection rate and get it under control, which is completely unknown.

  66. I have a fiance in the Philippines she wants me there sooner than later what do you think any chance be able to go sooner

  67. This is the UN behind all of this, lets control people, take their freedom, make them bankrupt, and lie about everything, unreal!

  68. this was all planned way before covid 19, the flu kills more people per year, than covid 19, they are bankrupting people on purpose, control of the word “new world order” at its best!

    1. The world was already bankrupt, they are just letting all of the air out of the bubble. ….maybe.

  69. What if you 1 year of visas is completed and you have to leave for the 24 hours then want to come back to the Philippines to your home ?

  70. This plan doesn’t make sense and not practical, the economy will collapse

  71. Thanks for calling it like it is Reekay…foreigners in the Phils. have got to get their heads out from under the sheets and understand that in this country, you need to suspend all your notions of logic…this country is on its own plane of reasoning in its own dimension.

    1. thanks. i just wish i had solid reasons to hope for a sooner date.

  72. This is crazy Im not saying to not be serious Buttttt this is because 7000 people out of 110 million was infected. If they was to start checking the public they would most likely see that approx 50 to 60 percent of the population has already had it and recovered . Very hard to believe the whole world shuts down because of 2 million people out of 7 billion people is so so so stupid in no way am i saying your stupid just the way the whole world is reacting to it

  73. They already relaxed the 60 years old and under 20 years. Everything is as before. You can do the same thing as before if you have your pass to go to the hospital pharmacy and grocery’s

  74. Ricky what going to happen to an expat I’m Canadian living here in the Philippines on a tourist visa but my 3 years is up July 15. What will happen to me

  75. Reekay I want to ask you again. What if a foreigner living here on a tourist visa and needs to leave for the 36 month visa run. Even if he has a child and supports the extended family if he’s not married even if he could travel out he might not be allowed back in if he’s not married. So how long how many months can he be late on the visa before he gets in trouble. Looks like international travel Christmas is eight months away. I know men that needed a visa run a few months ago.

  76. Will ANGELES CITY survive? They will face extinction. These politicians have to realise like the Dinosaurs which disappeared from the face of the Earth, Angeles City will as well. The World will never be the same again.

  77. Thank you for your great content. I can’t wait to visit the phillipnes. You inspire me to travel

  78. You would not like to be part of the tourism industry in phil…especially the high end….it’s like having a knife stuck directly in your belly. The affect on phil economy is going to be huge. Social deprivation is going to be huge. Is very sad for the poorer countries. And especially the beautiful phil people. God bless, you guys over there.

  79. Will Cebu Pacific flight domestically after 16th May? What is your bet?✈️✈️✈️

  80. Would anyone be able to tell me what is the best outcome May 15th? Will they open Luzon and continue the lockdown in the provinces? My wife is currently stuck in Mindanao unable to flight back to Europe. Stay safe everyone.

  81. Guess the economy of the resorts will collapse and places like Boracay will go under.

  82. The 60 years or plus rule would mean the President of the Philippines and many in government will either be locked in their homes or not lead by example. There are many in the provinces who are older than 60 and have to work to live, it’s not like they can take social security early. At some point you have to educate the older population and give them all the assistance possible but let them choose how to live and deal with the virus. Locking them in their homes will kill them as surely at the virus itself.

  83. I”m not expert on Philippines but taking a hit of the magnitude of total shutoff of foreign tourism will probably mean that some people will have to return to the farm and plant food otherwise some will starve because those jobs can’t be replaced domestically. All tourism is 8.5% of the economy, if you take out the foreigners that might be 4-5% of GDP.

  84. Yet while Filipinos languish not knowing if they’ve got a job or when they will be able to return to it it seems that the mainland Chinese operating the pogo casinos will be allowed to return to work ….. Don’t suppose anybody might be getting a kickback for this accommodation ?

  85. Reekay do some research on this cov 19 fraud. What’s wrong with open borders for travel? I think this blown way out of proportion. There is medicine now that cures this cold. If you ever catch it. Very doubtful in the Philippines with there sun and humidity

  86. Omg, that’s crazy.are these people ignoring the medical tests being done? No country shouldve ever shut down , cov 19 is no deadlier than a cold

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea well the problem is getting to Manila, butuan airport is closed. Then I talked to a UK couple who tried to get to Manila but was turned back by the roadblocks. Then another UK couple told me they was stuck in Qatar from Manila for 8 days because their flights was canceled 2x. So I was wondering when it’s clear to get to Manila, to get home. Some are stuck on beaches. Lol best place to be stuck.

    2. at no time have foreigners been prevented from leaving the PH. google, “philippines sweeper flights” for more info on how an expat can leave the PH, anytime they want.

      it is entry ‘into’ the PH which is not being granted.

  87. people are out of the pockets, businesses in Manila, Angeles, Cebu, Baguio, and countless holiday resorts on remote Islands, Boracay, El Nido, Bohol, they all out of business, simply when people are out of pockets they are not happy, if they not happy they turn against their politicians , if politicians will call for lock down extensions they won’t get elected , no politician will risk their post close to power and money . and one more thing, what about this GSQ after September?? an ESQ is about to end on 15 May and they going to move to GSQ after that, so May not September.

  88. This is total bull crap,,, no cases in Bohol and still locked down,,,, this is crazy.

  89. Hi Reekay.. haven’t watched your channel in a while, catching up now. When did you go back to Philippines? What motivated the move? It appeared you were getting along pretty well here in HCM.

  90. I’m curious about something as a frequent visitor to the Philippines. What if I didn’t leave the Philippines in February and got “stuck” there or decided to stay? Would I have been able to get Visa extensions at my local BOI?

    1. Immigration offices are closed here in Angeles and Manila. You will be able to comply with all visa extension requirements ( I guess they mean pay) with no penalties if you do so within 30 days of the end of lockdown.

  91. Maybe everything will change if all airports around the world require testing before boarding a flight. That combined with a 14 day quarantine would make the risk negligible.

  92. Your not going to like this.. but the data from Philippines.. looks like you did something very aggressive a little bit before April 1.. like 3 days before.. this help a great deal with lowering your new cases.. unless the Philippines takes this more seriously.. looks like the may 15 date will be rextend … or some additional lockdown measures will need to be taken.. your still increasing rate of infection.. might not take alot of work but unfortunately Philippines needs to do more.. for the last 2 weeks your still on a study incline and not flattening the curve yet.. so be ready for stricter quarantine measures… good news doesn’t look like it will require much.. maybe people taking it more seriously or more mask and washing hands.. unless something more action is taken you will not get this quarantine to stop for several months

  93. This is all speculative…i cant see the future so therefore i cannot predict it..patience!

  94. Reekay,, do you think it is possible that IF (and it’s coming) there is a cure offered which reduces this whole issue to the ranks of common cold,, or normal flue, that all this power grabbing will be extinguished? Do you REALLY think Dueterte is on board with what these “power grabbers” are up to?

    If you have been keeping up,, the DEEP STATE power grabbers here in US are in DEEP, DEEP trouble and POTUS has back channels to all the leaders around the world including President Dueterte. The Mainstream Media in Phil in as currupt as it is here. Any surprise? What do you think?

  95. If the Philippines keeps it shutdown till 2021, more filipinos will be out of jobs permanently. Do you know how many filipinos have jobs in the tourism industry, restaurants, bars, resorts, taxis, airport workers, etc?

  96. The Philippine people will servive this just fine , it is US old expats that wont servive ! Rest in pieces !

  97. Hi, I wanted to know if us who are already in the Philippines, can go to the BI to renew our visas? Is it still available?

  98. Will buy my plane ticket for this coming September I to visit Cebu City . Thanks for the awesome information on Cebu it will be very helpful in planning my trip.

  99. Don’t think so mate, money will win the day, same with any country that relies heavily on tourism…..

  100. Dictator duterte doesn’t give a rat’s ass about tourism as long as his streets are clean of drugs and China (CCP) has got his back! Soon as people begins to starve, protest and social unrest. He will just order martial law. This is what the filipinos voted for

  101. Philippines so concerned about COVID19 now but were never so concerned prior about their starving, poverty stricken citizens who die by the thousands due to lack of access to free healthcare. Their President and government are a massive JOKE!!

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea That’s where you are headed ancient times. all for a hoaxdemic EVENT 201 UN agenda 21 plan .. you have been fooled and sacrafice several huge industrys.

    2. make up your mind. in another comment you said there was ‘no poverty’. you wrote; “We dont depend on Tourism to the extent of Thailand. Filipinos should learn from this and veer towards other means of prosperity. We had no tourism in ancient times yet with no poverty ”

      and ‘when’ exactly was this period when the PH was ‘not poor’? history doesn’t show it. just face it, you believe the problems of the PH are due to foreigners. i suppose that’s easier for you to believe than to take an honest look at PH history. total lack of accountability. blame someone else. but it’s just a fantasy. the majority of problems filipinos face today were NOT caused by foreigners. if anything, foreigners have come to do charity work, the usa has donated Billions of dollars over the years to the PH for every typhoon, earthquake or calamity.

      but… you ignore all that.

  102. I agree with Jim alvir, I think this is set up for all persons who want to travel to get vaccinated. Then everyone else! The mark set into motion.

    1. If people simply so NO, then it will not happen. That crap is certainly not going to fly here in the Texas. If these governments want to get testy, they will end up being overthrown like the monarchies of the past. No one is buying the crap anymore which is why YouTube is cracking down.

  103. I’m just trying to get home not stay or come back . I have a job I need to get back to . Flight keeps getting canceled. Think they would want as many foreigners out of the country as possible. .

  104. Yes this is from a tourism point of veiw most comments are around and I personally think that there is a big part of the population that will never or have ever seen a tourist. Those simple folk living in the provence and farming will have little effect on those unless they are being supported by OFWs. Most will get by just fine. I once thaught the Philippines would sink without the almighty tourist dollar but I believe thats only in a handful of tourist spots. The rest of the country will get by just as it always has.

  105. Pfizer sees vaccine by September; Remdesivir proves effective. MANILA, Philippines — Pfizer Inc. has announced it could have a coronavirus vaccine ready by the fall, according to a report in The Daily Mail.

  106. Excellent video Errique. Yes i cant travel right now anyway but Im sure this myst be a real bummer for alot of folks. Im looking forward to the day when my wife and I can return to Cebu to visit family and friends. I miss sitting upstairs at the Social on top of Ayala and drinking a few cold ones and snacking on the soft shelled crab they served last time I was there. Keep your chin up and enjoy the country without us for now. Godbless to you and the little woman.

  107. Looks like I will have to stay in my $50 a month East Village San Diego apartment. It has been rough for me.

  108. Yes I hope it opens up soon. But I think you are right sometime in 2021 more like July 2021.

  109. Lots of interesting and valid thoughts and opinions Reekay, and you may well be right. Just a thought though, if it gets around to January, bearing in mind it’s a big month for festivals like Sinulog and Dinagyang, maybe it will be extended again. How the Philippine economy will survive around ten months of no tourism, I hate to think. Hotels, attractions, restaurants won’t be able to cope. There is no big financial aid available to citizens and businesses there like there is in UK and USA. People there are struggling to get by already, I fear there will be civil unrest and crime born out of desperation. Things can change however, and I really hope that they do. Pray for a vaccine to prevent the virus, or a drug to treat it becomes available.

  110. It is more nightmare for 1000s couples stuck in LDR now …torn apart by the insane lockdown measures we saw earlier only in the zombie movies.

    1. Omg, I’m the same. I left my fiance to visit Philippines and now we’re away from each other. I can’t wait any longer. Hopefully the government everywhere realize that they are shatterong people’s lives because of this lockdown and travel restrictions

  111. Senators and Congressman’s are all in the 60+ you think this apply for them also ?/ This is a joke ,, quarantine IS NOT home arrest ..

  112. This sucks !! Future Asawa ko stuck in Calumpit Bulacan . CHIMMP !! I Personally will Never buy Any products made in china EVER !!!. I outfitted apartment for her buying only things I thought were made in the Philippines , applicances especially.

  113. MMMMM so I think you will stuck in Philippines for a long time ???Any traveling plans ?? with VI

  114. This is on the US State Department web site,

    Passport Operations in Response to COVID-19

    Because of public health measures to prevent the spread of
    COVID-19, effective March 20, we have limited U.S. passport operations.
    Unless you have a life-or-death emergency, you should wait to apply for or renew your passport until we resume normal operations. Learn more on our COVID-19 Update page and our Frequently Asked Questions page.

  115. Just to let you know that the US State Department is limiting the issuing of all passports being issued and all international travel has been stopped for USA citizens that are traveling from the USA!

  116. …This has got to be killing hotels, restaurants and bars….Countries that are travel destinations are getting hammered…..

  117. What about the news that phillipines airlines is starting to fly people out? Is that true?

    1. Seal with white background
      United States Embassy Manila, Philippines

      Health Alert – U.S. Embassy Manila (May 4, 2020)

      Location: The Philippines


      U.S. Embassy and Philippine Airlines (PAL) Partner to Assist Stranded U.S. Citizens (SURVEY DEADLINE EXTENDED):

      Due to overwhelming demand for the special May 9 PAL flights to assist stranded U.S. citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents, PAL has agreed to leave the sign-up link open until WEDNESDAY May 6 at 8:00 p.m. (Manila time). All flights are contingent upon sufficient demand. If you are interested in this flight, click here NOW.

      Check your contact details carefully when completing the survey, and please make sure to include any local or international area codes. PAL is having difficulty reaching some U.S. citizens who submitted a form indicating their interest – their telephone numbers are either incomplete or unattended. A PAL representative will then contact you directly in the next few days to arrange payment and confirm your seat. Please keep your phone on and handy to accept the call. All flight arrangements will be made by PAL.

  118. You tuber Lanhawk 59 is stuck in Chicago since Feb. He says he don’t know when he will get to go back to Bacolod City. James

    1. Everything is just hearsay at this point. Not even the Embassy could give me a straight answer.

    2. I have a ticket rescheduled .june 3rd. I asked the embassy on Facebook what their opinion would be if I should cancel or return another time. They just adviced me to wait for new travel ristrictions to come out soon. Guessing on the 15th when the IATF to put out new information. They did not advice me to cancel my trip.

  119. Very well presented. No b.s., hype just the reality. I read that article on GMA, and she’s bang on. Outside of the PH, the aviation industry will definitely not be going to the same old schedules, countries will be more circumspect about giving out visas (e.g. Canada/US border is still closed) or will have more restrictions. An aviation website quoted the CEO of Austrian Airlines, air travel will not go back to the same schedules/operations until 2023. There’s also something about market behaviour, we don’t know people will react when the lock down eases up.

  120. Good analysis, like the way u came to ur conclusion, based on the available facts…….however, theres one outlier that can throw all common sense out the window……his name is Duterte…….but I guess its a wait and see phase for now……thks!

  121. I didn’t want to believe this at first but your talking points do make sense. I definitely wouldn’t buy a ticket under these conditions.

    1. Wrong.
      Better buy cheap now ( and they must rebook you for free if there is travek ban ) rather than pay 200% more when airlines are forced to remove seats or build a lab onboard

  122. Thanks a lot Reekay, very useful and informative video. Hopefully we can all enjoy the Philippines again soon. Greetings from Spain.

  123. Good evening Enrique…
    What about people that are here already on a tourist visa… Will the BOI let me renew my visa again?

  124. They will reopen in July. They are following the Chinese Model and they will see it is useless. The lockdown if the Philippines is nothing. It is now at it’s peak. They are already easing restrictions in Mindanao.

  125. I had a scuba trip planned in Puerto Vallarta June 1st. The other members of this scuba group are waiting until May 15th to see if the borders are going to be opened. I already canceled my trip. I’m 61 and don’t want to risk it no matter if the borders are opened or not, at this time.

  126. Ok, so we have to wait to vacation, while Philippinos are struggling to put food on the table. I don’t agree with the heavy hand of government but nothing we can do. This is going to continue to hurt their own.

  127. No way the economy sustains it. No matter how much you speculate on the language of politicians and news outlets. Reality will impose itself.

    1. Nah.. this deep state ccp agenda wont stop until everyone is MAIMED with a vaccine and 5G radiation.. ITs in THEIR WRITINGS they want 3rd world dead / depopulated. Vax, 5g, starvation.. and that is where it is headed.

    1. THIS IS WHY TOURISM WILL NEVER RETURN.. i mean DECADES! you cant lock up your customers for months and expect them to trust you. ever again! pLUS iNVESTMENT / investors GONE! FOR GOOd no way an investor will TAKE Risk of having them declared ‘non essential’ This communist Authoritrian attitude will cause COLLAPSE not recession but all out collapse AND mass starvation!

  128. While the points you have highlighted make sense towards banning travel for the rest of this year, the national & budget airlines and other tourism-related businesses are likely to collapse because of such ban. Can Philippines afford this economic crisis?

    1. i think not. They should realize that soon enough. Philippines is not a rich country like China. 3rd world countries thag rely on tourism for economy needs to open up soon and allow people go leave as well. Because Philippines cannot feed the country for few more months.

  129. There’ll be no international travel anywhere til a vaccine gets developed. So not even Jan 2021.

  130. The whole mess is New World Order3 BS. The flu kills twice as many people than the Wuhan virus. Only Sweden, Korea and the United States have there heads on correctly. Duterte and company need to look to President Trump for clarity and common sense. I arrived in August 2016 and have been confined for 48 days now because I am 66 years old. I served in the US Army for 32 years and know about risks. Quit treating seniors like little children!

  131. Every govt around the world atm is using the term, “the new normal”…..they are all reading from the same script….this has all been planned for a long time….Destroy the worlds economy everywhere and bring in a new world order….run by psychos..

  132. Unfortunately the Philippines is turning into a NWO —-hole where you will have a digital I.D.registered with Government no more cash transactions, all will be done online, at least the Philippines is showing us what the future will look like and who in the hell wants it.Bill gates is in their future as well could not have planned a more obvious takeover, who shuts down the world economy to control human behavior but the people who control the $$$$ always follow the $ F.E.D.

    1. I think that’s impossible to happen in Philippines. Poverty in Philippines is high and i don’t think people who are living in squatters area will be able to do that. Some online payment apps in Philippines is not working properly, let alone that one. I think Philippines is just being pressured by it’s people to lockdown and impose travel restrictions. Which is not cool. Because all travels are important especially if you need to be with your loved ones

  133. Thank you for the concise analysis. It causes me to ponder going home after the PAL proposed resumption of flights in 2 weeks. Now I’m considering hunkering down here.

  134. I have to laugh at the graphs, LOL LOL social distancing and the PI is a pink unicorn that is above a 9.0. Never going to happen. My prediction unlike Reekay, things will open quickly because the world is waking up to the scam. A, PI runs on foreign money Without it, they cease to exist as a country. B, we already have two very successful cures for the CCP virus. C, this is a problem for older people with compromised immune systems, magically just like the flu. Vaccine, better cue the riots now because I know millions of PATRIOTS worldwide that will never accept that.

  135. I have been here since March 12th and I am here under lockdown waiting to take my fiancee to the States.

  136. I have been trying to figure this out. When the local travel restrictions are better. My fiancee has a passport so couldn’t I have her fly to Cambodia where the CV is very very low, I’ll fly there from SoCal and we’ll stay at a resort there? She goes back to Cebu and I go back to SoCal? Sounds easy peasy.

    1. @Adam Publiczny Unfortunately that’s the thing, that’s why i regret not marrying my boyfriend too soon. Now we’re far away from each other. I can’t believe this is happening. They allow spouses of Filipinos but how about the boyfriends/fiance of Filipinos. Our lives seems like it’s not essential.

    2. We’re on the same situation. My fiance is stuck in Cambodia. I was about to fly to Cambodia last march 17th but yeah Philippines banned the exit of Filipino tourists which is so annoying. And my boyfriend couldn’t come here in Philippines coz of the travel restrictions. I hope they end this so soon.

    3. 1. PH paranoid politicians banned all Pinoys from exiting back on March 20
      2. Even if they lift the ban they might deny boarding a single Filipina for her own “protection” (offloading) …not many countries do this

    4. Roger Granger filipinos going to other countries as tourists are not allowed to leave the country. Only filipinos working abroad are allowed to leave

  137. The Philippines like some other Asian countries are overreacting. They will change at the moment they see other countries are opening up again. I base this opinion on the fact that the other way around happened as well. Although China had big issues with the virus and the virus was already present in the Philippines, no restrictions were issued by the government. However only after the majority of countries started to implement strict restrictions, the Philippines like some other Asian countries started also to implement strict restrictions. In other words they will follow the main stream. Don’t worry!

    1. I agree with you. That’s what i felt i as well. I heard from my Cambodian friend working in an agency there that Tomorrow May 4th Cambodia and Vietnam will open it’s borders for it’s citizens. So I hope other Asian countries will follow.

    2. ​@Remoir Yes however all other strict measures, like curfew-type restrictions , came only after the vast majority of other countries implemented these strict measures. Most of these countries did this because they want to prevent the medical care system being too much overwhelmed. However regarding the Philippines this ground is not present. Look at Spain they are opening up now, with still having more than 2500 confirmed case per day. They can do this because they reckon they will be able to cope with the additional medical care demand coming from this virus going forward, without having the medical care system being too much overwhelmed.

    3. Not true
      PH banned flights from/to China on Feb 2… having just 1 case.
      1.5 months earlier than US/EU

  138. Reekay, appreciate your efforts in making this video. Obviously the PI doesn’t give a damn about bringing in tourism dollars. I guess the citizens can fish, forage for bananas, and mangos in the jungle, a raise chickens. The way the PI government shut down the country so abruptly would give me great pause in ever visiting there again (I’ve been going to the PI since 1977).

  139. People with limited funds living where they’re at now as an example in the USA probably would not mind moving to another country be quarantined. Would be cheaper due to the cost of living is 1/3 or 1/4 compared to back home. Most likely will be staying at home order by the state or county in the USA anyway.

  140. I really wonder if this strict travel ban will hold long. In Europe some airliners start flying again between European countries as of 1 May this year…..

  141. You don’t really want to self isolate outside of your own country if it is opened up to early

    1. 😄😄😄😄
      You stand way better chances in hot & humid climate
      Read MIT study and others about chovid harmless above 30C

    1. nope.

      total ban
      total idiots

      btw ~ I sit tight on my ass since March 15 in Poland

  142. Some good points, but I also believe they will be opening sooner rather than later due to the economic hit as well. The people out of work are already out of money and starving as many had no savings as you know. You do make a very good point on the domestic tourism GDP percentage not being as much as some may think, but thats is still a large amount, especially when that income shown in the GDP its not provided to the workers/families but instead only lines the governments pockets. The government may be ok with this, but the workers and citizens can not sustain no tourism. Also, unless I missed it, but this tourism income may be lower compared to the income from OFW workers, from the US and other countries. However, whats not factored is many of the OFW workers from these countries, especially the US, as also not working right now/receiving pay thus not sending back to PH which is causing a massive income shortage back in PH as well for their families who rely on it. I believe this only magnifies the income gap and the need for that tourism to be creating income and related jobs

  143. Im sure in a couple of months will have a vaccine and will be mandatory prior to entry to any country.

  144. There will be loopholes……have you had COVID 19, do you carry the antibodies, do you have a doctor note clearing you to travel and stating that you are not infectious, which is your country of origin, what is the purpose of your travel, etc. Has herd immunity been achieved? Currently in NYC 25% of people are testing positive for COVID 19 antibodies……The PI will be no different. Half the population will have antibodies in a few months. At that point and as treatments become available like anti-viral drugs, policy makers are going to do what is right for the economy. I think travel will open up by July 1 with conditions and it will get easier each month. Don’t forget, the airlines are going to be screening passengers as well…….my opinion.

  145. This is upsetting. Also it causes me a bit of an emegency. The Philippines health care is much substandard than many other countries. Skipping the details, Can or will a Filipino be able to leave the Philippnes. for at least 4 to 6 months during the boarder shut down. Can you do the analysis and give me an answer as soon as possible. I am not a Filipino but am very concerned about a Filipino that I have been taking care of before the lock down and was advised to leave the Philippines during April, but now can not return until next year which could cause a tragedy. If you want more details let me know.

  146. Hello Henry. I believe that once Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand open up early to expats, this will put pressure on the Philippines to possibly open up international air travel earlier. The Philippines will not survive the rest of the year without tourism.

    1. ,ulol…hahaha…ndi lahat ng isla o mga (probinsiya )sa pilipinas ay umaasa sa turista….para sa pera nama kikita nila….hahaha….wag kami iba na lang…

    2. tourism is not that much of a big factor in the philippines that it would outweigh the potential downsides of a too early opening.

  147. I won’t argue with the reasoning behind anything you said but you did miss a couple of key points. While public health is being used as a rationale, the quarantine itself is a political decision and will be modified as time passes based on political factors. Second, for the last couple of months the people called on to make decisions have been largely flying blind. Prudence and a basic sense of ethics requires them to err on the side of caution. We’re already getting enough data points to begin assessing the effectiveness of different types and levels of quarantine. The quantity and quality of data available will increase by at least an order of magnitude over the next couple of months. Lastly, there is a social cost of the quarantine itself in terms of economic disruption and political instability. You are eventually going to reach a point where the cost in human suffering to enforce the quarantine will exceed the damage done by the virus. In a country that isn’t noted for being exceptionally prosperous or stable you will reach that point sooner rather than later.

  148. I’d bet about 5K US that your wrong . Mid June by the latest .I base that on a few things with each passing day the world is waking up to the fact this COVID-19 was way over hyped . Second the people will not take anymore of the quarantines and once the rice runs out it’s a done deal get out and work or your family starves. Third The Philippines has already lost billions their economy will not be able to take much more. Forth there will be treatments that will turn around the COVID-19. I’d bet my life on it The Philippines will be up and running before Christmas 2020.

    1. Inshallah 🙏🏻, By the grace of Buddha I hope you are right 🙏🏻 otherwise Angeles City will face extinction. Imagine a world without Angeles City? 🤣🤣🤣

  149. Until things have stabilized worldwide, I cannot see why 1) any new visas will be issued & 2) why anyone would travel if the virus is still a threat and the economy is a train wreck.

  150. i think there maybe be a large number of foreigners willing to endure a two or more week quarantine in order to reunite with their spouse or loved one. I expect that there will be changes in the current policy to accommodate those people. I also believe that this is a fluid situation. Any advancements in a possible treatment or test situation could drastically change the status quo. I understand that you are relying on the most current information provided by the Philippine media. As I am sure you understand, what can be contrived from the press releases in the Philippines and what really is adopted at any given moment can be vastly different. I am not saying you are wrong; but, your conclusions are based on statements that can not predict the future.

    1. Plus, President of the Philippines doesn’t like the idea of travel restrictions in the first place when this virus started.
      So when the country is out oc resources, they will start looking for back up plans and that is tourism. Fingers crossed,also fod other asian countries that rely a lot from tourism.

    2. if would be much easier if those brain dead politicians allowed Pinoys to EXIT…

  151. Since I have been here and try to use the senior I always get oh you do not look like senior but if this war goes into affect I will be checked everywhere! I need to get out I need to be around people!! I have followed rules are to the letter but I will reevaluate my future here!! The government does not take care of the poor but restrict my movement when I probably help more than they do

    1. And FYI, senior discounts are “FOR PHILIPPINE CITIZENS ONLY” It is actually against the law for you to attempt to or to use them. Those entitled to the senior discounts must have special ID for it.

  152. America will be on the black list by January and on its way to hell, people in Minnesota are running around like nothing is going on, even though the virus is spreading like crazy, you better never plan on coming back

  153. True unfortunately, this is what happens when a scared public that relies on the government for a false sense of safety, they enslave the people with laws, rules and regulations.. Bottom line, when folks act like scared sheep they get treated like such by their government, “its for your own good!”, now comply, or else…their goes your freedom…right out the door in exchange for “safety “..

    1. Reminds me of a certain country in the 1930…. with ever creating rules… id cards etc… to control population … so there rule of law could change people mind set.

  154. See also this video and subscribe channel … Coronavirus COVID-19 Progression Map 04/21/20

    1. @Eugenio Vincenzo life is not about just existing to eat rice haha. The government would screw it up anyway. The fools couldn’t even agree on whether masks were effective or not.

  155. Hopefully they will open things up sooner when the realize the economic impact? 12.7% is a pretty hefty lot to be missing. Plus that is Just Tourism. Does not really reflect the impact of Expats.

  156. I really think that you have an informative video here. I appreciate the time you spent shuffling through graphs and charts. We can only hope for the best!

  157. Reekay,
    so what is being said for those like my self who live here in the states and have a wife and daughter there?

  158. I think Thailand will open before the Philippines. I know they added another 30 days lock down in Thailand because I talked to my girlfriend and that’s what she said. My flights were canceled April 17th, so I thought about July. I’m just going to wait until next July and it better be over with by then. And flight insurance sucks. I spent over $1000.00 dollars but their only going to give me back $740.00 dollars. And I wasn’t the one who canceled. Well at least I’m getting something back instead of loosing it all.

  159. Just a month ago they were saying the US would not open for 18 months, then Georgia said, “we are open.” Now, a week later, a string of states have announced they are reopening. If the Philippines chooses not to reopen, they will suffer dire financial consequences.

    1. Yup and the lamestream media criticized Georgia and I salute the governor for giving them a middle finger.

    2. Remember most of the construction growth is related to foreigners. Without that the Philippines economy will collapse. In addition, what keeps the Philippines afloat is OFW remittances. And the outlook in this area doesn’t look good especially with the collapse of oil and cruise liners.

    1. All going well it should be open by November or December. Hopefully before that.

  160. Strong gut feelings are viable too. Philippines won’t limit foreigners. Will lose too much money in the economy.

    1. Present admin LOATHES Caucasians…doesn’t matter from where, if they WHITE, they bad…however, if they’re a mainland Neanderthal they’re arms wide open…

  161. This is PI plan not every country will open this late. More modernized countries with deeper more robust healthcare systems will open sooner some much sooner. PI does not have the healthcare system or resources needed if a pandemic broke out inside the country. So there best way is to plan for a time when the threat is very low or a vaccine has become available. Hopefully a safe and reliable vaccine is developed and ready sooner than later as this is will be the best way back to normal.

  162. Well this really sucks,I admire the Philippines government for how they got into action immediately and for how they are handleing it up to date n into the future.The thing that really pisses me off is how this was created not by accident but by some group of people doing this purposely killing thousands going to sleep at night are they satisfied with them selves. They have taken every single person’s freedom in the whole world.ARE WE EVER GOING TO FIND OUT? THANKS REEKAY just badly disappointed here 👍

  163. Hi i have been here since last june on a balacon visa gave me 12 mounths visa i am married to a phillipina we came here to live imm retired and want to change my visa to a perminant resident visa with no newvisas beeing issued to peope comming here imm actually here will i be able to change my visa idd beenhere a few times for holudays we have our ownhome here and my wife wants to stay and so do i not contemplanting any travel back to australia so travel osnot an issue

  164. I agree with all your saying. I am thinking May 2021. Yes I want to go back to the Philippines but I would rather be safe for all first.

  165. If I thought the USA was ridiculous in handling this virus, The Philippines makes America look like geniuses. The way this pandemic is being handled is beyond stupid.

    1. Joseph Mellen there is no comparison. In the philippines, 500+ died from CV, usa 60k+

  166. The filipino government changes things very quickly and 2021 is very far off- so take Reekay’s opinion with a grain of salt. He is guessing just like everyone else.

    1. @HibernusMortis1 hes probably right i just got back to Canada from Philippines.

    2. @Mail Postcards For Cash Have to tell us how it goes when you get there. Was hoping to get there this September but holding out on getting tickets. I have a fiancee there.

    3. I agree i just booked a flight with asap tickets for June 3 for 30 days michigan to san fran then to manilla then to dumaguete, the rep told me the flights will be available just with my passport, visa not needed. I booked this flight may 23,

    4. Money makes the world go round. They may change their tune when no $$$ are flowing in. I agree with you.

  167. I can’t see international travel opening up without a mandatory quarantine or proof of vaccination. We are a year or more from having a vaccine.
    Once we get this thing under control, I would be ticked off if they allowed people to enter my country without quarantine or vaccination. Our economy may survive this first round of this virus but I doubt it will survive a second round. Cheers.

  168. Thanks for enlightening me. I was due to retire from the UK on April 1st to join my girlfriend of 5 years and build our home together in Davao. I put into my head that it’s probably going to be next April now before that can happen. Will be following your post even closer than I normally do for your knowledgable updates on the travel position into the Philippines. Keep up the great ,honest and informative work. Many thanks John

  169. Henry – you’re a voice of calm and reason – in a chaotic – fast changing world. Thank you

  170. That’s today’s news. When money gets tight, watch how fast rules change!! We’re seeing this in the states. Money over everything!! Thanks for videos and updates.😎😎

    1. The dumb ass governors realized that without an economy, their tax revenue dries up which then poses a great danger to public services and state pensions ect. None of this is sustainable without vast societal pushback and consequences.

    2. True. When the country is out of resources, they will realize that they need to open up the economy soon before it’s too late

  171. Interesting conversation but you leave off a big factor to consider, the financial impact of what you’re saying. The local Filipino economy cannot support the tourism industry even in good times. Without expats, I’m sure there will be a lot of bankruptcy and few resorts even open to consider a year later.

  172. Thank you for explaining the situation. I really appreciate your time and what you do here on YouTube.

  173. I like your data points but as an example here in Hawaii we have a 14 day quarantine for any incoming local or visiting people coming in through May 31 they will also have to provide a phone number and have an address of where they are staying because they will call as well as send someone to verify you are quarantining other wise you will be fined $5000 & or 1year in jail and I can tell you that has NOT STOPPED people we still have an average of about 100 people still arriving daily 90% + down from normal but they still come anyway. I don’t have any problem with visitors to our Islands however we are in a Statewide Lockdown as local residents and nothing is open no stores (only essentials), all attractions closed, beaches closed, parks closed. I just wish visitors would reconsider coming at a later time when we all are safer from this virus 🦠 because we are all trying to limit the spread, it is proven that you can be a carrier and spread this virus without showing or exhibiting any symptoms. Excuse the rant Reekey and please be safe.

  174. This Video was excellent and basically sums up nicely the BCQ, MCQ and ECQ. Collectively they are known as the RCQA..REEKAY COMMUNITY QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS 🙂

  175. Very Informative video. The one thing I don’t understand is how 60+ s are supposed to update their visas without going out of the house? What if their 3 years is up How do they do there in and out to get the 3-year process to restart? Ron.

  176. Fear Causes Compliance. Freedom Causes Creativity. I think you’re right about the timeline. One of the things that might make them change their mind is if they see other countries in Asia opening up sooner and having good results. Maybe they can be persuaded to change their mind.

    1. I agree i just booked a flight with asap tickets for June 3 for 30 days michigan to san fran then to manilla then to dumaguete, the rep told me the flights will be available just with my passport, visa not needed. I booked this flight may 23,

  177. How aggressive is the COVID-19 testing the Philippines, and how honest and truthful is the reporting about it?

  178. Fact – there is little to no data or studies that prove social distancing works. Viruses spread, you can’t hide away from them and in so doing you weaken your immune system.

    1. Yes there are many case studies showing social distancing works.. there are models that should it and historical facts that should it works.. it will work.. 2 things social distancing will do is.. lower the Ro value hence eliminating the virus or slow the spread of the virus to allow the system to be able to cope with it..

  179. here’s what I think will happen..every Tourist must wear a face mask to enter the country and must wear it when out in public or lose your visa rights..

    1. and… during what years was this? no record in history of your claim being true.

    2. @John Ekman Unless the government is fine feeding the poor people and unemployed, then they can continue.
      I think they will come to their senses. They can’t just let their people sit and wait for nothing.

      Cambodia, Vietnam and Taiwan already opened their borders for international travel just for them for now. i hope it’s a good start. Other countries will feel pressure.

    3. Things change so quickly.
      Maybe the reason the asean countries are extending the restrictions is to make sure that they can reopen Tourism industry again sooner.
      Counties like Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia rely on tourism and other foreign businesses. The economy will crash big time if they continue the travel restrictions. I hope they realize that soon enough.

  180. excellent as usual, I think you are spot on, a realist like myself, the waiting is going to be killer.

  181. Although for me this might be sad news i thank you for updating us on this. I would just about be clueless without these updates from you. That’s why (among other awesome things) i love your channel !!! Keep up the great work Reekay blessings to you and Vee !!! ❤️😃😃

  182. Tourism may lose alot of revenue Billions of dollars .How they Going retooling the economy after two months or more.september flu season just talk no action.what happened another crisis Locked Down again round not exspact regular tourist

    1. Do you have a cure for a flu 100 yrs after spanish flu ?
      HIV medicines work on chovid.
      Chloroqine also… but PH presidente wants a magic cure

  183. I still can’t believe Philippines is waiting all the way to September since the U.S. is slowly opening up right now. Just seems like economic suicide for a country that needs all the money they can get from tourism and people going to work, again. I am not an expert but as an outsider I would have thought Filipinos would be the type of people to tell their overseers to take a hike and get back to living. It will be interesting this time next month to see if they are still allowing themselves to be locked in.

    1. i doubt it’s September. I think it will be sooner. Philippines cannot stay like this forever.

  184. Duterte was born in 1945. By his own rules, he must stay home due to age. How does that affect his job performance?

    1. you forget about the obvious exemptions, for political class and relatives of same, and, all considered “elites” , that are sure to be available for what they consider essential travel.

    1. Kirk Putnam yes, you are married to a filipina. You’re even allowed to visit the ph now.

  185. Hmmm, my Filipina wife and I and two of our kids were due to travel to the Philippines in April to go renovate our house. All flights have been cancelled so we re-booked July to August. I do hope they’ll let us in with the usual Balikbayan visa at that time but who knows?

  186. I read that Filipino and spouse can still come to Philippines but need 14 day Quarantine. I hope that is true

    1. THE PHILIPPINE CONNECTION it is true….what i wonder is balikbayans are they allowed in?

  187. i agree with what should be done,but simple economics will make them opening borders sooner,they will check you at both borders and anyone who goes will have to realise that things will have huge restrictions but id rather be in a paradise culture,in a safe place,than to be in uk how it is,i would say within 6 months ,there will be travel,rightly or wrongly.its how i personaly see it Reekay,great vlog bro

  188. I was hoping to visit my fiancé in Cebu this December, but I was already thinking it might not be possible due to the predicted second wave of the virus this coming fall/winter.

    1. Wow she is really openminded to agree on LDR seeing one another once a year …

      2nd wave will happen in cold northern countries (China/EU/US) not hot & humid.

  189. Hello Reekey, imo I disagree with your opinion, because #1 it will Bankrupt the Philippines as Tourism makes up a huge percentage of the livlyhood and economy of the Philippines. #2. It would Bankrupt most Airlines that depend on expat and tourism travel. #3. Tuberculosis has killed millions and is still wide spread to this day, and is an incurable disease that is spread usually by breathing the airborne disease, and did the world go into a panicked Lockdown ? NO not at all. It is much better for the whole world to get back to the norm of things and get the economy back up running again than to save a few lives because the crime rate murders, Robberies, family violence and suicide rates have also shy rocketed since the covid 19 virus. Here in the USA we’ve slowly started getting back out of hibernation so to speak opening businesses and getting back to work, but still must do social distances and Mask, however lots of people are going to the beaches etc and shopping without Mask, however it’s up to the business weather or not to let you inside their stores, at their discretion. I like your channel reekey and have been a subscriber for a long time. Thank you for staying on top of things and letting us know the current news over there and voicing your opinions, as I’m doing the same here. God bless all.

  190. People and governments have lost their minds over FEAR! If you are Fat, Old, and have underlying health issues, I wouldn’t make any ling term plans. World wide economies ate being wiped out due to Fear and Ignorance.

  191. That was some great points my brother. I booked my flight months ago to go there in September but what can we do. One thing I won’t do is be locked up for 2 weeks during the beginning of my vacation anywhere. Anyways thanks for your video

  192. What If you own property in the phillipines to live, do you think that would that be a qualifying reason to let an expat in the country while applying for a srrv?

    1. @Mike Gadol thanks so do you think it’s worth it to get a srrv? I own the building but going to get a 25 year lease on the land

    2. I hold srrv , now days not alowed to come in the PH evan with this visa, btw the site of srrv very clear with all the demands . not mentioned any own property as reason to get srrv.

  193. Johnson & Johnson announced that they are doing trials for a vaccine right now. If successful, it won’t be available until early 2021 which is very expedient for a vaccine. Disney also announced that their amusement parks won’t be opened until 2021. Perhaps, the Philippines is waiting for this vaccine to come into the market before letting foreigners come into the country.

    1. World governments need time to build out the 5G technology that will support the control (in the interest of health and safety) the movement of the population. The virus is giving them the time they need.

  194. I believe that the truth about the virus is about to known and people are going to wake up bringing travelers to the Philippines back online.

    1. I AM planning on this being what the “power grabbers” want but the good side of governing doesn’t want with POTUS leading the World including Dueterte. I wouldn’t wish to be in the Power Grabber’s shoes. Soon, they will get what’s coming to them and it’s NOT what they think.

  195. First of ALL….The President would be fine with extending the quarantine powers for most of his remain term until spring of 2022. The president is quite happy with his powers and ability to shift favoritism towards China.

    Buttttt…for the majority of people that want return of all tourists to the Philippines skipping December of 2020 is big impediment to the restarting of tourism in 2021. For many Philippines travelers, December is the whole shooting match anyway. If you can preserve the Energy of December 2020, then there is real momentum heading into 2021. If you miss December, there is simple no real momentum available in January of 2021 to get the show on the road for 2021.

    So, certainly if the governmental powers that be have their way, there is no push for international travel until well into 2021…well past January.

    But if People Power still holds sway in the Philippines, there will be significant pressure to salvage December of this year and create real momentum into the new year.

    The future of the Philippines will start to be bound up in the Spring 2022 elections.

  196. I’ll do a 14 day quarantine to get back into the Philippines. That’s how much I like it there. I trust your opinion above others.

    1. Me same i’ll do the Quarantine , visited my sons in Belgium , would stay one month there now i’m stuck here……. still have to pa y rent for my house in the Phillipines … girlfriend and daughter have to manage alone …….sad very sad for us all

    2. 14 day quarantine is a third world toilet like Philippines? So you really think Philippines authorities will let you quarantine in a 5 star hotel with world class accommodations? Lol

  197. Thanks for the vlog. I agree with most of what you say. Better to plan on worst case scenario which could be no tourist flights until next year. Things to also consider. The DOT has a hidden political and or financial reason for speaking the way she did. I mean, really? Only a dream? Those in leadership are there to be honest and provide hope but she went a little further than what I would of expected by making that statement. Almost as if she wanted to tank the Filipino stock market even more before buying in or forcing her or her families interest to be in a more favorable light. Also, Philippines is notorious for publishing half baked news and info at best. So, IMHO, best to plan for the worst but I strongly believe that it will all open up to foreign travel tourism before the end of the year. Largely due to economic reasons (with social distancing measures in place).

  198. Got it Rick !🖒 my vacation is now cancelled until next year wow .. chucks !! oh well more time to get my savings bigger and getting my self in better gym shape . lol keep us updated Rick nice grand info thanks.

  199. New Normal
    60+ lockdown?
    Are you kidding me?
    Seniors will be imprisoned in their homes forever?

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea And how do they expect us to get to the bank and get our money for living expenses? I have no helper that can do that. I’m starting to feel like a prisoner.

  200. The way I see it now and what I been reading and listening to some of the Doctors and professionals. Covid-19 is going to be around for a few more months or more. So I agree no tourists or Visa being issued in the Philippines in 2020. I hope am wrong but thats the way I see it now.

    1. much better .for not spreading the virus. .

      Until the vaccine is already approve. .

  201. FYI. Philippines tourism revenue 2019 was 9.31 billion USD .But everything will be contingent on a covid19 vaccine.

  202. Well I’m hoping they open up by November…My plans on moving there this year have been postponed but I can visit again in December or January and hopefully move their next year. Anyway a vaccine or anti body test that would prove immunity for at least a year or so may be the best way to allow travel with applicable documentation in the future

  203. My Fiancé who is in the Philippines currently, will she be able to fly outta the country to the USA where I live? Before Jan 2021???

  204. This sucks. I had planned on selling my house and having an estate auction this spring and then giving my 2 week notice to my company in August and being there in September. Now everything’s going to shit. My fiancée is in lockdown in Cavite and is not working. I’m the only financial support for her and her father now. At least I’m able to afford that for her. As it stands now it looks like we’re a year away from seeing one another again.😞

    1. Complain at the Filipino embassy and try to get a special visa to go there. Prove you are more than mass tourist.
      I am in the same boat but my gf is being tortured by her dad who went psycho under lockdown and no more booze.
      Or… write to DFA / BI to let her out from insane martial law Phils … then she could claim asylum

    2. I feel for you man , I’m in a similar situation my plans f*** too,
      Personally I wouldn’t sell my house, Id rent it and have an income and stay there for good

  205. Hey Reekay, The big question, how are the citizens responding to all this. In the states there are weekly protests to open up, almost daily revisions down of case numbers, calls of fraud of the so-called experts. This thing is unspooling faster than a cat with a roll of toilet paper.

    1. @big bear hugebear 950 ? wtf… lets just make up a number….but it is 600 a week enhanced unemployment. one you have to be laid off and two you had to of had a job… but I like the fairy tale of 950 though.

    2. @33AfterM I think you have to be an illegal or a career welfare scammer to get that much.

    3. @big bear hugebear I live in the US… and i’d love that 950 can you tell me where to get it?

    4. Filipinos aren’t allowed to protest; unless you want a beat down or you want to get arrested. We all understand that any unrest here will lead to martial law.

  206. I agree. But I am hoping the rapid blood tests which are currently being used on Emirates staff will be approved by regulators. Results are available in 10 minutes. This would eliminate the need for self isolation in both countries

  207. It will change quicker than you think, they will destroy the Philippine economy if they keep these measures in place!

    1. @Harley Man No cases?? They have hundreds of thousands or more…they just don’t test. Philippines is a developing country, just one step above a third world country. The virus is rampant in all those countries. But if you don’t get tested to prove you have it, then it goes unreported. Are you really that naive??

    2. Henrietta Escano The whole world are in the same crisis, the locals people losing their jobs including migrant workers and they are heading home with no money.

    3. @scott80ca One of Philippines’ biggest source of income come from its overseas workers who send back dollars to their families.

    4. Jeff Logue ,,,, this is pure nosince with most of the entire Philippines have no cases ,,,but the Philippine people will not open there eyes and most are calling to be locked down forever,,,I have never seen anything like it in my life,,,

    5. Unfortunately the virus will do it for you if you don’t do anything about it.. these are the facts of the virus.. you can’t go out for 25 days.. because your still highly contagious for that 25 days.. also 14 day’s you can’t even physically take care of yourself.. you can’t barely walk to the bathroom 10 feet away.. with out passing out.. this is the 80% of the people that get it.. this is what people don’t realize about this virus is how long the virus last..

  208. Damn, I was kinda hoping to get back to PH sometime in the next couple of months and do more videos there but I guess that’s out of the cards for a while yet. Looks like we’re flipped Reekay. I was in PH when you were in VN and now I’m in VN while you’re in PH! Haha. All things considered, I think I got pretty lucky. Here, they shut down all non-essential for a couple of weeks but things are open again. Restaurants, beach, everything. It’s not that busy because a lack of tourists so some places stay closed because of that but otherwise, it’s almost life as usual (except for people wearing masks). 270 reported cases of which 220 or so are recovered and 0 deaths, great weather and a nice beach here in Danang… If I’m going to be stuck anywhere, this is probably as good a place as any. Cheers man. Hope things get better over there quickly (and everywhere else too)!

  209. Too many of us are forgetting that SARS and MERS are apart of the Coronavirus family and there are no vaccines for them. There is no guarantee that there will be a vaccine for COVID-19. I think 2021 is somewhat reasonable to look forward to international travel. Domestic travelers is not enough for many tourist areas just to break even, they need those international travelers to make a profit. We already know what is going to win out, MONEY. The NEED and the WANT of MONEY is going to easily win.

    1. The NEED and WANT of MONEY is one reason PI probably not a good to be if social order begins to unravel if this lockdown goes on for an extended period of time. Expats an easy target for those who are desperate. Awareness of surroundings even more critical going forward when in public

  210. Good day to you and your Lady

    I heard you mention if your Married to a filipina and she’s currently in the Philippines..
    I’m currently in California, do you think they might allow Us Married men to travel here?
    If so, I’m sure we will have to meet some sort of requirements?

    Thank you sir and stay blessed

    1. @Remoir there were cases of entry denied with just papers… often they want you to travel with wife !

    2. Boom J i think if you have a spouse in the philippines, regardless you’re a filipino or not, you’re allowed to enter the country

  211. Is it Possible to get a Visa to come over to get marry some how??? Any company that can Help me to process my Visa ????? We Supposed to get married before Christmas !!!

    1. If you’re talking K1 fiance visa, you have to get married in the US or a US territory within the 90 days. And her visa must be exercised within 6 months of approval. There might be extensions but check with the consulate.

    2. I would flight your Filipina fiancé to Thailand and do the wedding there. Lampang, Chiang Mai you should be able to have a decent honey moon plus wedding on the cheap, also your Filipina doesn’t need a visa to enter Thailand for 30 days. Good luck 🙏🏻

    3. I would start looking for a country that both of you could get to if the marriage (vs wedding) is the important thing. Some place you would be allowed to marry.

  212. Wow. They are shutting down the tourism to prevent the spread of the pandemic. They are trying to save people from being infected. Most likely they will scale it down over time in January.

    1. The average age of the philippines is 25 years old. Most of the population is poor and don’t have access to advanced medicine and medical procedures to keep people alive. Those that live have better immune systems. Those that grow older, over 60 have better than average immune systems. The numbers of cases and deaths are very low there compared with the overall population total. This is about government control! Not just there, but also around the world.

  213. Excellent video and it answered ALL the questions and wonderings I had about traveling this year which I also don’t believe will happen at all this year. And….you keep saying “visa”. Are visas required for trips less than a month now?

  214. I think if no international travel till 2021 then the Philippines is doomed. Hotels will fold all restaurants Will fold for good.
    Resorts will fold. They can’t let that happen. Who knows??

    1. @Chumley Chums And there’s a lot of New casinos in Manila now.
      Philippines is a 3rd world country with average employees getting 200 to 300 usd per month working in an office etc.
      I don’t know what the government will do if these people will continue to sit in their homes waiting to get back to work.

    2. Martin Zidell
      If they do not allow international travel into the Philippines it will be a whole new place fast. Big hotel chains and other privately held hotels, tourism businesses will probably fold. Very sad situation that hopefully gets fixed way before then. I am praying this does not happen.

    3. This is part of the control aspect of this accidental virus release….They want small, non essential business to go away because they can’t collect taxes and keep control of the population. This and every other democratic government is taking this time to fast track in the technology (5G broadband) to force the population to get online to prove health AND keep track of the populations movement and better force the population to comply with financial obligations. Health, freedom and Travel is the “carrot in front of the horse” over everyone’s head

  215. I think expat tourism would start to trickle beginning in fall of 2020 on a limited basis, based on specific countries. This is my perception based on political calculations much likexwhat Georgia, Texas, and other US states are doing despite what the data says

  216. I was expecting the 2-week quarantine when I go and it’s ok for me cos I was going to be there for months,
    The thought of not seeing my girl for such a long time is doing my head in…next year I have commitments and I might not be able to travel for years this is heartbreaking 💔

    1. I have the same problem my filippino fiance in phlil now i have to wait until 2021 to see my filippino fiance this is fucking insane 😞😞😞

    2. I am with you on this.
      In the same boat. 1000s are !
      I will complain to the Ph embassy as soon as they open. Will go any length to be with her again
      It is inhumane to ban entry and exit.
      Fuckin insane !! 😡

  217. Nice effort….but it seems way to early to predict how the virus will be under control in the Philippines in two weeks, much less in more than six months. The status of quarantines in various provinces in the Philippines are changing now in two-week intervals. In other words, they’re being extended another two weeks and then reevaluated to see if they’re still needed. Your data points are more about political opinions or bills and plans that might be necessary, but not much actual data. The hard data would be how many cases of corona virus there will be in the Philippines in September. Will they be increasing or decreasing significantly? But nobody knows for sure. As in other countries, most science says it’s still a big unknown as to how quickly the virus disappears or perhaps even begins to spread to even more people. I might believe that the opinion of the Tourism Director as of today may be subject to change sooner than she expects. The economic pressure to open up some industries as soon as possible is also increasing in many countries. Tourist money may not be as important in the Philippines as it is to Thailand, for example, but for those in the tourist industry promoting “It’s More Fun in the Philippines,” it’s vital. The situation in the Philippines with the virus is still very fluid. I’d like to hear how these data points are being supported in another month or even two months. Then I think political leaders will be able to make more fact-based decisions. But it is reassuring that they are planning for some of the worst outcomes, and not just the best.

    1. Stuck in insane exit ban (quite rare form of government “caring’ for its citizens…)

    1. Ihope not 2021 cause that so far.ihope sept everything be bck in normal in Jesus name!

    2. VW and tiny, maybe it would be much better if the Philippine government will hire you as their Adviser🤪you probably forgot to take your medication sir lol😂

    3. thats nornal to us already, see america one big pandemic theyre looking for toilet paper

    4. gems 22 FYI OFW is not working abroad just to save the economy in the philippines, they are working hard for their family.

  218. Reekay, you’ve gained weight. She must be keeping you happy. Congratulations!

  219. Hello, thank you for all your help,advice, not what I was hoping for but I agree with you,

  220. Those casinos they built there are losing money. Some people fly in and go directly to the hotel-casino. I’m not sure people would be willing to forego getting back to work until after Christmas when they need money to go shopping for Christmas. That article shows a 40% drop off in tourism revenue for the same period January to March this year compared with last year. A difference of around PHP 60 billion.

  221. Even when restrictions are lifted…. I don’t feel many people will be comfortable getting on a plane for 13 or so hours with 300 other people who may or may not be carrying the virus….. I’m planning to go back May 2021….. stay safe all…..🙂

  222. At some point, those of us 60+ will get tired of being locked up inside. And I assure you, no one expects the Walker Brigade.

    1. I’m sure not expecting the Walker Brigade. I don’t even know what it is.

  223. Why would you say no “Expat” tourists when most likely its going to be all foreign tourists?

  224. What I’m seeing is people finding places they can go. There going to lose a lot of Revenue

  225. Does anyone know what this is called? “I will tell you what is good for you”, “ I will tell you what is not good for you”, “I will tell you what to think, say and do”.The Philippine Government in Manila is enforcing that a grown adult cannot buy a beer or liquor or cigarette, and drink or smoke responsibly in their own private residence.😷🤔

    1. iT’S CALLED treason to he REPUBLIC.. RP is supposed to have a constitution but the people have thrown that out and replaced it with technocratic fascistic tyranny.

    2. @Harley Man that is the problem… China tried to hide in the beginning now President Duterte trusting what China is saying, Philippines should get data from other sources instead of China … In fact COVID cases did not start increasing until China started donating to the Philippines…. Coincidence??? I think not…

    3. What it’s called is overreactions and being control freakish. I hate the Philippines for that. It used to be a great place to go. I’m looking at other country’s that don’t act like a commu-nazi regime.

  226. I guess all expats over 60 are defacto on house confinement for many years. The leaders have to choose between stopping the confinement and let heard immunization work or wait 18 months or more for a vaccine and destroy their economy.

    1. ‘supposedly’… those over 60 would be allowed to go ‘out’ after september, but not before.

  227. Reekay, very good reporting. I completely agree with your conclusions. You are 100% correct, especially on international travelers being allowed to enter. Internal travel restrictions will be lifted long before international and that is how they will begin the recovery process.

    1. Locals can only afford ferries… unless the rich from Manila going to Boracay or Siargao for 10k each way

  228. THanks for the info Reekay. Luckily I arrived at the end of February and have just extended for 6 months (immigration in Dumaguete is open}

  229. Great analysis. I think that there’s one exception: people arriving in yachts which is essentially a self quarantine. However, I know exactly zero about that situation, but I can’t see the PH government stopping people sheltering in the islands or getting food. As for myself, I don’t want to buy a yacht to see my girlfriend, I personally think that we’ll be waiting until a vaccine comes along.

    1. @Mark Trail I live in New Zealand. I have two choices, take the vaccine, or never leave NZ ever again, and break up with my girlfriend.

  230. Gloomy 😞
    I just wish my girls postal ID can get done and passport offices open, better chance getting her to Canada than me to ph by the sounds of it

    1. They will keep the exit ban …even passport doesnt guarantee an exit for a young Filipina…

  231. Hey , bet you a bottle of single malt whisky that tourists are allowed in before end of year 🙂

  232. Thanks for the information. I’m wondering how Visa extension will work? Once the immigration office is opened up again? I came in the beginning of March and extended my Visa till May. Will I have to pay late fees and how much is the fee after the first extension per month? My return flight to LAX was canceled beginning of April. Thanks again for the information. I’m also in cebu with my family and newborn.

    1. mighty690am All aliens whose visas will expire during the duration of the Enhanced Community Quarantine shall be allowed to file their applications for extension sans penalties, provided that they file their applications within thirty days from the lifting of the Enhanced Community Quarantine. Per the Bureau of Immigration at

  233. Australia will open up to NZ in two weeks. It will be country by country. Guess philipines aroumd july 4th..

    1. Yeah things move fast.. and no way Airline’s or governments want all those planes on the ground.

  234. That’s sucks I need to go back to file my civil litigation hope this change .Good lord this is bad Chinese need to be sued for this not pair 👎

  235. If you think any government makes decisions and operates in a manner different than a traditional business you are fooling yourself. By far and away, the single most critical factor to each is to perpetuate its own existence. Neither is going to do what it knows will cause its demise if it can avoided at any expense. Even the flow of cash through a government is identical to the flow of cash through a business….. The only difference is what we call how that cash is derived… fees and taxes as opposed to sales.

    If you read the paragraph right below the one you highlighted in your 2nd point you will see that year to date from January to March of this year they have lost 40 billion pesos compared to last year…..a 60% decline. Their GDP is 390 billion dollars. Keep in mind, that 390 is for the entire year, not a single quarter. Also, I think the losses in subsequent quarters will be at a minimum 50% higher than the loss in the 1st quarter; a quarter where the full potential of losses were not totally realized since it was not deemed a pandemic until late January and early February and restrictions did not ramp up until March.

    Is important to note, the losses I point out are only those losses directly related to foreign travel. Think of every other aspect of the economy losing a proportionate amount.

    Neither a business or a government can sustain that kind of loss for an extended period of time. They have to balance the safety of the population with their ability to stay solvent. It doesn’t do any good to have healthy people in a state of anarchy. In an ideal world the government should not have to make that kind of decision. However, they do it all the time.

    Case in point…..Do you think they allow smoking because it’s a nice thing to do? They allow it, knowing that it’s going to kill people, because of the tax revenue.

    When you combine that with the facts that research across the globe is showing that this virus, in the end, is having no more deleterious effect than any other virus as well as cities and states and countries starting to open up to normal operations again, I can’t see how they would prohibit tourism until January.

    1. @rider retired That much is obvious. We are certainly heading into a new monetary system just like the end of Bretton Woods in 1971 when the US went off the gold standard.

      The governments are trying to clamp down to preserve their worthless existence because people are waking up. They are getting more desperate and more sloppy.

    2. There have been rumours about PH selling some island(s) to China to compensate the losses.

      Tb kills 25~27k people in PH each year. Do they give a shit ??
      Do they vaccinate kids ?? Nope.

    3. Keep in mind too, that one point of theory is that this virus is nothing more than a coverup for a bigger one world view. That being switching to a one world digital currency, a complete reset of the monetary system being based on each countries hard assets such as gold. There is only one last push to allow this to happen and that is to totally destroy all economies so everyone agrees to start over from scratch with a clean slate. Just another possibility. Can someone ask Bill Gates and Soros what their next plans are. That is after microchipping everyone along with their vaccine.

    4. No work No pay, no unemployment here i don’t think. Just a 5k pesos handed out for March and April and some ramein noodles, sardines and rice handed out. Philippines borrowed some money already from IMF for covid, so i don’t see how they can continue that. But the no go out over 60 is a deal breaker for me .

    5. This and every other government are rolling out 5G Broadband to allow them all better control of the populous and tourists coming in and out of the country. Video surveillance, QR codes on everyone’s phones to prove health and contact trace those that are tested positive and those that were exposed, to monitor quarantine. This is also going to give governments control of movement, population counts and any number of other things they want to control.

  236. New normals will change with new information. Your evaluation is only as good as the information you have. Everything may rapidly change for the better when we eventually realize this virus is just a bad flu based on mortality rate.

    1. In 2019 there were over 8 million tourists entering the phillipines and increasing yearly, this is no meagre amount of people landing in the philippines with pockets full of cash, talking about cash this equates to 12.7 % and that is no small sum of any countries economy.

    2. Rob L Tourism industry doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Will have disastrous effects across the entire economy. Especially when other industries will be going through their own hardships due to a global depression.

    3. Stefano Corda I beg to disagree, international tourism only accounts to a small percentage in the Philippines’ economy.

  237. Hi Reekay,
    I see one data point that supports your supposition. I don’t see any western country reporting “No new cases” anytime soon. No one wants to let a possible asymptotic CCP virus carrier into their midst. This isn’t just a PH issue. Trump has issued a 60 day hold on new green card people coming into the US. IF the Fauci backed faction gets their way lock down would continue forever.

    The only possible way to let tourists into the country with any assurance is if there is an inexpensive, quick, accurate way to test people as they disembark. This might mean a quarantine room for each disembarked plane, which is another added expense (also takes time to build) at the airport.

    The one problem waiting for “No new cases” is that the CCP virus is going to stay with us just like the common cold. It isn’t going away. What to do with OFW’s?

    1. 1. How about the fact the whole world has been stuck in some shitty quarantine or lockdown ?! What is the point of it if people cannot start moving ?! 😡

      2. Where did you read that asymptomatic carry the virus God knows how long ? If so we should shut down the world for 2 yrs and destroy all cats & dogs (they carry chovid too !)

  238. Hi Reekay,thanks for that and I understand reasons why,but it’s hard stuck in the UK when I have son of two and fiancee. Hope the world get right soon.

  239. Reekay, great analysis, I was suspecting before hand this would happen. I’m pretty much ready to abort my Filipino plans to arrive with my Filipina girlfriend and visit her family. Currently she’s working in Hong Kong, and even she’s considering extending her working contract for another 6 months or so. The best scenario for me and her is to meet in Hong Kong instead (that’s if Hong Kong is not requiring a quarantine for incoming tourists) and hopefully things get under control by mid 2021. Thanks for the info Reekay!

  240. Vietnam is open internally, at least. Even Grab cars. Expanded domestic flights start tomorrow…i have no idea when international tourism will be re-opened…esp. from the US. Too bad you didn’t get back before the SHF. We have no idea when we can or want to return to the US…maybe Thanksgiving??? So it goes. Good ports in bad storms…

  241. As always a calm analytical presentation. From a British view our foreign office has already warned no foreign travel anytime soon. Airlines are contracting. Brits won’t be coming a time soon. Sadly.

    1. plenty of tickets on sale though from mid May…
      also no problem to travel to UK from Europe

  242. Things are changing so fast with the virous that it is hard to predict next week let alone at the end of the year. I wish the best for all of the Philippines.

  243. I still have Japanese and Filipino guest her in Cebu who have not been able to get home because of the situation. The Germans was able to get home pretty fast but 1 Australian was here for 3 weeks before they was able to arrange a flight for him. Looks like I have to find a new income for this year 🙁 Regards Little Norway Guest House in Lapu Lapu city

  244. Question, when do you think that residents will be able to travel my fiancé and her 9 year old need to get from Zambalis to bahol which is where there house is they need to get back

  245. Reekay, I like how you support your predictions with evidence based news articles. I was looking at going home to see my kids in June, one is graduating. Well, graduation was cancelled. So that isn’t happening!! I feel safe here in the Philippines. I just hope they will renew my visa come May 28th for another 2 months. I think you are correct, no new tourist Visas will be allowed until Jan 1, 2021 plus or minus a month or two… At least I’m already here! 😉 Great video!

  246. Thanks for explaining a rather convoluted Philippine immigration situation. I you are helping me to understand what the hell’s going on there in my beloved Philippine Islands.

  247. Hi Reekay, This artical was in one of our national newspapers today,,, GOING NOWHERE Covid-19 will not be eradicated and will become seasonal virus because of silent carriers, Chinese scientists say.
    Lottie Tiplady-Bishop
    28 Apr 2020, 23:18Updated: 29 Apr 2020, 6:58,,, Reporter on THE SUN NEWSPAPER.

    DOCTORS in China have warned coronavirus will never be completely eradicated because silent carriers can spread the disease without showing symptoms.
    Top doc Jin Qi, director of the Institute of Pathogen Biology at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences said it’s likely the virus will become a seasonal flu and “co-exist” with humans.

    ⚠️ Read our coronavirus live blog for the latest news & updates
    Worldwide lockdown efforts have been seen in the last few months in a desperate attempt to slow the spread of coronavirus, but researchers have warned its highly unlikely it will ever completely go away.

    The research points to asymptomatic carriers who can spread the virus without ever exhibiting any symptoms, making it impossible to track.

    Researchers said Chinese Health Officials are still confirming dozens of asymptomatic carriers every day.

    Dr Qi said: “This is very likely to be an epidemic that co-exists with humans for a long time, becomes seasonal and is sustained within human bodies.”

    However, Wang Guiqiang, head of the infectious diseases department of Peking University First Hospital, said he was sceptical as to whether the warmer months would make a dent in the flu’s infection rates.

    He said: “The virus is heat sensitive, but that’s when it’s exposed to 56 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes and the weather is never going to get that hot.

    “So globally, even during the summer, the chance of cases going down significantly is small.”

    It comes as Robin Shattock of Imperial College said when the UK’s lockdown is relaxed it’s highly probable that we’ll see another wave of Covid-19 – and that it could hit at the same time as seasonal flu.

    Prof Shattock, who has been working on a vaccine, told The Times: “The real big danger is if we see the kind of number of cases of Covid-19 that we’re seeing now next winter — and we also have a seasonal flu.“That could be a double whammy for the health service.”

    Despite this, Prof Shattock pointed out that scientists are still learning about Covid-19 – and do not know whether it would emerge again next winter.

    He added: “We don’t know that there’s any seasonality about this virus, but you can imagine that when we start to get back to normal life, possibly over the summer, that cases will ramp up again.”

    This info is from the UK, just might give a different perspective on what you are being told there,,, ??? WHO KNOWS.Regards and best wishes to you n V 🤞

    1. Much like the flu is accepted, but this gives the opportunity of governments to upgrade the technology to gain more control of the population in the name of safety.

  248. Good insights, but what you’re describing would lead to a world-wide depression. My guess is that you can travel if you come up negative on a test and that then you will be issued a travel authorization. These other schemes they are putting in place will go a long way to mitigate risk. Time will tell.

  249. Interesting presentation, thanks for sharing. The only caveat would be the mass availability of proven vaccine. MSNBC did a story 2 days ago about scientists at Oxford University who have a likely vaccine in an advanced stage of development and say it could be ready as early as September for mass production. The reason they seem so close is that they have been working on developing vaccines for earlier iterations of COVID for the past 10 years. Probably it won’t be ready – but hope dies last!

    1. The ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 trial at Oxford has two variables: 2months and 6 months for enough data to be gathered on the efficacy of the vaccine candidate, after which work can then begin on the second phase of vaccine development.

  250. Good information. I come to a different conclusion.
    The reports you describe are due to very pessimistic guidance from a country leader that says he will not cancel the restrictions unless a vaccine is found. Such a vaccine may not be found until 2021 when all the trials are completed.
    However, I believe the virus will have run its course by the end of April. There are even reports that the pandemic is coming to an end – even in countries with little or no mitigation. (Just search it in Google, for example, this
    Will the Filipino government still enforce travel bans if there are close to zero new cases in other countries!? I do not think so… The Filipinos will slowly start to see that the virus has its own life cycle, gets weaker as it goes, if you may. There is no point in travel restrictions if there is nothing to hide from.

    1. One of the articles described the fast track to the technology to get everyone online and to bring up the ability to use cards. No cash. As well as for tracing the infected and exposed. Obviously, this will put more small, non essential businesses out of business. This is part of the control they want. It’s not just health and what they are trying to say about how bad this virus is. One of the things in the west that is obvious is that this is killing sr. citizens and others with compromised immune systems. The average age in the Philippines is 25! They are rolling out the New Normal here faster than they are in those other 1st world countries cause it’s still killing off the vulnerable populations there. In the Philippines, the cases and deaths are very low in relation to the 120million people. They have to roll out the technology there ASAP and get everyone on the system before they get wise to the real reason for the lock downs.

    2. While I admire your and others optimism, I’m going with Reekay here despite your research. This disease is unpredictable first, and second, a lot has to go into planning before even international travel and what’s gonna happen locally. I say it’s not gonna be fun.

    3. I agree with u Nils… In September I expect travellers will be allowed in. But will be tested at their own expense… Temperature taken.

  251. I don’t blame the Philippines for not allowing people in. Or any other country. After all the sacrifices be for making to stay safe. Why that’s some damn foreigners come in and start spreading the disease all over again

    1. The virus has already spread everywhere. A foreigner coming inside Philippines might get it from a Filipino.

    2. @rider retired well some filthy bastards that were actually foreigners are the ones that left China and started spreading it. If the shoe fits where it

    3. @Randy Batchelor Yeah guess he thinks all us damn foreigners is the cause of it all.

    4. haha, with that comment you made, I wouldn’t show my face either…shame on you for such an insulting comment

    1. They already ask for chovid support $$$
      Problem is with expats who left their fiancee in this Filipino mess

  252. I believe schools are scheduled to open in September right now so that’s another indicator

    1. Phycological war. Just waiting for the announcement that we can all go back to normal if we take the vac.

    1. I would not rely too much on the numbers put out by the so called experts there is a plan that has been in place for some time just waiting for this virus to manifest.Put in place measures to control population’s just see the World Economic Forum,navigate to covid 19.I would take issue with the sex tourism thing the Philippines is a great place to explore and enjoy the many beaches.

    2. Yes, big pharma will make a fortune. Vaccines often kills more than the virus itself. A lot of tourism to the Philippines is sex tourism and the red-light districts seems to be closed. Some “experts” say the official figures is a fraction of the real number of Filipinos having the virus, so the war on the virus can take a long time.

  253. I was at the Phillipines embassy in Washington DC yesterday. The 28th. I was told that they have been told to exepect to start issuing visa’s on October 15th for travel in November. The lady I talked to even referenced the articles you mentioned, So I don’t know how will this will work. The Virus studies going on now are showing a VERY different curve than was origanaly portrayed. Don’t know ,my friend.. But I don’t think it will be nessary for the P.I. to forgo all the income from tourism. Just think the population will put up with it. To many filapno make the total lively hood off tourism. The filapino’s I know are already getting tired of this lockdown . We will see. Be well my friend.

    1. If your older guy won’t be fun cant go out in alot provinces if over 60.

    2. Jesus Christ !
      🙏😭 How many LDR couples will suffer !?!
      If they at least let Filipinos out !
      Fuckin inhumane imprisonment.

    3. Thanks for the info. I’m in NC wantong to plan a trip for end of December to January. We will see what happens.

    1. Anybody no if you can still fly out my flight to the states is on May 20 from Manila I’m in Tabaco city I can’t even get to legaspi at this point to renew my visa I’m hoping to fly to Manila on May 19 if Cebu air starts flying anyone have any input From Dave Tabaco city

    2. @Brian muckdee Yes I agree…logic is not necessarily the norm..if visa expires and especially if over 60 probably going to be told that you need to return to your country until visas are once again available..unless of course married to a PI citizen

    3. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea I just think when I go to renew visa they might refuse if that’s their new policy

    4. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea I planned remaining in the Philippines until January. My concern is the “visa run” rule. I have been getting the 2 momth extensions and my current Visa ends in a couple of weeks.

    5. i see no up-side to forcing existing expats in the PH to leave. this would cause a hardship on families. and those who are single are spending money here as well. plus, if they’ve already been here through the lockdown with no symptoms, they are not a health risk.

      just be sure to renew your past visa-fees during the 30-day grace period, after ph-immigration offices are operational again.

  254. Spot on Reeky, I’ve been saying the same in the Expat FB groups. Many try to say that international tourism keeps this country afloat. They couldn’t be more wrong. Hell OFWs bring in 3 times more money than that total tourism, foreign and domestic.

    1. many ofw’s lost jobs or will lose soon

      also we shall see how long they will last without visiting families…
      they won’t afford crazy flight tickets

    2. You think that part of the industry isn’t going to take a hit economically? Countries all around the world are heading into economic decline and are shedding workers because of low demand. Nothing exists in a vacuum in economics. Global depression ahead.


    4. The problem is, the OFW money is evaporating as well. This is not a problem isolated to the Philippines. An economist at PNB said they are anticipating an almost 30% drop in OFW remittance in 2020.

  255. Your opinion & facts u display do represent a structured process. Here things seem to change on the fly more often & I think the Phils will really try to fast-forward opening things up sooner than later to bring in desperately needed revenue. Maybe u can book flights now but I would never do it yet either until some hint of opening airlines occurs. As for transportation, here on Panay Island there’s been trikes to be found to give rides even during ECQ. Also here in the last day we went from ECQ to GCQ.
    What about visa extensions or doing your 3 year exit run if due on a tourist visa ? The new GCQ states over 59 y/o can’t even leave your house so how can many of us accomplish any of this if and when BI & airlines are up & running again ?

    ECQ you could get a “barangay pass” to go do necessities if under age 65 & now w/GCQ anyone over age 59 is not even allowed out of the house ? How is going from ECQ to GCQ eased or less restrictive if your in the 60-64 age group ???

    1. Kids dont get sick yet no schools and movement ban on 0~20 yrs old… insane

  256. Money makes the world go around. There will be a great push to open up faster.

    1. Cambodia and Vietnam already opened their borders. So hopefully Philippines will follow. So many people are unemployed now in Philippines, businesses are struggling.

    2. Neothink Maki True,,,but it is also I think a private communist country and the leaders don’t really care.

    3. I hope so. Philippines is a main tourist base economy. Maybe it will help them realize just how important foreigners are when they have to start relying on their own.

  257. THANKS FOR NOTHIN !!!!! Sadly you delivered an honest outlook at what is going on and not a sugar coated view of boloney, that you think is what your subscribers would like to hear. Good job on the video. I didn’t like what I heard but sometimes truth hurts. Keep up the good work and stay safe.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea How can a foreigner who has been in the Philippines leave if they need an ECC (been in the Philippines 3 years as of April 9th) and now have to pay a couple months visa extensions? I wonder how that will play out even with the sweeper flights.

    2. @hot rican23 go to the US State Department’s website. Ton of info and links there.

      Seems that PAL is doing Sweeper Flights to Manila and then people are going back to the US from there. Many caveats and hoops to jump through are detailed on the US State Department’s website.

    3. Do you know what airline is still flying out of Manila to lax California sorry for so many questions I been trying to book a ticket out of here hopefully in may 2020

  258. Thanks for the helpful information Reekay. Looks like it will be some time before expats can return (except those married to a Pinay) …That is unless a vaccine is developed quickly

    1. Under the MCQ, is it likely that I will be able to travel to other Philippine islands (for example travel from Cebu to Dumaguete) ?

  259. I agree, had the same thoughts! We (whole family and a dozen workers ) are heavily affected by this! Whilst politics have nothing to worry for themselves, as usual!

  260. So you think once the islands return to unrestricted travel to and from islands for phillipino citizens (without 14 day quarrentines). a USA citizen with dual PH/US citizenship wife can enter the country and travel unrestricted? We live in Duma and left in Feb for USA to refill wife’s medication in Florida. Stuck here in Fl now, and want to go back as soon as possible.

    1. Guess we will wait until age 60+ are able to go around town unrestricted. Thanks. Appreciate your videos and info

    2. Both of you are allowed to return anytime you want.
      Philippine citizens and spouses are allowed to enter now.

    3. ‘travel unrestricted’ would apply to all in the ph, or none. it’s not going to be based on marriage to a filipina for domestic travel within the ph.

      even now, an expat can enter the PH with his filipina wife and kids.

    4. Both of us are 60 yrs old. Seems even if allowed whats the use if not allowed to go out and about

  261. Thanks, your analysis of the situation seems right on the mark. I live here and haven’t gotten a feel for where this is all headed, but now, your summary gives me an idea of what to expect during the rest of 2020.

    Have you got any ideas about whether they will do anything to expel ex-pats in the future? I think I read where one of the nearby nations was requiring ex-pats to leave.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Yes, I agree completely. I just wanted to hear your thoughts.

    2. i see no up-side to forcing existing expats in the PH to leave. this would cause a hardship on families. and those who are single are spending money here as well. plus, if they’ve already been here through the lockdown with no symptoms, they are not a health risk.

  262. Anything to prevent Mainland Chinese tourists from coming to the Philippines as long as possible is fine with me.

    1. starting May there is a domestic flight. .They call it SWEEPER FLIGHT. .for all Filipinos stranded in different provinces.

    2. Bohol, for example is almost totally restricted for incoming domestic travel. Bohol island thinks that they have no virus cases and they really like it that way.

      Domestic travel will be a mess of restrictions for a long time, probably until International travel is allowed.

  263. What if your visa run is coming up soon? Im still 14 months away from a visa run.

    1. @Mark Sweeter short answer as of right now….NO…Even those of us that are on retirement visa through PRA (Philippine Retirement Authority) have been told that if we leave the country for ANY reason, we will not be allowed back in. Were assured retirement visa will still be valid, but entry will be denied until further notice.

    2. I’m already in that situation. May 8 my visa expires finishing my 3 years. Of course my exit will be delayed until BI is operational again (ECC). But then, a return is only possible when visa are issued again.

    3. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea I don’t think that was what he meant. He means… what if you leave the Philippines for an “exit”. Will that person be allowed to re-enter?

    4. since ph-immigration offices are unreachable at the moment, a 30-day grace period will be allowed to take care of visa requirements, after the offices open up again.

  264. Personally I think that those in power have lost their minds. The Philippines makes most of it’s money off international travel. Imagine what will happen to all the resorts, hotels, workers, etc??? They in the gov have bungled this from the get go. Simply speaking if they disallow international tourism until 2021, they are setting the country back big time. And people will not want to go back and spend their money. Total nincompoops they are

    1. @John S You’re right. A lot of Overseas Filipino workers lost their jobs temporarily. Now Philippines needs a back up plan.

    2. @Terry Foss exactly !

      if they sit on mountain of cash why they just got a huge loans from china and IMF ??! Also there are rumours of selling 1 or 2 islands to pay for this mayhem…
      The taxation system is poor …many chinese companies dont pay tax…
      Domino effect rips off millions….lets see how they start paying unemployment benefits

    3. @Pirate Cove Philippines ya pure tourism is 12.7% of GDP but what about supporting industries like restaurants/taxi/retail/etc.
      Also no flights or expensive flights = OFWs will be pissed off

      But then .. apparently Marcos managed to scoop 1 million tonnes of gold so PH can afford idiotic lockdown till 2100

    4. All governments never let a crisis go to waste. Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness are going to be a casualty of this war. Government Control of their populations will be the result of this crisis. Think about it. In the article it talks about the fast track to get broadband technology in place to keep track of cases and exposure as well as implement usage of a card system for payment. That’s some serious control right there. Think how that will effect all the small business in that country and the rest of the world for that matter.

    5. @Pirate Cove Philippines OFW mostly are losing their jobs, from my country just today there was 100 filipinos leaving to go back philippines with military flights. there are THOUSANDS of OFW that now are jobless worldwide. So dont expect that much money now from the OFW. If duterte also cut the tourism and the international flight at all for one year it means he wants to kill his own country. He is free to do it unless the filipinos hopefully riot back. Anyway We can still travel to other countries by the way; Philippines is not the only beautiful tourism country in this world. Just to make an example to make u understand : mostly of OFW filipinos workers are in USA that is hard hit by covid with million people losing their jobs ( including filipinos ) The other huge part of OFW are mostly in my country ( Italy ) and UK and some of them in other parts of europe and a little bit in the middle east and also many of them ( thousands ) losing their jobs since these countries are hardly hit aswell and under lockdown.
      The investors like jollybee owners and other similar companies are in crysis situation aswell since the restaurants and food business are the most hard hit business from this covid thing… Honestly with this situation i am even little bit scared travel into Phils, since i am pretty sure many riots and probably violence will rise in the next months…considering they have a dictatorship president there isn’t any good thing to expect.

  265. I have seen the same things Reekay and I believe you’re right. As much as the Philippines relies on Tourism they will be hard pushed to open for Tourists safely anytime in 2020.

  266. Hey reekay any ideas on filipinas travelling out of Philippines my gf already had visa granted just before all this .

  267. I fully agree on your points! I like your realistic and analytic approach! Great job. Keep it up.

    1. When will business people get involved. The 3 airlines here will.go bully up.

      Have this country ever been at the point before

  268. Excellent coverage mate. Very good video as usual. Take care mate..Hope you guys are well.

    1. nice house arrest… 6 months without bail

      in the meantime they opened up beaches and people go outside without masks !

    2. What exactly does that mean? Australians banned from travelling out, or others banned from travelling in, or both?

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