Philippines Palace says, “No Need For Lockdown” – Goal Is To Restore Economy

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    In this video I discuss, “Philippines Palace says, “No Need For Lockdown” – Goal Is To Restore Economy”

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  2. Before The End Of The Year That’s Like Lucy Telling Charlie Brown To Kick The Football And We Know How That Works Out ,They Said Only Two Weeks To Flaten The Curve In USA, This Was A World Wide strategy to get rid of Donald Trump

  3. Reekay thank you for the great news, sir. Butuan has stopped the Barangay pass check at the stores this past week. Also along with those reasons, Duterte see light at the end of the tunnel. Philippines is receiving the vaccines.

  4. is this true reekay mate? . I read today there is now a lockdown in manila starting March 11 due to a massive increase in variants!
    THere seem to be mixed messages here! I don’t doubt your source but different sources are giving differing information. Unless it changes so rapidly that mine is wrong lol. if so I apologise. we both know Philippine media info changes as quickly as Texas weather lol mate!

  5. The best news i have heard for over 9 month’s. If they do open up to international tourists, will the passport be good for travel? i am in the USA. and please reply

  6. I would like to see that happen too, but the Filipinos are not disciple enough to shut down the spread of Covid.

    Thailand a 7 day average of 62 cases, as of 10 Mar 39 new cases, which shows they are doing something right. Plus the second wave came from people illegally enter the country from Burma.

    Now, tourists in small numbers have started filtering back in. Businesses that sustained both waves are opening, and the streets are getting busier.

    Since the Philippines has a 7 day average of 3012 cases, as of 10 Mar 2880 new cases, something needs to happen.

    I agree that there is no need for a lockdown, but there is a need to stop the movement. As long as people can travel Province to Province, Covid is not going away.

    If each Mayor of the Provinces wants to allow the people to roam knowing they have cases, then he/she has to deal with the outcome. Those Mayors that close their borders will be thanks later for putting their foot down.

    As long as there is a movement within the Provinces and country, it will not come to a halt. Thailand shut down movement within its Provinces.

    There is only one way to shut Covid down, and that shut down movement until there are no cases.

  7. My finances sister has TB and covid has disrupted medications that is just one small example of the disaster the lockdowns have been

  8. just for your info the CDC said yesterday that 78% of those hospitalized where obese , not shitting you , being overweight is dangerous when combined with covid , but even that is a small percentage
    thought you would like to know check it out , I was amazed

  9. I went yesterday with my two years old son to Cebu doctorsโ€™ university hospital and nurse told me that they don’t have eny rooms available in the hospital that olso in private rooms they but moore beds in the rooms because lots of covid in Cebu

  10. Yes no need to be lockdown, covid will be there forever but only some steps need to take serious like face mask, social distance

  11. Other than the masks and stuff our life has felt pretty normal for a while now here in Laguna. I like yourself have been telling anyone that would listen they had to ease up as people had to eat. Thanks for keeping everyone updated ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Reekay, as a frequent visitor to the Philippines from my home in Israel over the past 8 years, I am dubious about the data given by a dictatorial, corrupt government. I love the Philippines and its people. However, I pose the question: Are the figures on those affected by the pandemic realistic? Of 108 million population that has not vaccinated 99% of it’s population, how many really are infected? Alternately I ask – are the low numbers of the sick, of the vacant percentage of hospital beds etc a result either of data ignorance/misrepresentation or due to the dispersal of the national population across more than 7,000 islands? Like here in Israel we all want to get our economies back on its feet.

  13. Hopefully not too late this year, I heard july, but lets see, want to spend 8 weeks vacation to explore many places there ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. I said before that May or June is a very feasible date for international travel. Europe is also looking for preferential treatment to those who are vaccinated. April is also possible but I am not as confident with that early.

  15. All countrys are almost open again for tourist, and Many others open already since Many months ago, that virus Will be always with us , we need to Life with that virus, we cannot stay all Life at home, Philipinne should open for the foreigners assap

  16. I like the current “path of reasoning” & do hope the best & it stays current . It would of been commendable & proactive with foresight if done 6 months when the financial situation wasn’t in dire straits as it seems to be now.

  17. I believe if they will reopen the border for tourist,it a big help of our economy in philippines,but still they gonna tight the border so sad

  18. The virus cannot subsist in hot climates. There is a 99.98% recovery rate. These are facts easy to verify. Go to BRAND NEW TUBE to get unbiased truths the mainstream media won’t talk about. We are being played.

  19. As usual, your the #1 trusted source of information for expats. Thanks for the good news ! Bob from Menifee

  20. My bags are packed. Literally. I was all set to move to Duma last year until the lockdown hit. This news is a good sign for sure. Thx for keeping an eye on things for us.

  21. What is the Palace? The office of the president? And while this news sounds good, the Filipino govt seems to act haphazardly, as if they followed orders from overseas. They may change their mind tomorrow.

  22. hello reekay from Manhattan nyc. hurry up and open up the Phillipines for us foreigners. I know the Phillipines is taking big hit from no tourists. I’m ready to come visit my lady. I already received my first dose of Moderna vaccine, just waiting on my last dose.

  23. Thank you so much for the info. Looking forward to reopen the borders for tourist foreigner.. hopefully they will realize that many people commit suicide by they canโ€™t reunite there love ones and hungry and no jobs.

  24. Solution to boosting the economy? Open up for international tourists, the numbers will be nothing more than a trickle for many months and will remain in small numbers for at least a year. We’ve seen this with Thailand who expected big numbers of international tourists which of course did not materialize unless one believes 59 visitors to be a windfall.

  25. Then why in the heck are we still under GCQ in Davao city. City Gate Mall looks like a ghost town with 70% of the stores closed.

  26. More proof that this Sars Covid 2 virus is not as deadly as made out to be by governments.

  27. They should open borders 1st in order to beat out Thailand for that tourist dollar.

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