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  1. Making things happen Dating wise. I think if the guy doesn’t get on a plane and get to the phillipines within a couple of months of meeting online, then he may just be possibly a time waster. womens agenda for thier life plan is often biologically much shorter than a mans
    Ladies don’t just be entertainment for dreamers get rid of them

  2. Some of The best advice I’ve ever gotten that helped me become more successful and happier was, “if what your doing ain’t working try something different” that advice right there changed my life forever for the better and that advice goes right along with this great advice, ” if you want to be more successful at anything find someone who is and try to learn from that person”.
    The problem with giving any advice to others is, many people blame somebody else or something else for why their plan is not working, it is never their plan. This is the type of attitude that is running amuck amoungst people who lack success with their plan. Trying to convince them is an impossible task.

  3. Question… while Iiving in the States, can I order from Lazada and have it shipped to the Philippines?

    1. yes. just make sure your ‘billing address’ matches your bank/payment and the ‘shipping address’ is to the place in the PH you want the package sent. also be sure to include the receiver’s phone number since that is primarily how they confirm delivery.

  4. Why did you leave Vietnam? I watched yours videos in Vietnam 🇻🇳 So I decided to travel to Saigon, but finally I realized you back to Philippines!? Davao . Which is the best please for retirement Philippines 🇵🇭 or Vietnam 🇻🇳 Regards

    1. Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Thanks 🙏 For quick kind reply I appreciate that very much blessings I wish you all happiness

    2. i stayed in vietnam until november of 2019. i had met my g/f a few months earlier, in davao, so in january i returned to the ph to be with her. we hope to return to vietnam when travel opens up again. i very much love it there.

  5. You lost me at Batman vs Iron Man . No morals ? Are you talking about the slimy creature with the mental illness stalking you? That guy is off.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea those previews are really something! How many videos are on the everything channel? I need to get on board!

    2. i go further into it in the full (membership) version. and yes, some people there’s just no point expecting them to rise from their degeneracy any time soon.

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