Q. “Why Didn’t You Bring Your Girlfriend To The USA?”

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  2. I brought my wife to U.S with spouse Visa and yeah it’s a complicated procedure. Doesn’t just happen in a few months.

  3. I forget how we avoided that requirement that filipinas must pay for some classes before you can go to the states. Anyway, Cebu is always easier in everything than manila. Avoid Manila like the plague. One time, just for spite in Manila, they dragged out my document for and extra 5 hours in which time I missed my flight ✈️ and lost $800 bucks. They had a good laugh. I had to rebook a few days later. Bastards. ??

  4. Passports are easy for a Filipina to get. And some countries are visa free for Filipinos. (Like Hong Kong). In the mall in Bacolod, Negros it takes about two weeks. You need some documents– birth certificate, police report, NBI clearance.. ask around. Then while you eat schwarma, she gets her passport. 1, 2, 3…easy…

  5. Been waiting one and a half years for the interview for my wife. She should have been here May. 2020

  6. I was married to a Filipina for a few years. She had a passport only. We went to Hong Kong in 2016 for a few days. Then we decided to see if we could get her into the united States. At first we were going to try Guam. So she went to the embassy in manila and applied for a tourist visa. The officer asked what her husband (me) did for a living. She told I traded in crypto currency. He didn’t know what that was and decided to ask his friend in the adjoining immigration window. Apparently he didn’t know either so he came back and approved my wife’s visa. She didn’t have to mention Guam or anything, so he stamped her passport with a tourist visa stamp good for 6 months. We picked up her stamped passport at the Robinsons mall where they sent it two weeks later. We laughed and hi fived etc. To make a short story long, two weeks in New York, she left me for some ex cop who offered her a job which she saw online. She thought he was rich but didn’t know he was almost bankrupt. Anyway, after two months he kicked her out. She met another dude online in two days and moved in with him. She asked if I would take her back after all that had happened. I said no. She now has a baby to this dude and got married in May 2021. I divorced her through the mail from Florida.

  7. Would there be any way to bribe that individual so he,she wouldn’t off load the filapena from leaving the Philippines? Just asking.

  8. It took 1 year and eight months to bring my wife to the US after we were married in the Philippines. It don’t happen over night and it’s not free either.

  9. In Addition to everything you just said, we all know it’s not a good idea to bring your Filipina to the states. In the Philippines, you are the commodity as a expat male. In the United States she is a commodity as a young attractive Filipina. I actually learned that from you!

  10. Covid or not. Let’s assume there were no travel restrictions as they are applied in those miserable times. It seems like it is almost impossible to travel the world with a Pinay girlfriend, even if she has a passport and a bank account with sufficient funds. Right or wrong? I’m not talking about bringing her to my home country but simply have a good time with her travelling neighbouring countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore or Indonesia. What is your opinion on this Reekay? I’d be so happy if you could give me a hint of what your opinion is regarding this matter. Anyway, thank you so much for your valuable and much appreciated videos with all those very good advices regarding life as an expat in the Phillipines. Best wishes for a happy life for you and your loved ones.

  11. Nice , clear and easy video. And I also noticed that one of your vlogging trolls was nearly smacked down this week!

  12. Visa and passport required. Bureaucracy of both countries is difficult. Most people need an immigration attorney to make sense of everything on the US side. Expensive!!

  13. The complexity to bring a girlfriend to the US may be a blessing. If she’s young and attractive it won’t take her long to figure out that now she’s the one in demand.

  14. Your video is absolutely spot on. Internstional travel right now is very difficult, often impossible. I wish that our political leaders would provide some leadership. Many of us have already had the COVID vaccinations. We are ready and eager to travel. We want to join our families, start new families, etc. I have a hard time understanding why the US visas are being processed so slowly. COVID? C’mon. The paperwork is online. And why don’t we have an international vaccine passport by now, which we could use in travel corridors through regions? We need some leaders with a little vision.

  15. Hey Reekay my friend, these people have no idea what it really takes to get your wife/fiancée to another country. They to just do their research and get the true facts before opening up their mouths. Thank you for sharing this awesome video my dear friend. Please stay safe and healthy, and God bless you, Vi, and the rest of your beautiful family.? ? ? ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  16. if you grease the right palms-anything is possible especially USA-grease the squeaky wheels God bless-thats how all life works

  17. Hi Reekay, I feel like a YouTube superstar now that you used my comment in a featured video???, on a serious note all the best to you and Vi

  18. A lot of Americans don’t know how good we really have it as Americans. If you haven’t traveled to other countries you really don’t know!

  19. Hi Reekay….Do you know where I can go where they speak English and get into the country for six months? My girlfriends and Dumaguete but I thought I could go somewhere until things open up maybe even in Asia? Thanks for your response

  20. Yes I Know I Get Questioned All The Time Why My Filipina Wife/Family Isn’t Here Already And Alot Of People Don’t Realize How Complicated It Is To Bring Them Here Unfortunately And Me Traveling To Philippines During This Pandemic Shutdown Is Impossible Until They Allow Tourist Back Into Philippines Because I Am Not Traveling With My Wife And I’m Not Filipino !?!? ???

  21. My wife tried to renew her Philippines passport. They said that there were no appointments open until Jan. 2022. This was to help me get a 9A visa {a new requirement} They have you coming and going…..

  22. Not only that . She wouldn’t be able to get a tourist visa that fast either

  23. What’s the big deal about getting her a passport? It’s easy to get in Philippines. Visas I agree, are a different issue

  24. Once the lady comes to America, she becomes Americanized, and the man loses fairness via Family Law. It’s also more affordable in the Philippines.

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