Q&A: Making Plans On A Virtual LDR-Relationship

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  2. You may consider that a pre nuptial agreement with a poor filipina will not hold up in court, translated or not. It is too big of imbalance,. States have many laws on property division from marriage, your little piece of paper may not mean much.

  3. So I’ve been corresponding with a Filipima since April 2017. I’ve been watching for anomalies but see none. She’s been approved for a US work visa. I plan to spend a month with her where she will be living. What say you to this? I don’t think anyone can fake it for 4 years.

  4. I think actually being with your filipina…going home to visit the family, and now not allowed to go back,now in a forced LDR…I think it’s 10x harder being away…than it is if we were both waiting to meet.
    But that’s just my feelings..lol

  5. If a Filipina has been through multiple relationships with both the locals and foreigners by the time she is 30 yrs of age, then you might want to reconsider, particularly if you are looking for a wife. There are quite a few damaged goods type Filipinas online. Note!!! There is an automatic 10 year financial responsibility that comes with you sponsoring her.

  6. Hi Reekay’s,How are you, love your content nice explanation. I Hope we meet in the Philippines someday,Dauin negros oriental my hometown..

  7. Great video. Wish I could have seen this when I was young at this man’s age working full-time and trying to find a bride. Although much easier to meet young ladies when young, every lady I met had huge ulterior motives. One lady had an undisclosed lover she was going to petition after getting her green card. Unlike my experience with American ladies my age, it was not about real love. I was blindsided. The family had higher priority than I did. My experience in PH forcibly converted me from a blue mentality to a red one after huge mistakes hurt me financially and emotionally. I found Zero love, 100% hypergamy and no exceptions. That was my experience as a recent University graduate. Peace.

  8. Good question submission and a great response, Reekay. I agree he should watch any YT creator who presents a positive but realistic content regarding age gap relationships ( Gio, yourself, The Black Filipino). As you have said a million times…boots on the ground and meet face to face is a must. Ask questions, take notes of her answers. Revisit those questions periodically to see if her answers differ each time you ask them. Use caution and ask lots of questions before your visit.

  9. Great advice bro. I look at the type of phone and job she has. If she has really expensive phone but no job. Its no go.

  10. 1:55 My Filipina is 47 (but she looks like 28-30) and I’m 41. Age gap relationship is not an issue in the Philippines. β€οΈπŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ™‚

  11. She’s thirty, she’s got alot of experience with older expats. Think you have a big lesson coming. Jijijijiji

  12. Here’s watching from Macon Missouri.. have a great morning Philippines 😘..i like six years different or a bit, not to old..

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