Q&A: Why Vietnam? Differences & Dating

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    1. @Kenn Peters Yes cant” really appreciate what is like to be able to communicate easily unless you’ve experienced it yourself. Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Vietnam is amazing, and everything works, unlike Philippines. In Vietnam you everything i just better. Everything! However, you will be alone, as its much harder to meet people and find a serious relationship in Vietnam than in Philippines. Also the visa is more easy in Philippines. And over the years you become tired of not being able to speak with anyone, other than small things, like thank you and so on.. Better to live in Philippines, for that fact alone. Live is more than clean roads, and good quality items. Life is people, friends and adventure and love. Beenm in Asia for 15 years. Inc Philippines and Vietnam.

    3. Vietnam is a very safe country, there are no terrorists like IS, Abu Sayyaf, no organized crime gang … facebook, Google, free social networks are not controlled like China. The prosperity of the country is used to improve the poor areas, reduce poverty … Pls stay in Vietnam with us ..

  2. Love your videos, thanks for sharing – well I do tend to skip ahead a bit, dam NYC lifestyle has taken all my patience away. See you in beyond the sea one day!

  3. No place anywhere anytime any place in the world is perfection,it just depends on what ticks the boxes on your own list,it takes time to know where and when it happens,again thanks for the honest accurate info

  4. I hope you have a good experience in Viet Nam. In viet nam you are always wellcome

  5. Hell, in two years, Cambodia will be more developed and it might be a possibility. Btw, I think those who want to compare two countries are often looking to satisfy a confirmation bias.

  6. There is no problem saying what you like , seems like you are dancing around trying not to offend the Filipinos. Besides the English I have no idea what else is better, the food culture, individualismโ€™s, the cast system between skin colors or rich and poor, peer pressure, etc. these are the many factors expat may not see when living in the Philippines. My 2 cents.

  7. The information you provide is valuable concerning travel to these countries. Itโ€™s interesting and really the whole reason why I follow you on YouTube and Facebook. Iโ€™m married and really have no use for the dating info so for me it wonโ€™t affect my interest in the videos. I think it is a good decision not bringing your new relationships into view when they happen.
    The culture there might even be more conservative and it could have negative back lash. Who knows ….. anyway. Keep it going good stuff so far.

  8. The thing I find interesting is that Vietnamese cannot stay overnight with you in the hotels.

    1. i was reading that while this law was repealed a few years ago, it still remains a ‘taboo’ issue done under the radar. ‘pros’ are available for overnight at around $100+ a night. so it does occur here, but not so much among the regular non-pro women.

      one buddy of mine had a live-in vietnamese g/f for about a year.. and that was about 3 years ago.

  9. How about learning the language…that always makes life easy…not any different when Americans say to foreigners “you lived in America 20 years and you don’t speak English” learn it if you plan on living in a country not your own…dont rely on “phillipine english” which for the most part is mediocre at best…good luck all westerners

  10. new sub here, I like what you have put forward in this here video, your talking the real deal.. I’m planning to retire there soon but have no need or interest in hooking up period with one of the locals, just want my on space, peace of mind, and live comfortably after so many years of living the rat pack pace in the western world. Is there a tourist business anywhere there where you can find an agency or realtor that can take you out and about to set you up in a decent, comfortable living quarters of your choice?

  11. I’ve enjoyed your videos and am planning on going to the Philippines and Thailand.
    Just one question: how do you make a living? Haven’t seen you discuss that yet. Thanks for all the great advice!

  12. Henry, our life experiences sound identical. I too married a lady from Mexico who spoke only Spanish. I spoke no Spanish at all. We taught each other. We were together 25 years. We separated on good terms. Now I’m considering moving to Vietnam also.

  13. Thank you for the reply, Also you are single so enjoy your time in Asia I also want to travel soon when I retire to Philippines or japan. I really like your videos keep them coming thanx stan

  14. Hello Mr. Reekay ! Just saw 2 of your video- my name is Helen & I just got back from sg. 3 days ago – still jet lagged – I would love to meet you & help you more about our city – I was born in Hue but live in California & now New Jersey- my grand niece Mimi just open a new spa name A Mi spa at 2n Pham Huu Chi Phuong 12 Q 5 – mimi speak good English as she work for California fitness (USA ) over 10 years – just say Helen send you – I will be back in November to a rehab & will stay 4 months ! Good luck to you !

  15. hehe…. if you’re in Japan or Korea also China, you’ll be using more & more google translation :)) not just Vietnam.

    1. definitely. i’ll catch you on skype perhaps tomorrow midday or evening.

  16. Can you make a Youtube video of the meet up with President Donald Trump and North Koreas Leader Kim Jong Un? I believe they will have there meet up at the area you are livingt at. Big Thanks. Regards: Kristoffer. ๐Ÿ˜Š

    1. still waiting on my press-pass. i’m sure it’s just stuck in the mail. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. The flag in the back feels awkward… Do yoy like it? *A star on a red background?

    1. that is the flag of vietnam. some people have different reactions to that flag, just like some people have positive or negative reactions when they see the american flag. me, it’s the VN flag and i’m living in VN so, that’s the extent of it. and thus far, my experience in VN has been very positive.

  18. I want to rent an apartment exactly like yours, same area, same design, etc. How do I contact the owner? Is it $19 a night? I’ll be in vietnam in 2 months! Thanks Andy!

  19. When deciding to learn the Vietnamese language, the question is, learn the Northern, Central or Southern version of Vietnamese? Guess the answer would depend on what area you decide to spend the most time in.

  20. I really love your channel. I also strarted with Thailand many years after that Filippines many times now i start think like you when in asia will i go next. I also heard Vietnam is cool and nice.

  21. You are living the dream ๐Ÿ˜€ donโ€™t stop see what you can see great job thanks J

  22. Oh gosh!!! You live like a king in Vietnam. I just watched your video about your expenses in Vietnam and I see that it is not bad at all, with the high standard of living that you are living there. It looks like it is a lot better than the Philippines. The only negative I guess is that english language is not that common. Other than that Vietnam looks great!!! The girls they look better looking and whittier.

  23. Hope I can meet you too as subscribers personally
    Here in Malaysia ๐Ÿ’ช

  24. You don’t mind living in high pollution, with motorbikes everywhere honking in every streets (even the little alleys) ?

    1. i walk around D7 a lot, just about every day and it’s rare i see more than 2 expats. when i do see expats they are at Crescent Mall or the area near Tilly’s Mexican food, that street. but over by Lottemart and this whole are of D7, it’s about 99.9% local vietnamese. also the area along the river, not many expats there either. but i guess it’s a lot like cebu… plenty of koreans and americans at Mabolo and Calyx areas, or IT-Park but less in south Cebu City areas.

    2. i may have just lucked-out. for being only 2 blocks from a busy road, on my side of the building it’s nice and quiet since i’m on the other side of the building, away from traffic.

    3. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea and D7 is not vietnam… It is mostly a closed expat area with south koreans, westerners and rich vietnamese.

    4. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea I was in D7 for a week, you are right, that’s the exception (with some parts of Thao Dien). But quite far from the center, when you have things to do there. I’m in VN for 2 months now, I lived in Hanoi, Da Nang, Hue, Hoi An, many districts of HCMC, and other little province cities… So I can say I have a very good knowledge of the motorbike situation in “every streets”. (I also visited mostly all asian countries this past year, so I can compare). The problem is that almost all streets are connected . There are no cul-de-sac. They just need to do some street management.

    5. i would mind, if that were the case. pollution has not been an issue in D7. and there are no “motorbikes everywhere in every streets” as you describe. you must not have ever been to D7, ever. the motorbike traffic is along the rivers and through the business areas or connecting streets. here in my residential area, a motorbike passes by maybe 4 times in an hour or as little as maybe ten in the whole day.

  25. Reekay, I’ve been following you a long time now. I agree about you not planning on staying in one place or country. Your site name is Life Beyond the Sea. It does not say Life Beyond the Seas in the Philippines. You are an explorer. A traveler. I’ve personally appreciated all of your information you’ve provided us. Thank you so much!

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea I totally ‘get it’. And I agree about the USA. It’s not the USA we grew up with. She’s changed. I love my life here in the Phils with my wife and friends. I miss family and friends back home, but I’ll live here until I ‘check-out’.

    2. thanks. moving around, for me, is more of a compulsion than a desire. it’s just how i’m wired. but i am hoping to settle down somewhere at some point. for now, i’m looking for a place i can eventually call ‘home’. i only know for now that usa stopped being ‘home’ for me a long time ago. i love my mom and kids there, but usa is not my thing.

  26. Hey Reekay, how well do you think an american acupuncturist would do in Saigon? looking to relocate. Thanx, Tom

    1. honestly, i can’t say there’s a huge demand for it. i see massage places everywhere and few seem to include acupuncture. i’m sure they would include it if there was a desire for it among the local clientele.

  27. Nice Video Reekay! Here is a trick to learn quicker. The last 15 minutes before you go to bed read silently what you want to retain. Don’t do ANYTHING else while your doing this or after. Go to bed… The next morning, see what happens I’ll check back in a week!

  28. What do you see in the Philippines and Vietnam the differences, dating wise? ( Oh… you’ve been there 3 weeks, guess we’ll ask again in the future… )

  29. You are looking good Reekay. Better than in the Phils. Perhaps Vietnam suits you.

  30. I recommend Huawei AF14 (Wired) Selfie Stick. Can you make an box opening video of this product? I think you would get a lot of likes of it. Here is a link of the product, it is great. https://consumer.huawei.com/en/accessories/wired-tripod/ I think it would be nice if you ordered the product and made an box opening video of it. Thanks. Regards: Kristoffer.

  31. Hey man, I will be back in Saigon Feb 4. Want to meet for a meal and chat,? Harley from Valencia.

  32. If you tour to either Da Nang or Nha Trang in a few weeks (the last week in February) i hope to see you around so i can buy you a beer.

    1. $35 for the day. but you can also sometimes line up one for free with a student looking to practice their english in exchange.

  33. One thing people should know is the Vietnamese culture is very similar to Korean, Japanese, and chinese.

  34. I think, Vietnamese use Alphabet so, at least, can read the words, even though don’t know the meaning, which is easier than other asian language.

  35. Its a bit more old school here, being not much online.. You have go out, but the good thing about Viet women they are very open and kind. These girls don’t stay on dating apps all day.

  36. I find the problem with Vietnam is while most women are veryyy beautiful, a tremendous amount cannot speak English. Similar to Thailand, there’s a small pool that can be considered actual dating material. I’ve done the whole dating where neither can speak the other’s language. You just stare at each other and smile lol. Disaster.

  37. I am kind of researching Southeast Asia for like 2 years and watched lot of Youtube channels and have searched websites , reading some sites. One thing Philippines is good for is speaking English. Vietnam is much better on almost everything except the language, even Cambodia is better than Philippines on many things. Many thing are cheaper in Phnom penh and Saigon than cities in Philippines.

  38. The move to Vietnam has seemed to have rejuvenated your channel with more and better content. Its more like when I first started watching you in your earlier Philippines videos. I was always anxious to see your new videos back then. Seeing your videos was like an adventure.

  39. love your ref to dropping ‘high maintenance filipinas’; but are’nt they all high maint?

  40. It’s nobody’s business who you date, that is private. Dating is a process of getting to know each other and seeing if you have cemistry. Do what makes you comfortable and don’t worry about the haters. Love your videos, more adventures to come. God bless ๐Ÿ˜Š

  41. The Vietnamese women don’t seem to have the smile or be as girly as the Thais.

  42. On dating: I think it is relevant to share your assessments and experiences with girls in order to get a sense of the female culture, attitudes, practices, and expectations. So maybe a first name and your experiences with them. No sexual details and family histories are needed. But you have to tell us what they are like and what you did together.

  43. I guess I am about 5% fluent in Spanish. I have been to South America several times. The interesting thing about languages is whatever you learn will help. I know a few words in Tagalog and a few phrases in Visayan. If you live in Vietnam just start with a few words. .

  44. I think (from an outsider looking in) regarding the dating scene will be a total bust…If you can’t find a pinay (and they speak English) how could you find someone that doesn’t speak your language (or you hers)…?…That would be a very awkward dinner date whereby you’re both on your cell phones texting to friends and waiting to part ways…Strange to say the very least…

    1. whoever told you i couldn’t find a pinay gave you bad information. or you came up with that assumption yourself. i had some great relationships with filipinas during my 6 years there. in fact, i began by meeting a cebuana in california during her vacation, which is what led to me moving to the PH to begin with.

      i don’t share the same “scarcity” mindset you have. i know there are plenty of VN women who speak english that would make the right woman for a relationship here. and i know other guys who have done the same. you really need to think in a much larger, positive way.

      and if you still don’t believe me about my previous relationships with filipinas, you can see the photos here along with the great time i had in the PH…

  45. At some point you should check out Kuala Lumpur more english bit more modern bit more expensive great transit system. Im surprised you dont do a survey trip to 4-5 cities of interest for 2-3 weeks to see if one stands out. Just a thought. Love following the journey.

  46. relocate to Hoi An, world-class tourist attraction, astonishing ‘old city’ sight-seeing; i was in Ph 4yrs dumaguete, bayawan, Boracay, now hoi an 2mo

  47. I find learning to speak vietnamese words are a lot easier than hearing the words spoken by others. Tonal languages don’t resonate with the western ear. They speak fast and what sounds like to me high pitched screeching. lol Baby steps.

  48. Da Nang or Hue…Yo just gotta go and experience these places..the food in Hue…jeez….The best and flavor is really different. I think your’e living life right! You never know what can happen tomorrow…Enjoy your life today!

  49. You didn’t leave the Phils because of safety issues? Because in your other videos you said if you ever felt unsafe in the Phils, you’d just get on a plane to Vietnam or Thailand hahahha

    1. no, i did not leave for any safety issues. any violence currently going on in the PH is primarily between the police, drug users, milf, abu sayeff and npa. not with expats. i said i would IF it was unsafe, but i also leave to visit family every december. and now, as i expressed in this video, i left in order to see more of asia. (i guess you somehow missed that.)

  50. Great video!!! I lived in the PI for three years and moved to Vietnam about a year ago. I have seen expats that have quickly picked up the language and it is a lot easier for them to get by. Overall, Vietnam is far more “livable” for the same price. People are clean and there is not rubbish on the ground everywhere. I have not seen any beggars.

    Reekay: check out Danang. They are building up the area (all new infrastructure) and now for apartments, there is excess supply and not enough demand = cheap rents. Great locals, food, beach, gyms, $1 beers, healthcare, nature, transportation, etc..

    1. Overall, Saigon is pretty clean but the river banks are littered with trash and garbage wherever there are people living in boats anchored to shore (see Reekay’s “My First Week in Vietnam” video, from 1:15 or so onward). Also, the poorer districts of Saigon are pretty filthy in some places, but they’re not places many tourists or ex-pats go to since they’re not safe for them, particularly at night.

  51. Three weeks vs six years I’d still feel like an outsider also. I wish the best for you in enabling some wonderful roots there. How hard is it to find a tour guide like you did; I’m sure on traveling outside the city it is a must for the first time? I always admired the relationships you shared. It made me want to travel and helped me to relate better. Thank you. Salamat, sir Henry po. I remembered some of the abuse that stemmed from people’s own selfish thoughts. I did add her as a friend and only asked her for help in a pinay that I had interest in. We only asked if you will share because there is a group of us that wanted to see you find the one. Iโ€™m sure there is enough baliw viewers here not to share. damn them lol

    I think the 10 day update is an awesome idea. Food for thought: add the links of the videos within said time, pictures of events in said time, connect them. Other than that, I am excited to keep watching. Almost 5 years following you and totally enjoy every moment..! Like always, I have to ask, find any good tacos there yet? Hehe lol.. taco Tuesday
    here.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. Hello r ..could I ask if mosquitos are a big problem or a small or minor annoyance ..thank u ..

  53. Take your time my friend. Rome wasnt built in a day. We will wait to learn and in my opinion its not our business if or who your dating. If someone is that tight with you they can do the pm thing. The rest of us are just…

  54. I think your above the average Joe. You seem like a wise man. Who which I have much respect for…

  55. ….the point I am getting is ….the more of the language you know, the better the experience. ……….cam on !

  56. I like to get my feet wet and try another country and Vietnam is one of them I hope you post enough information about cost of living with groceries prices and if itโ€™s cheaper than the Philippines

  57. Do NOT go back to the Philippines ,Sir. Agree with you, explore the world,explore south east asian countries. To ALL, PLS TRAVEL IS THE ONLY THING YOU BUY THAT MAKES YOU RICHER. VIETNAM LOVES YOU REEKEY. VIVA VIETNAM.

    1. I agree with this. Do not go back to the Philippines. Not because it’s the Philippines, but rather because “you can’t go home again”. If you are gone too long, the Philippines will change, and you will change. It just won’t be the same.

  58. Great Video, But wow seems like there are a lot of people that are impatient lol. Do your thing Reekay take your time and I will patently await your update videos. Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. Henry, be sure to let us know if and when you do meet any ‘Idiot Savants’ in Vietnam. โ—‰_โ—‰

  60. Thanks Reekay for another wonderful video, can’t wait for the next one, stay safe and God bless you always. ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ป๐Ÿ‡ณ

  61. More questions:
    1. If/when you get a girlfriend in Vietnam
    will you talk about her on your channel
    or keep that personal?
    2. I know an American guy based in
    Makati.. he plans to move to Thailand
    with his Filipina girlfriend.. would
    a Filipina want to do that.. move to
    Vietnam or Thailand?
    3. Do Vietnamese not have fascination
    for foreigners/foreign pop culture
    that Filipinos have?
    4. Are cities in Vietnam cleaner than
    in the Philippines?
    5. How would you compare poverty
    of Vietnam to poverty in Philippines?

  62. Vietnamese is a tonal language….that is what makes it tough for me to learn phrases……etc.

  63. Exactly right, Reekay. Keep the love life private. Way too many predators, and, toxic troublemakers, on social media these days.

  64. First of all, the background/animation of your portrait is cute. Secondly the VDO is great ! You have well described. Thirdly, wherever you are happy, comfortable and productive for your life plans/projects, then it can be your sweet home. Before last, language is not not big deal if you decided to leave your comfort zone and have mind set to explore this country. As you said you can not be good in 3 months but you can learnt every days and get it serious ( if you want). Last, you may feel the differences, especially people. They are friendly but not like Filipinos and the way they talk may not sweet. So I wish you enjoy life there !

  65. I enjoy your blogs about philippines, but vietnam is turn-off because of no english.

  66. I have been amazed that you can be labeled as a sexpat just because you don’t marry the first Filipina you date.

  67. What about health care? Do you have an insurance? If so, how much does it cost and what does it cover?
    Your videos are great!

  68. If you like the infrastructure of Saigon (didnโ€™t know Philippines was so lacking) wait til you see Bangkok.

    1. I’m Vietnamese and I agree. Vietnam infrastructure is 10-20 years behind Thailand.

  69. In general do you feel safer in Vietnam than you didn’t Philippines when we were out walking around the you notice of the people are more curious as to why you are filming or is it pretty well received

  70. Hi Reekay… have you picked up any feel of how Vietnamese view Americans.
    I know your not political, but have you discussed the Vietnam war with the older and younger generation.

    1. Most of the Vietnamese population are born after the war….they know nothing and care even less…..I was only 9 when the Fall of Saigon happened (April 30, 1975)….my family was one of the last ones out ….by boat! Came to Houston, Texas in July 1975 and been here since! Am retired now and go back each year (3-6 months stretch) just to visit my father who decided to return there after he retired ….in 2003.

    2. The Vietnamese people get along very well with Americans. The younger Vietnamese hold no animosity towards Americans for ‘the American War’ but quite naturally, older Vietnamese who may have lost loved ones to the war are not as congenial but still polite.

  71. So when u stayed in Philippines did you ever stay at the northern ( Luzon) island, Iโ€™ve visited only to the northern part mostly metro Manila. I want to retire in Philippines soon so Iโ€™m just wanting to know your input of Luzon area. Yes I agree with the central islands of them being more inviting so Iโ€™m just trying to figure where to retire. Thanks for all your videos and keep up the great videos you make.

    1. Yes, One of the biggest backpacker party scenes is in Hanoi. There is a different vibe. It’s the capital so the government is more pronounced. I prefer the South. But the North has some breathtaking scenery.

  72. Nice video Reekay! I was living and teaching English in Vietnam for about a year. I have noticed that the Vietnamese men drink a lot lol and it is rare you see the Vietnamese woman drinking. They have these little restaurants where you see the Vietnamese men drinking all the time. The food and transport are very cheap, also if you are a foreigner you will get some Vietnamese people come up to you and ask to take a photo with you. When I travelled through Vietnam I travelled on the sleeper bus they have these sleeping pods and if you 6 foot or more it is very uncomfortable and it is noisy and the bus driver is beeping the horn all the time lol. People ask why there are a lot of scooters? Its because of the importing tax on cars is very high and that is why you see a lot of scooters because they are cheap to buy and run. I was teaching English about 30 minutes south of Vinh, central Vietnam a province called Nghi Loc district. I and my friend were the only foreigners teaching English. I miss waking up and seeing the water buffalo in the rice fields. So have a good time in Vietnam Reekay! ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘

    1. Thanks for sharing…
      Here เน„เธ—เธข Thailand both young men and women drink like fish specially on the beaches. .

  73. In VN, French is still fairly widely spoken. Good Work Arounds Sir. Food & Eating is a very good mwethod of learning Viet. (beware of the ‘Northern’ Accent.

    1. Boogur T. Wang Where did you hear French spoken? In 4 years I have only heard French tourists and expats. The French left Indochina 60 years ago.

  74. im paying $70 a month for internet connection to get 100mbps in cali, u got a deal to get free wifi with your lease, compare the foods between the countries, did you knowdege in vn they dont have pinoy foods? We dont like their foods.

  75. Good video! My 2nd cousin lives there in Ho chi menh city and works as an English teacher. We might be going there in a few months

  76. Great idea about the q @ a. I was wondering how you kept up (and was going to keep up) with the growing comments sections.

  77. Congrats on your move to Vietnam! Iโ€™ll miss hearing your Philippines stories and advice for now. But Iโ€™m looking forward to all of your Vietnam videos ahead!

  78. Good to see your bedding in fine i feel it will take a ltittle while to get aquainted with the culture and we have to show patience as it takes a while to get a through perspective on things i all think its wise of you to try and shield any girlfriend you may have from the limelight and keep that private hope all goes well followed you from the very first video you made and enjoy your take on life

    1. No more videos?
      Thank you and good luck ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘‹

  79. Would enjoy seeing you taking the train up the coast to Hanoi, and sharing the experience with your viewers. It appears to be a 33 hour trip, but could be broken up into several days with multiple stops to video tape and report back to your viewers.

  80. Sorry, communication is the most important to me when deciding what country to move to, second is the convenience in transactions of whatever are needed to be done. Patience is not one of my greatest virtue. Thanks.

  81. Hey, been watching and although I have a filipina wife and such, I watch you because I enjoy your content. I don’t really care much about the dating, however I think people are wanting to know the difference between the two places and the different dynamics of each place in regards to the dating scene and cultural differences. My wife and I are wanting to go to Vietnam and Thailand, so your info is much appreciated in these places as you roam around. Subscribers for life and keep up the good work Henry!

  82. For someone looking at living in the Philippines what language dialect should I learn? How fluent were you, what % of like tagalo are you at?

    1. Tagalog is for the mainland. Bisaya is for the the islands geographically the center of the country. But the national language is Tagalog. Manila, the capitai city is in the mainland.

    2. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Right on the money Reekay. My fiance in Mindanao speaks 4 languages/dialects. From what she tells me, her Tagalog is actually the weakest of the 4 from

    3. personally, i would suggest visayan. (also written as ‘bisayan’) that is what is used in central PH, which is the area that interests me the most.

  83. really getting tired of California thinking or relocating to SE Asia any recommendations ?

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Do you have anything against makati? Seems to be highly recommended.

    2. My recommendation would be don’t bring any of your ski equipment…๐Ÿ‚…
      I bought my Rossi skis and they’re not even good for water skiing… the locals thinks it’s funny…๐Ÿ‚

    3. It depends whether or not you need to make a living though. If you do, the Philippines may be just about the worst place. Jobs which foreigners are allowed to do are very restricted, few and far between, and are low paid when they do exist. You need either retirement or some other income stream from outside the country.

    4. the easiest place to get settled into would be the Philippines. cebu, bohol or dumaguete are good choices. but there are so many other good places too, such as Iloilo.

  84. I spent a few weeks in Vietnam a few years ago, all in the north. Ho Chi Min City, Sa Pa and Ha Long Bay. It struck me as being very clean and tidy. Very capitalist, in the sense that every square inch in the cities that can be used to make money is occupied. Along the sidewalks, people will have little tables running micro businesses. Micro restaurants with mini plastic chairs and tables, and a hot pot.
    The other thing that struck me is that many people have little scams of opportunity. As long as you’re constantly alert to this, you’ll be fine. But, the unwary fall victim to minor scams. I didn’t come across anything that made me feel unsafe, as people don’t seem to be violent at all.
    I took a 3 or 4 day cruise on Ha Long Bay in a little wooden boat that only held 12 passengers in 6 state rooms. The food was fresh and fantastic, and the views beautiful. Cat Ba island was really nice, as well. Good memories.

    1. @William Blaker great story! If you don’t mind me asking, how much did that cruise cost?

    2. ha long bay sounds interesting. might be a bit cold there in winter, but i’ll consider checking it out at some point.

  85. I hear itโ€™s easier to find work as a teacher, would you consider teaching at a school?

    1. Billy To teach English you will need a college degree in something, 120 hour TEFL or CELTA better, police background check, strong preference being native speaker from big 7 english speaking countries US or CA (priority accent), UK, Australia, NZ, Ireland, South Africa, preference for white race, preference for age in 20s. Many teaching jobs because (rich) parents want children to have advantage, also to go to college abroad.

    2. yes..ย lots of schools here to teach at. but you need to get a work visa in order to physically teach in a class for a vietnam employer. so ask the school if they are willing to cover that cost or at least help you with applying for a work visa. i see so many english schools here.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea The dogs are great I have a lot of breeding lined up. Im in NY at the moment trying to get capital for a new venture. I’ll be back in PH soon though. Take care and look forward to your new adventures.

    2. thanks. how are your dogs doing? still doing the martial arts there in bacong? good to hear from you.

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