Results For Covid Vaccine Looking Less Than Promising

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    In this video I discuss, “Results For Covid Vaccine Looking Less Than Promising”

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  2. Do not let your government use you people as a guinea pig to take the test covid-19 shot. Give it to an animal a pig a rat. Let the white man stick his arm out the rich man let them the government agents and the scientists and doctors who are making the shot take the shot! Do not be a guinea pig and risk your life and your health you cannot trust these bastards! Any government that lets its people be used as guinea pigs does not love it’s children

  3. CovID vaccine volunteers are getting sick and dying. Imagine when they will force the vaccine upon billions, joe many hundred of millions will die? 🤔

  4. Why can’t they write a report that people can understand ?but it has to be explained by a professional for people to realize that the test doesn’t work! it’s a scam! and it’s a race to get rich for the elites! cause everybody on Earth to take a shot for a fake virus! to fill you full of sickness! abomination

  5. This whole vaccine thing is a scam. The recovery rate using just our immune system is over 99.99%. So why do we need a vaccine?

  6. People need to take health as seriously as they do finance. Pay attention to your body always, especially people with health issues. Dont count on pills to save you, good health starts with good lifestyle choices

  7. If you put your finger tip close to your. Eye and hold it there and stare. Thats all you will see wont see the truck that is going to run you over ..FINGER TIP =COVID. TRUCK =SCAMDEMIC

  8. you can verify results by looking at the number of positives, and death. If these two variables decrease, then the vaccine works, or we have reached herd immunity. Either way those are good signs.

  9. I had Covid-19 last week, honestly for someone older or not taking care of their health Covid -19 is lethal. The first two days I had a massive headache, body aches loss of smell, very high temperature, stomach pain, shortness of breath. On my third day, I was feeling better on my seven days I was back to normal. Mind you I am really into fitness and I am Vegan, I don’t drink or smoke so I guess my immune system did the job. But I would not wish this covid-19 to anyone. People take care and drink a lot of herbs and hot tea and stay safe. Vaccination will take years

  10. They will never make a vaccine 99.74% effective of which our immune system has already shown to be.
    As for the ‘Silver Bullet’, Dr Bartlett found that an Asthma inhaler worked 100% on over 1000 infected people. Some even had cancer and on chemo and still survived. It costs $3. Why aren’t they pushing this? Hmmm Surprise surprise!

  11. Thanks for the information Reekay. There are no guarantees they will ever find one.

  12. Its truly amazing how much blind trust people put into the governments , media and the ‘health’ (sick) care system.
    It is always about money, control and power. How the hell can’t people remember this reality? Amnesia..cognitive dissonance..
    stockholm syndrome. All applicable. The lack of critical thinking is all too common. Time to break out of that paradigm , for those that are
    missing it.
    Do yourself a huge favor and investigate Kary Mullis, the INVENTOR of the PCR test (Covid test).
    He himself was openly admitting the
    As for the upcoming vaccines. Who in their right mind would trust such short lived , fast tracked UNTESTED syringes full of neurotoxins?
    Admittedly will warp our RNA/DNA.
    Don’t believe it? You had better start researching people…

  13. My take: The CCP_CV-19 is dangerous because it spreads also over not sick people and it is much more aggressive. How ever, what happen now, is political and has nothing to do with the malady! The Gov. loves the lock downs and the travel bans! The trade deficit of the Philippines was never so low as now (less costly consumer imports), what means the Central bank is cashing and shelving billions of dollars, since the exports are sill not much affected, which later can be distributed to phony projects benefiting the influencial clans and politicians and their helpers. This is how high stake corruption works! Plus – since crossing provinceborders is difficult, there is much less crime going on but also much less investigations into crimes. Communities need to spend less money to controll the rather undisciplined and care less population. Traffic is reduced to about 50% what means less gas and diesel is burned. The list can be extended at will …… The Gov. has NO REAL INTEREST to open the country!

  14. Do be honest not so surprising to me. In general science has shown us that on average vaccins are effective only for 40 to 60%. So somewhat disappointing that the vaccins for Covid-19 are expected to have an even lower lower of effectiveness. 
    However it is sad to notice that media and governments are not sharing this reality with the public. There is only one way forward and that is going to reach a certain level of herd-immunity, like Sweden’s approach. And even herd-immunity will not be 100% effective but at least will significantly reduce the risk of transmission and death, in that normal live can continue again.

  15. Thank you for keeping us informed. You tell it like it is even if it isn’t good news. I would rather hear the truth than a candy-coated lie.

  16. If the president can be cured over night, I kinda feel like there is an answer out there coming.

  17. Small point but he is an associate editor of the BMJ as the text you put on the screen clearly states. The British Medical Journal has 8 associate editors and numerous other different editors. (This does not decry the importance of his statement however)

  18. Gonna start on a positive note hey 30% reduction in chance of getting it I guess that’s better than nothing and a place to look for better solutions, on the negative side I’m curious what exactly they are doing to test these, is this a throw it at the wall and hope it sticks trial? Crossing fingers and hope for an accidental full on immunity trial?

  19. 30% effective for one might be 90% if you take 3 different kinds. But figuring this out might take a while.

  20. It is about what I would expect of a phase 3 trial which is really designed to prove safety. The clear cut answer about real efficacy comes after injecting the population. I personally never thought ia vaccine stopped covid or any flu any more than i would expect that of a seasonal flu shot. Scientists have to give it their best guess and some vaccines will be better than others.

  21. only 30 percent thats still pretty good …suppose it reduces by 50 percent i would take those odds..50 …50

  22. Reekay, as always you’re ahead of the curve, bun intended. You should be an investigated reporter. LOL Thanks for the update buddy.

  23. You are 100% spot on. There will be no vacine until Feb at the earliest. Love your videos, Thank You!

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