Shipping Documents & Packages In/Out of the Philippines

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  2. That is good information I was wanting to know because after I finally get there I may have to take care of some documents in United States.Thank you so much that makes me feel so much better I don’t have to worry about that

  3. DHL is more accurate and on time delivery from Philippine here at abroad like Europe.for 1 week in my owned experience.use DHL express from Philippine.expensive but faster and you can monitor where is your parcel going thru.From Eu to Ph I’m using also even though expensive but the service is express. when it is urgent documents that need to be send.

  4. Great info bro thanks. I regularly send packages to my family in Pangasinan by LBC so ill be switching carriers on my next package. Thanks again bro. How yall holding up? We just went back to stage 1 lockdown in Carolina😣

  5. I sent an 8# package to Dumaguete by way of our wonderful post office in the states and it cost $108.(air mail) and it took 3 months and 3 days to get there…..Then just last week I sent another package to Dumaguete by way of FedEx and cost $118. (this one was shipped by the vender I ordered from) and arrival time is to be next Monday and will take less than 2 weeks. and the last I checked, it was already in the Philippines

  6. That’s correct LBC is slow and I believe it’s because they send on a ship. I just sent some documents to Montana in the US on FedEx, it only took eight days. They told me they only send out one packet out per week out of Bohol. It just so happened that their packet was going out the next Day so I got lucky. But really eight days and it was delivered.

  7. Thank you SIr, Yes I agree, I am a manager here in USA for DHL, normally we are more expensive but you have peace of mind and knowing that DHL will deliver your freight, no 3rd person delivery like FedEx does…

  8. I have had experience to ship a document from Manila to Hong Kong. I compared the prices, LBC was a bit cheaper but its slow.

  9. I just received some documents from my wife in the Ph via LBC. They told her 2 to 3 weeks, they came in 1 week. I wonder if they just tell you the worse case scenario so you won’t be let down?

  10. Information on shipping. LBC shipping on paperwork, when you go to the shipping outlet, make sure they handoff the shipment to dhl, depends on your city outlet if they handoff to dhl, the price will be the same. 1300 peso, and your correct , if hand off to dhl, 0 to 14 days to usa. If a person lives in the bigger city’s, you can use fed x, it takes four to five days. Cost us around 2500 peso, different prices different city’s, better tracking with fed x. One problem with going through Lbc when they hand off to dhl, hard to have the correct tracking. That makes it hard to follow your shipment via internet tracking.
    I have all my Amazon and Wal-Mart orders shipped free to a fright forwarder in Los Angeles .ca. Then it costs 65 dollars a box to my location in philippines. They hold items till box is full, then ship, if items bigger then box, they create and ship.
    Manila forwalders out of Los Angeles .ca. find them on internet.

  11. Yes, I am aware of the disparity regarding LBC vs. DHL. I made a video awhile back. Right now I am waiting for a package to get here. According to tracking, it made it to Cebu from Gardena, California in three days. It has been in Cebu a few more days and still hasn’t made it to Dumaguete yet. It is one of those companies that consolidate your packages from Amazon or where ever. Once it arrives, I will make a video. The jury is still out but, it looks promising.

  12. Is LBC and DHL rival companies?? Reason I ask is you said LBC suggested you check out DHL. I find that surprising.

  13. I recently sent a package 2 days ago ( differs on price based on weight ) from US to CEBU via FED-EX and will take 7 work days to reach Seattle to CEBU. 😀

  14. Hey Henry. You were my #1 source of info before I left the U.S. I’ve been watching for a year and a half now… Your still # 1

  15. Good info. Shipping to Phils can be an expensive hassle. One option i have used a number of times is to use Balikbayan shipping outfits. These are usually run by fil-ams living in the US. I have used several over the years with no issues. You buy a box size and fill it up with no weight limit. They add it to a container going by ship and usually arrives in phils in 6 to 8 weeks and they will deliver directly to your phils address. Just make sure your phils recipient info (name, address, cell#) are written big and clear on every side of the box. For the cost of a single 2 lbs DHL package, i have sent over 100 lbs of goods. If i’m in the US, i do it myself, or if you are in the phils maybe you have a friend or family member who can shop for you buy list.

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