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  2. I applaud your decision to honor V’s parents! It’s the right thing to do!

  3. An American Born Man and today I find myself buying another Fire Arm! I live in a comfortable Neighborhood & all I see is certain people feeling the Need to make others Feel Uncomfortable because it’s their ( Rights & Privilege ) to be Assholes! And when I watch Vloggers about the Philippines all say The Philippines is a Rich Country but The Civilians are Poor, they are Happy People!!
    I Never knew I’d thought for not caring about The US Anymore! Some people are Happy when there’s Confusion!
    When I visit The Philippines it’s not only for Women, but for Their Culture all around! In America I don’t want to hurt anyone or get Hurt because Laws Change, & it Benefits Crocked Law Makers, or some who doesn’t have their way in an Election, they can Kill Cops, and Destroy a Country they Supposedly Love Waving The Flag they Supposed to Love!
    They are Hippocrates!

  4. I ve watched the walking dead series with always with my 31 yrs old son who introduced me but I stopped when the group “The Whisperers” came up did not like them , coz too raw , unrealistic survival.

  5. Hate to say with cases increasing in Indonesia Philippines won’t be opening soon.

  6. I deliberately ordered big Mac meal in San ysidro McDonalds today and the price was $9.26

  7. It would be cool if you could upload a video which cuts out all the non-filipino topics because you do talk wonderfully about the olympics, gambling etc but its not really the reason people watch, although obviously answering someone’s question but nonetheless.

  8. I’ve been thinking over for that last month about whole supporting her parents, at first I was totally against it saying stuff like I’m not renting their daughter from her parents and not daddy’s sugar daddy after watching little Ms Pea’s video on how tough it sometimes it is to get a job and and she did a video on her Parents. Ms Pea fell through the floor of her parents house! I put $100 in my budget for when and if I ever do get to come over there. If I was dating my gf for 2 days no I wouldn’t give her parents anything but if I was serious about this girl I’d give her parents $50 a month and if I was going to purpose to this women and I new I was going to get a yes, just for fun I’d go to her parents and say if you can get your daughter to marry me I’d give you $100 a month if they need the money at all.
    $100 a month wont’ pay for all the bill but it will help out

  9. One popular conspiracy theory is that PI lockdown will continue until the presidential election in 2022. Not sure how the 2 are related, but interesting…

  10. Hi Buddy, good point re: her priority (parents) should be yours. I needed to hear that. Also ONE payment per month to them. AND school vs. work. I want my gf to finish her business degree. If she wants to work after that it is up to her. Looks + personality + trust = solid gf :).

    Yes, prices are out of control here in USA; and occasionally the summer weather is hot as hell here in Sacramento, California. Hopefully PH will open this year so I can be with my beautiful Cebuana. No condo for us: we want a rental home in the mountains of Negros or Cebu, . Someplace somewhat private and relatively cooler with a nice view. Hopefully far from roosters and others’ dogs. As an aging rock musician I want to be the only one making noise (with my musician friends)! Thanks for the advice, man.

  11. There is a way to verify the authenticity of an international vaccination certificate. I was vaccinated in Kazakhstan and my certificate has a QR code on it. So this, when scanned with any phone, opens a link to the original. Easy.

  12. Reekay, You speak a lot of common sense as always against a background of a lust for complete power by shills in Government who as always are prepared to make war against their people for their true masters behind the curtain.

  13. I agree, regardless of potential secondary reasons, “Crumbling Economy’s” will force opening throughout southeast Asia. * I do see the possibility of opening in October in the Philippines. The reason being, 50% of retail profits come from Christmas season. We shall see?
    Curtis in Mexico City.

  14. and smallpox !!!! whats the death toll in USA over 600,000 we can beat it just need to get cooperation from the people not complaints.

  15. I was planning on October trip to Dauin. But I believe you are right about …. next year.
    Am thinking of a 2 week trip to Nicaragua to dive and look around….good diving there!
    It was my original retirement destination until I started watching you back in 2016. Have made 2 fantastic trips (great diving!) to the PI since. But this lock down is getting old…
    Buenos dias chicas o nicas?!

    Am studying Bisaya (Cebuano)
    pero yo apprendo Espanol para dos anos. Not perfect but I can get by with my Spanglish in Nicaragua.
    Maybe it is fate…

    I do prefer a bowl of kinilaw or chicken adobo to a Nicaraguan bland dinner of rice, beans and plantains….and the Filipinas are cuter….. dilemmas…..

  16. Hello Henry, I really enjoyed your analogy regarding the jab at the 1:43:00 mark. I would agree with your statement! 👍

  17. NCR is still supposedly under Quarantine yet in reality people come and go as they please no passes only restriction is kids still not allowed in Malls (insanity at its finest)

  18. They will only admit it when most the administrations who were involved in this whole Cluster..ck are gone so the new ones can blame the old. I suspect the Philippines will stay as is until closer to the election when they have figured out how to position the message so they are not to blame for the wrecking of the economy!

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